Best Elegant Script and Handwritten Fonts

From elegant script to handwritten fonts, check out our hand-picked collection of favorite typography.

Handwritten fonts
Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated June 2, 2022

Design is a constant ebb and flow of styles and trends which are constantly developing and evolving, and fonts are no exception! However, there are some elements of design that never go out of style – and elegant handwritten fonts definitely fit into that category.

Any designer knows that choosing the right font can be crucial in communicating a message beyond just words on a screen or page. Depending on which font you choose, you can convey an entirely different message, style or vibe.

Looking for the perfect cursive-style font to give your design a unique look? We’ve curated a list of our favorite script and handwritten fonts right now, all available for unlimited download on Envato Elements.

10. RofiTaste Typeface by alit_design

RofiTaste Typeface font is designed with a unique use of dry brush that is ideal for creating quotation text, logotypes, magazine headers, t-shirt designs, and concept handmade graphics.

9. Moscato Script by factory738

Moscato Script font can be described as a sharp, dapper handwritten font. This is a personal, unique script filled with angular designations and appeal. Perfect for projects involving logos, branding, and much more.

8. Watch by aarleykaiven

Watch Font is an amazing and particular typeface inspired in graffiti art. Ideal for designing posters, music album covers and everything in between.

7. Buffalo by amsupply

Best described as a loopy and quirky monoline script font perfect for using on greeting cards, packaging and any vintage-themed project.

6. The Historia by yipianesia

An urban and natural handwritten font suitable for any design needs, branding, modern advertising design and brush lettering.

5. Carosello by UnioCS

This hand-crafted typeface is incredibly adaptable, allowing you to quickly create amazing 1950s hand-lettered quotations, inspirational statements, and vintage graphics.

4. Bouquet Typeface by inumocca

Incredibly simple to use, Bouquet Typeface is a modern, sophisticated elegant font that’s ideal for logos, signatures, catalogs, or anything else related to fashion and the arts.

3. Frunch by nasir-udin

An exquisite bold script font with a vintage vibe especially created for food and beverages branding, as well as product packaging typography.

2. Paladise Font & Extras by shirongampus

Playful and cool, the Paladise Font script is great for logos, posters, branding, party invitations, and any other project that will make your design stand out from the rest.

1. Amithen Brush Font by dhanstudio

Amithen is a textured and elegant handwritten font with a modern design sensibility. This font has a natural feel, and may be used in a variety of projects, such as book titles, stationery design, quotes, branding, logos, and many more.

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