Adobe After Effects templates are pre-made project files broken down into editable layers, usually involving animated elements, motion graphics, typography and much more.

Templates give you a base to start from that you can then customize and adapt to suit your needs. Envato Elements has a large range of After Effects templates available to help you create engaging video. And the best bit? Everything is included in an Envato Elements subscription, so you can download as much as you like on a monthly or annual plan.

Speed up your workflow and bring your photos to life with these After Effects templates.

When you’re working on a video project, you usually have an idea of what you’d like to achieve. Using a professional video template is quicker and easier than starting from scratch. You’re also able to achieve effects that you may not yet feel confident enough to create yourself with Adobe After Effects.

If you’re wondering how to edit an After Effects template, the video template creators on Envato Elements often include a tutorial in the download, to help you get you started.

If you’re happy with the design, editing After Effects templates can be as simple as dropping your content into the provided placeholders. If you’d prefer to customize it to fit with your brand, then you can dig into further layers and update colors, fonts, animations, and most other elements.

A fresh and modern promo template for After Effects with a modular structure and full color control. The expressions are universal, and you won’t need any plugins to use this.

Brightly colored and bold in style, Product Promo is an eye-catching way to create a commercial video to show off products or stores at their best.

Turn up the volume with this entertaining promo created in neon style for After Effects. Perfect for a gig, event, or party.

Learning how to navigate new software effectively can be intimidating. One of the best things about using video templates is that they cater for different skill levels. If you’re a complete beginner, and you want to learn Adobe After Effects, then starting with a template is a great way to familiarize yourself with the layout and features. In conjunction, you can try some of our free After Effects online courses to top up your knowledge.

If you’re more advanced and you already know how to use After Effects templates, then you can start digging into the individual elements and make changes to suit your video, while getting a better understanding of how certain effects are achieved.

How to export video from After Effects

After Effects takes most of the hassle out of exploring video with really good pre-set options. As long as you know what the aim is for your output, you don’t need too much technical knowledge.

Can I use After Effects templates in Premiere Pro?

Parts of an After Effects template can usually be edited in Premiere Pro using the Essential Graphics Panel. In most cases you’ll need After Effects installed to do this.

How to install and edit an After Effects template

When you open a template in After Effects, you might need to install or replace fonts that have been used in its creation. Then look in the Project panel where the items are usually split into categories like Folders, Compositions, and Assets.

From intros and titles, to slideshows and lower thirds, find an AE template to fit your project.

Introduce your project in style with an Intro template. Intros are like trailers for your video, brand, or business – they show off what your project is about in an engaging and succinct way.

Brand awareness is so important and a logo is a big part of that. Creating an animated logo using a logo template will add value and start to build recognition for your business.

Title templates are similar to intro templates, but usually are more text heavy and for longer features. The style you choose for your titles should reflect your project as a whole.

Lower Thirds need to be eye-catching, easy to read and not too distracting from what you’re showing on screen. Thankfully, there are lots of professional, stylish template options to choose from.

Whether part of a presentation or simply a great way to show off photographs and video, slideshows are a useful tool. Slideshow template styles vary from wedding themes to modern corporate designs made for seminars.

Text effect templates allow you to animate the text in your video whether that’s text that swipes across the screen, text that appears to be typewritten, stomp text, a glitch effect or another type of text animation.

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