Top 10 Facebook Video Templates 2020

Create Facebook video content quickly and easily with Facebook video templates.

Top Facebook video templates
Portrait for Jane BakerBy Jane Baker  |  Updated May 13, 2022

For both brands and individuals, video is increasingly our chosen medium for communicating online. On Facebook, video posts vastly outperform other post types in terms of engagement, and have become an essential part of online marketing. If you are new to creating Facebook videos, this article is a great place to start.

What is Facebook Video?​

Any video content that is created within or uploaded directly to Facebook is considered Facebook video, including both paid ad content and organic video posts. Since Facebook’s algorithm gives priority to native video, and only videos uploaded through Facebook will autoplay as users scroll through their News Feed, in order to ensure that your video gets attention on Facebook, you need to upload it through the Facebook platform.

There are many different ways to use Facebook video, such as:

  1. Cover videos
    Video banners that appear at the top of your Facebook page. Using a video here rather than a static image can make a big impact.
  2. Engagement videos
    Designed to create brand recognition and encourage users to perform actions such as like, comment, click on links, and share.
  3. Video ads
    Paid ad content. These perform best at between three and five minutes long, and can appear in a range of locations, including the News Feed, Facebook Stories, and Facebook Suggested Video.

The best Facebook video ads have some things in common. As users are most likely to engage with videos while they are scrolling through their feed, your creations need to make an impact from the first frame—good Facebook videos quickly give viewers a reason to keep watching by leading with the most engaging elements and incorporating brand messaging early on. Secondly, since Facebook videos autoplay silently, good videos don’t rely on audio. Instead, they use captions to convey the key messages to users, even if they’re watching with the sound off.

How to Create a Facebook Video​

Are you ready to create a Facebook video? Smart video templates are a great place to start: all the video, audio, and styling is provided for you, and no software is required. With a logo, some text, and a few minutes, you can create your own Facebook video.

If you are familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, consider a Facebook video template from Envato Elements or Envato Market. These templates are easy and effective—just place in your photos, videos, and text to create a professional-quality video.

10. Uplifting Modern Slideshow by Nullifier

Colorful backgrounds and smooth animations showcase your media. Simply drag-and-drop video files into the placeholders.

9. Dynamic Opener | Slideshow by Zorrin

This engaging template is built using a modular structure, so you can easily change the length of your video. Complete with a video tutorial, this is a perfect project for first-time After Effects users.

8. Colorful Promo by Media_Stock

Fun graphics help you create a video project that’s perfect for Facebook, in minutes. Just drop your text and images into this easy-to-use template.

7. Fashion by efline

With beautiful design and 17 video placeholders, this template creates a modern, stylish, and engaging Facebook video.

6. Creative Titles – Auto Resizing Titles And Lower Thirds by tunaxu

Featuring 30 unique titles, this 4K video template has a modern design and it would work effectively for social media ads across platforms.

5. Titles by Therealist_Shop

A great titles pack for modern fashion and streetwear brands.

4. Titles by flikmotion

This titles and lower thirds pack features a self-resizing system to easily adapt across video.

3. Facebook Intro and Lowerthird (AfterFX) by EALO

Make a Facebook intro video with this easy to modify template.

2. Facebook Twitter Instagram – Animated Posts by yura_fresh

This template will enable you to create animated posts across platforms.

10. Typography Opener – Dynamic Stomp Intro by BRAXXU

Stomp or fast typography videos continue to be popular. Make your Facebook video opener with this template featuring an eye-catching design.

Facebook video is a powerful tool for engaging your audience. If you are new to creating video content, we hope that this article has empowered you to get started. Placeit’s smart video templates are a great place for beginners, and Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro templates (available through Envato Elements and Envato Market) offer more flexibility. Alternatively, if you want to ease in, and start with an awesome Facebook cover image instead, we’ve got a few great tips, too.

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