Top 10 Flyer Templates for Photoshop

Want to create impressive flyers or posters in no time? Read on for our top 10 stand-out Photoshop templates.

Top 10 Flyer Templates for Photoshop
Portrait for Hermione WrightBy Hermione Wright  |  Updated December 15, 2021

If you want to create high-quality flyers or posters on the regular, then Photoshop templates are your best friend! Whether you’re a designer with years of experience under your belt, or new to graphic design or Photoshop, read on for our flyer tips and tricks as well as 10 of our favorite flyer and poster templates designed for use across a wide range of industries. 

What Are Photoshop Templates?

Templates include illustrations and assets that you can easily customize within Photoshop to ensure the image tells whatever story you want to tell. Pre-made by talented designers and artists, Photoshop templates produce high-quality assets in no time at all. As you’ll see from the list, the templates are crafted for many different industries, including gig promotion, corporate events, and personal resumes. 

How to Use Photoshop Templates

  1. Scroll through thousands of versatile Photoshop templates on Envato Elements
  1. Once you’ve picked your favorite, you can download the template straight to your PC (with a subscription to Envato Elements, you can download as many templates as you like at no extra cost).
  1. From there, you can edit key components including fonts and colors within Photoshop to make sure the asset reflects whatever event or promotion you’d like to put out to the world. 
  1. Many of them are print-ready, so you can design, print, and go! Some Photoshop templates also come with pre-designed social media templates so you can spread your message far and wide. 

How to Make a Flyer in Photoshop

First, learn how to use Photoshop with these 10 free courses and tutorials. Downloading flyer templates is far simpler than starting from scratch so it’s a great option if you’re new to the software (or want to save time). 

If you’d like to add special effects to your posters, you can use Photoshop actions. Take a look through some not-to-be-missed Photoshop actions, which include holograms, cartoon styles, and cyberpunk imagery!

If you’re specifically looking to make movie posters, explore some of our favorite movie poster templates here. You can also peruse 10 excellent Photoshop device mockups this way

Top 10 Flyer Templates for Photoshop

Read on for our selection of 10 of the best flyer templates on Envato Elements right now. 

1. Club Flyer By styleWish

If you’re looking to promote club events and DJ sets, then this Photoshop template should be on your radar. The abstract yet eye-catching design makes it a versatile choice. It also comes with plenty of color variants, so you can pick your favorite or release a selection.

2. Flyer – Resume By artbart

Photoshop templates aren’t just for events, they can also be used to promote yourself! This resume template comes with unlimited colors and free fonts and icons. Your CV will be sure to stand out amongst the rest, and you can even include a custom QR code to direct people to your website or portfolio. 

3. Retro Winter Music Flyer Set By dannyaldana

If retro is more your vibe, then this A4 Photoshop flyer template is made for you! The package helps you cover all bases as it comes with the flyer template as well as an Instagram post and Instagram Story template. 

4. Movie Poster By LeafLove

This movie poster template already looks like a smash hit! A3 in size, it uses free fonts, and all objects, colors, and text are editable. 

5. Corporate Flyer By designsoul14

Looking for a more corporate feel? This well-designed template has been created to promote a wide range of businesses. The design effortlessly draws the viewer’s eye to different parts of the page too, ensuring the message is understood in seconds. 

6. Music Poster Promotion By TMint

This creative, minimalist poster could be used for a variety of events, from music to tech start-ups, and more corporate events. The A3 template is print-ready too. 

7. Double Exposure Movie Poster By SetiadiKaryaPertiwi

This elegant movie poster has an art-house feel. It’s fully customizable and editable so your own image can take center stage. The font used in the poster is free too. 

8. Torn Paper Flyer By bayurakhmadio

Designed with events, branding, display posters, and motivational quotes in mind, this textured Photoshop template inspires action! Perfect if you have a small amount of important text to display. It also comes with two color variations—black and white or color.

9. DJ Flyer By styleWish

Drum up some excitement for your upcoming club event with this high-energy Photoshop template! It’s designed in square so it’ll also work perfectly when shared across Facebook and Instagram channels, and there are plenty of colors to pick from.

10. Real Estate Flyer By micromove

Another Photoshop template that’s again different in feel, Real Estate Flyer would work well for a wide range of businesses, including property, hotels, and online stores. As you can see from the template, there’s plenty of space for text and imagery, as well as useful subheads and icons to break up the text.

Over To You!

Photoshop templates vary a huge amount so no matter what industry you’re working within, you’re bound to find your perfect match. Head to Envato Elements for the full selection.

Once you have a subscription to Envato Elements, you can download as many flyer templates as you like—ideal if you’d like to drum up support for regular events or promotions. For more updates, tips and tricks, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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