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Online Teaching

Online teaching has become the new normal as teachers and students have had to adapt to a new world. Now more than ever teachers require the right tools and resources to engage their students and navigate the world of digital education

Envato believes in supporting teachers online—whether it’s elementary school teachers, high school educators, or college professors, our templates are intuitive assets designed for all kinds of online teaching. 

An Envato Elements subscription has everything a digital classroom could need, like lesson plans, activities, graphics, images, and music—and that’s just the start. Envato Elements opens up a world of possibilities for educators.

What Is Online Teaching?

With many predicting online teaching to be the future of education, we wanted to delve into what this process actually involves.

Online teaching is the process of educating students through digital platforms. This type of education can involve an array of online activities from live classes to video tutorials and workshops, interactive quizzes, seminars, and group discussions.

Online education and remote learning have gained popularity in recent years, due in part to the digital boom and the global coronavirus pandemic. Since then, teaching online has become the new normal for educators around the world.

Many schools, colleges and universities now incorporate a blended learning model where coursework is split between face-to-face classes and eLearning, while others have taken the plunge to be fully virtual.

Benefits of Teaching Online


Online teaching and remote learning make education accessible to all.


Gone are the days when teachers were restricted to the four walls of a classroom.

Extra source of income

Teachers can pair traditional teaching with online education for an additional income.

Who Teaches Online?

Just like those who study online, online teachers are a diverse group of people.

Our Envato community empowers a world of educators and is designed to accommodate different online teaching methods. Our digital assets and templates are designed to align with any curriculum and are built for every kind of online teacher and classroom.

Our teaching resources have been used by high school teachers and private tutors to make the transition to remote learning easier. College and university professors use teaching resources to save time when preparing for lectures and tutorials and create engaging visual accompaniments to their classes. Online teachers also refers to part-time educators or those who are sharing their real-life skills in a particular industry or field.

Popular Resources for Teachers

Once you have your teaching outline ready, access a range of eLearning templates and start building exciting class content.

Design amazing presentations with our education-themed templates. Visual presentations are a great way to present information and keep your class engaged. 

Creating a video for your class, or school is simple with video templates. There are drag and drop editing options and topic-specific templates. Learn how to use Video Templates.

If you’ve collated information for an infographic, get ready to drop it into your selected template and then use it in your next lesson, voilà! It’s that easy.

Teachers use posters to communicate information with staff, parents, and students. Educational poster templates let you create eye-catching designs with minimal effort.

Personalize a desk, wall, or classroom calendar with school calendar templates. They’re fun to make and your designs can feature icons, images, and educational quotes.

Teachers use images daily in presentations, posters, handouts, quizzes, and much more. Explore the bank of high-quality images on offer through Envato Elements.

Online Teaching Tools

Access teaching tips, courses and tutorials to help engage your online classroom.

Using the right tools makes remote learning easier for everyone. Graphic pen templates function like an interactive whiteboard, have lots of features, and can be screen shared.

Create stunning promotional material for your upcoming course or online classes. Using a video template means having access to a huge variety of themes and editing tools.

Many teachers worry about remote learners losing interest. Interactive PowerPoint quizzes are a straightforward and fun solution. Learn how to make engaging online quizzes on Tuts+.

Training modules don’t need to be dull, try using PowerPoint templates and mix things up. Engaging slides will spike interest, help retain knowledge and share information quickly.

Educational videos are a great way to engage your classroom, and online students respond well to visual materials, plus with templates, they’re quick and easy to make.

Practicing mindfulness at work is a great way to stay on task and refocus. Even digital classrooms and workplaces can benefit from this activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions for teachers navigating their online learning environment.

Just like face-to-face teaching, you need clear learning objectives and a stable internet connection! Have a lesson plan ready and think about recording your lessons, and sharing any slides or presentations through a resource folder afterwards, so students can reference it when they need. 

Using a variety of digital tools and teaching resources is the best way to improve your teaching. Making time for social activities between students and conducting individual student check-ins, will provide feedback and hone your skills as an online teacher. 

Just like a regular course, you will need to create an outline first and organize your weekly resources, materials, activities, and topics. Unlike physical learning, you need to decide which Learning Management System (LMS) plugin you want to use. LMS plugins are the technical part needed to create cloud-based learning platforms.

Online learning can be isolating; interactive learning exercises like quizzes, videos and group projects can help improve online engagement. Try to promote break out groups during lessons and encourage class discussion, ask for student feedback and collaborate with other teachers.  

Eligible teachers can benefit from our Envato Elements student plan, which offers 30% off a full-priced subscription. Learn more about our eligibility criteria.

More About Online Teaching

Ready to take your online teaching to the next level? Explore more online education resources on Envato Elements.

Arming yourself with the right resources is one of the best ways to succeed in remote teaching. Help your students excel with our templates, tips, and guides.

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Why Teachers Love Envato Elements

“I’m a college professor who teaches a wide range of topics to undergraduates, graduate students, and even faculty. I teach in traditional classrooms, online, and hybrid environments.

Every class feels like a mountain of new prep work. In addition, I make an effort to replace the old didactic read-lecture-assessment model with something more interactive for every new class. Envato has made a big difference in the quality of my course materials and the time it takes me to develop them.

With Envato Elements, I spend almost no time searching for perfect images, graphics, and templates to use in my class presentations, and I don’t have to worry about the usage rights. The feedback from the students on this has been great!”

Jon DeShazo, Virginia Commonwealth University

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