TikTok Trends November 2023 – What’s Trending on TikTok This Week?

Want to know what’s trending on TikTok right now? From trending hashtags and formats to the top trending sounds, check out the hottest TikTok trends of the moment below.

TikTok trends 27th November 2023
Portrait for Hannah CopelandBy Hannah Copeland  |  Updated November 27, 2023

When it comes to TikTok trends, if you’re not early – you’re late!

There’s no doubt that TikTok is a great platform to build a community, entertain, educate, and have fun. However, TikTok trends come and go so quickly that it can be hard to generate ‘early adopter reach’ if you don’t keep your finger on the pulse. However, most of us don’t have time to spend all day every day hunting for the top TikTok trends right now. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in!

Each week, we’ll update you on what’s trending on TikTok, including trending TikTok hashtags and how to find trending sounds on TikTok. We’ll cover the latest trending formats, templates, and sounds and recap the hottest TikTok trends of the moment. All the trends we curate will be showcased with real examples, tips, and advice to help you produce engaging TikTok content for your followers and jump on trends while they’re still hot.

Using my experience and expertise as Envato’s TikTok Manager, I’ve compiled this guide to help increase your confidence, streamline your TikTok strategy, and – most importantly – improve your TikTok content.

Ready to dive into the top TikTok Trends 2023? Here are the current TikTok trends filling our feeds.

TikTok Trends: November 2023

Want to become a TikTok pro? Time is tikking! Check out the hottest TikTok trends for November below.

November 27th, 2023

1. The “I Think I Like This Little Life” Trend  


the monarch butterfly migration happens from November to March in Angangueo, Mexico🦋

♬ Little Life – Cordelia

What is the ‘I Think I Like This Little Life’ Trend?

Prepare to dive into your feels for this trend. In mid-October, singer/songwriter Cordelia posted a TikTok with the caption, ‘Please use this sound for your own cute life appreciation videos I’d love to see them!!’ along with a clip of her new song “Little Life”. That video has only 608 views, yet today Cordelia’s audio features in over 30k videos with creators following her instruction. TikTok users are sharing glimpses of their day-to-day lives, highlighting moments they treasure. The trend is a wholesome respite in the TikTok FYP, giving the audience a chance to appreciate little things that help them to like their lives. Some creators are using the sound as the backing track to one particular moment, while others are compiling clips in a vlog-esque way to tell more of a story about their “little life”. 


hosted the first annual girlsgiving with my girlies 🩷🎀 #sandyliang #girlsgiving #bows #thanksgiving

♬ Little Life – Cordelia

How to Use This Trend

Consider the moments in your day, the people in your life, and the practices you keep that bring you joy. The task is to brainstorm what you’re grateful for (lucky we’ve just had Thanksgiving!), capture a clip of one or multiple things that make the list, and use this trending sound. You may already be sitting on footage or photos in your phone that work for this trend, making it super low-effort. Some users are applying the song as the audio for a photo carousel on TikTok which might suit you better. Users are typically overlaying text in-app that helps to either contextualize the experience they’re sharing, or just using the lyrics of the song to emphasize the sentiment “I think I like this little life”. 

Here are some ideas for clips to include in your content:  

  • A moment in nature 
  • Hanging out with your friends
  • Working on a creative project that you love
  • Sipping your favorite coffee
  • A moment of success 
  • Your cozy setup 
  • Reading a book in a beautiful location 

2. The “Mastermind” Trend


Omg I know right? 🙂

♬ original sound – hayden

What is the ‘Mastermind’ Trend?    

Has Taylor Swift officially been mentioned 17 times in this blog? Yes. Do we think that’s problematic? Not even a little. The iconic powerhouse inspires TikTok trend after TikTok trend, all we do is report them live. This particular video idea stems from Taylor’s hit song, Mastermind, from the Midnights album. The song is about how something may not be as coincidental as it seems, and that actually it might be the work of a Mastermind who planned for the dominos to fall exactly as they did. This TikTok trend leans into this sentiment, with users employing a lyricless version of the track as the backdrop to their ‘Mastermind’ moment. The key differentiating element between the videos of this trend is the text overlay, formatted as a quote as if someone off-screen has just said it to the person on-screen. As the low beat drops come in, the creator glances at the camera knowingly, sharing a look with the audience that says in fact, nothing was a coincidence. 


Oh sweetie fate had nothing to do with it #mastermind

♬ original sound – hayden

How to Use This Trend

Use this trending audio, and when you film your clip look to an area off-camera as if engaged in conversation. At the 3-second mark, the beat will drop, and this is your cue to look pointedly down the camera lens. On the next beat, you’ll snap back to the conversation as if you didn’t just break the fourth wall with your TikTok audience. Many creators use different subtle facial expressions throughout the video to insinuate their cleverness, feigning surprise at the coincidence yet throwing a smirk toward the camera. Many of the top performing videos under this viral sound structure the text overlay with “Isn’t it crazy that…” or “What a coincidence that…”, which you can use to inspire your idea for this trend. 

Here are a few text overlay ideas to get you started:

  • “What a coincidence that you work with my old client!” 
  • “Isn’t it crazy that you are always busy during staff events”
  • “I can’t believe you made that design from scratch”  

November 20th, 2023

TikTok Trends November 20th 2023

1. The “Josh Hutcherson Rickroll” Trend  

What is the ‘Josh Hutcherson Rickroll’ Trend?

With the prequel film of the Hunger Games, The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes, premiering this month, TikTok has experienced a renaissance of appreciation for all things Hunger Games. The TikTok trend has blown up this week, with users rickrolling viewers with a specific edit of Josh Hutcherson. 

If you’re unfamiliar with ‘rickrolling,’ the internet phenomenon began as a hyperlink prank. Users would send through a link to a certain landing page, which would then send the clicker to a music video of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. The practice has continued into modern internet meme culture, being reborn in various forms and rickroll destinations.

You might remember the Kris Jenner rickroll of 2022, “you got Krissed”, where users would find themselves suddenly watching a sparkle-clad Kris Jenner dancing to a sped-up version of Lady Marmalade. 

But we digress – back to Mr. Hutcherson. The latest rickroll trend hooks the viewer in with a false narrative that builds to a reveal until – as one would expect – they find themselves watching a 2014 fan edit of Josh Hutcherson to a cover of the song Whistle by Flo Rider. The trend plays into the gullibility of viewers staying to the end of the video based on a false promise.       

How to Use This Trend

Jumping on this trend is fun because you can make it your own; all you need to do is present a scenario that encourages the viewer to keep watching, and “hide” the edit of Josh towards the end of the video. Most users are overlaying a downloaded version of the YouTube video using a green screen effect or editing their videos in CapCut (instructions here) – you can also use a device to play the video within your video (example here). To explore more examples of this trend, scroll through these search results

As this trend has a surprise ending and doesn’t feature a trending sound, we recommend using hashtags to ensure your video ends up on the feeds of people appreciating this trend. Use a mix of hashtags from the following:

#joshhutcherson #whistle #joshhutchersonwhistle #fnaf #peetamellark #joshhutchersonedit

Here are some potential ideas you could use as hooks for this trend:  

  • I can’t believe I didn’t notice this mistake in my design (rummage around the design until you insert the JH edit) 
  • No way did I let my home office get this dirty (find the JH edit in an old coffee cup) 
  • My jaw dropped when I saw what my boss printed off (walk to the printer and pick up a blank piece of paper where the JH edit appears) 

Can u blow my whistle baby whistle baby #joshhutcherson #jhutch

♬ original sound – ella

2. The “It Might Seem Crazy What I’m ‘Bout To Say” Trend

What is the ‘It Might Seem Crazy What I’m ‘Bout To Say’ Trend?    

This trend has been one of this year’s fastest-growing TikTok trends! The audio has been used in over 111.5k videos since being uploaded on November 2nd. You might be familiar with the song Happy by Pharell Williams – the music video has a whopping 1.2 billion views and was a cultural reset back in 2009. The song’s opening line is, “It might seem crazy what I’m about to say,” which TikTok users are using as inspiration for their videos.

Two trends have emerged from the sound, the first being when a creator uses a two-slide carousel of characters from a well-known pop culture moment; in this scenario, the audience knows the crazy thing that’s about to be said (here’s an example). The second trend is where creators share a situation where they’re about to say something “crazy,” but it’s not crazy after all – this is the best way to participate in the trend if you want to relate it to your creative niche.


Follow my Instagram @ntc.david for more content🔥

♬ original sound – Literally Donald Duck

How to Use This Trend

Use this trending audio, and lip sync to the lyrics (note: it is a slow and reverbed version of the song). Then, overlay quoted text that indicates what you might be responding to with something “crazy” to say. Brainstorm a scenario where you would want to correct someone by warning them first that they might find what you’re about to say a bit nuts. That’s it! This trend has a low barrier to entry, so it’s the perfect one for you to film immediately after reading this blog. 

Here are a few text overlay ideas to get you started:

  • “I wish I could fire this mean client I have.” 
  • Younger me: “Do we end up studying [law/accounting/science]?” 
  • “I’m so glad you don’t mind taking late-night meetings” 

November 13th, 2023

TikTok Trends November 13th

1. The “2023 Season Comes To An End” Trend  

What is the ‘2023 Season Comes To An End’ Trend?

Sammy Levitt, known as ‘TikTok’s Sportscaster,’ went viral last year for his sign-off on the US pro baseball league, saying, “And with that, the 2022 season has come to an end”. The TikTok DJs remixed the audio clip, with TikTokers using the popular sound over 335k+ times. If you were on TikTok at the end of last year, chances are you’re familiar with the famous audio – and 2023’s version just dropped

Sammy Levitt posted his 2023 end-of-season sound bite to his social platforms last week, which has already accumulated 28 million views! TikTok DJs have rushed to remix the sound with popular songs, hoping TikTok creators will choose their audio for their end-of-year montages. @minleemusic has already dropped FIFTEEN remixes on her account. 

How to Use This Trend

This trend is the perfect way to wrap up your year – and boy, do you have options for audio! Minlee’s tracks have only just come out, so any choice is good (you can choose between Coldplay, AVICII, Harry Styles, and more!). However, this Coldplay Remix is a clear front-runner, already featured in 19.2k TikTok videos! 

The trend format follows a simple execution. After the line, “and with that, the 2023 season” comes to an end,” use one simple, slow video as your background while the lyrics appear on screen. Then, show a montage of short clips from your year when the beat drops! We are talking very short clips – about half a second long – that showcase your experiences throughout the year. Some users show the places they traveled, the fun times they had with friends, or their professional successes. CapCut templates are also emerging to help creators easily create content for this trend, like this template, which requires 50 clips to complete the trend. If you think you may not have 50 different clips from this year, you can always use a mix of images!   

This trend is the perfect sizzle reel for content creators – it’s a fun way to summarise your year and a trailer for your content, which can help grow your following.

Here are some ideas of clips you might like to include for your 2023 season wrap-up:  

  • Behind the scenes of your creative process 
  • Over-the-shoulder shots of you working 
  • Footage of your studio setup 
  • Content of you at work/with colleagues/clients 
  • Any pets that sit by you while you work 
  • Finished projects 
  • Clips of TikToks you’ve shot this year 

2. The “Home Alone” CapCut Template 

What is the ‘Home Alone’ CapCut Template?    

With Halloween behind us, the silly season is right around the corner – Christmas is coming, ya filthy animals! The iconic Christmas movie, Home Alone, will forever appear on social media feeds around Christmas time. This year is no exception, with a trending CapCut template making the rounds depicting the scene where Kevin McCallister tells his mother he “doesn’t want to see you again for the rest of my whole life. And I don’t want to see anybody else either”. TikTok users are using the overlay and matching audio to share a time they want to say that to someone in their life. 

How to Use This Trend

Use this CapCut template to produce your video for this trend, all you’ll need is an image to upload as the background. Choose something related to your text overlay choice – a stock image of an environment like an office works well for this, which you can always use your Elements subscription for! Export the finished CapCut video to TikTok and add your text, which should indicate who you’re speaking to and why.  

Here are some examples of situations that might relate to this trend.

  • Your colleagues who went and got coffee without you 
  • A group of harsh critics of your work 
  • Your accountant when they tell you your total for annual taxes 

November 6th, 2023

TikTok Trends November 6th

1. The “Little Lando Norris” Trend  

What is the ‘Little Lando Norris’ Trend?

Lando Norris – a Formula 1 driver for McLaren – is best known for being appointed the test and reserve driver at just 17. Two years ago, when he was 21, Norris was captured by cameras at an event sleeping soundly after a big day of racing. Commentators narrated the moment by saying, “And it’s all too much for little Lando Norris, 21 years old. He just needs a bit of sleep”. The clip was posted to TikTok in July and has recently blown up, with creators using the sound to narrate when their lives have become a bit much.

How to Use This Trend

Using this trending sound, film either one video of you getting comfy or multiple clips showing the pipeline of being productive to lying down for a rest. Users typically use the first 9 seconds of the sound; you can keep it simple or use it to show a story arc – whatever you feel like filming! Overlay text to describe what has been ‘all too much.’ The tone of this trend is quite humorous, with users normally indicating via text that the thing that has overwhelmed them is something that shouldn’t – like completing a day’s work or attending a lecture. You may have seen the TikTok trend of people in their 20s referring to themselves as teenagers (“I’m just a 23-year-old teenage girl”) – well, this trend encapsulates the same energy.

You can also share an annoying situation via text overlay that has pushed you over the edge into needing a nap to cope. 

Here are some text ideas that you could take inspiration from for this trend: 

  • After brainstorming a design, creating the mockup, getting direction sign-off, reworking it 100 times, finishing the design, sending it off, and invoicing 
  • When a client asks for the background song to change after I send the final video for approval 
  • When my computer tells me I’ve run out of storage

2. The “Now That We Don’t Talk” Trend 

What is the ‘Now That We Don’t Talk’ Trend?    

Swifties, please rise! This trend goes out to all the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) fans, particularly those who loved the surprise Vault track “Now That We Don’t Talk.” If you haven’t listened yet, Ms. Swift delivers some sassy lines listing the reasons why she’s glad she doesn’t talk to a certain someone anymore. The lyrics read, “Now that we don’t talk, I don’t have to pretend I like acid rock. Or that I’d like to be on a mega yacht. With important men who think important thoughts. Guess I am better off. Now that we don’t talk.”. TikTok users have used this trend to share their twist on the song, listing why they’re glad they no longer speak to someone in their life (and they’ve been spilling some mega tea!)     

How to Use This Trend

Pull through the trending sound from our video to your account, and learn those lyrics! All you need to do to participate in this trend is mouth the words passionately and precisely, so it’s essential to lip-sync well and nail the lyrics. For extra cut-through, edit the text to be perfectly timed to each line. 

Follow this format:

  • Use the song’s original lyrics for the first line: “Now that we don’t talk.” 
  • For the following line, use the format: I don’t have to pretend I like [insert your truth] 
  • Then: Or that I’d like to [another truth]
  • Then: With [certain people] who think [thought you disagree with]. 
  • Finish with the lyrics: Guess maybe I am better off now that we don’t talk!

To come up with your text, you’ll need to decide your intention for the trend –who are you glad you don’t have to speak to anymore, and why?

Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing include: 

  • A mean client
  • A toxic workplace
  • Technology that failed you.

TikTok Trends: October 2023

October 30th, 2023

TikTok Trends October 30th

1. The “I’m Listening Dog” CapCut Template  


This is the worst thing that happened when you’re running behind, I need to grab ingredients #Meme #MemeCut #groceryshopping #chefhumor #shopping #fyp

♬ الصوت الأصلي – البرنس 🎶

What is the ‘I’m Listening Dog’ CapCut Template?

Coined ‘The Listening Dog,’ this trend comes from a viral post by user @laneyyyy.bugggg showing a dog listening to its owner explain what life would have been like for him 100 years earlier (such as living outside and fighting for every meal). Creators have paired the dog’s reaction with different TikTok audios and made it into a viral CapCut overlay – which TikTok users have used over 273k times!

How to Use This Trend

Use this CapCut template (you’ll need to connect your TikTok and CapCut accounts) and pull in a background image communicating your situation – you can always use an image from Envato Elements if you’re stuck! Export your CapCut video to TikTok, and select audio that works for your idea. Scroll through popular videos for inspiration – this sound is particularly popular for this trend. Next, decide what reaction you want the dog to have.

Some TikTok creators have implied he’s overhearing an intense conversation, while others imply that the dog is confused and looking around. In TikTok, add your text to your video to spell out the occurring scenario. 

Here are some potential ideas that would work well for this CapCut template: 

  • Me when someone reads complicated instructions to me out loud
  • Watching my computer have a meltdown, knowing I didn’t save my work
  • When you told someone you don’t like Photoshop and now they’re on minute 291 of telling you why you’re wrong 

2. The “Um, I like, Serve” Trend 

What is the ‘Um, I Like, Serve’ Trend?    

Mr Harry Styles, we must stop meeting like this! The man can’t seem to help being an Internet sensation, inspiring TikTok trends left and right. This particular trend uses audio of Harry’s first time on camera during his X Factor UK audition, where he’s asked what he does for work, and replies that he works at a bakery. Simon Cowell asks, “And what do you do at the bakery?” Harry answers, “Um, I like, serve.” The clip has been remixed to drop on the word “Serve” into Ke$ha’s song ‘Blah Blah Blah’ from 2010. In this trend, ‘serve’ translates to looking damn good, and this trending audio offers the perfect opportunity to reveal some of your work that ‘serves’! 

How to Use This Trend

Use this trending sound, and film your first clip by dragging the TikTok timer to 5.4 seconds. In this clip, lip sync along to Harry’s lines: “Erm, I work in a bakery” and “Um, I like, serve.” Ideally, show yourself in the environment where you do your creative work, such as a studio, your desk, or on set. When the music drops, showcase some of your best work for the last couple of seconds for the sound. Whatever you choose, it needs to pack a punch. 

Here are some ideas you can use as inspiration for this sound: 

  • Show a branding element you designed 
  • Share a motion graphic you made
  • Scroll a website that you designed 

October 23rd, 2023

TikTok Trends October 23rd 2023

1. The “Me and the Devil” Trend  

Me and the devil tiktok trend
What is the ‘Me and the Devil’ Trend?

We haven’t had a photo carousel trend in a hot minute! This format execution is particularly easy, so if you are looking for a quick content win this week, this is the trend for you. The viral sound is a sped-up version of Soap&Skin’s song, Me and the Devil, which has been used a whopping 238.6K times on TikTok. Users have established a trending format to go with the lyrics by uploading a photo of themselves to correspond with the starting lines, “me and the,” and in the second photo, revealing something they have given the status of the “devil.” The natural user behavior is to swipe to the second image as the song sings “devil,” so the thing that is a burden or is tempting but a bit naughty is shown at the perfect time to the audience. You can take a funny or relatable approach, like this user who revealed their devil as ‘full iPhone Storage.’ Or, for a more serious approach, share something that genuinely holds you back, like this user did.  

tiktok me and the devil trend
How to Use This Trend

Use this trending sound, and begin by opening TikTok’s ‘Photo’ creation screen. You’ll need to select a photo of yourself and then download an image to your phone that depicts what your ‘devil’ is. Select both images, and it’ll make the 2-slide carousel for you. Add the text “Me and the” to slide one and “devil” to slide two. That’s it! The hardest part is selecting what your devil will be, but never fear, as we have thought up some idea starters below for you. You don’t need to take the photo for your devil image. Many users have been using screenshots of definitions of a concept or word which impacts them negatively. 

Tiktok trend me and the devil

Here are some potential “devils” that you can use for this trend: 

  • A screenshot of a message that says, “We have quite a lot of feedback.” 
  • A picture of a calendar that has multiple project deadlines. 
  • An image showing the definition of ‘little treat culture.’ 

2. The “Frozen in Place” Trend 


u cant see but my shirt says “im sorry for what i said when i was hungry”

♬ original sound – hemissme

What is the ‘Frozen in Place’ Trend?    

Someone call the police; you’ve just been CAUGHT! This trend is reminiscent of the game ‘Statues’ you might have played as a child – it’s all about freezing in place, mid-movement, not moving at all, while the sounds of a police car approach. 74.9 K videos have used the trending sound, and it was only uploaded to TikTok in mid-September! So, what would make you freeze in place? Users have been sharing moments like when they’ve misbehaved and don’t want to own up, when someone brings up a topic they don’t like to discuss, or when someone asks them to do something they don’t want to do. This trend can illustrate any scenario you don’t like or a risqué action you’ve been caught committing.  

How to Use This Trend

The hardest part about participating in this trend is you will need someone to shoot the video for you. So grab your nearest pal and ask them to film you frozen in place. A little camera movement is necessary to highlight your stationary position. Use this trending sound, and have your cameraperson shoot a 5-second clip of you while approaching or circling you slowly. Your position should be mid-walk or mid-activity, perhaps with a prop such as a drink or a phone, so it looks like you weren’t expecting to need to freeze, and the situation has caught you off guard. Then overlay text that depicts what it is that’s shocked you into place. 

Here are some text ideas you can use as inspiration for this sound: 

  • When a difficult client asks if you enjoyed working together 
  • When your manager asks what you’re doing this weekend, but you logged off an hour ago 
  • When you overhear an account manager say, “Let’s ask the designer; I can see her walking past now!” 

like sorry im just trying get out on time 🫶🏼 #fyp

♬ original sound – hemissme

October 16th, 2023

TikTok trends October 16

1. The “Getting Old” Trend  


Haha, nothing never mind 🥲👵🏼

♬ som original – Zkzinking Music

What is the ‘Getting Old’ Trend?

If there’s one thing we can always rely on, it’s that time stops for no one. And, as society continues to evolve, the younger generation is becoming increasingly less familiar with old technology – which, for many of us, are not only nostalgic memories but sewn into the fiber of our being. This TikTok trend plays into that moment when a younger person asks you about something familiar to you but unknown to them, reminding you that you’re getting old and that time is marching on. TikTok creators have been using this filter to physically age themselves to illustrate their feelings when the younger generation asks them to explain certain things. 

How to Use This Trend

If you’re on a non-business account, use this trending sound. If you’re on a business account (like us), use this audio. Pull through your chosen sound, filter it into the filming screen, and start filming your clip with the filter off. You’ll need to tap the screen while recording to engage the filter and tap again to remove it. When the audio gets to the ‘reverb’ sound, tap the screen and quickly tap it again so the filter flicks onto your face and off again – mimicking the feeling of getting old washing over you as you answer the question. Once you’ve filmed a strong take with the filter matched closely to the audio, write your question as a text overlay. You can even look off-screen – as if conversing with someone – to frame the scenario more realistically and engagingly. 

Here are some ideas for questions that might make some creatives feel old: 

  • “What’s a dark room?” 
  • “What does 8-bit mean?” 
  • “What’s Adobe Flash?” 

2. The “How It Feels” Trend 

What is the ‘How It Feels’ Trend?    

This trending audio from the Disney film Tangled (2010) had just under 2000 videos this time last week – and now, at the time of publishing, it has 29K! This TikTok trend has blown up as users rush to use the sound – some parents have even been roped into it. The sound bite features Rapunzel descending her tower for the first time, putting her feet on the ground, and singing, “Just smell the grass, the dirt, just like I dreamed they’d be.” This trend centers around the sentiment of joyful surprise, with many creators leaping and dancing in slow motion while sharing what’s made them feel this way through text overlay. 

How to Use This Trend

Two identical trending sounds are doing the rounds for this trend, so pick your poison between this one or this one. You can film this in one take or several with different camera angles – either way, set your TikTok camera speed to 0.5x before hitting the countdown timer. It will only take a few seconds to record the clip – you don’t need to move slowly; that’ll be automatic, so simply leap and twirl at normal speed. Then, overlay your text like this: “How it feels when [insert an occurrence that brings joy to your life].”  

Here are some text ideas you can use as inspiration for this sound: 

  • How it feels when my client invites me out for drinks 
  • How it feels when I set up an Out of Office auto reply 
  • How it feels when I send through final files 

It is the LAST step in the room cleaning process

♬ original sound – liv<3 - liv<3 | taking time off

October 9th, 2023

TikTok Trends October 9th 2023

1. The “Typing Intensely” Trend  


Keep calm and explore Elements 😤

♬ original sound – Meme page

What’s the ‘Typing Intensely’ Trend?

In the movie Bruce Almighty (2003), starring Jim Carrey, there’s a scene where Bruce quickly replies to copious emails. While this clip has often been meme-ified over the years, it’s finally taken TikTok by storm. 

TikTok creators are using both the sound and concept from the scene, filming themselves sitting at their computers and vigorously typing. Olivia Rodrigo even participated in the trend, making the trend take off even more. At the start of last week, this viral sound had just 1,500 videos in its library; now, there are over 14k videos! This trend is exploding on the For You Page, and it’s super easy to execute – so we highly recommend giving it a go. 

How to Use This Trend

Using this trending sound, set up a clear shot of you at your computer keyboard. Most creators are shooting the trend in one take – we’d recommend filming at 2x speed to make the typing extra speedy in your final version. Alternatively, you can film it in segments, starting at your computer and then creating a montage of clips of you completing a task. Then, add a text overlay either providing the prompt that has driven your top-tier productivity or what’s motivated you to be so productive. Check out some of our ideas below for inspiration!


just give me 2 minutes babe 🤭

♬ original sound – Meme page

  • “Why would anyone study Graphic Design?” Me: 
  • When the inspiration finally hits at 2am: 
  • When I find a job that fits all my criteria

2. The “What If?” Trend 

What Is the ‘What if?’ Trend?    

Have you ever heard a ‘what if’ question so ludicrous it hurts your brain even to consider the answer? This trending audio comes from a Buzzfeed YouTube video posted six years ago, where hosts Shane and Ryan present a Q&A session on the Bermuda Triangle. A question from a viewer reads, “What if those who get lost in the Bermuda Triangle are time traveling?” Shane responds, “What if?” sending Ryan into surprised giggles. TikTok creators are taking on the role of Shane, overlaying the ‘What if’ question via text on the screen and lip-syncing to the “What if?” somewhat nonchalantly. 


i have much bigger regrets than flesh stickers my friend

♬ original sound – Ghoulboyswatcher

How to Use This Trend

This trend is a quick 5-second win! Use the trending sound from this video to pull through the correct audio clip. Many TikTok creators choose to do something else while filming, like studying or eating breakfast, that’s interrupted by the question. Set your scene, then lip sync to the “What if?” part of the sound. After capturing your clip, overlay a question that gets you riled up or one you’d like to pose to your audience – like this creator did

Here are some text ideas you can use as inspiration for this sound: 

  • “What if we used Papyrus for this?”    
  • “What if the logo was the same as the old one, just a different color?”
  • “What if we all gathered this weekend to discuss the project’s direction at length?” 
  • “What if technology disappeared and we didn’t have any digital design tools?” 

tbh its better to be single and love yourself than be loved half way by someone who doesnt even know how to prioritize you

♬ original sound – Ghoulboyswatcher

October 2nd

TikTok Trends October 2nd 2023

1. The “Honey, It Was Ruined When She Bought It” Trend  

What’s the ‘Honey, It Was Ruined When She Bought It’ Trend?

Have you rewatched The Cat in the Hat (2003) movie lately? It’s a genuinely unhinged fever dream, and an audio clip from the film has gone viral on TikTok over the last week – since the original uploader posted the sound on September 19th, it’s been used over 97k times! The trend is from a scene where the Cat in the Hat uses a dress to mop up paint, to which the children exclaim, “You’ve ruined Mom’s dress!” The Cat in the Hat replies, “Honey, it was ruined when she bought it,” followed by sassy finger clicks. TikTok users have rushed to use the sound, applying it to situations where they’ve judged something or someone.

How to Use This Trend

Use this trending 5-second sound to film a clip of yourself in sassy, judgemental mode. Lip sync to the line “Honey, it was ruined when she bought it,” click on the beats, and then finish with a “Yeah!”. The trend’s format comes through in the text overlay, with most users opting for text in quotation marks or by starting with “when they tell you…”. Either way, your video should be in response to an interaction.

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • When someone shows you their design portfolio, but you can tell it’s stolen from Behance.
  • When you get an average meal from a restaurant and its menu is ugly.
  • Client: Let’s do a brand refresh for everything except the logo. 

2. The “Get Focused and Stop Pointing Fingers” Trend 

What Is the ‘Get Focused and Stop Pointing Fingers’ Trend?    

Our next trend for this week comes from another throwback film, Couple’s Retreat (2009), starring Vince Vaughn and Malin Akerman. To set the scene, Vaughn’s character, Dave, tries to rally his friends to make the most of the couple’s retreat, saying, “What we need to do now is get focused and stop pointing fingers.” He then immediately contradicts himself by pointing at another character, Joey, and saying, “You’re a problem. You’re a real, real problem.” 

The clip was initially uploaded to TikTok in early September, with a greenscreen overlay of the scene and applied to a Harry Potter context (because why not?). TikTok creators have since used the sound to share their goals and point the finger at something holding them back from achieving them.


a fun lil soda is my achille’s heel

♬ original sound – Half-Blood University

How to Use This Trend

This trend requires a bit more acting and editing, but it’s nothing you can’t handle!

  1. Use this trending sound
  2. Drag the timer to 3.8 seconds and lip sync to the line, “What we need to do now is get focused and stop pointing fingers. You’re a problem.” Remember, you’re talking to the ‘problem’ off-screen, so deliver the last line while pointing your finger for ultimate hypocrisy. 
  3. Film your second clip by dragging the timer to 5.3 seconds, and set your angle so that the ‘problem’ is standing just to the side of the screen or across the room. In this clip, you’ve swapped characters and are now the problem. You may wish to do a cheeky wave back to the original character or look around with “who me?!” innocence. 
  4. Finally, you’re ready to film your last clip. Return to your original angle and lip sync to the final line (while delivering it to the ‘problem’), “You’re a real, real problem.” 
  5. When you watch the full clip back, there should be a sense of two characters in the scene. If you’re unsure, refilm your clips by entering the edit function, selecting the clip you want to refilm, and hitting the ‘Replace’ button. 
  6. Once you’re happy with your clips, you can edit your text on screen with the relevant set durations per clip. The first clip should start with, “What we need to do now is [insert your chosen goal] and stop pointing fingers. You’re a problem”. Then, the second clip should show on-screen text stating the problem. The last clip echoes the dialogue and should read, “You’re a real, real problem”. 

Here are some ideas you can use as inspiration for this sound: 

  • The goal: Finishing a passion project. The problem: My Mom asking to hang out.
  • The goal: Doing design research to make a mood board. The problem: Pinterest SEO. 
  • The goal: Doing final edits on a video. The problem: The client asked me to change the song.  

TikTok Trends: September 2023

TikTok Trends September 25th 2023

September 25th

1. The “I’m Grateful All The Time” Trend 


Customer service voice activated 🙂

♬ original sound – worsethanrevenge

What’s the ‘I’m Grateful All The Time’ Trend?

This week, we have another trend from pop star Olivia Rodrigo – which is unsurprising, seeing as her album GUTS debuted at number one on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums list. Last week we included the ‘I Pay Attention To Things Most People Ignore’ trend, a line from Rodrigo’s song all-american bitch – as is this latest trend. This album is very social-media-friendly and versatile regarding TikTok trends: was it strategically designed that way? Quite possibly. 

Towards the end of Track 1, Rodrigo screams into the abyss for about 15 seconds before suddenly returning to a soft and gentle voice where she sings, “All the time, I’m grateful all the time. I’m sexy, and I’m kind. I’m pretty when I cry.” The lyric demonstrates the juxtaposition of our internal feelings vs. what the world around us expects us to project externally, and TikTok users have jumped on this trend to show when they’ve felt the same. 

How to Use This Trend

This song has become super popular on TikTok via multiple trends, so make sure you’re using the right version of this clipped audio. Investigate other examples of this trending sound and select ‘Use this sound’ from a video that starts with Olivia screaming. You can always pull the sound from our video on this trend posted on the Envato TikTok account

Set your timer to the 2.7-second mark and capture a clip of you screaming dramatically. Then finish the video with you cool, calm, and collected, acting out a scenario where you must behave that way – maybe at work, taking a call, or talking to a friend. Overlay text on the first half of the clip to provide context on what you’re screaming about then set the duration to cut as the scene changes. Do the same for the second half of the video and add text explaining the situation.

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • When my computer crashes vs. me on the phone to IT.
  • When I’ve been staring at a design for too long, and I’m contemplating if I should just give up and quit my job vs. me after I’ve taken a break and had a snack 
  • Looking at my bank account knowing a client still hasn’t paid their invoice vs. me sending a “friendly reminder” email. 

2. The “Tube Girl” Trend


For the girls who get it ✨get it ✨ #tubegirl

♬ original sound – roux

What Is the ‘Tube Girl’ Trend?    

We need to talk about Tube Girl, TikTok’s latest sensation. Since mid-August, Sabrina Bahsoon has been posting videos of herself on the London tube, lip-syncing and dancing as if no one’s watching. In just over a month, she has accumulated almost half a million followers and started a social movement called ‘Tube Girl Confidence’ focused on being less self-conscious in public. She’s exploded onto the social media scene, catching the attention of MAC Cosmetics – for whom she walked in their London Fashion Week Show – and musician Bella Poarch who approached her to promote her new song.

Thousands of TikTok users have rushed to emulate her energy in their videos, including brands such as @DaysBrewing, who posted a video participating in the trend just as Sabrina gained traction online. They received 13 million views on the first video in their ‘tube beer series.’ Each following video gained over 1 million views, concluding with the boss executing the trend

While we don’t know just how many sales this strategy drove, it’s significantly lifted the engagement and following on Days Brewing’s TikTok account – to the point where they’ve now launched Tube Beer merch.  

This case study shows how powerful and fast-moving TikTok trends can be. If you’re promoting your creative work, small business, or personal brand, keeping up to date on TikTok is critical.  


Welp 🫡 #tubegirl #tubegirleffect #officelife #trending #tubegirleffect #lawyersoftiktok #officehumor #officetiktok #nickiminaj #boss #whenyourboss #managersbelike #relatableworkmemes #workmemes #worktoks #foryou #fypシ #workplaceproblems #officejunior #genzlife #corporatehumour #officefun #genzhumor #coworker #youngcoworkers   Gen Z office Gen Z life work bestie office bestie apprentice working in law office banter legal apprentice apprenticeship when your boss tries to be cool boss manager walking into the office after I go viral walking into work after I go viral viral

♬ original sound – habz.fx

How to Use This Trend

So how can you use this case study to your advantage? When you boil it down, this trend is about confidence, bravery, and showing no fear. However, there are a few other elements to include to relate your video specifically to #tubegirl – such as shooting your video in 0.5x, choosing a song from this playlist, and smooth camera work (which might require some practice). Also, mention the keyword “Tube Girl” in your text overlay or caption to credit the original poster and ensure your video falls on the feeds of those looking for tube girl content. 

Relating this to your niche is quite an individual experience – here are some ideas that could work: 

  • Shoot a tube girl music video at your exhibition opening. 
  • Shoot a tube girl music video on your commute to work – in your car, on the bus, on a boat, walking, etc. 
  • Shoot a tube girl music video in your shop (while showing some of your products in the background!) 

September 18th 

TikTok Trends September 18th

1. The “I Pay Attention To Things Most People Ignore” Trend 

What’s the ‘I Pay Attention To Things Most People Ignore’ Trend?

Olivia Rodrigo has just dropped her highly-anticipated sophomore album, GUTS, following her incredibly successful debut album, SOUR. TikTok users are obsessed with a line from the first song on the new record, all-amercian bitch: “I pay attention to things most people ignore.”

TikTok users have been using the sound to highlight details they’re particularly well-versed in, often using parentheses to explain what they’re closely paying attention to. Even Olivia Rodrigo has participated in the trend – which typically portrays a humorous level of attention, bordering on ‘creepy.’ 

However, the original TikTok user who posted the sound used it in a super wholesome way, compiling beautiful snapshots of her day and communicating how much there is to appreciate if you pay attention to the small details. This take is also an option for creatives to explore – especially as artists, photographers, and videographers are skilled at noticing minute details that can contribute to the final output. 


If ive ever told you something is your uniform, please know it is the single best compliment ever i promise it means you look fantastic in that outfit !!

♬ original sound – bella

How to Use This Trend

Using this trending sound, film a clip of yourself looking somewhat innocent, as if you haven’t just been on a nine-hour deep dive or memorized facts on your particular topic. You can lip sync, bat your eyelids, or film something related to your subject matter. Add text that echoes the lyrics, “I pay attention to things most people ignore,” and then add whatever you’ve paid attention to immediately afterward in brackets.  

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • I pay attention to things most people ignore (I switch my phone to Do Not Disturb when I know I’m going to receive a scary text)
  • I pay attention to things most people ignore (I can’t eat at a restaurant if the menu has more than two fonts)
  • I pay attention to things most people ignore (I have my favorite color palette’s HEX codes memorized for emergencies)

I could spot an italicized period or comma from a thousand miles away 😤 #lawyer #baylawyer #lawjournal #bluebook #lawschool #lawschoolthings

♬ original sound – bella

2. The “Wow, How Disappointing Was That Question?” Trend

What is the ‘Wow, How Disappointing Was That Question?’ Trend?    

We have another iconic Rihanna moment to celebrate! This trending sound is over a decade old, originating from the London Battleship press conference when a reporter asked Rihanna whether “a certain Mr. Ashton Kutcher would be making a trip to here?”. Rihanna doesn’t even miss a beat before saying, “Wow, how disappointing was that question?” and the host of the press conference asks, “Shall we move on to another one?” to which Rihanna replies, “Absolutely.” 

The clip was posted on TikTok in early September by the account @literallylikesoiconic and has now become a trend with people sharing their own disappointing questions. 

How to Use This Trend

This trend is very easy to participate in; simply use this trending sound and record yourself in the middle of a task where you’ve been interrupted by a frustrating question. Lip sync along to Rihanna’s lines, and then overlay text with the question you’ve found disappointing. 

Here are some question ideas for this trend: 

  • “Surely you’ll take a pro bono project that looks good for your portfolio?” 
  • “Are you good with working overtime and on weekends for no additional pay?” 
  • *Just lost the last few hours of work because I forgot to save* My coworker: “Do you not save as you go?”  

September 11th

1. The “Never Back Down, Never What?” Trend

What’s the ‘Never Back Down, Never What’ Trend?

Popular gaming streamer Nick Eh 30 has gone viral on TikTok for a Fortnite stream from 2017. User ‘CCJT Studios’ uploaded the soundbite with an accompanying CapCut template on July 17th, which has since been used over 235k times! In the video, Nick assists a young novice streamer lacking confidence. Nick repeats the mantra “Never back down, never give up” to his partner, pivoting to “Never back down, never what?” to which the boy replies, “Never give up!” Nick continues hyping the boy, leading to each “Never give up!” getting louder and more confident. 

TikTok creators are using the sound to hype themselves up for everything from completing a task they don’t want to do, persisting at something they’ve failed at, or chasing their ‘delulu’ dreams (IKYK). 

How to Use This Trend

Use this trending sound, and think of an occasion that’s required perseverance (or when you’ve had to be the hype man). The sound features two characters, so film this with a friend or an object, or play both characters yourself. Lip sync to the full 8-second audio, repeating, “Never back down, never what? Never give up. Never back down, never what? NEVER GIVE UP. That’s right! Let’s goooo!”  

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • ‘When you’re trying to take the perfect photo but losing daylight.’
  • Using a piece of technology hanging on by a thread 
  • When it’s 2 am and your project is due first thing in the morning. 

2. The “Wassup Gway” Trend

What Is the ‘Wassup Gway’ Trend?    

In July, two upcoming Atlanta-based rappers – Famous Sally and YB – posted their second release ‘Wassup’ to YouTube. It’s already made a splash on TikTok with over 812k videos using the song. 

The lyrics start with, “In the cut with my twin, we be vibing,” which many TikTok users have used as inspiration for this trend. Most videos typically include a friend or “twin” vibing out to the song in an “unbothered” way, conveying a sense of camaraderie. A designated rhythmic move goes along with this trend, with users forming an L shape with their hands and then grooving back and forth with pursed lips. The video either cuts between the friends making the same move or shows them next to each other, with a text overlay formatted as an insult. However, the response shows the friends vibing and their “honest reaction.” You can also film this trend alone, as many users have done. 


a latte will always be worth the panic attack💕

♬ Wassup Gwayy – FamousSally & YB

How to Use This Trend

Brainstorm some ideas relating to your creative niche and think of a time you’ve received a backhanded compliment or thinly veiled insult. Using the first 10 seconds of this trending sound, film the video along with its associated boogie (try and hit the beat as best you can with your hand movements!) and look as undisturbed as possible. In post-production, overlay your text. Many users also include “my/our honest reaction:” as a text overlay. These keywords will help your video perform well on TikTok, so integrate them if it makes sense! 

Here are some content ideas for this trend: 

  • “Don’t you want to use a new color scheme for this one?” My honest reaction: 
  • “You need to spend equal time with your clients.” Me and my favorite client: 
  • “Don’t you ever get lonely working from home by yourself?” Our honest reaction: (Film you and your cat/dog)

Note: If you’re creating content for a brand account, be cautious that this sound does include a swear word, so you may need to get a sign-off to use it first. Using a TikTok scheduler tool would be a good option in this case.

September 4th 2023

TikTok Trends: September 4th 2023

1. The “Computer, How Do I Put The Joker In The Phantom Zone?” Trend 

What’s the ‘Computer, How Do I Put The Joker In The Phantom Zone’ Trend?

If you’re a regular TikToker, you’ll know that trends can truly originate from anywhere. In this popular sound from The LEGO Batman Movie, Batman asks his computer how to put the Joker (his mortal enemy) into the Phantom Zone (an inescapable place for criminals). After posing this complex question to the screen, his computer remains silent, with the sound transcript reading, “Computer, how do I put the Joker in the Phantom Zone? Quickest Route. No freeways. ‘Puter, do you hear me?” 

We’ve all asked Google a difficult question we know it can’t answer out of sheer desperation (Batman included), and TikTok creators are using the audio to explore their own hard-to-answer questions. 


sophomore year of college starts today im scared

♬ original sound – Mignonette

How to Use This Trend

Use the first 9 seconds of this sound, and film yourself sitting at your computer. You can do this at normal speed or x2 speed to exaggerate your typing and facial movements). Some creators are paying homage to the trend’s heritage by curling their fingers, imitating the classic LEGO phalange pose as they type. Once you’ve filmed your video, add text explaining your question – you’ll need a few different text overlays, so set the duration of each to appear in the correct order in time with the sound. The first text overlay will be your question, followed by “Quickest route,” with an amendment which makes it much harder to answer, finished with “‘Puter, do you hear me?” For example, see the video below – the cat’s question is, “How do I get more treats off Mom?” followed by, “Quickest route. No being a good boy.” 

You’re ready to film. Don’t forget your curled hands! 

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • Computer, how do I tell my boss I hate this project, and I’m not doing it? Quickest route. No confrontation. 
  • Computer, how do I get better at After Effects? Quickest route. No tutorials. 
  • Computer, how do I go on holiday without spending money, using paid leave, or setting an Out of Office? 

2. The “Oh My Goodness, I Love This Question!” Trend


Makes me SO HAPPY when people ask for book reccs

♬ original sound – Elsie Silver

What Is the ‘Oh My Goodness, I Love This Question!’ Trend?    

The Summer I Turned Pretty – a top-rated young-adult TV program – has become a big topic among TikTok users. And, with the recent release of the show’s second season, we knew a viral TikTok trend would inevitably follow. This viral sound clip comes from a press tour the cast has embarked on to promote the show. Lola Tung, who plays protagonist Belly, is asked, ‘What Taylor Swift Era is your character in?’ She responds excitedly, “Oh my goodness, I love this question! I think –”. TikTok creators have gone crazy with the sound, producing over 116k videos since the clipped sound appeared on August 17th. Users have been sharing their favorite questions to answer and reacting just like Lola, overjoyed to have the opportunity to give their responses.     


This explains my weight gain xxx

♬ original sound – Elsie Silver

How to Use This Trend

There are a lot of uploads for this trend, so make sure you use this sound. The end of the sound bite includes “I think –” as if there is about to be a launch into a well-thought-through commentary on a particular topic. Think about your interests, passions, or topics you get excited to talk about. Then, overlay your text of someone asking you about it. Film your clip with as much excitement as you can muster, add the question you would love to answer, and there you have it! It’s that easy. 

Here are some question ideas that you could use for this trend: 

  • “What Photoshop shortcut do not enough people know about?” 
  • “What is a classic client red flag?” 
  • “What brand do you wish you could rebrand?” 

TikTok Trends: August 2023

August 28th 2023

TikTok Trends August 28th 2023

1. The “More Passion, More Passion, More Energy” Trend


This is when an Envato Elements subscription comes in handy tbh ⏳🪩 #HypeBeast #HypedUp #Procrastination #Design #GraphicDesign #Deadline

♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

What’s the ‘More Passion, More Passion, More Energy’ Trend?

Looking for the ultimate hype-up song? A TikTok creator has gone viral for posting videos of people dancing in the streets somewhere in England – and one video’s sound has already been used over 78k times! The video shows the creator hyping up his dancing buddy by rhythmically chanting, “Go, more passion, more passion, more passion, more energy, more energy, more footwork, more footwork, more footwork, more passion!” with the dancer getting more into their routine as the video progresses. Users have been loving this viral sound to hype themselves up.

How to Use This Trend

Typically, TikTok users are creating videos of them having a boogie to this tune. You won’t find us recommending dancing on TikTok often, but this trend calls for it. If you scroll through videos under the sound, you’ll see that most creators aren’t taking themselves too seriously, instead opting for a humorous, over-the-top approach that gets more passionate as the video continues. Pull the sound from this video (we recommend using just the first 9 seconds), and do some dance moves that feel right to you. Here’s where the ‘trend’ comes in – simply ass text over your video to share what’s got you feelin’ passionate.

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • When a client pays in advance
  • Me 5 minutes after finishing a project, knowing I need to start the next one 
  • My boss in our weekly team meeting

Its taken us 3 evenings to finish 1 episoded 🙈🙈

♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

2. The “Side Eye (Solar Spyhnx)” Trend


Me watching from the sidelines. 👁️ 👄 👁️ #booktok I do know there’s drama on booktok I just choose not insert myself. 😂

♬ 原聲 – mycatso_cute

What Is the ‘Side Eye (Solar Spyhnx)’ Trend?    

This TikTok sound – originally uploaded at the end of 2022 – only started trending last week. Some prominent creators have already jumped on the trend – a tell-tale sign that it will soon flood our FYPs. Paired with a clip of the song Solar Sphynx by LICH TYCOON and blackwinterwells, the format shows the creator conversing or interacting with someone off-camera, pretending they’re “not in the know.” When the sound’s beat drops, they side-eye the camera, sharing a knowing look with the audience. As always, the text overlaid in post-production outlines the video’s context. 


i should go be an actor or sumn (also i’m going live! come say hi✨) #fyp #virgo #prettytheycentral #xyzbca #viral #trend #acting #lol #briangmontxnez #trending

♬ 原聲 – mycatso_cute

How to Use This Trend

It’s time to flex those acting skills! Using this sound, pretend to be conversing with someone off-camera. Your facial expression should be friendly, naive, or neutral (depending on the scenario), switching to pointed and direct eye contact at the 7-second mark. Then, overlay text to tell the story of your interaction. Most users are writing their text in quotation marks to depict the context of the conversation. You can overlay further text once the beat drops explaining the scenario, but your “side eye” should be enough to indicate your point.

Here are some ideas that would work in the creative niche for this trending format: 

  • *Meeting a difficult client whose reputation precedes them* “Hi [client], it’s so nice to put a face to the name!” 
  • *Talking to a colleague* “Oh, you don’t use any references for your work?” *Knowing I’ve seen that exact design on Pinterest*
  • Client: “This project shouldn’t take you long at all!” 

August 21st 2023

TikTok Trends August 21st 2023

1. The ‘Um, Delusion’ Trend

What’s the ‘Um, Delusion’ Trend?

Renee Rapp is a TikTok creator and an up-and-coming pop singer who snagged her first big breaks in Mean Girls the Musical and The Sex Lives of College Girls. She’s just started promoting her newest album, SNOW ANGEL, performing her latest single live on the Today Show in this interview

The interviewer says, “That’s kind of an interesting place to be, where you trust yourself. Is that what’s happening?” Renee responds with “100%”. The interviewer then asks, “And what gave you the confidence?” Renee immediately replies with, “Um, delusion,” which receives quite the outburst of giggles. 

‘Delusion’ is a state of being commonly referenced on TikTok, which has become somewhat synonymous with manifestation. Being ‘delulu’ translates to believing you’ll find success – even if your reality suggests otherwise. TikTok creators have been loving this soundbite, creating videos to share what they feel overly confident or delusional about.

How to Use This Trend

To use this trending sound, simply lip sync to the lines ”100%” and “Um, delusion.” It’s as easy as that! You want to appear blindly optimistic, so incorporate a blank stare along with your responses to encapsulate the ‘delulu’ energy. Once you’ve filmed your clip, overlay text explaining your aspirational delusions.   

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • Me thinking I’m working towards financial freedom when I’m too awkward to raise my rates 
  • “You really believe pulling an all-nighter is the solution?” 
  • Sending my clients a feedback form, thinking they will fill it out for me.

2. The “Ja’mie Private School Girl – Chop My Head Off” Trend


why do they all do this #fyp

♬ original sound – Zoe

What Is the ‘Ja’mie Private School Girl – Chop My Head Off’ Trend?    

This trend might be more familiar to our Australian readers. Using a viral sound bite from the popular satirical show, ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl,’ Ja’mie – played by Aussie comedian Chris Lilley – is a character notorious for her outlandish, pretentious, and often offensive one-liners. 

In this TikTok audio, Ja’mie says, “I could, for example, put my head through that window, slam the window down on my head, and chop my head off.” TikTok users have jumped on the soundbite, using the trend to describe scenarios that elicit this reaction.


and i think about it for weeks

♬ original sound – Zoe

How to Use This Trend

If you’re familiar with the Australian accent, it’s time to shine! Plan your pauses, enunciate the vowels, and adopt Ja’mie’s iconic persona by dramatically delivering your line like a sit-down confessional. Use this 7-second sound, and shoot your video in a room where you can point to a window to further emphasize the pain you’re describing. Then overlay text that contextualizes the scenario.

Here are some ideas in the creative industry that you may relate to: 

  • Me anytime my computer crashes and I lose my last 3 hours of work
  • When I finish a design that I’m proud of, and the client comes back with 1000 changes
  • When someone changes the Friday afternoon office music to the wrong vibe.

August 14th 2023

TikTok Trends August 14th 2023

1. The “Jeffy, Did You Get A Speeding Ticket?” Trend  


Relatable? 😅 Here are some tips on overcoming perfectionism in your design work: ✔️ Stick to the user/business goals ✔️ Set a clear delivery deadline ✔️ Break your tasks into chunks ✔️ Do regular WIP check ins with your team ✔️ Plan for iterations #AgencyLife #Agency #Clients #GraphicDesign #UXDesign #WebDesign #Creative

♬ original sound – Mr_ramos

What’s the ‘Jeffy, Did You Get A Speeding Ticket’ Trend?

This viral soundbite originated from a Super Mario puppet show posted on YouTube over two years ago. Since it went live on TikTok in mid-June, the sound has amassed over 300k+ videos. TikTok has a pattern of unearthing obscure content from the depths of the internet and repurposing it as a hot new trend. The learning? Don’t ever delete your old content – you never know when it might have its 15 minutes in the spotlight!

In this clip, ‘Jeffy’ convinces Super Mario to let him borrow his car. Upon return, Mario questions Jeffy, resulting in him confessing he got a speeding ticket. TikTok users use the sound to set up relatable scenarios, overlaying questions to which they can respond with a suspicious non-answer of ‘uh-uh,’ while their face gives them away.  

How to Use This Trend

Use this sound, and set up a shot of you ready to answer the questions as Jeffy. Most TikTok creators are using the camera lens as the perspective of Super Mario, looking directly into it as if speaking to him behind the camera. This is a one-take-wonder, so when you’re ready, hit the timer countdown and work your way through the script with the ‘uh-uhs.’ 

The sound goes, “So, nothing bad happened? Uh-uh. You didn’t wreck it? Uh-uh. You didn’t hit anybody? Uh-uh. You didn’t run anybody over? Uh-uh. You didn’t get a speeding ticket? Uh. Wait, Jeffy, why are you making that face? Uh. Jeffy, did you get a speeding ticket? Uh…” 

On the single ‘uhs,’ your face should reflect your sudden unwillingness to answer the questions. Once you’ve filmed your best take, add your own questions as a text overlay. Set durations for each line of text so the questions pop up as the video progresses. You will need four questions to shake your head confidently to, and one final question that rattles you. 

Here are some ideas for this trending sound:

  • The “Alternative” Designer: Call out creatives that denounce popular design choices with this line of questioning.
  1. So you don’t like mainstream styles? 
  2. You don’t follow trends? 
  3. Do you like popular designers? 
  4. You don’t search for inspiration? 
  5. Do you spend time on Pinterest? 
  • The Difficult Client: Flip the sound and pretend you’re working with a client who won’t give you the answers you need (you’ll be playing Super Mario). 
  1. When is your deadline? 
  2. What’s your budget? 
  3. What are your company goals? 
  4. Do you want to walk me through your brand’s history? 
  5. Do you actually want a designer? 

2. The “She’s So Brave” Trend 

What Is the ‘She’s So Brave’ Trend?    

This trend is fresh out the oven – so jump on it quickly to ride the wave! Uploaded on August 9th, the trending TikTok features a dog’s owner singing to her to ease her elevator anxiety. TikTok users use the jingle to encourage themselves to complete tasks that cause anxiety. The song goes, “She’s so brave, she’s well behaved, she is not afraid. She’s powerful, she’s a good girl, she is our whole world.” 

How to Use This Trend

This sound could work for any scenario someone might need to hype themselves up for! Film a clip of you doing something brave, and that’s it! The spectrum of what’s considered ‘brave’ can range from attempting everyday basic tasks to doing something that scares you. Most TikTok users cut the sound short (likely for view-through) around the 9-second mark, after the line “She is not afraid.” 

Here are some ideas for what you could film yourself doing to warrant the use of the sound: 

  • Emailing your boss to ask for a salary review 
  • Making a phone call to a difficult client 
  • Setting boundaries with how many versions of a file you can amend.

Been putting off raising your rates? Take this anthem as your sign that the time has come 💸 #Freelancer #GetPaid #ClientWork #RaiseYourRates

♬ original sound – Macros by Mel

August 7th 2023

TikTok Trends August 2023

1. The “Kardashian Copycat” Trend 

What’s the ‘Kardashian Copycat’ Trend?

In the latest season of The Kardarshians on Hulu, Kourtney Kardashian accuses Kim of copying her D&G aesthetic. Kim then points out that Kourtney copied her wedding first, giving a confessional to camera, saying, “I got married in Italy. Am I saying you copied me by getting married in Italy? Who performed at my wedding? Andrea Bocelli. Who performed at Kourtney’s wedding? Andrea Bocelli.” This audio has gone viral on TikTok, with users capitalizing on the sound by sharing a time someone has copied them in some way – genuinely or otherwise. 

How to Use This Trend

The most important element of this trend is nailing the lip-syncing. Practice, practice, practice, and only post when you feel you’ve got the lines (and accompanying attitude) down. Don’t be afraid to have high standards for your content – while many TikTok trends might seem quick and easy, there can be an hour’s worth of shooting behind the scenes (Our TikTok video for this trend took about ten takes!) 

Some TikTok users are filming this video to-camera in one take and overlaying text in post-production, while others are giving examples of copycat behavior using a greenscreen effect. Choose your topic, then shoot however it makes the most sense. 

Here are some ideas for this trending sound: 

  • When your coworker brings the same lunch as you 
  • When you see someone ripping off your work
  • When you liked Art Deco before it was cool and now it’s everywhere  

Not us showing up in the same unflattering shirt

♬ original sound – CocoDevile

2. The “National Anthem: August” Trending Sound

What Is the ‘National Anthem: August’ Trending Sound?    

Can you believe it’s already August?! The year flying by aside, entering 2023’s eighth month presents ample opportunity to take advantage of the song August by Taylor Swift – and TikTok has already remixed a little number that’s doing the rounds. The sound starts with, “Please rise for our national anthem,” leading into the song’s first line. You can use this trending audio in any way that feels natural. Some TikTok creators are sharing why they’re looking forward to the month ahead, some are celebrating Taylor Swift, and some are using it as a backing track to their vlogs or compilation of clips. 

How to Use This Trend

Start by ‘rising’ for the national anthem. If you’re celebrating the month of August or Taylor Swift, do this throughout the clip. Or, if you’re sharing what you’re up to in August, insert your clips into the video. 

Here’s how to edit a TikTok using an in-app sound and pre-filmed clips. In the TikTok app, click one of the videos using the trending audio and select ‘Use this sound.’ Drag the timer to 3.2secs and film your first clip rising for the national anthem. Click the tick in the bottom right corner, then tap the top right button to edit the video’s timeline. In this view, you’ll see a plus sign next to your video – select this and add your pre-filmed clips. Edit your videos to ensure you pace them to the end of the sound, which will be the 15-second mark (the audio will automatically extend). 

Last year this sound trended throughout August, including the end of the month when people held ‘farewell ceremonies’ for the song, and we’re sure this year will be no different. 

TikTok Trends: July 2023

July 31st 2023

TikTok Trends July 31st 2023

1. The “AI LinkedIn Headshots” Trend


This AI stuff is freaking me out😦

♬ 3:15 (Slowed Down + Reverb) – Russ

What’s the ‘AI LinkedIn Headshots’ Trend?

Ever gone to set up your LinkedIn profile only to realize you don’t have any headshots? If you’re like me, you’re never without your sunnies and a beverage, which can make choosing a professional DP tough. But never fear; AI is to the rescue! 

People are using the AI app Remini to create some snazzy headshots – all you need to do is upload some photos of yourself for it to produce some high-quality shots that genuinely look real and professionally taken. TikTok creators have been sharing their results, influencing a massive uptake in the app’s popularity. This trend is easy, fun, and comes with the bonus of a LinkedIn profile pic. Win-win! 

How to Use This Trend

Choose your fave AI image generator and prompt away! If you’re new to AI apps, Remini is a great option – here’s a tutorial showing the process for free!

Simply upload some selfies showing your face and shoulders, then select which model image you’d like. Scroll down to ‘Curriculum,’ pick your vibe, and let the AI do its thing (the image generation will take about 5 minutes). 

Once you receive the photos, it’s time to make your TikTok! Using this sound, record the first 4 seconds using a casual image of yourself (ideally a photo that contrasts with your new professional pics) and overlay text that reads something like: “Trying the viral AI LinkedIn Headshot trend.” When the beat drops, insert your four AI images so they each have a few seconds on screen, bringing your video to the 12-second mark.  

The Remini app offers many AI-generated options. You can generate images of what your future babies will look like, you as a bride, or in any profession. Play around with the app to spark new creative ideas for TikTok content. 

Here are some examples: 


AI really said, “were gonna make you look spanish”… and im here for it capcut AI foryou

♬ 3:15 (Slowed Down + Reverb) – Russ

2. The “I Wasn’t Aware That Was Something A Person Could Do” Trending CapCut Template


Creatives, you have to protect your peace 🧘 Here are 8 common signs of potentially troublesome clients: 🚩 They don’t trust your advice 🚩 They avoid talking about budgets 🚩 They don’t reply to your emails within 5 business days 🚩 They need “just” a [blank] 🚩 They’re in a hurry 🚩 They bring up how much they didn’t like their last designer 🚩 They can’t communicate feedback well 🚩 They expect you to be available 24/7 It can be hard to turn down work, but saying no to this client means you’re investing in your availability for a better project. #Freelancer #BadClients #RedFlags #CapCut

♬ original sound – Kate

What is the ‘I Wasn’t Aware That Was Something A Person Could Do’ Trending CapCut Template?

Hamilton fans may recognize this viral snippet from the song, ‘I Know Him,’ sung by King George. He sings, “I wasn’t aware that was something a person could do,” in response to finding out that George Washington was yielding his power and stepping down from the crown, implying that he couldn’t imagine someone choosing not to be loved and powerful, given the opportunity. TikTokers are using this audio to communicate their quirks or annoying habits, which they didn’t consider possible to stop. 

How to Use This Trend

For this trend, you can use both the trending audio and the CapCut overlay or just the audio itself. Think about a passion you can’t shut up about, a habit you can’t seem to break, or something other people do that shocks you. These CapCut templates offer the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your Envato Elements subscription by using a photo or video depicting the context of your text overlay. 

Here are some ideas you could explore for your niche:

  • Text overlay: Me not crying when given harsh feedback.
Cute kitten portrait from Envato Elements. British Shorthair cat with a sad, crying expression
  • Text overlay: Me after pulling an all-nighter to finish a project, learning I could have just managed my time better.
woman with insomnia wrapped in sheets sitting on bed, image from Envato Elements
  • Text overlay: someone telling me I don’t need to show everyone my new mouse and keyboard.
Bird's eye view of colorful mouse and keyboard, image from Envato Elements

July 24th 2023

TikTok Trends July 24th 2023

1. The “WHERE?!” Trend


Lile chill i just turned 26th this month dawg

♬ WHERE – user09547971110

What’s the ‘WHERE?!’ Trend?

We didn’t expect to be sharing a trend originating from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles today, but here we are. The trending scene – from episode 18 of season 3, titled Cowabunga Shredhead – shows TMNT character, Shredder bringing in a stack of pizzas, to which the other turtles exclaim, “It’s Shredder!” causing Shredder to turn around and ask, “WHERE?!” (Inside scoop: this is because he’s switched brains with another character, Mikey.) In true TikTok form, users have applied this concept to times they’ve blanked on the fact that someone is, in fact, speaking to them. For instance, when someone asks to talk to an adult (yet in their minds, they are still just a child) or calls them “ma’am.”   

How to Use This Trend

Using this trending sound, you’ll need to play both sets of characters or have someone else play the turtles. Film the first clip with the line, “I brought back some takeout, so let’s get down and pig out,” then film a second clip of the second character lip-syncing to the line, “It’s Shredder!” Then, return to the first character and turn around shouting, “WHERE?!”. You’ll need to set up two camera angles to make this storyline work, especially if you’re playing both roles. Film clips 1 and 3 from one angle and Clip 2 from another. Research the sound to get a feel for how other users have set up their videos.  

Here are some ideas for using this sound:

  • Clip 1: *Being confident with my art*, Clip 2: “It’s an artist!”, Clip 3: “WHERE?!”  
  • Clip 1: *Having years of experience in my industry, managing a team*, Clip 2: “And this is my Manager!”, Clip 3: “WHERE?!”  
  • Clip 1: POV I’m sharing the latest Adobe product updates with my siblings as I would with my design friends. Clip 2: (My sibling) “It’s a nerd!”, Clip 3: “WHERE?!”  

2. The “Ignoring A Call” Trend


if you can type it in a message…please don’t call😂 #fyp

♬ iPhone vibrating ringtone – Nick

What Is the ‘Ignoring A Call’ Trend?

Are you one of those people that hates picking up phone calls? You’re not alone! This trending ‘iPhone Vibrating Ringtone’ sound was uploaded to TikTok on the 5th of July and has already found its way into 225,000 TikTok videos! The trend is simple: TikTok creators film themselves ignoring a phone call coming in as if their phone is ringing – and it sounds very realistic.

How to Use This Trend

This trend is super simple to execute. Put your phone down flat on its back and start filming. Pretend to glance down at the incoming call and make a visible decision to ignore it and let it keep ringing. Then overlay text describing why you chose not to pick up the call. As always, if the trend is this easy, you gotta cut through with the copy. Your idea should be either super niche – to the point where people are shocked that someone else has pointed out exactly how they feel – or broad enough for anyone to relate to. 

For example, some niche text overlays could include:

  • Letting my accountant’s call go to voicemail during tax season 
  • Me ignoring a client call because it’s 7 pm and they need to learn boundaries. 

And here are some more broad ideas: 

  • When my boss calls me in to work, but I have a fun weekend planned 
  • Me ignoring a call from my Mum because I don’t have 3 hours to spare

July 17th 2023

TikTok Trends July 17th

1. The “Attenzione Borseggiatrici” Trend  

What’s the ‘Attenzione Borseggiatrici’ Trend?

There’s a new trend in town – and it’s got a bit of a backstory. During peak European tourist season, an account called ‘WE ARE BACK’ posted videos of Italian pickpocketers in action, alerting the crowds around them. The woman behind the account approaches the thieves and yells, “ATTENZIONE BORSEGGIATRICI! ATTENZIONE PICKPOCKET!” in what has become an iconic voice. 

The TikTok account has exploded, with people dubbing the woman behind the videos a modern-day hero. TikTok users started adopting the phrase in TikTok comments and are now using the original sound to overlay videos of their pets getting up to mischief. This week the trend has gone one step further – ​​ as great TikTok trends often do – dropping this absolute TUNE remixing the woman’s voice.     

How to Use This Trend

This trend is relatively open-ended – I’d advise using the new remixed track or this particular sound that has gone viral. Film some clips of something being “stolen,” as if you’ve caught yourself, your pet, or a colleague in the act, and overlay the sound of your choice. Hashtags associated with this trend include #attenzione, #pickpocket, and #cittadininondistratti. 

Here are some ideas for using this sound:

  • When your colleague “forgets their wallet” at lunch 
  • Your pet sticking its head into your bowl 
  • When you steal office stationery  

It’s not illegal but sure does feel like it 😭 #fyp #officehumor #foryou #officelife

♬ original sound – user2117519005342

2. The “I Don’t Like It” Kylie Jenner Trend  


IDKKKK the color combo looks cute on the lipgloss but not the nails 🥴🥴🥴 #kyliejenner #fypシ #nailarttutorial

♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

What Is the ‘I Don’t Like It’ Kylie Jenner Trend?

Kylie Jenner has graced us with another audio bite, which has serious potential. Recently, many TikTok users have been trying out the ‘Aged’ TikTok filter – which adds realistic wrinkles and grey hair. The filter splits the screen, comparing the person’s actual face with the filtered version. 

When Kylie Jenner used the filter for the first time, she stated, “I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. No. No.” accumulating over 95 million views in the first two days of posting. The comments immediately recognized that this sound had legs, with one user writing: “Thank you for this audio, Kylie,” and another: “Bro just made the perfect sound.” The sound has now been used over 16K times, with creators jumping on the opportunity to use Kylie’s iconic voice to share their own distastes. 

How to Use This Trend

Lip sync to the sound and film your clip in a situation that gives context to something you don’t like – maybe with a prop, a green-screened image, or in a particular setting like an office. Then, overlay text that clearly outlines your distaste.  

Here are some ideas for this trend: 

  • Share your opinion on your old design work 
  • Share a design trend everyone seems to love, but you don’t 
  • Pretend to be a problematic client giving brutal feedback 

the difference between the two just so accurately captures the difference between the two movies hahahhaa #barbie #barbenheimer #oppenheimer #barbiemovie #margotrobbie #barbie #cillianmurphy

♬ original sound – Kylie Jenner

July 10th 2023

TikTok Trends July 10th 2023

What’s the ‘Black Cat Zoning Out’ CapCut Template?

This week we’re back with another hilarious CapCut template. This green screen shows two cats seemingly in deep conversation. The black cat seems to be zoning out, giving “I’m not listening” vibes which users have found highly relatable. The cat’s facial expression is one we’ve all sported in times of boredom or dissociation, featuring out-of-focus eye contact, drooping eyelids, and pursed lips stifling a yawn. Users are overlaying this video with scenarios where they’ve zoned out, like at work or in a social setting.    


I just don’t understand anything when someone tries to explain board games to me. #spaceout #boardgame

♬ original sound – Svlwester

How to Use This Trend

This CapCut template goes hand in hand with this music (which you should Favorite for later instructions). Trigger the CapCut template on your phone through TikTok (or click this link if you’re reading on mobile) and upload your chosen photo or video background. Export your CapCut creation back to TikTok and add your Favorited track to add your video to this trend’s sound library. Then, in TikTok, simply overlay text describing a scenario where you’ve zoned out.   

Here are some ideas for your text overlay:

  • When a client says they want to give me a verbal brief 
  • Me watching a YouTube tutorial, but I stopped listening about three steps back 
  • When you’re at a networking event, and your social battery dies.

I be blank trying to fight it or thinking about my trauma #fypage #foryou #dissociation

♬ original sound – Gil

See more of this trend by searching ‘Space Out Cat’ or ‘Black Cat Zones Out’ on TikTok.

2. The “Oppenheimer vs. Barbie” Trending Topic  

What Is the ‘Oppenheimer vs. Barbie” Trending Topic?

If you’ve been cruising the internet over the last month, you’ve likely heard about the upcoming blockbuster movies Oppenheimer and Barbie, which are both set to be released on July 21st. The films’ topics (and aesthetics) are about as opposing as you can get – Oppenheimer tells the grim true story of the creation of the first atomic bomb, while Barbie is a fantasy comedy based on the iconic doll franchise. The visual juxtaposition between two major film releases has been a fun topic of discussion, with users outlining the “perfect” schedule for seeing both films – starting with a black coffee and Oppenheimer in the morning, followed by afternoon drinkies and Barbie in the evening. 

This trending topic is perfect for creatives, combining the art of filmmaking with cool visual aesthetics.

How to Use This Trending Topic

This trend leaves much room for interpretation and creativity. Whether you’re a graphic designer, filmmaker, freelancer, or content creator, you can relate these two movies to your craft. 

First, look at the content circulating on TikTok (search: Oppenheimer Barbie) to see how users have been combining the two design styles. Think about the movies’ differences and similarities and how to amalgamate them – whether through sound design, t-shirt design, LUTS, or creating a mixed video. You can even talk to the camera about the connection between the two movies – whatever works for your content style. 

To ride the wave, be sure to hashtag #Barbie and #Oppenheimer in your caption, include visual cues in some way (you may choose to greenscreen and talk over the top of movie posters), and use music related to the films. 

July 3rd 2023

TikTok Trends July 3rd 2023

1. The “Here’s Eric Cartman!” Trend  

What’s the ‘Here’s Eric Cartman’ Trend?

This week, TikTok is all about South Park! In Season 6, Episode 8 – titled Freak Strike – Eric Cartman poses as an out-of-control teen on a TV talk show where he’s booed by a live studio audience, responding with, “WHATEVA. WHATEVA.” The now-iconic line has gone viral on TikTok, with creators using the sound to share a fact about themselves – for which they would likely get roasted.    


I take it personally😒

♬ original sound – Roo

How to Use This Trend

Execute this trend in two parts, as demonstrated by the example below. Using this sound, film the first clip as if you’re the talk show host. Deliver the line “Well, let’s bring him out. Here’s Eric Cartman!” and walk off-screen to the left. Set up the second clip by coming on screen from the right, as if you’re Eric Cartman coming on stage for the first time. React to the audience boos as if they’re coming from behind the camera, and give a sassy “Whatever! Whatever!” explaining why you’re shrugging off the public displeasure with a text overlay.  

Here are some ideas for your text overlay:

  • The guy that needs validation to function 
  • When you’re the one that suggested the 5pm meeting 
  • Look! It’s the girl who can’t get her work done without incentivizing herself with little treats!

2. The “OMG. Am I about to introduce you to Taylor Swift?” Trend  

What Is the ‘OMG. Am I about to introduce you to Taylor Swift?’’ Trend?

We’re on an adult cartoon buzz this week, as this next trending sound is a remix from Family Guy! At the beginning of this sound, Stewie and Chris are discussing who Taylor Swift is, with Stewie explaining she’s more than a singer – she’s a queen. As his explanation goes on, the sound drops into the song Style by Taylor Swift. TikTok creators are using the sound to ‘introduce’ their favorite topic or product to someone who hasn’t heard of it, much like we have with Envato Elements (see below). 


Unlimited downloads of 14+ million creative assets. We’re talking fonts, graphics, photos, videos, video templates, music, sound effects, presentation templates, graphic templates, web templates, 3D assets and more 👀 If you have a creative project, Envato Elements has got your back 🤜🤛 Link in bio! #GraphicDesign #VideoEditor #AgencyLife #Freelancer #Freelance #Fonts #StockLibrary #CreativeSubscription #MadeWithEnvato #greenscreenvideo

♬ whos taylor swift – libby

How to Use This Trend

There are two options with this trending sound. You can keep it simple by opting for the first 7 seconds or do the full 21 seconds, which includes outlining the reasons why you love [Taylor Swift]. Do you have a topic you’re particularly passionate about? You can use this sound to talk about it! Whether it’s a hobby, a design resource, or a niche skill or craft, film the first 10 seconds acting out the dialogue between the Stewie and Chris characters: Here are your lip-syncing lines: 

“Who’s Taylor Swift?”    

“Oh my god. Am I about to introduce you to Taylor Swift?” 

“What is she, a singer?”

“She’s much more than a singer Chris!” 

Once the song ’Style’ comes in, insert some pictures of what you’re talking about and use the green screen effect so you can keep lip-syncing over the top. If you choose this route, your next lines are: 

“She…she’s a QUEEN! A goddess, a gazelle in a high-waisted swimsuit. She’s such a sweetheart!” 

Here are some topic ideas for this trend: 

  • Your favorite Adobe plugin 
  • Your favorite designer (tag them!) 
  • Your favorite Spotify playlist to listen to while you work 
  • Your favorite film director and their top movies

TikTok Trends: June 2023

June 26th 2023

TikTok Trends June 26th

1. The “Bill Hader CapCut Template”


#CapCut thanks for the inspo 🤭 @Drishti Rohatgi

♬ original sound – Kaitlyn

What’s the ‘Bill Hader CapCut Template’ Trend?

The viral TikTok song Makeba by JAIN has become increasingly popular over the past few weeks – we even made a video to it earlier this month when it was on the rise. It’s now on its second trend wave, connected to a CapCut template of Bill Hader from SNL perfectly timed to the track’s beat. TikTok users are combining the song and the template to depict a moment where they’ve knowingly acted up, leaning into the cheeky and unbothered expression from the greenscreen overlay.

How to Use This Trend

When a good CapCut trend comes around, it’s worth jumping on it early as they require little effort to create and generate solid reach. 

Think of a relatable and well-worded text overlay matching Bill’s immaculate vibes. Most users feature a stock image to depict the setting where Bill is boogying, so you can use a photo from Envato Elements to set your scene. In the TikTok app, favorite the trending sound and select a video by tapping ‘CapCut: Try this template.’ Launch CapCut and embed up to three images of your choice. Export your video to TikTok, add the sound from your Favorites list, and you’re done! 

Here are some ideas for how to use this template:

  • When I clock out early to go spend time with my dog 
  • When I realize I’m self-employed and can give myself a perfect performance review 
  • When I’m on a shoot, someone says, “Catering’s here!”

2. The “Look At Me. Look At Me. You Lookin’?” Transition  

What Is the ‘Look At Me. Look At Me. You Lookin’?’’ Transition?

If there’s one thing TikTok loves, it’s a Doja Cat song – her music blew up thanks to the platform in 2020! On June 17th, Doja Cat dropped the music video for her newest song, Attention. Fans have rushed to use the trending song snippet, “Look at me. Look at me. You lookin’?” which perfectly accompanies a video transition. 


havent done a transition in a MINUTE (tc: @Masimb0 )

♬ Doja Cat Attention First Verse – Ben Chatonda

How to Use This Trend

It’s time to get your transition on! There are a few different ways users are executing this trend. Some use the Blur filter and rub the screen, some pretend the camera keeps moving, and some use a circular pinch of their fingers to mimic a monocular

Use this sound to film your first clip to the 3.9-second mark. You want the clip to end with the beginning of your transition movement about halfway. Next, set yourself up for the second clip – whether you’re filming yourself or your work, you want a noticeable difference in aesthetic for dramatic effect. Once you’ve filmed both parts, watch your video back and ensure it’s as smooth as possible. A smooth transition is key to a successful video, so refilm it to get it right.

Here are some transition ideas for using the ‘Attention’ audio: 

  • Showing a before and after of your workstation or studio makeover 
  • Before and after getting ready for an important meeting
  • Your blank canvas vs. the finished product. 

June 19th 2023

TikTok Trends June 19th 2023

1. The “Who Are You Talking To Right Now?” Trend

What’s the ‘Who Are You Talking To Right Now?’ Trend?

This week’s pop culture TikTok trend comes from the iconic TV show Breaking Bad. In the sixth episode of the fourth season, Skylar White – wife of protagonist Walter White – asks Walter to admit that he’s in danger. Walter responds with, “Who are you talking to right now?” indicating that he IS the danger. TikTok users are using the audio to act shocked that they’re being addressed, looking around and wondering out loud who the question was intended for, as it couldn’t possibly be for them. 

How to Use This Trend

Embody the ruthless character of Walter White with this short 6-second sound. Act as if you are truly astonished to be asked a question being posed to you (you can decide what the question is), and lip sync to the response, “Who are you talking to right now?” Overlay text post-filming to convey a situation related to your creative niche.  

Here are some ideas for this trend:

  • When a client asks you to change the music after you spent hours editing the video to the beat. 
  • Being asked to complete work that shouldn’t sit with you. 
  • When your parents promise their friends you’ll do design work for free. 

2. The “Eyes Without A Face” Audio


eye contact aint for me 😎 #fyp #foryou #adammcg ig:_adammcg

♬ eyes without a face – ☀️

What Is the ‘Eyes Without A Face’ Audio?

Eyes Without a Face, a famous Billy Idol song from 1983, is currently being used across various TikTok trends. This trending audio has some creative wriggle room for how you execute it. There’s a vague formula TikTok creators are using to inform their use of the song. For instance, “what I think I look like” vs. “what I actually look like,” or “how someone thinks of me” vs. “how I actually am.” It’s essentially become the soundtrack to accompany the stark comparison between a dream and reality. 

How to Use This Trend

Look through the library of content under this TikTok sound to decide how you would like to frame your video. You must create a juxtaposition between how you expect something to be and how it truly is. Many users have used TikTok filters to exaggerate the difference between a hopeful scenario and the reality of a situation, particularly regarding how they look while performing an action. For example, how they look when they work from home (see the video below). You can also insert photos and videos to surprise your audience with a twist at the end to further your point or show evidence of the reality (like the above video example). 

Here are some ideas for using the ‘Eyes Without A Face’ audio:

  • Daydreaming about what you’ll do after finishing a big project (party) vs. what you actually end up doing (sleeping). 
  • How you think your client will react to your first draft (no changes) vs. how they actually react (50 changes). 
  • Buying a new software to make your workflow more efficient but forgetting you’ll have to learn how to use it first. 

June 12th 2023

TikTok Trends June 12th 2023

1. The “What Was That? Breathing” Trend


bc what if i messed something up

♬ original sound – Everett

What’s the ‘What Was That? Breathing’ Trend?

Is anyone else still utterly heartbroken that former YouTuber Jenna Marbles never returned to the Internet after her goodbye in 2020? Luckily, as Jenna was churning out content for over 10 years, we still see their viral moments making the rounds on TikTok, helping feed the nostalgic fandom.

In the original clip, Julien Solomita (Jenna’s partner) is wearing a “pastel e-boy” outfit and states that he feels “dope.” This is immediately followed by a loud intake of breath that Jenna responds to by asking, “What was that?” and Julien replies, “Breathing.” TikTok users have been using the audio to represent times they’ve tried to appear outwardly confident, but their anxious breathing gave them away.

How to Use This Trend

Reflect on a time when you tried to appear cool, calm, and collected while freaking out internally. Film a clip of you pretending to be in that environment, or film it in the environment in question. In this sound clip, you’re Julien. Jenna says, “Doesn’t that feel good, though?” and you answer, “Yeah, I kinda feel dope right now.” Jenna then says, “You look dope!”. Take a big, exaggerated breath before Jenna asks, “What was that?” and you’ll say, “breathing,” as if it wasn’t a clearly anxious intake of breath.

Here are some ideas for when you needed to seem confident (but weren’t):

  • Right after your first presentation to a client
  • During lunch on your first day of work at a new job
  • When you interview for your dream job and have to tell them about yourself.

wdym graphic designers graphic design 🤣 no i do not actually

♬ original sound – Everett

2. The “It’s a Canon Event” Trend

What Is the ‘It’s a Canon Event’ Trend?

The ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ film came out this month, introducing viewers to the concept of ‘canon events.’ A canon event is an event in someone’s life that must happen to develop their storyline and maintain the balance of the multiverse. TikTok users are now sharing their own ‘canon events’ – moments or mistakes that needed to happen for them to be where they are now, and that would have taken place across multiverses to result in the same life path.


you’re coming out of that experience a changed person

♬ Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara) – Daniel Pemberton

How to Use This Trend

Individual creators should use this trending sound, and Business accounts should use this sound (the first is not for commercial use). In terms of what you do with this trend, that’s up to you. Some TikTok users pretend to watch their younger selves, watch a stranger follow a classic trope, or even use the ‘Canon’ name to make a camera pun. No matter the approach you take, film a clip of you observing the ‘canon event’ and then overlay text explaining the observation.

Here are some ‘canon events’ you might relate to:

  • POV: Watching a 20-year-old designer say it’s fine that the client isn’t going to pay what they agreed
  • Future me watching my past self buy a DSLR camera she’ll never use
  • When you hear a designer say they will only ever design assets from scratch.

And it’s not even for a job. It’s with some 24 yr old from their home town giving ✨life advice✨ #canonevents #spiderverse #acrossthespiderverse #internshipsearch

♬ original sound – m6ssionary

June 5th 2023

TikTokn Trends June 2023

1. The Launch of Photoshop Generative Fill

What’s Photoshop Generative Fill?

Is your TikTok FYP filled with the hot new AI tool, Adobe Firefly in Photoshop? This new feature launched just over a week ago, and the hashtag #generativefill has already amassed over 50 million views on TikTok. In case you missed it, Adobe launched Generative Fill (Beta) in Photoshop, a feature that allows users to quickly extend images and add or remove objects using text prompts. Adobe claims that the model is trained with content the company has the right to use – Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and content without copyright restrictions. Firefly’s arrival has seen a wave of content from TikTok users exploring what generative fill can do for them. 

How to Use This Trending Topic

As a creative, it’s important to react and respond to industry shifts and news – and this is a big one for those using Adobe’s creative cloud suite. Once you’ve played with Generative Fill and viewed other people’s content, such as videos on platforms, static results, and blog articles, you’ll start to form your own opinion on the topic. Whatever that opinion is, leverage it for some TikTok content! 

Here are some format ideas to get you started: 

  • Watch Me Play: Use a split screen approach and record your screen and yourself as you play around with the AI tool 
  • Thought Leadership: Give a critical analysis of what you think Generative Fill might mean for creatives moving forward
  • Results: Show some of your craziest results from using Generative Fill and share your reaction 

 2. The “Now That You’ve Killed Me” Trend

What Is the ‘Now That You’ve Killed Me’ Trend?

It should come as no surprise that a Beyonce soundbite is trending, given that her Renaissance World Tour is sweeping the world right now. This audio comes from the music video’s opening for Beyonce’s song ‘Sorry,’ where Beyonce reads a poem by Warsan Shire, a Somali-British poet. It starts with, “So what are you gonna say at my funeral now that you’ve killed me?” TikTokers are using the sound to share scenarios where they’ve been inconsiderately ‘victimized’ (in a light-hearted, joking way). 

How to Use This Trend

Lip sync to this trending sound. You need to film a 5-second clip from the sound in any environment you like – your car, office, or even your kitchen. Just ensure you’re acting towards the camera as if it’s the person that “killed you.” In other words? Serve DRAMA. Then, add text in the post outlining what happened that made you react.

Here are some scenarios that you might relate to that work for this trend: 

  • When I open my email and a client has sent 8 rounds of feedback 
  • When my Mum offers my services pro bono to family friends 
  • POV: the printshop made a mistake, and I only realize once I get home

TikTok Trends: May 2023

TikTok Trends May 29th 2023

May 29th 2023

1. The ‘My Beige Flag’ Trend  

What’s the ‘My Beige Flag’ Trend?

You’re probably familiar with the terms ‘red flag’ and ‘green flag,’ which are often used to describe a person’s negative or positive behavior. However, the term ‘Beige flag’ has now entered the chat. A ‘beige flag’ is when someone exhibits a boring, neutral, or quirky behavior that is neither good nor bad. TikTok users have quickly popularized this into a trending video format, with most sharing their partner’s beige flags and some even revealing their own.     

How to Use This Trending Topic

What goes hand in hand with a joke about being bland? The most generic jazz music you can find, of course! Use this popular sound and film yourself doing absolutely anything for six seconds. It doesn’t matter what you do because you’re about to cover the entire screen with text explaining the beige flag in question. Use the text function to write a short paragraph about your specific beige flag. We all have beige flags, so don’t worry – you’re not outing yourself for boring, but merely boring at times. It’s an opportunity to laugh at yourself and for your audience to get to know you a little bit better too.  

Here are some beige flags to get you started: 

  • My beige flag is that no matter how hard I try to keep an aesthetic office, I will always be surrounded by snack wrappers. 
  • My beige flag is that I don’t drink coffee, but if a client buys me a coffee, I’ll drink it.
  • My beige flag is when I’m tired and can’t speak in full sentences, I communicate with extremely intense eye contact. 

2. The “Leave Me Alone” Akira Trend 

What Is the ‘Leave Me Alone’ Akira Trend?

The famous 1988 anime film Akira suddenly appeared on TikTok last week, and a new trend was born. The trend uses a soundbite from the film in which the protagonist has a vision of their future, and it doesn’t look good! The character clutches at their head and says, “Leave me alone!” as if in physical pain from seeing the visions. TikTok users have followed the original format, showing themselves having an unwanted thought in a flashback-style edit.  

How to Use This Trend

If you’ve been keeping up with our trends update for a while now, all your training has led you to this moment. The “Leave Me Alone” Akira trend requires you to combine acting, lip-syncing, and TikTok Effects all in one video:

  1. Favorite this trending sound, this Greenscreen Effect, and this Flashbang Effect
  2. Load the Flashbang Effect (but don’t click the screen to trigger it), slide the timer to 2.9 seconds to record your first clip, and start the countdown. 
  3. Act as if your head is in pain and deliver the line, “Leave me alone!” 
  4. As soon as the line is over, tap your screen to trigger the flash (it’ll be quick, and you may need to try recording a few times).
  5. For your second clip, load the Greenscreen Effect and select the image that you want to stand in for your “vision.” 
  6. Record the image with your phone’s camera to the ceiling to the 4.8-second mark on the timer (if your camera is pointing at you, it’ll pick you up over the greenscreen image).
  7. Then, for your last clip, load the Flashbang Effect again and tap it so it’s triggered and white for when you start your next clip, it’ll fade as you utter a lip-synced “ah!”. 

Watch your video back to see how it came together – if you need to make edits or refilm a clip, you can do so by tapping the top right button on the preview screen. 

Here are some ideas for visions that no one wants to remember: 

  • A presentation you made that went awry 
  • When you went through a design phase that now makes you cringe 
  • Remembering how you used to dress at design school. 

May 22nd 2023

TikTok Trends May 22nd 2023

1. The TikTok Font Redesign 

What’s the TikTok Font Redesign?

Stop the press! On May 17th, TikTok rolled out a new font across the platform, seen in profile text, comment sections, and captions. It was the first thing many users noticed after logging onto the platform, leading the creatives among them to ask, what the font?! The classic Proxima Nova font has been replaced with what TikTok has officially introduced as “TikTok Sans,” and the design community has taken to TikTok to share their dismay.  

Trending topics like this offer graphic designers, font fans, and Elements users the perfect opportunity to ‘ride the wave.’ Whether you love or hate the font change, head to TikTok to share your feelings! Chiming into the conversation will be great for boosting engagement. 

How to Use This Trending Topic

There isn’t one clear way users are creating content around this trending topic, which offers you the freedom to think up an original, creative way to go about it. You can use a well-known TikTok sound, do a piece to the camera about why you do/don’t like the change, or offer up alternative fonts you think would have worked better (like we did!). 

Remember the basics of a TikTok video when you’re brainstorming – start your video in an attention-grabbing way within the first second, add captions if you’re speaking (they’ll pull through as keywords to TikTok’s search function), use a trending sound (if it makes sense), and add a caption that includes the words: TikTok Font, Change, Update, TikTok Sans, and New Font.

2. The “Taylor Swift vs. Security Guard” Trend 

What Is the ‘Taylor Swift vs. Security Guard’ Trend?

Mother was mothering at her Era’s Tour concert in Philadelphia last weekend. Taylor Swift spotted a security guard mistreating a front-row fan during her performance of ‘Bad Blood’ and came to the fan’s defense between lyrics. Those who attended the concert have blessed our TikTok feeds with every angle possible of the interaction, making it the most viral tour moment so far. 

The soundbite goes, “You and I. She’s fine! Cause baby now we got bad blood. She wasn’t doing anything! Mad love. HEY. STOP! Cause baby now we got bad blood. Hey. Stop”. The security guard (widely believed to have been on a power trip) was promptly escorted out of the concert. TikTok users are obsessed with the newly punctuated version of the song, dubbed ‘the security guard remix,’ and have created a trend to the track. 

How to Use This Trend

The trend is being used to depict situations where you might jump to someone’s defense, much like Taylor Swift did. When do your parental or protective instincts typically kick in? This is the perfect scene to set for your TikTok video. Use this sound and lip sync to the lyrics while acting dramatic on the defensive adlibs. 

Here are some times you may wish to step in and act as a protector: 

  • Witnessing someone senior berate a junior designer 
  • Trying to have a video meeting, but your kids or pets are being disruptive in the background 
  • Watching your fave coworker get some savage feedback on a project you thought rocked

May 15th 2023

TikTok Trends May 15th

1. The “It’s Whackadoodle Time” Trend

What’s the “It’s Whackadoodle Time” Trend?

A silly, goofy mood can come out of nowhere, especially following an extended period of behaving like a serious adult. TikTok has dubbed this transition ‘Whackadoodle Time’ – a phrase coined by Lisa Rinna in The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (Season 5, Episode 10) to describe someone or something as eccentric or bizarre. TikTok users are sharing their Wackadoodle Time triggers, revealing that we’re all just children at heart. 

How to Use This Trend

Think about a moment in your day when you typically become a bit silly or unhinged. This could be logging off from work at the end of the day, starting a project with no plan, or putting on The Sims Spotify playlist to accompany basic tasks (just me?). 

Capture a clip of yourself lip-syncing to the viral sound, and show how you enter your silly mode with overlaid text explaining why the clock’s struck “Whackadoodle Time.” Some users are filming this at 0.5x speed to appear extra fast (and goofy). 

Find more of this trend on TikTok by searching #WhackadoodleTime. 

2. The “Are You Losing It? Maybe” Trend 

What Is the “Are you losing it? Maybe” Trend?

The Kardashians are always in the spotlight, so it makes sense that clips from the show frequently make the rounds as memes. This one comes from an interaction between momager Kris Jenner and her daughter Khloe Kardashian, where Khloe asks Kris if she’s losing it, and Kris gives a not-so-confident answer of ‘maybe.’ Naturally, creators are now relating this trending sound to their own chaotic lives. 

How to Use This Trend

In this trend, you’re Kris, and the person behind the camera (your tripod) is Khloe. Lipsync to the audio and film yourself looking dazed or stressed in the environment that relates to you “losing it.” Overlay text that provides the context for why you can only give an unsure answer. 

Here are some ideas for when you would want to answer “maybe”: 

  • When your manager brings forward a deadline 
  • When a client books weekly meetings 
  • When you finish a project and haven’t seen your housemates in weeks.

May 8th 2023

TikTok Trends May 8th 2023

1. The “Also…IDK” Trend

What Is the “Also… IDK” Trend?

Do you ever start a sentence and realize halfway through that you don’t know where you’re going with it? This viral soundbite from the infamous H3 Podcast with Ethan Klein taps into the moment everyone can relate to. TikTok users have run with the trend this week, using it to reenact a time when they’ve lost their train of thought or realized the end of their sentence is probably inappropriate. 

How to Use This Trend

With only five seconds in the trending sound, this trend is super easy to execute. TikTok creators are filming themselves lip-syncing to the words, “Also… I don’t know,” and adding a text overlay to make their content original and funny. TikTok audiences love drama and theatrics, so it’s best to film your clip with an element of exaggeration.   

Here are some text overlay ideas for when you decide to bail on a sentence midway:

  • When you realize you have more negative feedback to give, but you have already said too much 
  • When you have a fantastic idea but want to save it for your favorite client 
  • Telling your friends about a niche design trend, but you can see you’ve lost them

2. ‘Customer Service’ by Sugar Pit

What Is the ‘Customer Service by Sugar Pit’ Audio?

Up-and-coming viral TikTok musician, Sugar Pit, describes his music as ‘angular indie punk with pop hooks.’ The singer behind Sugar Pit, Kian Stevens-Winston – who writes and records everything from his bedroom –released his latest hit, Customer Service, on April 12.  

To support the release of Steven-Winston’s new track, he posted the above viral TikTok video, in which he cosplays as a Walmart worker and sings his lyrics about working a customer service job to the camera as he walks through a physical store (while simultaneously getting kicked out by real-life Walmart workers). 

He’s since posted multiple videos of him working different jobs – such as a construction worker and a Mcdonald’s employee. His content has inspired TikTok users to create their own versions of Sugar Pit’s mini-music videos at their places of work. 

How to Use This Trend

Romanticize your job with the power of music! Capture multiple different angles and backgrounds of you at your job (the more interesting, the better) and lip sync to the song line by line by setting the TikTok timer for each clip. Have relevant props for the line, “I’m completing all the tasks,” and get ready to boogie for the line, “I’m working, I’m working, I’m working.” 

Here are some tips for executing this trend. 

  • Given this genre of music is edgy, serve some edge to your delivery of the lip sync (e.g., intense eye contact, over-the-top movement, being blasé about committing to the bit in public). 
  • If you have some interesting behind-the-scenes footage to use in the compilation of you at work, add it in as this user did!
  • If your job has a physical location, use the space to your advantage and diversify your shots.
  • If your job is work-from-home, you could include clips of getting accidentally distracted with pets, laundry, or having a midday walk. 
  • Tag @sugar___pit and #customerservice and #workingatmyjob.
  • Note: Be mindful of your employer’s social media policy. 

May 1st 2023

TikTok Trends May 1st 2023
1. The “Girlfren Boyfren” Trend
What Is the “Girlfren Boyfren” Trend?

With the live-action Barbie movie coming out soon, the Internet is currently ablaze with Barbie-related trends – the Barbie movie trailer was viewed 19 million times in the three weeks following its release! TikTok users have been using one of the funnier soundbites from the trailer – when Ken suggests to Barbie that they have a sleepover. When Barbie asks, “Why?” Ken says, “Cause we’re girlfren boyfren,” but neither of them appears to know why that means they should have a “sleepover.” 

This trend plays into the ‘airhead’ persona of the Ken doll, and the audio offers many comedic opportunities, with users slotting in actions they can’t justify. In the example below, a creator demonstrates that sometimes she can’t recall why she would recommend a book but does it anyway (a relatable feeling).

How to Use This Trend

Lipsync to the trending sound, playing the roles of both Barbie and Ken. Make sure to cut between the characters in the silence, too – it helps depict that ‘Ken’ has no idea what he’s talking about. Another reason users love this audio is Ryan Gosling’s ‘himbo’ delivery of “girlfren boyfren” – so make sure not to define the ends of these words when lipsyncing! When brainstorming a concept for this sound, think of a time when you’ve questioned someone on something that doesn’t make sense to them, and they can’t explain their reasoning. In our example above, we used someone booking weekly meetings with a colleague without genuine cause. 

Here are some ideas you might find relatable to use for this sound:

  • When the client suggests you should work hard for an unpaid opportunity
  • Meticulously documenting your design research which no one will ever see
  • Following instructions on autopilot and not taking anything in 

To find more examples of this trend, search #girlfrenboyfren and #barbiemovie on TikTok. 

2. The ‘Nobody’s Heard From Me For Months’ Trend

What Is the “Nobody’s Heard From Me For Months” Trend?

This trend revolves around two things we love: Taylor Swift and a quick win. It uses the first four seconds of trending audio from T-Swift’s song ‘Call It What You Want’: “Nobody’s heard from me for months. I’m doing better than I ever was”. Creators are taking this trend as an opportunity to be dramatic, either overlaying text that outlines why no one has heard from them in “months” (it’s only been a few hours) or why they aren’t doing “better than they ever were.” 

How to Use This Trend

As we said, this is a quick win! All you need to do is film yourself looking into the camera for four seconds and overlay text with the in-app text function. 

Here are some ideas you could use for this sound:

  • Nobody’s heard from me for months (I had a deadline I was going to miss) 
  • When I put my phone on Do Not Disturb for three hours while I work
  • Me pretending like I don’t call my manager after every minor inconvenience.  

TikTok Trends – April 2023

April 24th 2023

TikTok Trends April 24th

1. The Wes Anderson Edit

Wes Anderson is a famous filmmaker known for his unique visual style and quirky storytelling. TikTok users have been drawing inspiration from Wes Anderson to create mini-movies, using elements like color grading, mixed typography, and recognizable music from his films. The trend-starter was Ava Williams, who posted her train trip to New York City in the aesthetic (see below). 

How to Use This Trend

The great thing about this trend is that you can tell any story you like. It allows creatives to showcase their skills and creativity, as replicating Anderson’s distinctive visual style requires attention to detail and a keen eye for composition. 

Here are some trending sounds associated with the trend:

Before shooting your footage, check out this great tutorial by Esno Art, explaining the shots required to make your video feel like a Wes Anderson movie. In terms of editing, Envato’s video presenter and producer, Tom Graham, will show you how to do it simply and effectively in this tutorial below! 

Note: Many users are opening their videos with the text overlay of, “You better not be about to edit your footage like you’re in a Wes Anderson movie,” so we’d suggest using a variation of that to lean into the currently trending format. 

Find more trending content on TikTok by searching #WesAnderson and #WesAndersonEdit.

2. The ‘Answer the Phone’ Trend

What Is the “Answer the Phone” Trend?

How have we not featured a Harry Styles trend yet?! The pop star’s iconic song As It Was includes the line “Answer the phone,” which has recently become a TikTok trend. Users have been acting out scenarios where they desperately want someone to pick up the phone – or where they’re the ones screening someone’s phone call.

How to Use This Trend

As this trend concerns the sound and lyrics, your video must include a scene where someone isn’t picking up the phone. Some users are filming their videos as two characters – like a boss calling their employee – or pretending their camera is an outbound Facetime call as they yell at the recipient to pick up. 

Here are some ideas for this sound:

  • *Me calling a client who has been ghosting my invoices*
  • Calling my work bestie when a 15-minute spontaneous meeting shows up in our calendars
  • Them: Calling me; me: *Googling the number before picking up* 

April 17th 2023

TikTok trends April 17th

1. 30-Second Trailer 

What Is the “30-Second Trailer” Trend?

Imagine a world where everyone was introduced with their own 30-second trailer – a preview into who they are and what to expect. The 30-second trailer trend has seen TikTok users creating teaser reels for their accounts, all with the help of a CapCut template and a Robbie Williams tune. It provides the perfect opportunity for you as a creative to showcase your behind-the-scenes content and artistic talents. 

How to Use This Trend

You can use the CapCut template, which requires 18 short clips, or you can edit your own mini trailer and choose its length and the number of videos to include. Using the trending sound and keywords ’30-second trailer’ is critical – and many users also include, ‘so you know what you’re getting yourself into.’ Choose the most diverse and fun clips in your camera roll, as this trend will likely encourage follows!

Here are some content ideas for what you might like to include:

  • Behind the scenes of your process 
  • You speaking to the camera
  • When a project went wrong or had an unexpected result 
  • Being silly! 

2. Bold Glamour (Filter) 

What Is the “Bold Glamour” Trend?

TikTok has some hilariously extreme filters to explore. Currently, TikTok users are making the most of the ‘Bold Glamour’ filter, which adds a heavy makeup look and contour to faces. The format of this trend is reminiscent of popular internet humor, ‘when someone enters the chat.’ Users begin with no filter, acting out a scenario cut off by a heavily filtered, slow-motion version of themselves.

How to Use This Trend

Most users use the Bold Glamour filter with this trending sound, filmed in two parts. Clip one should be four seconds with no filter and at an average speed – you can be doing a standard action in a typical environment. Film the second part with the filter at 0.5x speed to produce a slow-motion clip. Most users hold the camera close to their faces and pout, while some take it a step further to show their hair blowing in the wind. In editing mode, you can add text that will give your video context to land the joke you’re making. 

Here are some text overlays that will help with your brainstorming: 

  • Clip 1: Getting on with my work and being productive 
  • Clip 2: Any vaguely interesting distraction 
  • Clip 1: Me explaining my rates to a prospective client
  • Clip 2: Them asking if I’ll do the job for exposure 
  • Clip 1: Feeling relieved at how much I’ve achieved in the last few hours
  • Clip 2: My computer crashing 

April 11th 2023

1. If I Had To Speak About Love, I’d Tell Them About Us

What Is the “If I Had To Speak About Love, I’d Tell Them About Us” Trend?

This trend is all over the place and all over the internet right now! Don’t be fooled; while the soundbite is incredibly cute, most TikTok users use it to introduce their ‘true loves’ – like the Barbie Movie franchise or Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The sound comes from an original poem by user @isaiahquinn.

How to Use This Trend

All it takes to jump on this trend is finding two photos, one of yourself and one of your loves! Then use the sound and TikTok’s photo carousel functionality. 

Here are some options for what you might consider a great love:

  • Envato Elements (wink) 
  • Behance 
  • Pinterest 
  • Setting up an Out of Office auto-reply

And here are some examples of this trend in action:

April 3rd 2023

TikTok Trends April 3rd 2023

1. “I’m Just Telling You The Truth” – Gwyneth Paltrow  

What Is the “I’m Just Telling You The Truth” Trend?

If you’ve been on the Internet the past couple of weeks, chances are you’ve seen the headlines surrounding Gwyneth Paltrow’s court proceedings for a 2016 ski accident. Various moments from the court proceedings have made it to TikTok, but this one has gone viral. Gwyneth replies to the opposing counsel, “I’m just telling you the truth of what actually happened. That’s all I can do” – a statement that TikTok users have, of course, turned into a trend. While the Goop Queen has since proven she was, in fact, telling the truth, users are using this trend to cover up a lie.

How to Use This Trend

Have you been telling big porky pies, or do you know someone who has? Channel your best fib and put this trend to good use! Film yourself looking sheepish, defensive, or vaguely suspicious, and lip sync to the words. Then, overlay the text “outing” your lie. 

2. Mi Gente (CapCut Template)  

What Is the “Mi Gente” Trend?

Another CapCut template has gone viral, presenting an excellent opportunity for creatives to show off their best work! Synced to the mega-hit Mi Gente (Hugel Remix), this trend is proving extremely popular amongst artists, small businesses, and photographers on TikTok. 

How to Use This Trend

Film a 3.6-second opening clip of you, your creative process, or something related to your business. Then, choose ten of your best images representing your skills or niche. Open an example of this trend on your TikTok app, click ‘Try this template,’ load your video and photos, and CapCut will do the rest! Export your video to TikTok, add the trending sound, and there you have it.

Here are some examples of work you may like to showcase: 

  • Your ten favorite pieces of art
  • Your ten favorite photos you have ever taken 
  • Your top 10 best-selling products.

Find other CapCut trends under ‘Templates’ in the CapCut app or by searching #CapCutTemplate on TikTok.

TikTok Trends – March 2023

Want to revisit the most monumental TikTok trends for March? Check them out below.

27th March 2023

TikTok Trends March 2023

1. I Wanna Thank Me 

What Is the “I Wanna Thank Me” Trend?

In 2018, Snoop Dogg gave a speech at the reveal of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He thanked someone significant to his success – himself. The iconic moment went viral after MTV UK posted the clip to their TikTok account, using it as a base for their meme messaging.  

This trend is the perfect opportunity for creatives to give themselves a shoutout. It’s easy to thank others for contributing to your projects but acknowledging your own hard work is crucial for self-motivation and wellness. 

How to Use This Trend

This sound offers many opportunities – you can lip sync, use it as your sound of choice with a compilation of you putting in the #werk, or pretend you’re giving a speech as some users have. Once you’ve landed on a concept, overlay text that provides context – for us, that meant using Snoop Dogg affirmations as self-care for freelancers. 

Here are some potential scenarios: 

  • “Writing an acceptance speech for my Best Production Design Oscar.”
  • “POV: When someone compliments my portfolio.” 
  • “Me every time I need to find a file quickly because my organization slays.” 

2. Bombastic Side Eye 

What Is the “Bombastic Side Eye” Trend?

Honey, wake up! A new Bombastic Side Eye remix just dropped! As we know by now, TikTok trends often birth more trends. In February 2023, we saw the ‘bombastic side eye’ clip and popular Internet sound effects that went viral – only this remix has a little more pep in its step. But, “what is a bombastic side eye?” I hear you ask. It’s a lowkey but powerful gesture of suspicion, disapproval, or contempt without the need for words – all with a side-eye glance. 

How to Use This Trend

TikTok users are compiling their biggest pet peeves, or industry “icks” they’re giving the side eye to. Dive deep into your creative niche, lip-sync to the sound, and overlay different “icks” via text when the audio says “side eye.”  

Here are some design-related scenarios you might want to give a bombastic side eye: 

  • When they say to download the logo from their website 
  • When you share your screen and someone comments on the number of tabs you have open
  • When they ask you to do a job for mates’ rates. 

Find out more about this trend by searching #SideEye on TikTok.

20th March 2023

TikTok Trends 20th March 2023

1. Just Letting Everyone Know 

What Is the “Just Letting Everyone Know” Trend?

We have another easy CapCut trend for you to try this week, and all it takes is a single photo! This template is super cheesy, as is the TikTok official music track that accompanies it. Users have embraced its goofiness by adding text starting with “Just letting everyone know…” and ending with something mundane, personal, or TMI (Too Much Information). Common examples include everything from attending a routine appointment to making a life-changing decision. 

How to Use This Trend

Load your photo of choice into the trending CapCut template (you can find it attached to our post here). The image should be of yourself, not overly posed, and in an environment relevant to your text overlay. Export your CapCut video back to TikTok and add your text overlay as a central focus on the video. 

Here are some things you might “want everyone to know”: 

  • Just letting everyone know that I will be spending the afternoon on Pinterest and calling it brainstorming 
  • Just letting everyone know I personally don’t mind Papyrus 
  • Just letting everyone know my biggest inspiration is my dog. 

Find more info on this trend by searching #JustLettingYouKnow on TikTok. 

2. Things That Would Put 2020 Me Into A Coma 

What Is the “Things That Would Put 2020 Me Into A Coma” Trend?

It’s officially been three years since the announcement of the Covid-19 global pandemic, and boy – have things changed! There’s been a steady stream of TikTok trends marking the world’s Covid-19 anniversary, and this one is about telling your past self how things have changed since March 2020, as well as the news and events which would “put them into a coma.”

How to Use This Trend

Use the first 8 seconds of this sound and film a clip of yourself – you could be looking in the mirror or straight into the camera. Overlay the text title, ‘Things That Would Put 2020 Me Into A Coma,’ and list the life-changing events that have occurred over the last three years underneath. Each event should be its own text edit on screen. Check out the examples beneath the sound on TikTok to see how other users are formatting theirs. 

Here are some event ideas you might like to reflect on: 

  • Graduating or earning a degree
  • Meeting an important person in your life
  • Finding business success

13th March 2023

TikTok Trends 13th March 2023

1. I Don’t Like This Conversation

What Is the “I Don’t Like This Conversation” Trend?

Do you have a terrible poker face? Then this trend is for you! The “I Don’t Like This Conversation” trend is about accidentally letting your genuine expression show during an uncomfortable conversation. The audio states, “Okay, I don’t like this conversation or this person, but I feel like I’m hiding it pretty well though – thank God.” Users then cut to their faces that are, in fact, not hiding it well. This hilarious reveal makes the trend fun and engaging to the end of every video: we love a hook! 

How to Use This Trend

You can film this trend in two parts. Clip one should be a close-up shot of the side of your face, hiding your expression. The second clip should be very brief, showing what your face is actually doing. While most users include the sound’s subtitles as their video text, you can take it one step further and overlay text giving a niche context to make it even funnier. 

Here are some potential situations where creatives’ poker faces might fail them: 

  • When a client says they’ve created a design to get me started 
  • When someone says my job is to “make things look pretty.” 

2. I Left You Alone For 5 Minutes

What Is the “I Left You Alone For 5 Minutes” Trend?

When left unsupervised in your favorite shop, you can’t be held responsible for how much you spend. This week, TikTok users have been using the audio from this video posted in December 2022 to share their favorite places to splurge. This trend is perfect for disclosing what shops test your willpower – like a bookstore or a homewares shop – or for creatives to plug their businesses by pretending to be a customer shopping at their store, like the below example. 

How to Use This Trend

This sound bite features two characters; you can play both or act out the rogue shopper conversing with the judgemental character out of frame. Most users jumping on this viral sound wait for the word ‘Costco’ to be said until they reveal their shop of choice as text on the screen to keep audiences watching until the end. Don’t give away any clues as to what your reveal will be in the caption either – this encourages users to watch the whole video, which signals the algorithm to expose your video to more viewers. 

Here are some potential shops creatives may relate to: 

  • A camera store
  • A stationery shop 
  • An art supplies store.

March 6th 2023

TikTok Trends: What’s Trending on TikTok March 6th

1. Filter: Goofy Ahh Soundboard  

What Is the “Goofy Ahh Soundboard” Filter Trend?

There are thousands of interactive TikTok filters to play with, some of which go viral in certain formats, which is what happened with the Goofy Ahh Soundboard filter. Users create videos starting with the statement “Wow, you’re literally my dream [insert noun here],” then overlay the filter in their second clip listing facts about themselves that some may consider “red flags.” After each red flag, the user will hit one of the sounds from the soundboard – typically, the emoji covering its mouth, accompanied by a truth bomb noise. 

How to Use This Trend

Record a clip that sounds as if you’re complimenting yourself, such as “You’re literally my dream [videographer]!”. Then load the filter for the second and last clip. In one take, list a few things about yourself that may clash with the idea that you’re a “dream [videographer],” and hit the emoji after each statement. 

Here are some potential creative “red flags” you could list for this trend: 

  • “Never gets enough sleep.” 
  • “Can’t accept compliments.” 
  • “Always forgets to save my work.” 

Tip: You don’t need to overlay music to participate in this trend – using the soundboard is the added audio. 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #YoureLiterallyMyDream. 

2. A Bad Imagination (The Office) 

What Is the “Bad Imagination” Trend?

Here’s another trending soundbite from the super quotable hit show, The Office. TikTok users are getting creative with a snippet where Pam says, “Michael, do not let your imagination run out of control.” Michael responds, “Well, that’s easy for you to say – you have a bad imagination; it’s stupid. I live in a fantasy world!”

Ignorance is bliss, and we don’t want anyone snapping us back to reality! So, what’s your fantasy world? Channel your inner Michael Scott and brainstorm which parts of your creative process let your imagination run wild. 

How to Use This Trend

For this trend, you can play both characters in separate clips, or respond as Michael as if Pam is behind the camera. Lip sync to the lines with some exaggerated drama – TikTok loves some sass – then overlay text giving context to your fantasy world. 

Here are some text overlay examples that could work: 

  • When someone says there’s no budget for this project. 
  • POV: When I say yes to every brief that comes in. 
  • Me, when I’ve planned the entire execution of a campaign that my manager hasn’t even signed off. 

He might be the one

♬ original sound – Bela

 Find more examples on TikTok by searching #TheOffice or #ILiveInAFantasyWorld.

TikTok Trends – February 2023

Want to look back on what’s been trending on TikTok this year? Revisit the hottest TikTok trends for Feb below.

Feb 27th 2023

TikTok Trends: What’s Trending on TikTok in February 2023

1. Smart Ways to Live 

What Is the “Smart Ways to Live” Trend?

You’ve probably seen the “Dumb Ways to Die” trend come and go on TikTok. Well, this is the second wave of the trend – with a script flip! The audio piggybacks off the success of the Dumb Ways to Die’s TikTok account, which posts clips of people about to make a *big* mistake. The video freezes right before the injury or accident occurs, and the text “Dumb Ways to Die” appears in time with the trending sound. Many users created their own version of the trend, which has evolved into “Smart Ways to Live” – a trend centered around people showcasing tips, tricks, and shortcuts (life hacks, if you will).

How to Use This Trend

This is a super quick and easy trend to film. Record yourself doing an activity or skill related to your niche and turn it into a hyper-lapse or montage. First, overlay text outlining what you’re doing, then overlay bolded text in time to the end of the audio reading “Smart Ways to Live.” 

Here are some potential ideas to try for this trend: 

  • Starting every day with a coffee and a walk before sitting down at your computer
  • Updating your portfolio with new work every month 
  • Meeting with your mentor regularly for feedback

 Find more examples on TikTok by searching #SmartWaysToLive. 

2. Chronically Cautious

What Is the “Chronically Cautious” Trend?

When it comes to this trend, context is everything! As we all know, TikTok has totally disrupted the music industry. Independent artists can now blow up seemingly overnight – such as Braden Bales, who’s been promoting a teaser of his new song “Chronically Cautious“. Recently, TikTok superstar Elyse Myers posted her duet with his video, which has now generated 4.4 million views (and counting)! Her fans have picked up her duet’s audio, finding meaning in Braden’s lyrics. Some are referring to the song as the “Anxious Millennial Anthem.” 

The lyrics that triggered this trend are, “So if I’m honest, I think I’m beginning to question how much I want this,” which users have started to apply to their own lives. Some users take this trend seriously by relating it to their mental health struggles, while others have been using it to poke fun at something trivial, like how expensive it is to keep up a particular hobby. 

How to Use This Trend

This trend is also very straightforward to execute, as the text does all the heavy lifting. Think about a goal you’re trying to achieve that’s proved challenging or an activity that requires a lot of energy, time, or money. Overlay some relatable text about your situation, and there you have it. 

Here are some potential text overlay ideas to try for this trend: 

  • POV: A client hasn’t gotten back to you in three weeks 
  • Being 32 hours into an After Effects edit for a 30-second video 
  • Losing your work because you forgot to save it two hours ago 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #ChronicallyCautious or browsing Elyse Myers’ sound

Feb 20th 2023

Envato's TikTok Trends Feb 20th 2023 -  History Crossover and I Talk a Lot trends

1. History Crossover

What Is the “History Crossover” Trend?

If you’re looking for a hefty dose of wholesome, this is the trend for you. The “history crossover” trend highlights a crossover moment in history, showing how history has repeated itself or how far humanity has come. It demonstrates how humans have always been curious and innovative.

There are two key ways that TikTok users have approached this trend:

  • A person from the past appears and asks a person from the present what they’re doing. The person from the present day responds with an answer that delights the time traveler, as it’s beyond what they thought possible. 
  • A person from the current day is completing an action, and someone from the past appears and is happy that it’s still relevant. 

TikTok trends often start wholesome but quickly become sarcastic. Some of the top videos using this sound already feature present-day creators rolling their eyes at visitors from the past. I’m all for the wholesome approach to this trend, but depending on your humor, you could take it in either direction. 

How to Use This Trend

The trending sound is crucial to this trend (and it’s business account friendly!). Think of a skill or activity in your job or creative process that might surprise someone from the past – either because it’s so incredibly revolutionary or something they used to do themselves. You can choose whichever point in history you like – we went with the 1800s (when the first motion picture was made) to surprise a visitor from the past with moving images.  

Here are some potential ideas to try for this trend: 

  • Calligraphers still using fountain pens and ink pots  
  • Sharing your work on Facebook rather than sending a letter
  • Listening to music on Spotify while you work instead of birds chirping outside. 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #HistoryRepeats.

2. I Talk A Lot 

What is the “I Talk A Lot” Trend?

Are you a fan of The Office? This trend follows the format of a to-camera interview scene from the hit TV show, centered around a soundbite of ditzy customer service rep Kelly Kapoor stating that she talks so often that she “tunes herself out.”  

This trend is so relatable and leans on the comedic familiarity of this much-loved show. The to-camera delivery echoes the confessional interviews for which the show is best known. Think of a time when you contributed to a project or gave a hot take, and everyone loved it – bonus points if you don’t remember what you said.

How to Use This Trend

The trend is typically shot using two clips. The first clip sets the scene with someone ‘off camera’ delivering Jim’s line, “Wait, wait, wait, that’s actually a really good idea, Kelly.” The person on camera looks confused and lip-syncs to Kelly’s line, “what did I say?”. Deliver the second clip with eye contact to the camera, lip-syncing, “I talk a LOT, so I’ve learned to just tune myself out.”

Here are some text overlay ideas for this trend: 

  • Me on an 8 am Zoom call with a client 
  • When I dropped a ton of inspiration at the team brainstorm. 

You can find more examples of this trend by searching #TuneMyselfOut or #ITalkALot, or check out how we participated in this trend above. 

Feb 13th 2023

TikTok Trends Feb 13th 2023 - Okay You Got Me There and Floating With Happiness Trends

1. Okay, You Got Me There

What Is the “Okay, You Got Me There” Trend?

Popular TikTok audio often comes from movies, television shows, or big pop culture moments. However, sometimes it comes from niche corners of the Internet – like this Dhar Mann short film on YouTube. The soundbite states, “Okay, you got me there, but that is not a crime,” which TikTok users have adopted to relay being accused of something they admit to but isn’t that serious.

This trend is all about fessing up/ Have you got a confession you’d like to share with the world? The soundbite works best lip-synced, with added text that reveals your truth. The best revelations seem like dirty little secrets, but the kind that you could justify anytime because they’re not a crime.

How to Use This Trend

As seen in the example above, this trend is perfect for revealing a creative hack, a surprising project approach, or getting something off your chest. 

Here are some potential text ideas you might consider for this trend: 

  • “Haven’t you been using that color palette for every project?” 
  • “You constantly make comic sans jokes”  
  • “When I complain that I’m tired, but my friend saw me scrolling on TikTok until 2 am.” 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #OkayYouGotMeThere and #ThatIsNotACrime. 

2. Floating with Happiness 

What Is the “Floating with Happiness” Trend?

Getting good news can make it feel like you’re positively floating with happiness. Perhaps, your client has approved an output in the first round of feedback, or you’ve found the exact design tool or resource you’ve been looking for. The “Floating with Happiness”  trend is all about representing that elated feeling – literally!

This trend is short and sweet, which can be great for view-through and reach. The more people that finish your video, the better it will do in the algorithm. It’s essential to get the trend right and not rush it – you want to make it look as realistic as possible that you’re floating with happiness.

How to Use This Trend

The trend is typically shot in two parts. First, show you on your laptop slowly rising out of your chair, followed by a close-up of your feet rising from the ground. It may take a few goes to get right. For instance, our example (which we used to promote our TikTok trends blog series) may be only four seconds, but it took 54 attempts to capture (Note: this was essentially a core body workout for our TikTok guru, Hannah, who had to lift her feet off the floor that many times!). 

Typically, this trend uses Mozart’s Requiem K. 626 as the backing track, making it unusable if you’re on a business account. But not to worry – you can use the sound from our video, a commercially licensed version from Envato Elements

Here are some potential text overlay ideas for your video: 

  • “When a new client pays you on time” 
  • “When your design comes together perfectly”   
  • “When you find out your favorite designer followed you back on Instagram”.

Bonus Tip: This trend has been popular across both TikTok and Instagram Reels, so it’s great to film in CapCut and use it across your accounts! 

Feb 6th

TikTok Trends Feb 6th 2023 - Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover and Water With a Lemon Slice Trends
Envato’s TikTok Trends February 2023

1. Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover

What Is the “Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover” Trend?

Do you have a bank of behind-the-scenes footage related to your design process or creative projects? Then the ‘Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover’ trend is perfect for you!

As the name implies, this trend turns snippets from users’ videos into album covers, producing both hilarious and aesthetic results. While turning videos into album covers has been a massive TikTok trend for years, it’s trending again thanks to a newly released template featuring the trending TikTok sound “Money” by The Drums used in conjunction with the text overlay “proof that not everything can be an album cover” (Update: it can!). 

This trend starts with a statement that proves itself wrong for one reason: engagement. You’ll find lots of comments on videos using this template pointing out that it’s proof everything can be an album cover. Dig out videos on your phone and see the content goldmine you already have – the more unusual or visual the clips, the more fun it is for the viewers to imagine what kind of music would be on that album.

How to Use This Trend

This trend is great for showcasing BTS content of your business or creative process. Upload your footage into the CapCut template, and it will take a still from each clip and turn it into an album cover. You can edit your videos in the CapCut template to ensure it chooses the best. Here are some potential clips you could include for the trend: 

  • An over-the-shoulder shot of you working at your desk  
  • Taking photos on set
  • Printing out a final design 

Tip: Before you post, remember to add the trending music to your video in TikTok (your export from CapCut won’t pull it through!). 

See how we used this trend using stock videos from the Envato Elements library that make epic cover art. Find more examples on TikTok by searching #albumcover #noteverythingcanbeanalbumcover.

2. Water With A Lemon Slice 

What Is the “Water With A Lemon Slice” Trend?

Sound bites from the movie “Zoolander” are always making the rounds on TikTok, and this newly trending audio is all about setting the audience up for a surprise ending. The trend is formatted like an interview – think 73 Questions with Vogue – which prompts three incredibly similar answers contrasted with one very unexpected response. 

This trend is about the delivery and juxtaposition of the final answer. Take comedic inspiration from the line delivery in Zoolander, and give some dramatic flare to help the punchline land.

How to Use This Trend

Lip sync along to the answers section of the audio, as if someone behind the camera is asking you the questions, then overlay questions and answers related to your creative preferences. Ensure your answers are similar for the first three questions, and then go rogue when answering the final question. 

Here’s an idea to try: 

  • “What social media app do you like the most? Instagram. What social media app is best for building a network? Instagram. What social media app is best for creative inspiration? Instagram. What social media app do you spend all your time on? TikTok.”   

We used this trend to contrast the minimalism and maximalism design styles, adding visual cues to further our point. Find more examples on TikTok by searching #WaterWithALemonSlice #Zoolander. 

TikTok Trends – January 2023

Want to know what was trending on TikTok in Jan? Check out the hottest TikTok trends from January 2023 below.

1. Finn Wolfhard Snapping

What Is the “Finn Wolfhard Snapping” Trend?

Featuring a clip of actor Finn Wolfhard (known best for his role as Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things) walking toward the camera, snapping, and then smirking as his face is illuminated by lights, this trend went viral on TikTok as a green screen Capcut template in January 2023. It’s often used alongside jokes about a quick transition or something changing suddenly.

Who doesn’t love a good before and after comparison? This trend offers the opportunity to visually show a switch in aesthetic. It’s perfect for creatives to demonstrate the evolution of their work from beginner to pro or how their inspiration has changed over time. The bigger the visual difference, the more engaging the content!

How to Use This Trend

Here are some creative ideas for executing this trend on your own account: 

  • Show your design style when you were a beginner vs. now 
  • Show the visual difference between your past inspiration and your current inspiration 
  • Show a collage of your old favorite movies vs. your new favorite movies after finding a certain director (e.g. Wes Anderson) 

When you use the CapCut template and export the video back to TikTok, it will pull the audio through as an original sound. Remember to ‘Favorite’ the audio and add it back in before posting to make the most of the trend in the algorithm. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s how to use the Capcut template.

We used this trend to reveal how design trends switched randomly one day in 2021. Explore more examples to inspire your own using the TikTok hashtags #mikewheeler #finnwolfhard #clicking #snapping #capcut #onerandomday. 

2. Everybody Wants This 

What Is the “Everybody Wants This” Trend?

Originating from this iconic soundbite which features in the noughties blockbuster film The Devil Wears Prada, this trend certainly made its mark on TikTok throughout January. Creators used it to poke fun at life’s small inconveniences through the movie’s emotive, dramatic audio – it proved to be a fun and easy TikTok win.

Get your Miranda Priestly sass on with this The Devil Wears Prada sound bite that’s doing the rounds. The popular format is to lip sync the first line as a character existing happily, while the second line is delivered by a character using the Crying filter who thinks their way is better. Pick your niche for the text overlay, and look as disheveled as possible for clip #2!

How to Use This Trend

Here are some creative ideas for executing this trend on your own account: 

  • Show one creative using their favorite tool or resource, talking to another creative who purposefully goes without. 
  • Poke fun at your freelancing career, showing one creative working a 9-5 and another working at the weekend because they’re a freelancer. 
  • Feature one person with a super organized filing system talking to one person who is messy and frazzled. 

We used this trend to demonstrate how Envato Elements speeds up the design process for designers. For more inspiration, look up examples of how other brands and TikTokers are interpreting the trend using the TikTok hashtags #everybodywantsthis #devilwearsprada #dontberidiculous #thedevilwearsprada.

3. Oops Got Your Coping Skills 

What Is the “Oops Got Your Coping Skills” Trend?

This trend is fun, self-deprecating, and super easy to recreate. Originating from the voice effect from this video by TikTok user @mikaelaistired, millions of TikTok users have enlisted this trend to call out their own silly quirks and potentially unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

We all cope in our own special ways in this big bad world. This trending sound gives you a chance to share a ✨quirky ✨ coping skill you have. Think of the trend as a one-shot-win: grab an imaginary object towards the camera, hold it in your hands and reveal your ‘coping skill’ with edited text. Show your authenticity by disclosing a funny crutch, you might just find other users just like you in the comments.

How to Use This Trend

This trend is great for creating super relatable content for a certain niche – such as the pain points for freelance designers or digital marketers. Plus, all you have to do is film yourself, use the sound above, and add some text! Here are some coping skills you could use to execute this trend on your own account: 

  • Doom scrolling 
  • Melancholic playlists
  • A treat every time you remember to save your work 

See how we used this trend to call out the never-ending politeness of designers, and discover more examples using the TikTok hashtags #copingskills #coping #oops.

And that’s a wrap! Check back next week to find out the latest and greatest TikTok trends gracing our feeds. For more top TikTok content, read up on How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Brand or How to Develop a TikTok Marketing Strategy!

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