Create with After Effects Logo Templates

Revealing your logo to a new—or existing—audience is a big moment. As a representation of everything your brand stands for, there’s a lot to communicate in a short amount of time.

One of the best ways to showcase your branding in style is with an After Effects logo template. Animated logo reveals or ‘stings’ are exciting and dynamic; they convey your brand message, build instant recognition and ensure your branding sticks.

If you want to create a logo reveal using After Effects templates, Envato Elements has plenty of pre-made After Effects logo templates to choose from, all available with an unlimited creative subscription.

What Are Logo Templates?

After Effects logo templates are pre-animated motion graphics, designed to present your logo with impact. Also known as ‘logo reveal templates’, these project files are designed by professionals to add visual interest and excitement to your branding. 

Logo reveal templates bring your logo to life as animations and ensure you capture the attention of your viewers from the very first second. And the best part? They’re quick and easy to use—simply download a template of your choice, tailor it with your logo, colors, and any moving footage, and hit render. No more spending unnecessary hours building motion graphics from scratch in After Effects.

Benefits of Logo Templates

Save time

Using a logo reveal template gives you a leg up by saving you time on turning your branding into an effective motion graphic.

Fully customizable

Templates allow complete creative control. Adapt key components like colors, fonts, and text to align with your brand. 

Broadcast quality

Produced by professionals, you can achieve broadcast-quality results for your logo animation.

Who Uses Logo Templates?

Whether you’re an After Effects master or still finding your feet, logo templates will help you create impactful brand moments.

Whether you’re in the initial stages of learning After Effects or are an accomplished expert, logo templates can help convey a professional look for your brand with little time or effort needed in your production workflow.

Logos reveals, or ‘stings’, are often used to introduce your video, giving your audience the first look at your brand or providing context around what’s to come. And, you can reinforce familiarity or brand recall with a consistent intro that accurately reflects your business or content. 

Animating your logo allows you to capture attention while bringing your brand to life, to ensure you leave a lasting impression. 

Trending Logo Templates

Select an animated logo sting that will add a dynamic and exciting element to your video.

Head back to the future with this retro After Effects logo reveal template inspired by 80’s VHS and the increasingly popular glitch trend. Perfect for social media content!

Cyberpunk is having a major resurgence in the design world, and this After Effects logo sting template ticks all the boxes when it comes to the genre. Colors are adjustable.

Are you looking for an After Effects logo animation template that goes for gold? Make your video content shine with the help of this sparkling 3D designed Ae logo reveal.

Free Logo Templates

Free logo reveal templates give you all the benefits of introducing your brand with none of the costs.

You’ll be kicking goals with this free sports logo reveal template. Quick and impactful, this sting features a logo fading in over moving footage. 

Make a splash with your logo reveal! Colorful splashes come together in a liquid explosion to unveil your logo in this free template. 

Let your logo shine bright through this logo reveal template, with a quick and colorful flickering neon light that fades to black.

How to Use Logo Templates in After Effects

Discover the best way to harness an animated logo template to complement your brand.

Using After Effects logo sting templates is a no-brainer. It’s cost-effective – particularly if you don’t have a design resource. You have full creative control without needing to know After Effects inside out, and logo reveal templates provide inspiration, or at least a jumping-off point, for your project.

When working with After Effects logo templates, we recommend that you choose wisely, maintain consistency, and customize your template with your brand colors. Follow our tutorial for more tips. 

After Effects for Beginners Course

Follow along with our free 12-part After Effects 101 course, including bonus FAQs.

After Effects is not an entry-level video editing tool. However, with our free After Effects for beginners course, you can soon get to grips with the intricacies of the software. Head to Envato Tuts+ for a step-by-step series of lessons, starting from the basics with panels and settings to more advanced topics like spatial interpolation.

With instructor Dave Bode, you’ll build up your confidence in no time and start trying more exciting techniques to get the most out of your Adobe video editing suite.

After Effects Logo Collections

Picks for nearly every purpose. Explore the best After Effects templates to boost your brand.

From clean and corporate to rad retro designs, have a look at our top picks for animated After Effects logo sting templates.

Animating your logo is now easier than ever. Explore our top After Effects logo animation templates for a modern and professional look.

Game on! We’re highlighting six of the best After Effects templates for eSports to make sure your logo delivers action and impact.

Leave your animation to the experts! Explore our list the best logo animation templates for After Effects, designed by the professionals.

You’ve only got a few seconds to showcase your logo, so make it count. Browse our top logo animation templates for inspiration. 

Whether you need a new intro for your YouTube channel or you’re promoting a new product, these templates can help.

Logo Template FAQs

After Effects logo templates can be used to add impact and excitement to your branding. Simply import your template of choice into After Effects and replace the placeholder logo with your own. Customize any text, animations, or colors and hit render.

Once you’ve imported your logo template into After Effects, go to the Timeline panel and find the logo layer—it’s generally titled something like “Your Logo Here”. Double click on this layer to edit, then drag and drop your logo into the panel. Finally, turn off the placeholder logo.

Before you animate your logo in After Effects, you need to establish what type of animation you want to achieve—for example, expanding, rotating, or morphing. Then, import your logo file into After Effects, bring up the Timeline panel to view and manage layers, and edit the position, scale, rotation, and opacity of your logo elements to create animations.

If you’re looking for a specific animation or want to cut down on production time, logo templates are a great resource.

More After Effects Templates

An After Effects video slideshow template is a great tool for displaying your photos in an effective and engaging format.

No movie is complete without a compelling opening title sequence. From trailer to wedding titles, AE title templates have a serious impact.

Whatever the topic of your video, grab an intro template and use Adobe After Effects to make an intro that sets it up for success.

Whether you want social media lower thirds or YouTube lower thirds, these minimalist templates will keep your content consistent.

From shaky and typewriter text to animation and glitch, start experimenting with the text in your videos using After Effects text templates.

You don’t need to be an expert animator to make great videos. Let animation templates do the hard work next time you use After Effects.

Used With Logo Templates

Bring your logo to life with additional creative assets that complement your brand.

A logo reveal isn’t just about the visuals. Our library of logo and ident audio tracks will help you score the perfect sound to amplify your logo’s impact.

Finding the perfect backdrop is easy with near-endless stock video. Add eye-catching effects or overlays to put the finishing touches on your logo reveal.

Master the perfect mood for your logo reveal with an expertly-composed music track. Sort by genre, mood, instrument, for ease of discovery.

Alternative Logo Templates

Logo templates for every video editor, no matter what platform powers your production workflow.

For producers who prefer to edit in Premiere Pro, the Envato Elements library has hundreds of logo stings to suit every project and style.

DaVinci Resolve logo templates are here! Define your brand with an opener that holds attention and shines a light on your logo.

Need an animated logo template fit for Final Cut Pro? Bring your brand to life with hundreds of expertly-designed templates to choose from. 

Harness the power of this incredible compositing tool. Explore the growing library of Apple Motion logo templates on Envato Elements.

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