Top InDesign Templates to Showcase Your Ebook

You’ve already worked hard on the content, so finish your Ebook in style with an InDesign template.

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Professional presentation matters, especially on the Ebook scene. Whatever your topic, these templates bring clean design and structure to your text. When using a template or mockup, it’s as simple as plugging your text into whatever page layout you choose. Have a specific color scheme in mind, or photos and graphics to add? You’ll love the easy customization of these Adobe InDesign templates.

eBook Templates

1. E-Book Template 3 by Demorfoza

E-Book Template 3

This E-book Template 3 is a GraphicRiver bestseller for good reason. It includes 20 pages to start, four master pages, 35 paragraph styles, and lots of automatic features (header and footer, page numbering, and table of contents). With all of these features, it’s the perfect template for tailoring specifically to your project.

Portrait Brochure Template

This elegant template is ideal for creating your own catalogue or brochure. Its 16 pages follow a classic grey and blue color scheme, making for a super modern presentation.

3. Corporate E-Book by designsoul14

Corporate E-Book Template

Designsoul14’s Corporate E-Book Template is great for presenting your business plan. With easy-edit RGB colors, it matches your style to complement your message.

4. Travel Tourism E-Book Template by GraphicShaper

Travel Tourism E-Book Template

Ready to e-publish your travel guide? This Travel Tourism template includes 24 custom pages, graphics that are 100% editable, and even help files for making sure your work shines.

5. Architecture eBook by azadcsstune

Architecture E-Book Template

The automatic page numbering and header/footer are a few ways that this Architecture eBook template will make your life easier. The well-organized layers are perfect for a modern project.

6. e-book & e-guide by madridnyc

E-Book & E-Guide Template

You’reonly one step away from online publishing with this template by madridnyc. It’s professional and clean, but also fresh and fun. It includes 37 pages, and could also be used as a PDF presentation or email attachment.

7. Yoga E Book by hthasan

Yoga E-Book Template

The Yoga eBook template is designed for easy reading on an iPad. Its relaxing organization translates seamlessly for your yoga or wellness ebook.

8. Minimal Book by cardeo

Minimal Book Template

For those writers who value the beauty of simplicity, this Minimal Book template is available in red, black, or white, and uses Helvetica system font.

Notable E-Book Template

Another template for the minimalists: Notable by furnace offers three soft color options: Seafoam, Sienna, and Khaki. It is simple and clean, and includes eight pages.

10. E-book Template 4 by Demorfoza

E-Book Template 4

I like this template by Demorfoza for projects that are text dominant. With over 30 paragraph styles, small photos or graphics will look great alongside your writing in E-book Template 4.

Interactive E-Book Template

The title of this template says it all, this is an Interactive EBook that Looks Like an App. Great for phone readers, the template includes buttons like previous/next page, zoom in/out, and home menu.

12. E-book Template by designsoul14

Creative E-Book Template

Sometimes the photos are just as important as the text. Use this template by designsoul14 to highlight your cookbook or food writing with class. It works well with large photos, but also includes page layouts ready for text and recipes.

13. Medical E-book by sbanna71

Medical E-Book Template

The Medical E-book template works for not only medical or brochure writing, but unique page layouts like the timeline would work well for any historical writing. Your charts and infographics will be front and center in this template.

14. Annual e-Report 38 pages by denisdubrovin

 Annual e-Report Template

If a PowerPoint presentation just isn’t cutting it anymore, use this Annual e-Report template for your next report. Your graphs, calendars, and flowcharts will look great. As a cool bonus, this template can also include animations.

15. Corporate E-book Template Vol.3 by RoyalBlackStudio

Corporate E-Book Template

If animation isn’t a feature you need, use this Corporate E-book Template Vol. 3 by RoyalBlackStudio. It is super easy to edit and ready for you to plug in your text for a quick and professional creation.

16. E-Magazine by LeafLove

E-Magazine Template

LeafLove’s E-Magazine template is beautiful. Beyond just magazines, it’s also perfect for travel writing and photography, or as a mixed-media art anthology of creative writing and sketches.

Now that you’ve seen how great your book looks in Ebook form, are you ready for the next level? These book mockup templates can help you visualize what your project would look like in print:

17. Hardcover Book Mockup: Straight by uicanuck

18. Book Mockup – 7 Poses by smartybundles

19. Soft Cover Book Mockup by Genetic96

20. Comb Bound Book Mockups by StreetD

21. Square Book Mock-Up by L5Design

Looking for an Easier Option?

If you want to create an amazing mockup without using InDesign or other software, try Placeit. There you can choose your favorite book mockup from a large selection, and generate your mockup online. It’s so easy, and you can preview the results so that you know exactly what you’re getting before you download your mockup!

Or for more creative inspiration, head over to the Elements Blog to read up on the latest trendstipsinterviews and roundups

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