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Once the industry standard for color grading, DaVinci Resolve has grown into one of the most powerful and all-encompassing video editing programs on the market. On top of offering advanced editing, motion graphics, and compositing tools, DaVinci Resolve is completely free, making it one of the best options for both aspiring and professional video editors.

As any video creator will know, no editing toolkit is complete without access to a library of high-quality video templates. At Envato Elements, we pride ourselves on making the production process easier for editors, and we’ve got a library of DaVinci Resolve templates available with unlimited downloads—all for a single monthly or annual subscription.

What Are DaVinci Resolve Templates?

DaVinci Resolve templates are pre-made project files that can be downloaded and customized to create professional-quality, original video content. DaVinci Resolve templates are broken down into nodes that represent graphics, text boxes, animations, transitions, buttons, and so on.

Learning how to use video templates provide a base to start from that you can then tailor to suit the needs of your project and brand. While beginner video editors might simply update the placeholder elements of a template with original footage and branding, professional editors often use DaVinci Resolve templates as a jumping-off point for more advanced edits. Those less experienced with DaVinci Resolve might also use templates as a tool to develop and improve their skills.

Benefits of DaVinci Resolve Templates

Save time

Don’t build from the ground up. Templates help you go from concept to render in minutes.

Fully customizable

Templates can be a great starting point. Simply download and tailor with original footage, text, and branding.

Save money

Using templates means you won’t have to start from scratch everytime—and time is money, after all.

Professional quality

DaVinci Resolve templates are built by professional video editors so you can achieve expert results.


From catchy openers to slick transitions, Envato Elements has a wide range of templates to explore.

Improve your skills

Video templates are clearly organized and easy to dissect, making them a great learning resource for novice editors.

Who Uses DaVinci Resolve Templates?

No matter the skill level, anyone can use DaVinci Resolve templates to streamline their video workflow. 

YouTube is a competitive market. Anyone looking to compete on this platform needs a toolkit of high-quality video templates available to create engaging openers, logo reveals, calls to action, and more.

Motion Graphics Designers

Motion graphics designers often use templates as a base to speed up production times. They’ll download a pre-designed DaVinci Resolve template and build on top of it to save time in editing. 

Video Editors

Video editors use templates to create broadcast-quality content. While professional video editors will use templates as a springboard or for inspiration, amateur editors use them to achieve advanced results.

Trending DaVinci Resolve Templates

Keep your finger on the pulse. Discover the top trending DaVinci Resolve templates on Envato Elements.

Grab your audience’s attention with this exciting glitch transition. Simply drag and drop onto the timeline and watch as your scenes warp into each other. 

Who said presentations had to be boring? Share your portfolio with this bright and colorful template, featuring captivating graphics and smooth transitions.

Be bold! This fast-paced, 90s-inspired promo template packs a punch and is the perfect way to showcase your brand, product, or upcoming event.

Free DaVinci Resolve Templates

Looking for a few ideas to get you started? Explore these free DaVinci Resolve templates from MixKit.

Short and sweet! Get your message across quickly with this text animation template, featuring fast-changing background colors and a lingering logo reveal.

Encourage new subscribers with this animated channel container. There’s space for your name, branding, and tagline, as well as the all-important subscribe button.

Your audience won’t forget this entrance! This simple yet effective twist and drop logo title is ideal for introducing or reinforcing your brand on YouTube, social media and your website.

Learn DaVinci Resolve

Ready to level up your DaVinci Resolve skills? You’ll love our free Color Grading for Beginners courseIn this comprehensive course from Envato Tuts+, presenter and video editor Tom Graham will take you through the layout of DaVinci Resolve, how to set up your project using scene cut detection, how to read scopes, how to use noise detection for clean skin tones, how to use film grain for cinematic looks, and much more.

If you’re new to DaVinci Resolve or you’re looking to develop your skills in this popular video software, this course is for you. You’ll be a colorist in no time!

DaVinci Resolve Tutorials

Develop your skills with our top tutorials for DaVinci Resolve—covering everything from color correction to audio effects.

DaVinci Resolve has some powerful color correction capabilities. Learn how to use this software to quickly and easily match colors between clips.

Create a classic phone call effect in just a few clicks. It’s a simple modification that can have a big impact on your video!

After color correcting, you’ll need to export your clips so they can be relinked in the editor. Take the guesswork out with this helpful video guide.

Resolve’s Fairlight audio tool makes removing unwanted noise easy. Discover how to clean up your audio in this step-by-step tutorial.

Scopes provide invaluable insight into your footage and help you achieve consistency between shots. Get started with scopes in this tutorial video from Envato Tuts+.

If your audio has been recorded externally from the camera, you may need to sync it with your video footage. Learn more in this guide.

DaVinci Resolve Templates Collection

We’ve collated the top DaVinci Resolve templates to make your next video project pop.

The ultimate YouTube toolkit is just a click away. From openers to end screens and everything in between, we’ve got video templates for every YouTuber.

Give your viewers a reason to keep watching. These opener templates will help you set the tone and grab the audience’s attention from the get-go.

Marketers, influencers, and social media managers will love this list of Instagram Story templates, perfect for building your brand and engaging with your audience.

Create seamless cuts between clips. We’ve compiled a list of the top transition templates for DaVinci Resolve over on Envato Tuts+, including a few freebies!

Elevate your ideas or relive your memories with these top-notch slideshow templates. Our templates cover everything from corporate presentations to romantic wedding albums. 

The perfect lower thirds titles are clear and effective. Explore top templates—from news tickers to glitch titles—and communicate important information with ease.

Want viewers to remember you? Keep your branding front and center with these captivating logo stings, designed for brands, businesses, and influencers.

YouTube Shorts are a must-try for contributors who want to grow their channel and subscriber base. Save time in editing with these professionally-designed templates.

A film title is about getting your audience excited—and a documentary opener is no different. Discover some of our favorite documentary title templates in this list.

DaVinci Resolve FAQs

The full version of DaVinci Resolve 17 is completely free. Users can upgrade to Resolve Studio and unlock more features with a one-time fee of US$295, however many video editors find the free version is sufficient for most projects.

Yes. Fusion, DaVinci Resolve developer Blackmagic’s powerful compositing software, is integrated as part of DaVinci Resolve 17. When you open a Fusion template in DaVinci Resolve, you’re actually using Fusion within Resolve.

Open DaVinci Resolve, click into the Effects Library, and select the Edit Templates folder. If you’re a Windows user, you should see three folders here – Generators, Titles, and Transitions. For Mac users, you’ll need to click the ellipses icon in the top right, which will bring up a Finder window called Edit. In here you will find four folders – Effects, Generators, Titles, and Transitions. 

Next, open your downloaded template folder and, for Mac users, copy and paste all template files into the corresponding folder in “Edit”. For Windows users, you can simply drag and drop the files into the correct folder in DaVinci Resolve. Close and restart DaVinci Resolve and your templates will appear in the Effects Library ready for use.

Editing templates is easy in DaVinci Resolve thanks to the node-based workflow. To edit any part of a template, simply click on the relevant node to open the inspector. Here you’ll be able to change text, colors, animation speeds, and much more. 

No, Premiere Pro templates can’t be used in DaVinci Resolve–and vice versa. Premiere Pro templates are exported as specific file types and are not compatible with other programs, such as Resolve and Final Cut Pro. Many video template creators, however, will recreate the same template for different software types, so it’s worth checking out Envato Elements to see if the template you like has been created for DaVinci Resolve as well. 

Types of DaVinci Resolve Templates

Harness the power of DaVinci Resolve with templates—from openers and titles to promos and lower thirds.

Entice your audience with the perfect intro. Our library of professional opener templates includes modern, urban, corporate, sports-themed designs, and much more.

Add context and share additional information with lower thirds templates. There’s a design to suit every brand, genre, and style in our ever-growing library.

Text templates come in all shapes and sizes—from animated to 3D, neon, and glitch. The hardest part is choosing only one for your video!

You don’t have to be a pro to create a compelling logo reveal. Browse the library of logo templates available with an Envato Elements subscription.

Titles are often considered an art form. Create a masterpiece of your own with a customizable title template that shares your important information with flair.

Promote your services and grow your following with broadcast-quality promo templates. These templates are ready to be downloaded, customized, and shared.

Used With DaVinci Resolve Templates

Enhance your video project with a range of additional assets, available as part of your Envato Elements subscription.

Every video creator needs a library of graphics at their fingertips. From backgrounds to textures and illustrations, there are thousands to discover on Envato Elements.

Behind every great video is a soundtrack that supports the storyline and sparks emotion. Our music tracks have been created by professionals to help make your video ‘sing’.

Use stock video to set the scene or fill gaps in your project. Envato Elements has two million+ pieces of stock footage, so there’s something to save every video editor time in production.

Whether it’s a crowd chattering in the background or a school bell ringing, the right sound effect can add the finishing touch to your video. Explore our library now.

Unveil your logo or brand with impact. Logos and idents music tracks have universal appeal and will help you get your message across quickly and effectively.

Add excitement to your film with a creative typeface. From titles to lower thirds and captions, font is a great way to support your story and reinforce the genre you’re working in.

Alternatives to DaVinci Resolve

Interested in video templates for alternative video editing software? Learn how to use the following templates.

Adobe users rejoice—and enjoy access to thousands of After Effects templates. From motion graphics to logo reveals, there’s something for every project on Envato Elements. Find tips on how to use them.

Prefer to edit in Premiere Pro? We’ve got you covered too! Browse 8,000+ professionally designed video templates and get a head start on your next project. Read our tips on how to use them.

If Apple Motion is your weapon of choice, you’ll love our library of compatible templates. Plus, unlimited downloads means you can try every single one. Learn more about how to use them.

It’s considered the industry standard for a reason… Create broadcast-quality video content with our range of customizable Final Cut Pro templatesLearn what they are and how to use them.

Why Video Editors Love Envato Elements

“As a self-taught video creator, I find I use Envato Elements more and more every month. I use stock video for B-Roll by matching colors in the editing room to my footage. I adapt abstract video images with masks and overlays to create unique special effects. I created a successful professional music video using stock video from Envato Elements as my main story and many viewers are convinced I shot the whole thing with talent, crew, props, and different locations.

I would recommend Envato Elements to other creators because its affordable price doesn’t hold you back from being creative. Browsing the libraries actually inspires your workflow. Endless possibilities at my fingertips give me confidence in the editing room and when sitting with a client for the first time.”

Eric Hinch, Hinchalot Films

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Unlimited downloads

Download as many digital assets as you like, as often as you need.

Cancel anytime

We’ve made canceling your subscription quick and easy—no strings attached. 

Premium quality

We hold our authors to high standards, so all assets are consistently high quality.

New assets added daily

With new items added daily, there’s always something to inspire. 

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