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Remote Learning

Recent and unprecedented changes to daily life mean remote learning has become the new normal for many students. To succeed in this new world of online learning, students require the right tools to engage and navigate digital learning spaces. 

Envato believes in supporting all students—whether it’s full-time university or college students, or those undertaking short courses online while working. Our Envato Elements subscription has everything a student could need, from presentation templates and graphics to free courses, how-to guides, images, and music—and that’s just the start. 

Our digital assets are fun and easy to use, they can align with any project or assessment and are built specifically for remote learners. No matter your skill level, Envato can help open up a world of possibilities when it comes to your education.

What Is Remote Learning?

Remote learning, or eLearning, is education that takes place electronically through the internet.

Remote learning is the most popular method available to teachers and students today and, realistically, it’s the future of study. Digital classrooms have become steadily more popular since the digital boom and the global coronavirus pandemic has made distance education the new normal. 

Luckily educators and students still have access to eLearning so they can socially distance while they connect and learn. The majority of studies have shown online learning doesn’t affect student outcomes, with the exception of physical classrooms promoting more class discussion. 

Remote learning is still in its infancy, and it will take some time and hard work to get right. In the mean time, it does give us access to more educational resources and study tools—which is a huge plus!

Benefits of Remote Learning


Remote learning means you can study on your terms—late at night, early in the morning, or simply in your pajamas.

Work at your pace

Set your own pace. Remote learning allows you to study and work through your course as quickly or slowly as you like.

Saves time

Say goodbye to a lengthy commute. When you study online you’ll have more time to do what you love.

Types of Remote Learners

Remote learners come in all shapes and sizes. From full-time students to those undertaking short courses to upskill at work.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to learning—particularly remotely. Each student is unique and how we learn should reflect our individual needs, talents, and creativity.

The Envato community incorporates many types of remote learners. Some of our members are full-time university or college students, who have been forced to transition to eLearning due to the global pandemic. Others are part-time students, looking to upskill or take their assignments to the next level.

Our eLearning templates and academic resources are used by parents guiding children through remote learning in unprecedented times, as well as those looking to save time while balancing work and study. No matter what type of remote learner you are, Envato is dedicated to equipping you with the skills needed to succeed.

Popular Education Resources

Consider using school project templates for your next assessment and create visually striking designs with easy-to-use templates.

Create unique projects and impress your peers with education presentation templates. Made specifically for online students.

Make amazing infographics for your next paper, project, or presentation with templates. Simply click your favorite design to get started. 

Level up your skills with video templates. You can practice editing with the different video software. Learn more about using Video Templates.

Remote Learning Tips

Make the most of your course or classroom with these remote learning tips. 

Share an expert presentation with your classmates! Try our PowerPoint templates and level up your next presentation with animation, infographics, and topic-specific slides.

Create motivation by establishing a study routine, and eliminating distractions and bad habits like checking Facebook. Read this article on Envato Tuts+ for more motivation tips.

Staying productive online means setting goals and using screen time effectively. It’s a good skill to have and getting a head start and firm understanding is crucial for distance learning.

Timeline infographics are easy to make with Adobe Illustrator and perfect for your next history assignment or study schedule! Check out our comprehensive how-to guide. 

Public speaking can be daunting but remember—practice makes perfect. If you need extra help, access hundreds of handy tips and tricks on Envato Tuts+.

There are a lot of misconceptions about learning and we have debunked some common myths getting in the way of students, particularly when it comes to remote learning.

Learn PowerPoint For The Classroom

Learn to use PowerPoint presentations templates for academic settings and impress any classroom. 

PowerPoint presentations create impact, they’re easy to understand and keep an audience engaged. There’s no denying an online education presentation is an invaluable resource in a classroom, as educators and students can use them to share and learn.

If you’re new to Microsoft PowerPoint try our online course that will teach you the basics, all the way to advanced settings. Our course offers written and video lesson modules so anyone can learn.

After you have completed your training, you can access PowerPoint templates via Envato Elements and start designing outstanding visual presentations. Templates are creative and customizable for education, they can be adapted for any subject and topic, and they’re the perfect eLearning solution.

Student Career Advice

Transitioning from school to work is challenging, here’s our best career advice to help you succeed. 

Applying for a job without prior experience can feel like an impossible task, but we’re here to help. Plan a killer work or college resume with this guide.

The education section can be confusing, especially if you’ve studied at multiple schools or just graduated. Our resume guide helps format this section correctly.

Capability is important for a career but personality will also play a role. There’s plenty of information available for anyone wondering what style of work will best fit.

Remote Learning FAQs

If you’re still new to distance learning, we have answers for frequently asked questions.

Virtual learning is a round-the-clock academic resource, meaning students can access materials, activities and course work at any time. It is the platform where the majority of online learning happens. Students use the software to watch recordings, complete activities and submit their work. 

Distance education has some pretty clear advantages—it’s cost-effective, you only need an internet connection and you can learn anywhere and at your own pace. Online learning is more flexible than traditional methods, the best part is you can stay in your pajamas!

Online learning can be just as rewarding, using the right digital resources makes learning fun and engaging just like a physical classroom. The obvious downside is less social interaction with your teachers and classmates. Prompting virtual in class discussion is a great way to stay connected. 

Eligible students can benefit from our Envato Elements student plan, which offers 30% off a full-priced subscription. Learn more about student eligibility

Remote Learning Resources

Remote learning is easy when you have the right tools. Explore our online education resources below.

Work smarter not harder with our library of online study tools. From how-to guides to tutorials and short courses, you’ll be acing assessments in no time.

Remote learning goes both ways, and we’ve got hundreds of resources to support online teachers as well. Explore our library of templates and digital assets.

Make remote learning fun with our extensive range of professional teaching resources. From interactive quizzes to eye-catching flyers and newsletter templates.

Why Students Love Envato Elements

“I am part of a robotics team that uses Envato Elements heavily to market my team for competition. With any project I am working on, whether it is a video of my team, our website, or making an Engin eering Notebook, Envato covers every aspect of the design process.

I would definitely recommend Envato to my peers and future members of my robotics team. It’s a website that has any graphic design template or feature imaginable, all on one site. It’s also very user-friendly because most templates that require advanced software like Photoshop also come with a video tutorial or easy elements to replace.

Our robotics team got 3rd place at regionals because of our marketing. The judges even complimented our Engineer Notebook format, which used Envato features like fonts and icons!”

Camille Forster, Vandegrift Robotics Team

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