Top 10 TikTok Templates for More Engaging Videos

Looking for tip top TikTok templates? Here are 10 of the best video templates for TikTok, plus a heap of handy tips and stats.

TikTok Templates
Portrait for Hermione WrightBy Hermione Wright  |  Updated June 7, 2023

Whether you’re new to TikTok or looking to boost your following, it’s never been a better time to crack the platform! Read on for TikTok tips, stats, plus our pick of 10 of the best TikTok video templates to help you cross-promote your channel in style. 

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What is TikTok? 

It’s a (very) popular social media platform where users can share short-form videos varying from 15 seconds to 3 minutes long. Content is diverse, spanning categories including comedy, dance,  education, and everything in between. There are plenty of filters for users to play with too to show a bit of personality and make the content sing. You can check out this simple guide for helpful hints about video marketing.  

With 25% of its users aged 10-19, it’s a valuable tool to reach a younger audience, however the young ones aren’t the only users engaging with the platform. As the platform matures, 59% of TikTok’s users are millennials, gen X, or baby boomers, meaning there’s an increasingly diverse audience.

Unsurprisingly, with numbers like that, TikTok offers a huge opportunity for brands. To understand what’s possible on the platform, just look at successful brands with staggering follower numbers, including Nickelodeon with more than 12 million followers and Netflix with more than 19 million. 

Whether you’re working for a brand or looking to grow your personal brand, TikTok has plenty of benefits for brands and individuals. Here are just a few…

1. Attract a Huge Audience

It boasts an incredible 1 billion monthly active users—more than 3 times the population of the United States!

2. Target Locals

Users can search for creators from specific locations, meaning businesses can create localized campaigns in different languages

3. Benefit From Strong Engagement Rates

Unlike many social networks, you don’t need to have heaps of followers for your content to go viral. Plus, studies comparing engagement rate of influencers on different platforms found TikTok outperformed Instagram and YouTube.

How To Use TikTok

How To Use TikTok Video Templates

Read on for a few TikTok tips to help you nail your content!

1. Jump on Current Trends

Depending on the industry you work within, keep your eye on hashtags and content trends and see if you can create relevant content that offers real value. You can take inspiration from general social media trends too. 

2. Cross-Promote on Other Channels

Especially if you already have an established following on your other channels, using this audience to grow your TikTok can be a simple and effective way to grow your channel (read on for ways to ace this!)

3. Find Your Niche

It’s a creative platform and unique TikTok ideas can be rewarded with plenty of engagement. What can you offer that’s different? Can you offer advice or unique insights on a particular topic? This is your opportunity to shine. 

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you can download as many templates as you want so there’s no limit on what you share with the world!

Why Use TikTok Video Templates? 

Why Use TikTok Video Templates

Whether you’re new to the platform or have been honing your TikToks for a while, using TikTok templates are a great way to cross-promote your channel and let people know about all the cool content you’re putting out there. You can pick templates that show the breadth of your content or you can opt for modular TikTok video templates that show off one video at a time. 

As well as getting more eyeballs on your content, here are some of the reasons to download TikTok video templates.

1. They Save Time

Just pick your favorite templates, download them to your PC and customize them as you wish! The whole process is far quicker and easier than if you’d built them from scratch—meaning you can spend more time creating TikToks!

2. They’re Easy to Use

You can pick between templates that can be edited on your preferred programs, i.e. After Effects.

3. They’re High Quality

Expert creators have designed and built the TikTok templates, meaning you can rest safe in the knowledge that the templates will do your brand justice. 

With a subscription to Envato Elements, you can download as many templates as you want so there’s no limit on what you share with the world!

Top 10 TikTok Templates For More Engaging Videos

1. TikTok Pack by yura_fresh

This eye-catching After Effects TikTok template comes with 5 categories: likes, shares & comments, subscribes, duo tones, backgrounds, and titles. Created with interaction in mind, its calls to action to encourage new users to subscribe to your channel. It’s easy to customize too. 

2. TikTok Promo by lavamotion

If you want to let your fans know about your new TikTok channel, this is the template for you! You can capture snippets of your content within a phone to encourage people to click through to your new channel. It’s a versatile TikTok template, and you can change elements including the phone’s color, time, background, and video clips.

3. TikTok Intro – Premiere Pro by kalinichev

Show off your best TikTok moments in seconds with this clear, sophisticated design. The TikTok template gives the user a glimpse of some of the best videos, followed by the opportunity to add the user or brand’s name and logo. The template can be customized within Premiere Pro. 

4. TikTok Promo by soundeleon

Add a touch of class to your TikTok presence with this modern template. It kicks off by enabling you to display your username and key stats including followers, and then scrolls through the TikTok feed while highlighting favorite content. It comes with 2 versions (short and long). 

5. TikTok | Stories Pack by MotionMediaGroup

Transform your Instagram Stories with this vibrant After Effects TikTok promo! It comes with 15 animated stories, each 15 seconds long. The template is packed with personality and comes with bright colors, text animation, plus fun design elements like smiles, eyes, hearts, and speech bubbles. 

6. TikTok Elements by Typo-land

This simple but seriously effective TikTok video template allows you to effortlessly tell fans about your new (or your already growing) TikTok channel. You can add simple text-based calls to actions, like ‘follow me!’ You can customize the template using Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro. 

7. Tik Tok Promo by Motionsparrow 

You’re not going to miss this ultra-cool TikTok template! With splashes of neon and fast-paced transitions, it’s impossible to watch this without getting excited about the content that’s available on TikTok. The template comes with 5 placeholders for video content. 5 text placeholders, and 1 logo placeholder. 

8. TikTok Promo by Ryan_Asakusa

This quirky TikTok video intro uses color gradients and fun illustrations to introduce your TikTok channel in style. It includes key stats like the number of followers you have, your most popular video, and the tags you use most frequently, so you can quickly let people know why they should follow you!

9. TikTok Intro by kalinichev

This sleek TikTok template zooms through multiple video frames to show an impressive array of content! It’s a feast for the eyes and would work well if you want to show the full story of your TikTok channel. It comes in 2 resolution versions (horizontal and vertical). 

10. TikTok Swiper by Chernu 

Hero one video at a time with this modern After Effects 4K video template, which follows a modular animation structure. Pick between a short version with 20 image holders or 40 with the longer version. Sometimes, less is more!

Over To You! 

TikTok is an exciting platform that’s changing all the time. If used effectively, it offers ample opportunities for your brand to grow by reaching new audiences. Check out Envato Elements where you can sign up for a subscription and download as many TikTok video templates as you like. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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