20 Responsive Newsletter Templates for Your Business

We round up the templates to make your email look great and boost the success rate of your email newsletter campaigns.

Portrait for EnvatoBy Envato  |  Updated September 6, 2021

Email marketing is not dead. It’s stronger than ever, and still rising in popularity.

A good email newsletter serves three major purposes:

  1. It helps you interact with your clientele and convey interesting and relevant updates about your business.
  2. You can convert visitors into buyers by using your email newsletter effectively. A visitor might not instantly be keen on following your business, but if your newsletter has useful information, be it tips or tricks or even freebies, you can encourage visitors to subscribe, and then you will have a chance to impress your subscribers into becoming customers.
  3. A good email newsletter also helps your business stand out and casts a good impression. Much like you would trust the author of a scholarly book to be a learned scholar, businesses with impressive email newsletters are often seen as pioneers in their field.

Why Use Responsive HTML Emails

Most of your readers will likely check their emails via a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. Making sure your email looks great and renders well, no matter the screen size of the device in question, will help you gain an added advantage and also boost the success rate of your email newsletter campaigns.

Beautiful & Responsive Email Designs

With the rise in popularity of simpler, flatter design aesthetics, and the fact that most modern email clients now support CSS3 and HTML5, emails and newsletters have never had the chance to look as good as they do now.

More pre-built and responsive email newsletter templates are being built that have been designed with not only modern design trends in mind, but also designed to be as versatile as possible so to cater for any type of business.

Here’s some of the most adaptable and professionally designed newsletter templates currently available in our marketplace.

The majority of these templates come with a drag and drop template builder that allows you to design your template directly in the browser without touching any code.

Responsive HTML Newsletter Templates

1. Dynamite – Responsive APP / Promotion Email

2. Shop – Responsive Email + Online Template Builder

3. Sentinel – Responsive Email + StampReady Builder

4. Cloe – Responsive Email Template + Builder Access

5. Fresh Mail – Responsive E-mail Template

6. Corporate B2B Newsletter Template

7. Titan – Responsive Email + Themebuilder Access

8. Marquez – Email for Agencies 80+ Sections

9. Zamoza Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

10. Rockefeller Creative Email Template

11. Delicious – Magazine & Shop E-newsletter Template

12. Email Newsletter – Bengo

13. Hostetemp – Multipurpose Email Templates & Builder

14. Tralever – Book & Travel Responsive Email

15. Events Responsive Multipurpose Email Template

16. Craft – Responsive Email + Themebuilder Access

17. Kant – Responsive Email for Startups 50+ Sections

18. Boost – E-commerce Newsletter + Builder Access

19. Last Minute Multipurpose Email Template

20. Responsive Email + Online Template Builder – Super

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