Top 10 Wedding Slideshow Templates for After Effects

Want to highlight the best moments from your special day? Here’s our list of the best Wedding Slideshow Templates for After Effects.

Wedding Slideshow Video Templates
Portrait for Alex BrownBy Alex Brown  |  Updated June 21, 2022

Exchanging rings. Cutting the cake. Creating fun wedding hashtags. Consoling a tearful bridesmaid or two. Wedding days are all about unforgettable, picture-book scenes like these. And while it’s the photographer’s job to capture those moments while they’re hanging in the air, it’s up to you how you choose to curate and share your choicest wedding snaps with your loved ones when the confetti is settled and the day is through. 

And that’s why we have fallen in love with wedding slideshow video templates.

A wedding slideshow video is a beautifully bite-sized video that newly-weds can share with friends and family—especially the ones who couldn’t make it on the day. Best of all, the slideshow video templates make putting together a lavishly produced, easily shareable highlight reel for your wedding day a piece of (three-tiered) cake.

How to Use Wedding Slideshow Templates

You don’t need any specialized technical know-how to get started with wedding slideshow video templates. All you have to do is select a slideshow template that matches your dress or tie, then add your wedding photos, videos, music, and text to the template video. It really couldn’t be simpler. And because templates for apps like After Effects or Premiere Pro make creating a professional-quality slideshow so simple, you won’t have to fall back on less glamorous tools like PowerPoint to get the job done.

Now we’re up to speed on what makes wedding slideshow video templates the best way to commemorate your special day in a beautiful, shareable package, it’s time to move on to the templates themselves. So, without further ado, here’s our list of the best wedding After Effects slideshow video templates that Envato Elements has to offer. Enjoy!

Top 10 Wedding Slideshow Video Templates on Envato Elements

10. Wedding Promo by musicant

As warm and cinematic as half-remembered sunlight on a vintage summer afternoon. A gorgeously arranged and consummately professional slideshow in which to display your wedding photos.

9. Wedding Memories by giwigo

Know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to tweak a template until you get it? With 180 scenes, countless filters, 40 light leak transitions, and an animated rose petal overlay, the word ‘comprehensive’ doesn’t do this template justice. Get involved and reap the benefits. 

8. Wedding Slideshow by Motion4

An atmospheric slideshow that artfully combines professionalism with homespun charm. We love the way the calligraphy bursts into life atop rustic brushstrokes on this one.

7. Romantic Wedding by px-bro

This captivating scrolling slideshow aims to showcase 25 of the most flattering snaps from your special day. Clocking in at three and a half minutes, it’s also the perfect length to pair with a romantic pop song had has a special significance to the happy couple.

6. Wedding Memories by NikFek

Narrate your video with gorgeous animated handwriting, while swirling polaroids of your special day fade between monochrome to color. Looking for authenticity, warmth, and dynamism from a wedding slideshow? Look no further.

5. Wedding Gallery by Essron

If combining photos and video is high on your wish list, Wedding Gallery has you covered, because this template handles video like a dream come true. And that’s before we get to the entrancing particle effects and subtle animated elements that make these slideshows such a joy to watch.

4. Wedding by MJAKE

See both of your names up in lights with one of the twelve beautifully animated wedding titles included in this template. And with premium support provided by the creators, you can relax knowing there’s someone to hold your hand every step of the way during the customization process.

3. Wedding Slideshow by CG-COVER

Floral tones and orange sunspots lap against a brilliant white wall laden with framed photos of the betrothed. A classy aesthetic for couples who agree that less is more.

2. The Wedding by Media_Stock

The piano ballad, hazy hues, and a high school scrapbook are sure to have the sentimental among us reaching for the Kleenex before the slideshow is through. The perfect way to represent a perfect day in a fairytale romance.

1. Wedding Slideshow by MotionEasy

A homey and romantic slideshow for Premiere Pro that’s all about domestic bliss. Your photos sit in frames alongside tourist knick-knacks, scented lavender, and fancy lampshades. We love this template because it’s unashamedly domestic, and we don’t see the honeymoon period wearing off any time soon.

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