10 Video Measurement

Don’t set and forget your video marketing strategy. Use metrics to make informed decisions about how you move forward, again and again.

No video marketing campaign’s success can be assessed without some way of measuring and evaluating audience response. To do so, it’s critical to have the right analytics tools in place and to remember that the measurements that count the most are those that demonstrate how effectively a company is achieving its key business objectives.

Return to the marketing objectives set out during chapter 2 and identify the key performance indicators (KPIs). Now determine which of the video metrics you need to measure by KPI.

Video Marketing Metrics

Video marketing metrics reveal the way in which your video content is being consumed and give you a precise idea of what is and isn’t working in your video marketing approach.

What does it measure?

The amount of time that the average viewer spends watching your video. If they start to watch and then quickly switch to something else, this is a cause for concern because platforms like YouTube and Facebook place a lot of value on this metric.


YouTube takes watch time into consideration when they rank your videos for search and feature them as related videos. Facebook, on the other hand, uses a relevancy score to assess the response to your video ads. A higher watch time can increase your ad’s relevancy score, which in turn reduces the cost of delivery on the ads you’re running.

How can you improve?

  • Sequence videos in a linear fashion within your YouTube playlists.
  • Address long-tail keywords that require in-depth explanation and offer value.
  • Accurately represent your video through titles, thumbnails and descriptions.
  • Post at the optimum times, when your users are online and engaged.

What Does Success Look Like?

These brands create videos that capture audiences, smash goals and win awards.


In 2017, H&M launched a wildly successful marketing campaign to promote its collaboration with British designer brand, Erdem. This video, posted on H&M’s Instagram account, was directed by Baz Luhrmann and was part of a three month-long story, split into 50 unique posts and 14 Instagram Stories. The campaign gained more than 1 billion impressions and a reach of 292,872,737 – and, more importantly, the collection sold out in a matter of hours.

What can we learn?

Ok, so you can’t hire an Aussie auteur to shoot your film, or foot the bill for an extravagant runway show, but here’s what you can do:

  • When shooting your footage, keep in mind the platforms and formats you plan to use.
  • Think of your campaign as a story, with each piece of content adding to the narrative.
  • Feature talent that carries weight with your audience, whether that’s experts or employees (or both!).
  • Support video content with a range of other formats, from stills to blog posts.


Nothing Beats a Londoner is an epic video from Nike. Advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy were challenged to create a London-centric campaign and delivered an incredible video, featuring a selection of fiercely competitive young Londoners who are shaping the city’s sports scene. The campaign has close to a 90% view-through rate on VEVO, with London-based Google searches for Nike products up 93% following the ad’s launch.

The ad has also won a handful of awards, including Cannes Lions.

What can we learn?

  • Humor is key to grabbing your audience‘s attention (what’s wrong with Peckham, indeed?).
  • Create characters (real or fictional) that your audience can relate to.
  • Think about localizing your content, and whether that’s scalable for your business.


A round-up of popular search terms sounds like an interesting but unmemorable piece of content. Google, however, turned its Year In Search 2017 into a visually stunning, emotive and powerful video, which reinforced its value proposition as a brand that helps people connect and find the information that’s important to them. Along the way, it also managed to win a Webby Award for Best Art Direction and reach 19 million views (and counting!).

What can we learn?

  • Original footage isn’t essential; stock video or stills can be just as impactful.
  • Where possible, speak to the universal experiences of your audience.
  • Repackaging data in a visual format enables it to be more easily digested.

How Do I Build The Business Case For Video Marketing?

01Lead With Stats

The powerful statistics collected by Cisco, Wyzowl, HubSpot, and others, that indicate a global preference for video over text, and the myriad reasons for video’s meteoric rise over the past few years, make a convincing argument all on their own. You can complement external data with insights collected from previous video performance on your channels.

02Crunch The Numbers

With tools like Placeit’s Video Maker, that enable businesses to create videos quickly while keeping costs low, it’s easy to make the case for a strong ROI on video marketing.

03Use Case Studies

Find success stories from businesses that share similar characteristics and have executed video marketing campaigns that would resonate with your audience.

04Outline Your Strategy

Develop a video marketing strategy that aligns with your overall goals: identify SMART objectives and indicate how video marketing can help your company reach its KPIs.

05Propose A Test

A trial run is a non-threatening way for companies to wet their feet with a new venture, without feeling they’re in too deep. Set an achievable objective to start with, and use analytics to prove the success of your video campaign. This will enable you to demonstrate the value of video and understand what type of content resonates with your audience.

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