Top 10 Premiere Pro Templates 2020

Ready to give your video content a boost? Premiere Pro is a great place to start!

Best Premiere Pro Templates
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Perhaps you want your personal brand to stand out from the crowd on your social media channels, or maybe you’re looking to jazz up content shared on behalf of your company or your clients’ businesses—whatever your reason, read on for our pick of the top 10 Premiere Pro templates.

What is Adobe Premiere Pro?

First things first, if you’re new to Adobe Premiere Pro, let us explain. It’s video software widely used for video editing—whether for film, television, or online video. It can be used to import video, audio, and graphics, as well as add titles, effects, or filters to videos. You can use other Adobe applications like After Effects and Photoshop alongside Premiere Pro. Check out this free Premiere Pro video course to get started.

What are Premiere Templates?

A simple way to add a touch of class to your online video project is to download templates from Envato Elements before editing them in Premiere Pro. Most templates give you the option to change features including colors, text, and font so you can create your own distinct style.

Now you know the basics, read on for our pick of the top 10 Premiere Pro templates—each one will ensure your social channels get noticed! All templates are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

10. Clean Energy Intro by Zorrin

As the name suggests, this Premiere pro slideshow template combines clean, simple design with high energy animations that make a real impact. White, corporate elements used throughout mean this would work as the perfect intro to a video used in a professional setting. The video is fast-paced so will help to drum up excitement surrounding any announcement you’d like to share online.

9. Clean Rotation Title by Creative

One of the simplest Premiere pro templates out there, Clean Rotation Title is a great, no-fuss way to introduce text to your video. This one comes with two versions—long and short, so you can decide which length works best for you. It’s easy to customize and there’s a transparent background option that you can seamlessly lay over your footage.

8. Cartoon SMOKE Elements And Transitions | Premiere Pro MOGRT by FlashFXbox

A totally different vibe, this one comes with hand-drawn illustrative elements that make the video pop. Its distinctive design means it’s one of the Adobe Premiere cc templates that will have a wide appeal, but it could work perfectly either for children’s or sport videos, for example. Modern and stylish, this template is mesmerizing to watch.

7. Fire Elements | Premiere Pro MOGRT by MisterFlashAnimation

With stylized, illustrated fire swirling around the screen, this is one of the hottest Premiere Pro title templates out there! Animate pivotal parts of your video to make them pop. Unique sound effects are also included.

6. Glitch Logo Reveal by Proskurovskiy

This hypnotic template allows you to reveal a logo in an interesting, modern way. Glitches of color distort the video—its abstract design lends itself well to a wide variety of uses, including action sports or music events.

5. Sports Promo by Media_Stock

Drum up excitement with the Sports Promo Premiere pro slideshow template! Cool, textured effects bring this template together, with video footage bursting on screen for a real impact. You can also easily move text so it suits your video narrative, or remove it entirely.

4. World Travel Titles – Premiere Pro by steve314

One of the newest Adobe Premiere Pro templates to the block, World Travel Titles will appeal to any adventurers out there. Modern, flat design graphics of well-known landmarks appear as you follow cars, planes, buses, and taxis on a global adventure! If you’re looking to share a travel-themed project, this is certainly a template to consider.

2. Techno Title by Media_Stock

Step into the future with this super popular Premiere template, which is scientific and technology-focused in design. Watch as 3D shapes zoom in and out of focus as they circle your chosen text. Media_Stock opt for blue and yellow hues within the sample video and you can see how a simple color change makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel.

1. Ink Parallax Slideshow by George_Fx

This elegant Premiere template will add old school glamor to your footage! Smooth animation and bursts of sepia-toned imagery set the template apart and give it an almost dream-like effect. Ink Parallax Slideshow will work well for a wide variety of uses, including showreels, portfolios, and event promotion.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our pick of the top 10 Premiere Pro Templates 2020—as you can see, there’s a huge variety out there so you can find a style that suits whatever project you’re working on. For the full selection, check out Envato Elements for your video template needs and our best Premiere Pro templates. If you plan on launching a YouTube channel in the near future, opener templates are a great asset to consider. Or if you’re looking for free Premiere Pro templates, check out Mixkit.

For further info, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel. You can also watch this related video: 10 Best Premiere Pro Templates 2019.

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