Top Free & Premium Social Media Templates For 2022

Want to elevate your social media marketing strategy? Here are the top free & premium templates for your 2022 social media toolkit.

Best Social Media Marketing Templates
Portrait for Marie GardinerBy Marie Gardiner  |  Updated June 30, 2022

Whether you’re a designer, a marketer, a social media manager or an influencer, it’s safe to say that you know the benefits of social media marketing. But did you know that social media templates are a vital part of today’s social media toolkit and can even elevate your brand marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

It’s simple, SMM is the use of social networks to help market a brand or company’s products and services. Doing this in a considered, deliberate way can help make sure you attract new customers, increase engagement, and maximize your ROI.

Social Media Marketing Templates

Social media templates are pre-made graphics or video files that can be edited in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro and then used to create content like Instagram Story templates or Instagram Reels.

They’re often sold as packs, including numerous themes, editable logos, colors and fonts so that you can easily customize them to align with your brand. Creating with social media templates helps to automate the design of your content, saving you a vast amount of time. They will also help to ensure that your brand aesthetic is consistent, maintaining a professional and polished look.

How to Use Social Media Templates

Before you start to customize your own social media templates, you should try a few social media tutorials to discover how to do things like make better social media images and manage your social community effectively.

Using templates is probably easier than you think, but it helps to get to grips with what it is you’re creating, first. For example, learning why using vertical video might be the best approach on sites like Instagram can then help you select the right template for your needs.

Understanding what makes an effective social media cover for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or one of your other channels makes it easier to choose and customize templates that will show off your brand at its best.

Templates are created by expert creators–like those on Envato Elements– so you get something of very high quality that you can still make recognizably you! Here are just a few of the benefits of social media templates:

  • Speed: Templates are really quick to edit so you can change up your look in no time at all.
  • Consistency: It’s important for your brand to be recognizable across all your channels, templates can help you do that more easily.
  • Professionalism: Templates are made by those with top design skills, so you can keep everything looking its best.
  • Branding: Templates are simple to customize so you can easily change colors, fonts and other design elements to fit your brand.
  • Flexibility: So many social media channels have different specifications for their design elements. Using templates means you can create something that looks visually similar for multiple platforms without starting from scratch each time! 

10 Best Social Media Marketing Templates

10. 40 Facebook Ad Banners-Organic Shop by Wutip

Fresh and clean, this set of ad banners for Photoshop is perfect for food or organic related products. Use the 40 layered templates with Facebook and Instagram for perfect, eye-catching marketing.

9. 25 Facebook Cover Animated B138 by Be_Achemit

A varied set of 25 animated Facebook covers for Adobe After Effects. Great for fashion and lifestyle brands, these templates are bright, bold and will really help your marketing message stand out.

8. Instagram Stories – Instagram Promo by makcinema

21 attention-grabbing Instagram Stories templates with vibrant colors, for After Effects. You won’t need any plugins to use these and there’s a link to the music and font used, in the download.

7. Facebook Ads and Instagram Templates by eviory

These Photoshop templates include fully resizable and editable colors and images. The templates come in vertical, landscape and square format so they’re perfect for a range of social media marketing.

6. Promo Design Pack by VismovTV

An After Effects set of social media marketing templates filled with visual interest. They include a mix of vertical and landscape orientation to make them easy to use across different platforms while keeping continuity.

5. Instagram Marketing by templatesupply

Ready to use in Instagram, these social media templates work with Photoshop, Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD. They’re high resolution and free fonts are used, meaning you can recreate the demo-look quickly and easily.

4. Instagram Stories Promos no. 2 by Atamotion

Ultra-modern and versatile, the Instagram Stories Promo 2 pack for After Effects included 6 Stories, 4 animated tags and they’ll work with any font. They’re fully customizable and you won’t need any plugins to use them.

3. Instagram Stories by JustaMotion

A nifty set of Instagram Stories templates for use in Premier Pro featuring a range of bold designs with space for your photos and text. These social media marketing templates would work really well for a design or clothing brand.

2. Fashion Facebook Cover V06 by 1protheme

This Facebook cover has placeholders for your products, plus information like price, specs and any special offers. The template is for use in After Effects and it’s quick and easy to customize.

1. Marketing Instagram by simplestudios

Made for Photoshop, XD, Sketch, and Figma, this template will help you create an effective and stylish Instagram Carousel. It’s fully layered, well-organized and uses free fonts and vector shapes, for easy, high-quality editing.

Top 5 Social Media Video Templates

The following items are premium social media video templates available with an Envato Elements subscription.

1. 12 Instagram Stories Vol. 6 by PixFix

12 Instagram story templates for After Effects, each of which has a different design. These bold styles would suit fashion and retail brands – just add media and text and you’re good to go.

2. Kinetic Typography Instagram Stories by YETYYY

A dynamically animated pack of typographic templates for Instagram Stories, with 18 unique designs. They’re easy to edit and work with both After Effects and newer versions of Premiere Pro.

3. Luxury Instagram Stories by Nullifier

Inspired by glamour, wealth, beauty and fashion, these templates for Instagram Stories exude luxury. There are 20 animated options to choose from and photos and design elements are all included.

4. Instagram Stories Stomp by NeuronFX

Simply add your title and images to create a fast-paced, energetic Instagram Story. You’ll need Premiere Pro CC 2018+ to use these templates, but you get background color control and both vertical and square versions.

5. Modern Stories For Premiere Pro – by Power_Bank

Editable in Premiere Pro 2019+, Modern Stories has 9 media and 9 text placeholders. There’s a video tutorial included too in case you need help getting started.

Top 5 Social Media Design Templates

With Envato Elements, you also have access to social media design templates including square post and vertical graphic designs.

1. ADL Instagram Post v3.14 by adilbudianto

Perfect for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, this template set features a high-resolution design with edible shapes and vectors. It’s compatible with Photoshop and Illustrator.

2. Fashion Instagram Templates Pack by MotionMediaGroup

20 social media templates for Photoshop, with 10 templates sized for banners and 10 for Stories. It’s easy to change the colors and shapes to match your brand and the link to the font used, is included.

3. 20 Pastel Instagram Templates by switzergirl

Stunningly designed in a light, minimalistic style with soft pastel colors, this set of 20 Photoshop templates for Instagram is a soothing balm for the eyes! This would suit lifestyle bloggers and anyone creating aspirational content.

4. Instagram Social Media Banners Pack by WebDonut

With free fonts and free images included, this pack of Instagram banner templates for Photoshop is easy to use and will help you to stand out from the crowd.

5. Instagram Ultimate Pack V2 by micromove

12 clean Instagram square-design templates for Photoshop – this pack is fully editable and well organized into layers. It comes with a link to the free font used in the project, too!

Top 5 Free Instagram Templates

Mixkit is a great source of free Instagram Story templates for Premiere Pro which you can download and use for free. It’s perfect for experimenting with your channel aesthetic; all of the templates are stylish and modern.

This animated free Instagram Story templates pack features an eye-catching galaxy-inspired design. The heading and subheading fall into the frame, followed by two smaller headings and a swipe prompt, which allows for easy readability and an engaging user experience.

Soft and fresh, this animated Instagram Story pack is extremely versatile. The floral placeholder demonstrates how it would be ideal for a beauty, fashion or lifestyle brand. The swipe prompt allows you to link to further reading, such as a blog or an ecommerce shop.

Best used for lifestyle and travel brands, this Instagram Story pack features 5 templates with a unique motion style. The large heading and left-aligned subheading allows you to instantly grab your audience’s attention, whilst the smaller text tagline and swipe icon helps you to provide more information and encourage further reading.

Fun, animated and vivid, this bright Instagram Story pack is great for an energetic and lively brand. Featuring animated shape waves, an angled banner and a round heading block, you could consider announcing a new product line, clothing item or even a software product with this template.

Big bold polka dots never go out of style. This Instagram template featuring a simple dotted background with two headings will deliver your message in a clear, modern and trendy way. It’s perfect to announce a new product or sale.

Find The Perfect Social Media Template

So, there you have it, your complete guide to the best social media marketing templates to boost your online presence. Remember, even though you’re using a template to help you save time, that doesn’t mean it has to limit your creativity. Some of the best social media executions are often the ones that start with a template and are then easily edited to represent your brand and show off your unique style.

If you want access to all of these social media templates and more, subscribe to Envato Elements to get millions of creative assets at your fingertips. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel to learn how to get the most out of your new creative social media templates.

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