Top 10 Infographic Video Templates for After Effects

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Infographic Video templates
Portrait for Hermione WrightBy Hermione Wright  |  Updated May 10, 2023

Animated infographics are a fantastic way to visualize data and explain complex concepts in a simple, engaging way. But making infographic videos from scratch can seem daunting. Not only do they take a lot of time, but they also take a lot of knowledge and skill within a program like After Effects. But that’s where After Effects infographic templates come in. 

What is an Infographic? 

Breaking down the word ‘infographic’ is a good place to start—ultimately, it’s a way to present information or data using graphics. These graphics could be charts, diagrams, or bespoke imagery—basically, anything that will display the info more visually so it’s easier to digest. 

What is After Effects?

When it comes to video, nothing beats Adobe After Effects. If Photoshop is the de facto leader of image editing, After Effects is quite possibly the Photoshop of video editing.

However, much like every other tool in its genre, After Effects can have a steep learning curve that can often be intimidating for beginners. But once you get the feel of it, you can indeed accomplish a good deal of tasks within minutes, especially with the help of After Effects templates.

Now, as soon as you have acquired a bit of familiarity with After Effects, you will notice that template files can help you get things done with ease. In this post, we have put together some of the best infographic templates for After Effects users.

How to Make an Infographic

If you don’t know where to begin, worry not! Creating an infographic doesn’t have to be as complex as it looks. You’ll find thousands of video templates to choose from on Envato Elements. Once you’ve picked a template, simply download it and customize it in After Effects. From colors, text, and layout, you can let your creativity run wild. All you need to do is insert your data, and pick your preferred way of visualizing it. Then, simply let the template do its thing!

Here are the Top 10 Infographic Video Templates for After Effects available on Envato Elements.

10. Infographic By Taiga2

If you’re after an infographic template to tell the story of your successful business project, this could be for you. Corporate in feel, the clean design with splashes of bold color will tell a complex story in no time.

9. Infographic designer By ElenaM

You’re spoiled for choice with this After Effects templates pack! It’s brimming with visualizations, including 36 graphs and 33 pie charts. Plus, it comes with 63 countries and flags—perfect if you want to share the success of particular markets. 

8. Corporate Infographics Vol.30 By IconsX

This infographic template pack comes with 34 animated elements, which makes it an ideal choice for displaying a project’s progress. From more traditional charts to novel icons, these corporate infographics will help you bring your presentations to life

7. Managed Infographic Elements By ConceptCafe

With neon colors and gradients, these After Effects templates are futuristic in feel. As well as plenty of well-designed charts and graphs, the timelines are a useful feature for breaking down the journey of a project. 

6. Design and Development Animation | After Effects By Graphiqa

This modern video template is great for explaining creative processes. There’s an animated infographic for disciplines including package design, game development, and web design.

5. Infographics Charts Pack By DREAMYARD_Visuals

This infographic template focuses specifically on minimalist charts. There’s an item comparison chart, for example, which can easily display data including percentages or price. 

4. Infographics By Real-Motion

From people breakdowns (i.e. to discuss customers in detail) to a world map and countries, to timelines and currencies, this video template will make light work of complex data. 

3. Double – Infographics Charts Pack By DREAMYARD_Visuals

With 18 base charts, you can also choose between light or dark designs. Just like many of the best infographic templates, you can customize items including the number and width of bars/lines/circles and the distance between them. 

9. HUD Dashboard Infographics By Premiumilk

This infographic video template is super modern and sleek in design, with bright pops of color to catch the eye. From simple percentage breakdowns to iconography breaking down the results of social media campaigns, this is an impressive infographic pack ready to wow whoever’s watching.

10. Corporate Infographics Charts Pack By MotionMediaGroup

And last but not least, this animated infographic pack comes with 90 compositions and 61 glossy icons. Pick between a clean white background or a more industrial one and find infographics such as ‘most popular purchases’, ‘our vision’, and pricing charts.

Over to You! 

Now you have our pick of 10 of the best infographic templates for After Effects, it’s time to get creating! Head over to Envato Elements—with a subscription you can download as many infographic templates as you like. For more tips and tricks, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel

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