Get The Look: Recreate the 80s Aesthetic and Retro Design from ‘Stranger Things’

Want to emulate the nostalgic 80s aesthetic from Stranger Things? Combining all things spooky and retro, here are some of the best Stranger Things inspired items on Envato Elements.

Get The Look: Recreate the 80s Aesthetic and Retro Design from 'Stranger Things'
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated December 6, 2022

Since it first aired in 2016, the Netflix show Stranger Things has become a global phenomenon. A supernatural drama series set in the 1980s, Stranger Things has gripped viewers worldwide with its retro design, music, colors, and fashion, all serving a healthy dose of nostalgia. The visual impact of the series has resonated with people worldwide, reviving the 80s aesthetic across graphic design, cinema, fashion, and advertising. 

What Is Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a popular Netflix TV series set in 1980s Indiana, where a teen (Eleven) with powerful psychic powers escapes a super secret government institution. She soon joins forces with regular local kids Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will to battle myriad man-made monsters, including the chillingly calculating Dr. Brenner.

Developed by American film and television writers, directors, and producers, the Duffer Brothers, Stranger Things is a mix of investigative drama, sci-fi, horror, and adventure. The show is inspired by the terrifying true story of secret government experiments conducted during the Cold War. 

Its captivating storyline aside, Stranger Things is widely acclaimed for the iconic 80s aesthetics and design elements used on its set and design – from mullets, boomboxes, and Eggo waffles to neon colors, chunky text effects, and cosmic 80s fonts. Positively oozing within 80’s pop culture, Stranger Things has attracted a record viewership with its unique storyline, nostalgic atmosphere, and homage to iconic 1980s films.

What Is 80s Design? 

There’s no denying that the 80s was an eye-catching era – think vibrant colors, crazy patterns, lycra leggings, and larger-than-life hairstyles. It was a decade defined by technology, which saw bright neon colors, futuristic fonts, angular patterns, and an explosion of pop culture. It all influenced the evolution of a much edgier, more rebellious design style. 

Now, 40 years later, the aesthetic of the great-y 80s is popping up everywhere, from graphics, interior design, and fashion to film and television. While the decade was always destined to make a comeback, Stranger Things skyrocketed 80s design back into the mainstream in 2017, resulting in a significant increase in 80s content. Let’s explore two big design trends that dominated the 1980s.

Pop Culture

From music to movies, there’s no denying that pop culture greatly influenced 80s design trends. The 1980s also had several huge box office smash hits in the Sci-Fi genre – such as E.T., Back to The Future, and Blade Runner – which was reflected in design via gradients, chunky text effects, and cosmic 80s fonts. Thanks to Stranger Things, we’re seeing this sci-fi style reemerge in the present day.

Neon & Cyberpunk 

Neon and cyberpunk were used everywhere in the 80s – from film posters to album covers to video games. Originating in the 60s, Cyberpunk was put on the map in the 80s by the movie Blade Runner. Many films, comic books, games, and designs focused on futuristic, high-tech, lawless societies and big corporations originated from cyberpunk. Between Stranger Things and the recent release of the video game Cyberpunk 2077, it’s clear that the trend is back with a vengeance.

Top ‘Stranger Things’ Inspired Templates on Envato Elements

The ‘Stranger Things’ aesthetic – a look that combines retro with spooky–is trendy right now. To integrate the best nostalgic 80s and sci-fi design trends into your creative projects, here are the top 15 ‘Stranger Things’ inspired items on Envato Elements.

1. Stranger Things Text Effect

2. Retro Skateboarder Set by

3. 80s Retro Logo by Ultinato

4. Collection of Retro Music Audio Cassette Tapes by Rawpixel

5. Paranormal world by evgrafovasa

6. Old Computers in Storage by Mint_Images

7. Enigmatic World by mdlabdesign

8. Retro and Vintage Actions by twinbrush

9. Dark mysterious silhouette in scary forest by andreiuc88

Dark mysterious silhouette in scary forest by andreiuc88

10. Arcade game top score by thobry

11. 80s Retro Grid And Terrain Background by patgrap

12. Retro cassette tape with headphones and player by Shaiith

13. Man in protective hazmat suit by Satura_

14. Neon lights by globetrotter_

15. Christmas lights by mblach

If you’re hunting for more ‘Stranger Things’ inspired items, check out the entire collection on Envato Elements!

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