What is ‘Shuffles’ By Pinterest? How to Create a Cutout Collage

Learn how to use Shuffles by Pinterest to create trendy cutout collages and moodboards.

What Is Shuffles By Pinterest
Portrait for Kelsie RimmerBy Kelsie Rimmer  |  Updated August 15, 2023

Hold onto your hats, because there’s a new app in town! Shuffles by Pinterest is the latest iOS app on the social media scene, designed to complement Pinterests’ image library while capitalizing on the digital collage trend. While collage is an art form dating back to the early 20th Century, it’s recently made a resurgence due to the prevalence of cutout collages on social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, which has driven demand for digital collage-makers. 

Shuffles is a collage maker that allows you to create collages quickly and easily using images from Pinterest or your camera roll, animate them, and post them to Shuffles, Pinterest, and your other social media platforms. 

Want to know how Shuffles by Pinterest works, and how to use it to create moodboards and content for your brand? Read on for our review of the Shuffles app.

What Is Pinterest Shuffles?

Shuffles by Pinterest is a digital collage-making app that Pinterest developed. It was designed and built by the company’s incubator team, TwentyTwo, to help Pinterest expand its portfolio from an image pinboard and bookmarking site to a platform that can support the creator economy with content creation. Users of the app can create collages using images they’ve saved on Pinterest, the public Pinterest image library, and photos from their camera rolls.

Once you’ve created a collage using a mix of photos, gifs, color, and text, you can animate it using various options, including light leaks, snow, butterflies, rain, and VHS effects. You can send it privately to those you want to collaborate with or share it with the Shuffles community. 


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♬ Prosecco Wukileak – wüki

Shuffles is a social app, with other Shuffles users able to follow and engage with your content (including “reshuffling” your posts). However, we reckon one of the likeliest ways brands and creators will use the app is by downloading Shuffles and sharing them on other platforms. You can export your collage to post on any social media app, including a timelapse (MP4) that is perfect for sharing on Reels or TikTok. Here’s one we created for TikTok to jump on a trending sound.

How to Get Pinterest Shuffles?

Shuffles is now available to everyone! Once downloaded it from the app store, you can log into the app using your Pinterest profile – if you haven’t got one, be sure to set one up. Then you select to join the waitlist. In our experience, it takes about 12 hours to receive a notification that you have access to the app to start creating.

Is Pinterest Shuffles on Android?

Unfortunately, for non-iPhone users, Shuffles by Pinterest is currently available for iOS only.

How to Use Shuffles by Pinterest to Create Collages


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♬ Falling Angel – HCTM

In this step-by-step tutorial, we show you how to create a Shuffles by Pinterest collage using your Envato Elements subscription:

  1. Head to Envato Elements and start building a collection of assets you want to use in your collage.
  2. Download all your assets on a desktop and AirDrop them to your iPhone.
  3. Create a new Shuffle and import your assets from your camera roll.
  4. Think about your collage’s layers and what you want to be as your bottom layer, and then bring that asset in first.
  5. Then you can import different parts of the assets you have imported using the clipping tool.

You can customize your collage further by:

  • Using other images from Pinterest or your camera roll.
  • Adding text on top of the photos.
  • Using the pen tool to doodle and draw.

There are filter options you can use post-production. If you select the “Timelapse” filter, you can sink your collage to a trending sound on TikTok or Reels like we did with our Shuffle.

Once finished, save your collage to your Shuffles account, post it publicly on Shuffles by Pinterest, or download it to share via other platforms.

3 Ways to Use Shuffles by Pinterest for your Business

  • Moodboards: You can use Shuffles by Pinterest to create moodboards for internal purposes only – to share design ideas with your team and inspire creativity.
  • Product collages: Whether you’re a fashion brand or furniture designer, show off your latest collections with collages that demonstrate your color palette or inspiration.
  • Content creation: Collage is trending across Instagram and TikTok, so why not use collages to jump on the latest audio trends–matching your collage to the beat.

What Is a Cutout Collage?

Cutout collages are a creative trend that turns photo dumps into artistic masterpieces. You can mix and match the backgrounds and foregrounds of various images, creating a super aesthetic, crafty feel at the tap of a finger. 

You can utilize the background and foreground of each photo separately, which you then layer over the previous image, and so on. The outcome is a seamlessly layered artwork that resembles a green screen-based journal of all your memories, offering limitless creative possibilities.

Why Are Cutout Collages Trending?

Cutout collages combine the popularity of collage with the meteoric rise of video, repackaging the concept of photo dumps in a more creative, motion-friendly format. Instead of creating a carousel or video slideshow, cutout collages produce a trendy 3D render, displaying your photos in a cool and captivating way. 

Made famous by content creators like Labyrinth of Collages, cutout collages are reminiscent of old-school zines from the 90s and early noughties. They embody elements of grunge, nostalgia design, and the trendy Y2K aesthetic, which have exploded across social media, design, and fashion. 

While harnessing Photoshop or Procreate was the only way to create high-quality digital collages, apps such as Prequel, PicCollage, and Shuffles by Pinterest have made these masterpieces easier. Even Apple’s ‘photo cutout’ feature now allows iPhone users to lift the foreground of an image, then copy and paste it elsewhere – such as Notes or other apps.

If you want to learn how to create a collage in professional software, check out our course on collage animation in After Effects, our tutorial on how to make a Y2K art collage in Photoshop or our tutorial on how to make a colorful collage in Adobe Photoshop over on Envato Tuts+.

Collage Templates on Envato Elements

Suppose you want to get crafty by creating digital collages in Photoshop or other editing software. In that case, Envato Elements has a massive collection of photos, graphics, textures, fonts, and video templates perfect for layering. Here are some of the most crafty collage-inspired templates to add a creative edge to your content.

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