Create with After Effects Text Templates

Text in a video is pivotal to providing context for viewers, particularly when it’s being watched without sound. To ensure a seamless viewing experience and get the most impact from your video, text should be concise, engaging and blend into your project. 

After Effects text templates allow you to create captivating captions, text graphics and animations, without spending days in production. Text templates also enable you to experiment with different types of typography and text effects. When you have an Envato Elements subscription you get access to unlimited After Effects templates for your projects, so you can keep searching until you find the perfect type.

What Are Text Templates?

After Effects text templates are pre-designed effects that present your text in eye-catching ways. A text template allows you to animate the text in your video—whether that’s text that swipes across the screen, text that appears to be typewritten, stomp text, a glitch effect, or another type of text animation.

If you’re looking to save time in the editing room, text templates are especially useful. After Effects text templates allow you to create broadcast-quality motion graphics without the stress of starting from scratch.

Simply choose a template from the Envato Elements library and customize with your fonts, colors, and sounds.

Benefits of Text Templates

Save time

Articulate your message in a creative way with less time and effort by using a text template for After Effects.

Fully customizable

After Effects text templates are fully customizable, so you can tailor text, colors, and fonts to suit your brand.

Broadcast quality

Templates are created by experts so you can achieve professional results no matter your level of expertise.

Who Uses Text Templates?

Anyone with a base understanding of Adobe After Effects can create memorable video projects with text templates.

Whether you’re brand new to text animation or an accomplished professional, our text templates can improve and accelerate your production workflow. Animated typography helps convey your message by highlighting key ideas and providing additional context to viewers. Plus, you can control the tempo to alter the reading speed and create a sense of energy or urgency around what you’re communicating.

By incorporating animated typography, your content becomes instantly more accessible since your viewer no longer needs to hear your video to understand the message or intention. This flexible viewing experience also increases your audience’s ability to recall details from your video, meaning your message won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Trending Text Animation Templates

Watch your words take motion with the help of an animated After Effects text template, whether it’s a stomp opener, text box animation or a pack of animated tiles.

Enjoy ultimate flexibility with this After Effects text template featuring 30 smoothly animated titles. You can change the color, size and position of your desired text in just a few clicks.

This creative text animation template for After Effects would be great for a broadcast or IGTV video. There are various different types of text animation included, from abstract to glitch.

There are 20 text box animations included in this After Effect text template bundle including 3d boxes and lower thirds with adjustable box sizes, animated rotation, and easy controls.

How to Animate Text in After Effects

Free After Effects Course

In this lesson from our free After Effects course on Envato Tuts+, instructor Dave Bode will walk you through how to animate text in After Effects. If you’re new to After Effects, we suggest that you start from the beginning of the course first.

This more advanced lesson doesn’t require a template so you’ll be learning how to animate 3D text in After Effects from scratch. There’s an accompanying video on how to create your own text animation After Effects template too.

What Is Fast Typography?

Learn why fast typography has swept the video world and the templates you need to embrace the trend.

The popularity of fast typography text animation has increased over the last four years since Apple launched its iconic “Don’t Blink” stomp video. It spurred a slew of fast typography video copycats that make use of sped up text and our modern propensity to speed read.

In a nutshell, the basic concept of a stomp video is to display text word-by-word, in bite sized chunks, rapidly, one after the other. This increases the average rate of words-per-minute that are displayed on the screen and enables you to get across your message quickly and succinctly.

How to Make Glitch Text Effects

The glitch effect is on trend right now. It’s synonymous with the retro design style of the 80s which has taken hold over the last few years, thanks to reboots of classic 1980s films like Bladerunner and Dune. We’ve seen the glitch text effect used frequently in video content from music videos to advertising.

You can produce your own glitched-out text with this course on how to create a modern glitch animation in After Effects – alongside glitch After Effects templates.

After Effects Text Collections

Take your type up a level with the best templates for After Effects.

Create captivating text animations with our curated list of the top templates for After Effects—these designs are sure to make a statement. 

Whether you need a fun and playful scribble or a delicate and romantic script, perfect penmanship is in reach with these handwriting text templates.

Remove the time and effort of resizing your text with this selection of auto-resizing text templates. Text boxes will automatically resize as you type!

Explore our selection of the top kinetic typography animation templates from Envato Elements. They’re bound to supply you with inspiration for your next project.

Learn how to use a Curva Script—a bit of programming that adds extra features to After Effects—to beautifully animate script text in your projects.

You don’t have to master 3D animation to create a text effect with depth. Simply turn to our top 3D text templates and bring your type to life in no time.

Text Template FAQs

Most After Effects text templates are rendered with a transparent background—think of them like PNG image files. That means overlaying text templates on video is as simple as importing the template into After Effects (either via the menu bar, by dragging and dropping, or using a keyboard shortcut) and moving it to the right position on the Timeline. Then, simply customize your text, font, and on-screen location.

Editing text is simple in After Effects. Simply click on your text layer via the Timeline and customize the color, size, and font in the Text panel that pops up on the right-hand side.

First, open your text template in After Effects. In the Timeline panel, you should be able to view all layers—anything marked with a ‘T’ icon relates to text. Select the text layer you want to edit and customize the text via the main animation area. You can also update the text properties via the Text panel, including any animations.

To learn more about text editing in Adobe After Effects, check out our complete course on Envato Tuts+, which includes lessons on text animation, creating lower thirds, and building 3D text from scratch. 

More After Effects Templates

From slideshows to lower thirds, learn how to use After Effects template types.

Surprise and delight your viewers with a simple animated slideshow template to showcase the best of your photos.

Let your titles do the talking with the help of these AE title templates for a cinematic look and feel.

Get your logo moving and make it memorable. An After Effects template can take the hard work out of logo animation.

Simple text, shapes, and colors in your lower thirds can help you tell your story and keep viewers focused on the right things.

Ensure your introduction entices viewers for the long-haul with a video intro template for After Effects.

You don’t need to be an expert animator to make great videos. Let animation templates do the hard work for you in After Effects.

Used With Text Templates

It’s the details that help tell your story. Master them with these key creative assets.

It’s not simply what your text says, but how it’s styled that sets the tone and mood for your video. Choose from thousands of fonts to create your desired effect. 

Whether you need to drop in a backdrop, or simply round off your story with supplementary B-roll, our stock footage library helps you put the final polish on your project.

Music plays a prominent role in storytelling: evoking emotion, creating a mood, and making it memorable. Ensure your video hits the right notes with thousands of music tracks.

Alternative Text Templates

Meet your every typographic need no matter what software you choose. 

If you handle all your editing in Premiere Pro, discover thousands of text templates to incorporate into your projects on Envato Elements.

For DaVinci Resolve producers, we have hundreds of text templates to help share your message in a professional and creative way.

If Final Cut Pro is your go-to tool for production, you can find the perfect text template for communicating to your audience here in our collection. 

Communicate to your audience in style with our ever-growing library of Apple Motion text templates. Browse by category or keyword.

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