Top 10 Instagram Image Templates 2019

Up your Instagram game with Instagram image post templates to help increase your engagement on the platform.

Top Instagram Image Templates
Portrait for Marie GardinerBy Marie Gardiner  |  Updated May 13, 2022

To say that Instagram is just a photo sharing site is really just to scratch the surface of its full potential. Instagram has become such a big player in the image business, that it’s changed the stock photography landscape. Using Instagram images effectively can help you connect with your audience, increase your visibility, and engage with people all over the world.

How to Use Instagram

Instagram is a great way to creatively connect with your audience, whether that’s to try and sell to them directly, or simply to build up your brand awareness and reputation. The key is to be creative and provocative with your posts. An attractive visual is great, but an image that makes someone pause and think as they scroll their timeline or via Instagram Stories will yield far better results.

The following tips will set you on track to make amazing Instagram posts:

  • Don’t overdo it. Instagram filters are great, but less is usually more!
  • Use targeted hashtags strategically, but don’t cram your post full of them.
  • Exercise control so that you’re posting frequently and consistently.
  • Interact! As with all social media, letting your personality come through will go a long way, so don’t be afraid to engage with your followers.
  • Keep an eye on trends or new formats so that your content stays relevant and share-worthy.

Instagram Image Sizes

Back when Instagram posts were limited to square photographs, your choice was a little easier. Now, it’s wise to put some thought into how your photograph will be seen and the best way to present it.

Here are the Instagram image templates that are generally considered to work best for your Instagram posts:

  • Landscape orientation: 1080 x 608 pixels
  • Square: 1080 x 1080px
  • Portrait: 1080 x 1350px

Remember, saving as a JPEG is usually best for photographs, and as a PNG for anything that includes text or fonts.

Like many other social media platforms, if you upload an image that’s bigger or smaller than this, the software will compensate and either enlarge or shrink your image, resulting in compression and a less than perfect image quality – it’s worth the extra work to get your image looking its best.

10. Fresh Instagram Post & Instagram Story Template by dannyaldana

Make it easy on yourself with this fresh Instagram template pack for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. It includes 20 files which are well organized and easy to use.

9. Black & White Instagram Posts Template by WildOnes

Display your Instagram image posts in a striking, highly professional way with this template for both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. There are 18 stunning options to choose from.

8. Balibali – Product Instagram Post HR by Rometheme

Modern and professional Instagram templates to promote your product.

7. Food Instagram Post & Instagram Story Template by dannyaldana

Celebrate your cuisine with these simple posts for food fans.

6. Instagram Post Templates by VictorThemesNX

Promote your business with a pack of 20+ Instagram posts.

5. Roses – Instagram Post Template by TMint

Smarten up your online shop account with these chic post templates.

4. Fashion Instagram Post by YummyDs

Showcase your fresh fashion finds with this Instagram post pack that can be edited in Adobe Photoshop.

3. Brondby Instagram Post by sagesmask

This pack will save you time on creating your Instagram posts, whether you’re a brand or individual.

2. Fashion Instagram Posts by uicreativenet

Launch your sale or new collection with 15 easily editable Instagram posts.

1. Instagram Post by spacestudios

Upgrade your Instagram account with these beautiful post templates that incorporate the liquid Memphis design style.

Your Instagram posts are crucial to how you connect with your audience, so remember to keep your followers on board with regular, consistent uploads, and always at the right size so that they look great on every device.

If you’d like to see more Instagram templates and find inspiration, there are lots of easily customizable options over at Envato Elements. Want to learn how to filter your Insta pics like a pro? Visit the School of Instagram.

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