10 Best Happy Music Tracks 2019

Whether you prefer electronic, jazz, folk, or even epic music, these happy music tracks will put smiles on the faces of your audience.

Happy Music Tracks
Portrait for Dom HennequinBy Dom Hennequin  |  Updated August 28, 2020

From time to time, you’ll create content that’s designed to make your customers happy. It might be for a celebration, a cheery ad, or an uplifting look back at an event. Whatever the content, you’ll be needing a happy music track to pair with it: this list has got you covered.

What are Happy Music Tracks?

Happy music tracks are pieces of stock music that use bright chord progressions, playful, sometimes energetic beats, and friendly instrumentation. Some tracks can seem bubbly and innocent, featuring instruments like ukuleles, glockenspiel, and an electronic clap pattern. They can feel summery, using bright chord patterns, punchy drums, and warm synth lead lines. And, they can even feel modern, and corporate with resonant guitar, a soft drum beat, and warm synth chord progression. Whether you prefer electronic, jazz, folk, or even epic music, each genre will have a happy option to make your audience smile.

Why is Music Important for Video

If you think about it, a lot of the videos we spend our time watching rely heavily on music. Whether they’re feature films, or  YouTube videos, chances are music has been added to help establish a mood, and help the audience connect to the action. Combined with your other content, including visuals, and other audio, like voiceovers, high quality music can help tie your production together, and significantly lift the quality of the end product.

Beyond helping communicate the emotions behind your content, including a music track is useful at a really practical level, helping to smooth out rough parts of your production. For instance, if you’ve edited together your voiceover, and there are a few parts where you can hear the clipping, or there was background noise in the area you recorded, having a layer of music can make those oversights less obvious and less distracting.

Which brings us to today’s list of the 10 best happy music tracks. These run the gamut of pop and festive music, to folk, and corporate tracks. So, no matter what you’re creating, this list will have something to help you make a video that’s happy and uplifting.

Envato Elements for Music and Audio

Before we jump into our list, we’d like to highlight that all the items featured are available for download from Envato Elements. It’s your one-stop-shop for thousands of stock music tracks as well as other creative assets including stock footage, motion graphics templates, graphic design templates, web templates, and more. You can sign up for an annual or monthly subscription here.

10. Positive by FUNTOMASS​

With resonant guitar, plucked strings, and a soft beat, Positive by FUNTOMASS is upbeat and festive. It strikes a good balance between being friendly and corporate, but avoids being bland, adding the right amount of brightness to your video without being distracting. It’s a good choice for an ad.

9. Be Positive by LoopsLab​

Although it’s an appropriate track for all seasons, Be Positive by LoopsLab is undeniably sunny. It features electronic guitar, an energetic drum beat, and a delightful glockenspiel line that will put a smile on the face of you and your audience.

8. Happy by SilverHoof​

Made up of a friendly combination of sounds, Happy by SilverHoof is a great track for celebrations. Featuring ukulele, guitar, and more, it’s incredibly light and positive in its mood, and its happy spirit is infectious.

7. Happy and Positive by SunChannelMusic​

Calming and motivating, this happy, earthy track by SunChannelMusic is unique. It has a welcome laid back feel to it, combining an ambient guitar line and relaxing vocals with a driving beat. It’s almost hypnotic, and will add a welcome level of depth to any video.

6. Inspiring Innovation by Adigold

Subtle, yet uplifting, Inspiring Innovation by Adigold is the ideal stock music track for a project that requires a comforting audio tune.

5. Positive Summer by MeGustaMusic​

Catchy and pop-y, Positive Summer by MeGustaMusic lives up to its name. It’s reminiscent of a Katy Perry track, with its energetic strumming pattern of an electric guitar, punchy drum beat, and warm synth line. It feels bright, summery, and a good fit for a video wanting to spread happiness.

4. Happy by cleanmindsounds​

Infuse your content with a contagious energy that will leave viewers smiling with this track by cleanmindsounds. It’s bright and a little bit folky, featuring a driving ukulele line, commanding piano progression, and what sounds like a banjo. It produces a contagious positive energy, and will be a great fit for any celebration.

3. Inspiring Upbeat Corporate Track by matsteiner​

Professional organizations like to celebrate things, too. Whether it’s a video for the holiday season, or something that shows their organization in a positive light, corporates need options to make their content feel warm and positive, yet professional. Inspiring Upbeat Corporate Track by matsteiner achieves just that. With its soft beat, friendly piano line, and synth wave effect, it’s uplifting and modern, while remaining a little buttoned up.

2. Happy by Stockwaves​

Perfect for commercials directed at children, Happy by Stockwaves is an adorable track. It combines strings, percussion, piano, ukulele, and glockenspiel to create something that would fit perfectly with visuals of toys, baby products, and more. It radiates happiness and innocence.

1. Happy by cinematic_alex

Although they’ve been paired with specific stock footage – all available from Envato Elements, by the way – these music tracks are versatile. There are so many emotions and moods you can project when pairing them with the rest of your content, it’s really up to you to determine which track is going to produce the desired effect on your audience. But, one thing that ties each of these tracks together is the sense of happiness, festiveness, and positivity they all create.

So, whether it’s for an end of year party, or a holiday ad, there’s something that will put a smile on your audience’s face here.

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