Create with After Effects Slideshow Templates

A slideshow video is a great way of presenting your visual content. You get the excitement of motion graphics but you don’t need to go out and shoot moving footage. There are a variety of ways to make slideshows, from a slideshow maker to using After Effects templates. If you’re looking for a professional After Effects photo slideshow then Envato Elements has thousands of options.

Whether it’s a corporate template for your next slideshow presentation or a romantic template for a wedding slideshow video, enjoy the benefits and flexibility of adding effects, design features and visual animations when you use After Effects slideshow templates.

What Are Slideshow Templates?

After Effects slideshow templates are pre-designed, customizable project files that can be used to kick-start your video project. After Effects templates can help video editors—both new and experienced—make sense of the software and develop new skills in the process.

Slideshow templates allow you to create an entire video with ease. Simply download your favorite template from a library of high-quality digital assets like Envato Elements, customize text, colors, logos, and other design elements, and hit render. Our slideshow templates are designed by experts, so you can rest assured your project will make an impact.

Benefits of Slideshow Templates

Save time

Create a captivating slideshow in a matter of minutes with a professionally crafted After Effects template.

Keep it simple

A slideshow template will help you keep your video concise while still capturing the emotion and story.

Tell a story

Our slideshow templates have been designed to help you share your story in an engaging and memorable way. 


Ensure your slideshow is unique and visually suits the story you’re telling by customizing the template to your needs.

Showcase your product

Capture the attention of your target market with a slideshow that truly personifies your brand and product.

Easy to watch

Slideshows offer a digestible viewing experience marked by smooth transitions, minimal dialogue, and maximum mood.

Who Uses Slideshow Templates?

After Effects slideshow templates can be used to showcase products, celebrate your team, create tutorials or share experiences.

From the newly acquainted through to the video expert, After Effects slideshow templates can help any team or producer deliver stunning presentations for every occasion.

Showcase your products or services in an engaging and professional video to build your brand and engage new customers. From highlighting a new travel destination to exposing avant-garde fashion or 5-star food and drink, a slideshow template gives you all you need to create a feast for the eyes. 

Take your audience through helpful how-to tutorials, so they can gain the most value from your product and approach it with ease. Make the achievement of a company milestone extra memorable, celebrate your team, or share your personal experiences with a creative and emotive slideshow. 

Trending Photo Slideshow Templates

Speed up your workflow and bring your photos to life with these After Effects slideshow templates.

This stylish After Effects slideshow template can be used for photos or moving footage. It would be perfect for a sports trailer or TV show opener and it has a modern, urban aesthetic.

A vintage After Effects photo slideshow template with a video tutorial included to simplify the experience. Suitable for a company event or even personal holiday photos.

Looking for a minimal slideshow template for After Effects? This multi-purpose slide design is the perfect way to present your family birthday and holiday memories, or inspiring images.

Trending Wedding Slideshow Templates

Celebrate a special event in style with these romantic slideshow templates for After Effects.

In need of an After Effects template for a wedding slideshow or Valentine’s Day promo? This classic slideshow is easy to customize and features soft fadeouts and rose petals.

Prepare for the big day with a romantic wedding slideshow for After Effects. This wedding template is designed like a flipbook to showcase photos from your romantic event.

Savor the memories from your wedding day–or create a lovely memento for a family member who is getting married–with this elegant After Effects wedding slideshow template.

Trending Travel Slideshow Templates

After Effects travel templates enable you to create stunning travel videos in no time.

Out for adventure? This multi-purpose After Effects video template makes a great travel video project, including a free tutorial and drag and drop capability for your travel footage.

If you’ve had an epic travel experience or want to showcase a tourist hotspot then this travel slideshow for After Effects is your best bet for bringing a location to life for your audience.

Need a travel photo slideshow? While this After Effects photo slideshow template is flexible for use with different kinds of content, we think travel and adventure would make a great fit.

Free Slideshow Templates

Seeking ultimate value or looking to upskill in After Effects? Get started with these freebies.

An elegant and professional slideshow that incorporates letterbox transitions, this free template features clean lines and minimal design to make your content pop.

The name says it all. Featuring elegant transitions of overlapping transparent layers with subtle shadows, this template will help you remember your special day.

Looking for a classic retro vibe? This slideshow template will wind back the clock on your photo collection with a polaroid-style frame and lens flares.

Top Tips For Video Slideshows

Need to brush up on your skills? These are our top tips for slideshow success.

Select the right template

Your slideshow template should match your video’s theme. This will help set the scene, reduce editing time and ensure you capture the desired emotion.

Use high-quality content

Photo or footage quality can make or break a video. Utilize HD files, with 720p or 1080p for video and at least 2000 pixels in height and width for imagery.

Match your video to music

A melody is essential for setting the mood. The Envato Elements library offers 90,000+ music tracks so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect sound.

Leave space for text

When selecting your footage, leave adequate space for titles, text and lower thirds. Ensure all text is concise but visible so your message comes through.

Use clear calls to action

When using a slideshow to market a product or service or encourage viewers to take action, ensure you prompt them with a clear call to action.  

Consider transitions

An engaging slideshow relies on seamless transitions that suit the genre of your video. Browse the Envato Elements library for inspiration.

How to Make a Video Slideshow in After Effects

Want to know how to make a photo slideshow in After Effects? This tutorial gives you the low-down. But first, you might want to familiarize yourself with the After Effects software.

Take a look at our free After Effects for Beginners course over on Envato Tuts+ where we take you through everything you need to know about using Adobe After Effects.

Next, download an After Effects slideshow template, open the project in After Effects, follow this guide, and away you go!

After Effects Slideshow Tutorials

Learning how to make a photo slideshow in After Effects can take time. Discover how to create and edit like a pro with these tutorials.

Whether you’re looking to collate plant, animal, or landscape photography, this tutorial includes everything you need to know about creating a nature slideshow.

Video is a great way to stop the scroll on Facebook. Learn how to make a captivating video slideshow in After Effects that will keep your audience’s attention.

Create professional and engaging presentations by using one of these corporate slideshow templates. Plus, we highlight our top 10 corporate templates.

After Effects Slideshow Collections

No matter the theme or event, these are the best After Effects templates for telling your story.

We’re showcasing the top slideshow templates from Envato Elements to ensure your video presentation makes more than just a momentary impact.

Weddings all about unforgettable, picture-perfect scenes. Once the confetti has settled, curate your favorite snaps with one of these slideshow templates.

Breathe life into your photos with our top photo slideshow templates for After Effects. These picks will help you deliver impactful projects in no time.

For the fashion-focused! Check out our top video templates for colorful fashion productions, including promo reels, opening videos, and slideshow templates.

Crafting a business presentation? These slideshow templates are tailored to corporates, with clean professional designs that will help you succeed.

From the classic mosaic style to parallax and watercolor, these animated slideshow templates will help bring your still frame photos to moving life.

Slideshow Template FAQs

After Effects slideshow templates can be used for many types of projects. They can provide a captivating summary of a new product, an eye-catching overview of a business, or an emotive recap of a wedding or family holiday. Slideshow templates are easy to import and customize within After Effects so anyone—from new filmmakers to advanced editors—can create video slideshows with ease. 

Both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects can be used to make a video slideshow. Which software you decide to use will depend on your familiarity with the program and the end goal for your project. Many filmmakers choose to create elements like lower thirds and motion graphics in After Effects as the program offers more complex editing tools. They will then import these into Premiere Pro to build the complete video. Those who are less familiar with After Effects may choose to build a complete slideshow video in Premiere Pro using a slideshow template. 

Once you’ve imported your slideshow template into After Effects, editing is easy. Simply use the Timeline panel to move between layers and edit text, transitions, fonts, and colors. You will also be able to replace placeholder images and moving footage with your own content.

Once you’ve customized the template to your liking, you can render and export your video slideshow. To learn more about editing in After Effects from the ground up, check out our complete course on Envato Tuts+.

More After Effects Templates

If you need more than a slideshow, discover the right After Effects template for your project, from lower thirds to titles and intros. Learn more about using After Effects Templates.

Get to grips with how to edit video intros in After Effects and ensure your video is off to a good start with After Effects intro templates.

Arguably the most important part of any video. Learning how to make titles in After Effects you can ensure your title animation hits the mark.

An animated logo reveal should bring your brand to life. Discover the basics of logo design in After Effects.

Lower thirds provide context to your viewers. Use After Effects lower thirds templates to ensure your text is clean and consistent.

From typewriter text to bounce text, learn how to animate text in After Effect using After Effect text presets and templates.

Start spreading the news and attract an audience with our ultimate curation of the best broadcast templates for After Effects.

Used With Slideshow Templates

Access all the creative tools you need to help you tell your story.

A picture is truly worth a thousand words when conveying your story through a slideshow. Capturing the moment is easy with millions of high-quality photos at your fingertips.

Music plays a vital role in a slideshow video. Whether you need a slow stirring track or something boldly cinematic, our library can help you hit all the right notes.   

Whether you need to fill out your footage or add the final touches, like a shower of celebratory confetti or a picturesque landscape, we’ve got stock video in high supply.

Alternative Slideshow Templates

More than just After Effects! Explore slideshow templates suited to any video production software.

If Premiere Pro powers your presentations, there are thousands of slideshow templates within reach—from wedding to corporate, travel, and everything in between.

We haven’t forgotten DaVinci Resolve! The software is gaining traction and now there’s another reason to use it, with hundreds of striking slideshow templates.

Create bold and beautiful slideshows in Final Cut Pro with hundreds of templates that are sure to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Collate your memories or showcase your ideas with a professionally-designed Apple Motion slideshow template. Ready to download and customize!

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