Top 10 Pinterest Image Templates 2021

Want to nail your Pinterest content every time? Try these top Pinterest image templates on Envato Elements...

Top 10 Pinterest Image Templates 2021
Portrait for Marie GardinerBy Marie Gardiner  |  Updated April 12, 2021

Pinterest is like a well-organised, visual pinboard; packed with ideas, inspiration, and just a few pictures of cute cats. In a sea of Pinterest images, it can be hard to stand out, but we’re here to help you learn how use templates to create a pin on Pinterest that drives results.

Pinterest templates are a great way to keep your content consistent, professional and of a high quality. Whether you use them because you’re not quite sure how to make Pinterest images look great on your own, or because they’re a handy time-saver, it doesn’t matter.

How to Use Pinterest​

The best way to use Pinterest to promote your business is to think of it as a great way to share your interests with your audience. Community is a big part of that, and you’ll generally enjoy greater success if you specialise in something and then post inspirational content aimed at that particular audience. For example, if you’re a food blogger, you might post things like recipes, pictures of scrumptious-looking food, and your own top tips.

Pinterest Content Tips​

  1. Stay on brand and keep your content relevant.
  2. Make sure your keywords are relevant and specific, including the name of your image file.
  3. Add a description and don’t be afraid to inject some personality.
  4. Keep text easy to read and don’t clutter your post.
  5. Include a call to action. Whether you want people to actually buy a product or engage with your post in a different way, make sure it’s clear and compelling.

Discover more best practice social media tips in our guide to social media content.

How to Create a Pin on Pinterest

There are lots of ways to create your Pinterest content but the quickest and easiest way to get started is to try a professionally made template from Envato Elements. Want to nail your Pinterest content every time? Here are the top 10 Pinterest image templates for 2021…

10 Best Pinterest Image Templates on Envato Elements

1. Holo Fashion Store Pinterest Banners by Sko4

Create colorful, holographic-style Pinterest pins for your fashion store. The fonts used in the preview are free, and there are 9 Photoshop templates to choose from, with simple instructions included to help you get started.

2. The Reviewer Pinterest Templates Set by pixelbuddha_graphic

You can be sure your audience will notice you with this set of Pinterest templates for Adobe Photoshop. There are 15 options, each with a sleek, sophisticated design which makes use of free fonts and neatly organized layers.

3. Food Pinterest Posts by WebDonut

With 20 easy-to-use templates, these Pinterest posts for food will make your mouth water! Attract more visitors and increase engagement, simply add your own images, colors and fonts. There’s even a list of the CC0 images included in the demo so you can easily replicate the look.

4. Everyday Pinterest Templates by Sko4

Share your beauty secrets quickly and easily with the Pinterest Pin Maker with Makeup Images. Upload your own pictures, or choose from the stock images provided.

5. Light Pinterest Posts by WebDonut

Light Pinterest Posts is a modern and clean template set for your Pinterest images. Created in blacks, whites and greys, they won’t distract from your pictures, but if you do fancy a splash of color it’s easy to make quick changes to match your brand.

6. 40 Pinterest Quotes by WebDonut

Inspire your audience to choose their own adventure, or get them excited about your nomad life, with the Solo Traveler Tips Pinterest Pin template from Placeit.

7. Shop Pinterest Posts by WebDonut

Attractive and stylish templates for your Pinterest posts, this set has 20 options. The unpretentious design means they’re really versatile, no matter your niche or business. Just add your content, colors and fonts.

8. 50 Pinterest Dropshipping Graphics by WebDonut

Improve your Pinterest images with 50 ready-to-use Photoshop templates for drop shipping. Also included is a social media cheat sheet to help you adapt the designs to fit with your other social media outlets!

This Pinterest pack contains a whopping 40 PSD files to choose from, making it quick and easy to create high quality Pinterest pins and banners.

9. Ladyboss Pinterest Templates by switzergirl

In elegant peach and white design, Ladyboss Pinterest templates are oozing class and sophistication. Level up your Pinterest images with these classic banner designs, with 20 to choose from and a link to the free fonts and images used.

10. Pinterest Social Media Banners Pack by WebDonut

Made with attention to detail, improve the look of your Pinterest posts, other social media pages and your website with this template pack for Photoshop. Each Pinterest design is made in a way that they are infinitely scala

Create Pinterest Content​

However you choose to make your Pinterest pins, we know you’ll nail it. Just bear in mind some of our top tips, like making sure you keep your content relevant and your posts simple and eye-catching. This article explains more about using Pinterest for business.

If you’d like to see more Pinterest images and get inspired, there are lots of easily customisable options for you over at Envato Elements. If you use Instagram too, then you’ll love our roundup of the best Instagram Trends of 2020. For more great tips, tricks and social media trends, remember to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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