Top 10 Esports Branding Templates 2021

From gaming logos to livestream plugins, here's everything you need to nail your Esports branding.

Top 10 Esports Branding Templates 2021
Portrait for Alex BrownBy Alex Brown  |  Updated April 26, 2022

The days of Esports not being taken seriously are well and truly behind us. Even before the world responded to COVID-19, the industry was experiencing an average revenue increase of more than 30% per year—and now, with many of us spending more time at home, its popularity is only accelerating. We’ve also noticed this trending at Envato, with searches increasing for Esports-related topics, including Overwatch, Twitch, CSGO, and League of Legends.

There hasn’t been a better time to get involved. But, unsurprisingly, with popularity comes greater competition—to get noticed you should spend time developing your own unique branding. 

What is Esports Branding? 

It’s the way you present yourself! Think about any well-known sports club and they’ll have their own distinct colors, logos, fonts, and general branding. Esports is no different. Whether it’s your gaming logo, your website, your Twitch assets, or online videos, picking a unified brand will help people learn more about who you are as a player and separate you from the crowd. 

Where to Start With Your Esports Brand

From Faker (League of Legends) to Xyp9x (CS:GO), the top names in competitive Esports have instantly recognizable colors, logos, and brand aesthetics of the kind that we’ve come to expect from (IRL) professional sports teams. And with so many gamers getting involved in Esports for the first time, getting this part right is more important than ever. With that in mind, here are a few crucial points to consider when putting together your Esports brand:

  1. Think about your persona
    What’s your gaming style? How do you want to present yourself online? Reflecting early on will help you design an Esports brand that best represents you.
  2. Consider multiple platforms
    Just like any sport, your branding must work across a variety of mediums, including your website, social media, or even merchandise. 
  3. Don’t underestimate color!
    Take the time to consider which color palette works best for you. Most of the templates you’re about to see allow you to adapt the color scheme as required. 

How to Design Your Esports Brand

These days there are loads of options at your fingertips for designing your Esports branding. You can visit Envato Market for Esports templates that you can download straight to your PC before easily customizing them. Or, if you have a subscription to Envato Elements, you can download as many templates as you like at no extra cost.

Time to Create Your Esports Branding!

Now we’re up to speed on what Esports branding is all about, it’s time to start putting your ideas into practice. Of course, that bit can be easier said than done without the right tools to work with. That’s why we’ve put together a rundown of everything you could possibly need to take your Esports branding to the next level, from Twitch overlays and Esport logo bundles to YouTube openers and gaming-themed Elementor templates. Game on!

Top 10 Esports Branding Templates 2021

10. Grunge Gaming Logo Transition by theBucketDesign

Amp up your audience for all your gaming content with this rough-and-ready, easy-to-customize logo reveal template for After Effects. 

9. Spearhead Typeface | Sport Italic Font by Mihis_Design

Get your social media channels match fit and ready to run with Spearhead, a punchy and dynamic typeface that’s perfect for the world of sports simulations such as Madden, NBA 2K, or FIFA.

8. Warzon – Esport Elementor Template Kit by Krakenbox

Warzon is a gorgeous template kit for Elementor that contains all the features you need to put together a website for your Esports clan or tournament with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of style.

7. Gaming Intro by santoshw7885

A pulsing, glitchy opener that skilfully manages to do retro and high-tech at the same time. An unforgettable way to introduce all your Esports video content.

6. Plexus Countdown Intro by santoshw7885

Set pulses racing and get the adrenaline pumping with this thrilling countdown opener for use in your livestreams, reveals, and competitions.

5. Fast Glitch Logo Intro 2 by Camotion

This beautifully glitched out logo intro twists and distorts in all the right places. Impossible to ignore, let this template reveal your clan logo in style.

4. GGWEPE – Esports & Gaming Elementor Template Kit by jegtheme

This Elementor template kit was designed from the ground up for use by gamer streamers and Esports teams. Everything you need is available right out of the box, whether it’s a way to announce your streams or assets for displaying upcoming matches.

3. Gaming Intro – Gamer channel opener by Videostones

Bristling with more high-tech weaponry than a Texan supermarket, this intro is perfect for gamers with reflexes quick enough for high-intensity first-person shooters like CSGO, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, or PUBG.

2. Gamer Esport Broadcast Package by Pixamins

Wow. This one has gorgeous templates for everything, from the pre-match trash-talk all the way to the post-match analysis. So introduce your teams and get ready to stream with an Esports broadcast package that’s as comprehensive as it gets.

1. Esportize | eSports Elementor Template Kit by Tokokoo

Esportize is simply the fastest route to a distinctive, clean-cut, and responsive WordPress-based gaming website. The colors are invitingly futuristic and every single template is intuitively interactive and polished to a shine. Full marks.

Get all this and more with a subscription to Envato Elements

So there you have it! As you can see, there are lots of elements that work together to create a united Esports brand. Just remember that whatever your game and whichever your platform, augmenting your brand with stylish and professional templates like those featured in our rundown is the surest way to building a memorable Esports brand that sticks in the minds of your audience and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

Still hungry for inspiration? You can read more about Esports branding within our recent feature where we interviewed Esports branding experts for their tips and advice

One final tip: respect your elders! Although soccer and baseball have been around for far longer than Fortnite or Starcraft, many of the principles involved in branding Esports and traditional sports teams are the same. So why not pick up a few classic tips and tricks on creating or choosing a logo for your (E)sports team or creating a video opener for your clan or league that’s worthy of Superbowl Sunday?

Ready to get branding? Get unlimited access to every one of the Esports branding templates featured in our rundown with a subscription to Envato Elements.

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