Video Advertising Tips: How to Create Engaging Video Ads in 2022

Want to know how to create eye-catching video ads to reel in customers? Here’s a guide for how to create engaging video ads in 2022.

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Portrait for Anton LiaskovskyiBy Anton Liaskovskyi  |  Updated May 24, 2022

Most experts predict that video advertising will continue to boom in 2022. However, the ever-changing realities fueled by multiple factors – including the global pandemic – are shifting audience perception of video ads in terms of what content they want to consume. Brands that want to stay relevant need to keep up with these trends.

Want to know how to drive results through online video advertising? Here’s our guide to creating engaging video ads in 2022… 

1. Quality Storytelling is Still Key 

The value of quality storytelling still remains crucial in 2022. While telling an authentic story through professional video production was a privilege previously reserved for top-tier brands with substantial marketing budgets, online audiences are now moving away from the hyper-polished ad in favor of more authentic, relatable content. 

This means one thing: authenticity is now key for businesses wishing to engage new and loyal customers via digital video ads in 2022. 

Unlike premium brands, small and mid-sized businesses can leverage less expensive yet equally effective alternatives. You can tell a unique story by wrapping it in authentic messaging, using existing branded video content, and even including stock video footage to reduce costs. Another tactic is collaborating with micro influencers on TikTok or Instagram, which enables you to reach more specific market niches.

Another consideration for video advertising in 2022 is the growing importance of putting purpose over profit. Simply put, a company’s impact on society’s well-being has evolved from being a nice bonus to a crucial characteristic. Strong values and social awareness is now indispensable, and will directly affect customers’ perception of your brand.

Even though actions speak louder than words, effectively communicating your company’s stance on important societal issues will be a core aspect of a successful digital marketing strategy in 2022. 

While video advertising is a powerful aspect of any brand awareness campaign, combining the skills of video influencers with other types of digital ads on social media, digital media outlets or your website will undoubtedly have more impact. 

With the continual exponential growth of technology, online video advertising in 2022 will have a strong focus innovation. The sharp increase of interest in VR and AR ad capabilities will undoubtedly be fueled by the virality of the metaverse and its potential benefits for the digital video advertising industry. 

Whereas in 2021 everyone was talking about metaverse, in 2022, many will be trying out metaverse’s advertising capabilities for themselves. While the worldwide adoption of 5G has been slowed down due to supply chain shortages in the past 12 months, things are likely to bounce back which will spawn a new array of immersive video ad formats to be experimented with, and not just in the gaming arena. 

A great way to get started with immersive ads is to explore existing web XR tech solutions on the market, trial a demo video ad campaign, then expand based on the achieved results. In addition, launching limited in-game promo campaigns could be an effective advertising strategy for brands or businesses in the entertainment industry. 

Another trend we expect to take off in 2022 is short-form video content. Mostly streamed as TV (also CTV) specials, these will give way to short catchy clips on web and mobile apps. Given that viewers are being more conscious of their time spent online and also the volume of advertising content they consume, video ads should be short, visually stimulating, and feature lightning-fast loading times on all platforms and devices.

An efficient way to reduce video ad loading speed is by integrating video ads into AMP properties (e.g. AMP video ad tech by AdPlayer.Pro), whereas a more universal approach to a non-disruptive online video ad experience may require the use of outstream formats.

3. Be Aware of Contextual Relevance

As the deprecation of third-party cookies looms on the horizon, 2022 is the time for brands to harness the power of targeting and contextual relevance with their video ads. 

This not only means delivering video ads in their most contextually-relevant environment, but also keeping addressability and discoverability in mind. The latter happens to be especially important in the CTV advertising niche, where the issues of hyper targeting and overmatching are still rather frequent. 

Contextual targeting will definitely play a huge role in digital advertising in 2022. Therefore, brands need to take advantage of relevant tech solutions to test out themed-matched campaigns in editorial environments, and emotive matching capabilities in conventional in-stream segments. 

Guest Author: Anton Liaskovskyi

Anton Liaskovskyi is CEO of AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of outstream video advertising solutions. He’s a young entrepreneur and tech enthusiast, with over 10 years of career experience in PaaS and SaaS tech development. 

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