Quick Ways to Upgrade Your Social Media Design

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to your web design, but don’t fall short of maintaining your brand on social media.

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Social media pages have their own brand identities, yet you still need to make sure your business brand shines through within the confines of their respective design limits. Whether a future customer finds you on your Facebook page or on your homepage, your brand should be consistent and recognizable across the internet. Although you can’t customize font on social media, there’s still a lot of room to upgrade your social media design game so that visitors to your page still get a strong introduction to the design elements that make your brand unique. Check out some of the Elements that you can use to create a stand out social media presence for your business.


Facebook cover photos and Twitter headers are the first thing a visitor sees when coming to your page. Therefore it’s beyond important that your banner is crisp, clean, and engaging. Luckily, there are plenty of banner elements that are designed especially for this prominent location on your social media page and are easily customizable for your unique brand identity.

1. 80 Banners – Style Edition

With 80 banner options in one complete package and numerous themed banner packages, Web Donut will take your blog, website, or social media page to the next level. Banners are easily customizable and scalable to fit any size- especially those specs for Facebook and Twitter. Plus, for beginners, Web Donut makes it easy with video tutorials to walk you through the design process to ensure that your banner is ready to wow in no time!

2. Social Media Banners – Vol72

With 5 social media banners to choose from, Energy Themes is another banner creator with many options to upgrade your game. Up to 10 PSD templates are included per package, along with other social media offers, including fonts, CC0 images, and even a cheat sheet to keep your social designs straight. Although Energy Themes is geared toward Instagram, you can adjust the size of your designs to fit any social platform.

3. Social Media Sale Banners

For a more eye-popping attitude, opt for the attention-grabbing designs of Pure Solution in their Social Media Sale Banners package. Pure Solution is graphic design gold and will be sure to attract interest as the header of your social page. With vector shapes and layers, files are easy to edit in Photoshop and can be used in numerous formats. In addition, get started with Pure Solution to take your brand off social media with designs for email, newsletters, and print promotion.


Driving engagement on social media is all about getting those likes and shares and nothing is more likable or shareable than a well-designed social media graphic. Designing one unique to your brand is also a way to stand out across a social platform compared to sharing articles or simply posting text statuses that lose their distinct origin as they are passed from page to page. Keep your brand ownership of an idea strong by formatting it in a graphic that maintains the strength of your brand, no matter how far it goes across the social media-sphere.

1. Social Media Booster Kit 2

Pixel Buddha’s fun, lively graphics will make your social media pages POP with different theme to accentuate the vibrancy of your brand. Whether going after geometric or bold color-block trends or playing into the area of your expertise, like a fashion or lifestyle brand, Pixel Buddha offers several social media booster kits to transform your presence. Make your product marketing irresistible with their great graphics.

2. Social Media Kit

Specializing in both social media and website banners and graphics, Brandify Studio helps you to take action and “brandify” your social media page. Focusing mainly on color-coordinated graphics, your posts will be transformed into a cohesive representation of your company. Brandify Studio’s packages provide you with font files, 15 templates to mix-and-match, and 5 color options to align with your personal brand.


Social media icons have become ubiquitous and their design is pretty amazing– you would recognize that “F,” birdie, or polaroid-esque camera anywhere. However, when it comes to social media icons on your website or in your graphics, it’s your turn to take back the brand. Although a subtle touch, creating branded social media icons is a way to maintain consistency throughout your webpage.

1. Watercolors Social Icons

Have you caught the water(color) bug yet? Watercolor illustrations are all the rage when it comes to adding a careful touch of artistic whimsy to your personal or company online personality. If your brand is already on top of this trend, then Switzergirl’s watercolor social media icons will be perfect for your webpage. With these hand-drawn icons on your website, visitors will be drawn to admire and click to find out how to keep up with your brand on social media.

2. Social Media Icons Set 1 – Colored Series

And an expert in all things icon-related, Introwiz1 will step up your graphic game with a host of social media-related graphics for your page. Don’t just provide the basic icons for your social media pages, but suggest how your website visitors can interact, perhaps with a thumbs-up like, favorite star, or a chain hyperlink. Using Introwiz1’s different icon options is a great way to cut down on your website text content and integrate aspects of social media on your website. Get on the emoji level and try out your creativity with more icons to express your messaging.

There’s a lot to keep track of when it comes to your web design, but don’t fall short of maintaining your brand on social media. With a stylized banner and customized graphics, you can quickly transform your social media pages to stay consistent and create a uniform online presence with the company and website you’ve worked so hard to build. Then, upgrade your social icons to provide the perfectly branded portal to continue your website visitors’ engagement with your brand. With a simple investment, your social pages will become even more professional to strengthen your message and market the amazing products or services you have to offer.

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