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Facilitating knowledge, information and good time management skills are all important and at times challenging parts of teaching and learning. During the recent global pandemic, remote online learning or eLearning has become the new normal and poses a different set of challenges for educators; motivation and engagement are the number one concerns for both teachers and students.

Having the right digital learning resources for your classroom is more important than ever and creating engaging content with Envato Elements is a great way to present information and keep a classroom interested.

Teachers can benefit from the large bank of eLearning templates, tutorials, and resources available. Meanwhile, students have access to a wealth of digital assets and can use these to present ideas, assignments or express themselves creatively.

What Are Education Templates?

Educational templates are used daily by educators and students to learn, express, and challenge themselves.

Educational or eLearning templates are pre-designed project files that make teaching and learning easy and engaging. Online education templates can be downloaded and customized quickly so you can create high-quality presentations, courses, lessons, assignments, and more without spending days on design.

Using eLearning templates and digital design tools is a must for virtual classrooms because having the right materials means delivering the best student and teacher outcomes. 

Templates can create unique resources that improve engagement, plus they’re super fun and easy to use. Using infographics, posters, videos, graphic resources, and presentation templates saves time and enables you to create visually appealing and forward-thinking tools that get your message across quickly. 

Benefits of Education Templates

Easy and convenient

Pre-designed academic templates are simple and easy to customize, so you can create high-quality assets in record time.

Source of inspiration

Sick of reusing the same boring design for your presentations? Templates provide a great starting point or source of inspiration.

Save money

Access all the assets you need for a single monthly or annual cost. No limits and no extra fees.

Save time

Create high-quality presentations, posters, flyers, infographics, and more in just a few clicks.

Guaranteed quality

eLearning templates are designed by experts, so you can rest assured you’re using the best resources possible.

Unlimited downloads

When we say unlimited we mean it. Download all the photos, graphics, templates, designs, and tutorials you need.

Who Uses Education Templates?

eLearning templates can be used by students and teachers in virtual and physical classrooms across the globe.

Educational templates are designed to navigate every classroom—whether online or physical. Our resources are imaginative and dynamic and are a great way for both teachers and students to share, connect and learn.

Online education templates can be used by full-time students for group projects and private tutoring, or by part-time students for assignments and presentations. They can be used by teachers for personalized lessons and engaging classroom activities or for captivating sessions when online teaching or lecturing.

Each asset and template can be accessed by teachers and students in a variety of ways and across multiple subjects. No matter how you learn or teach, we believe education is important and our pre-made assets are adaptable for all teachers and students.

Popular Education Resources

Templates for teachers are a fast and efficient way to create educational material for both online and physical classrooms. 

Level up your next presentation with education PowerPoint templates. There’s a huge selection curated designs to complement every subject.

 Video templates make the creation of animations, explainer videos, and more, in your educational videos easy. Learn about Video Templates.

Infographics are a visually striking way to present a lot of information with very little explanation. Plus, infographics will complement just about any subject!

Educational posters are a great way to drive student interest in extracurriculars and events. Creative imaginative posters, no matter your skill set with Elements.

Customize your year with school calendar templates. Personalized calendars can be an interactive end-of-school-year project for students too.

Our huge curated library of free images is ready to use. Download dynamic pictures for any academic project or presentation, with just one click.

Education Resources for Teachers

Our teaching resources make remote learning more engaging and can still be used in a physical classroom.

Take your lessons to the next level with our high-quality teaching resources. From templates to photos and graphics, we’ve got you covered in the classroom.

Digital classrooms are the new normal, but keeping your class interested can be challenging at times. Achieve your full teaching potential with Envato Elements.

Whether you’re creating a flyer for an event or a school newsletter, our online education brochure designs are a great place to start.

Education Resources for Students

Envato is here to provide the tips, tricks, and tools to level up your academic experience.

While it can be challenging, remote learning doesn’t have to be a chore. Equip yourself with everything you need to succeed in your online studies.

Having the right study tools is essential to success when learningparticularly remotely. Explore our comprehensive library of study tools.

Ace your next solo or group presentation with an online education template. We’ve got designs for PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible students and teachers can benefit from our Envato Elements student plan, which offers 30% off a full-priced subscription. Learn more about student and teacher eligibility

Organization is a skill and central to being a successful student. Setting yourself goals, and a study schedule will help you stay on task and manage time effectively. Remember to eat well, sleep and take time for yourself because learning should be fun.  

Teaching is an admirable and important career choice, to become a great teacher you will need to establish clear learning objectives and always challenge yourself. Remain assertive but fair, form your own teaching style and take care of yourself. 

Why Teachers and Students Love Envato Elements

“Envato has made a big difference in the quality of my course materials and the time it takes me to develop them. With Envato Elements, I spend almost no time searching for perfect images, graphics, and templates to use in my class presentations, and I don’t have to worry about the usage rights.”

Jon, Associate Professor

“Envato Elements has the full package of features for any graphic designer’s dreamseven at a high school level. For example, when making our website, I could simply click the web templates tab with a full customizable HTML template. My favorite feature is no matter what template I’m looking for, it comes with instructions so that people who are not skilled in graphic design can use it.”

Camille, Student

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Download as many digital assets as you like, as often as you need.

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New assets added daily

With new items added daily, there’s always something to inspire.

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We hold our authors to high standards, so all assets are consistently high quality.

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