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Study Tools

Having the right study tools is key to success in remote learning. Whether it’s flashcards for practicing rote learning, apps to help organize your notes, or interactive slideshow templates to make studying more fun, study tools are a great way to increase efficiency and boost productivity.

As part of our library of educational resources, Envato Elements has study tools designed specifically for students. Unlock your creativity and level up your learning experience with a choice of digital design templates, graphics, images, music, activities, tutorials, and much more.

Using our eLearning templates and online tutorials is easy—with so many study tools available, choosing a preferred one is the hard part!

What Are Study Tools?

Study tools are invaluable assets for students looking to revise, prepare for assignments or tests, and organize their learning.

Most students will be familiar with study tools. Essentially, they are pre-made or customizable academic resources designed to help students prepare for tests, quizzes, exams, and assignments.

Study tools can range from comprehensive courses to get students ready for entire exams to in-depth articles on topics like increasing productivity and finding motivation, and tutorials for using specific software or programs like Google Slides, Adobe Photoshop, and PowerPoint.

As remote and eLearning gains popularity around the world, online study tools are increasingly being used by students and teachers. While students predominately use study tools outside of class time, teachers can utilize study tools to help students prepare for end-of-year exams and increase engagement in the classroom.

Benefits of Study Tools

Save time

Utilizing pre-existing study tools can save you precious time in remote learning. Simply open your book, laptop, and get started.

Professional resources

Study tools are designed by experts to increase your efficiency and retention of knowledge. Trust our professional resources.

Increase productivity

Study tools can help to create good online learning habits, which will in turn increase your productivity.

Who Uses Study Tools?

Students and teachers can utilize a range of study tools for a variety of purposes. 

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, more students than ever are undertaking remote learning. This has seen a huge increase in the use of online study tools by students—and teachers—across the globe.

Study tools are used by high school students to help with exam preparation, revision, and motivational tips. University or college students might use advanced study tools to balance part-time work with studying, as well as upskilling in particular programs or apps needed for their course or freelance work.

Teachers also utilize study tools to make digital classrooms more engaging and provide students with educational support outside of lesson times.

Educational Templates for Students

Create a killer assignment with eLearning templates. Create, organize, and format, with ease using our huge selection of templates.

Create impressive assignments with presentation templates. You can customize slides, add fonts, animations, and a bunch of other cool design features. Learn how to use Presentation Templates.

Infographics are easy to make with online education templates. Get your data ready, choose a design, drop it in, and present the unique graphic in your next assignment.

Video templates are designed for all—from absolute beginners to students with advanced videography skills. Learn more about how to use Video Templates.

Consider using animated, illustrated, or graphic icons in your next school presentation. With Envato Elements you can access educational icons to tell a story.

Don’t stress about copyright and having to take your own photos—access free stock photos through the Envato Elements library and find something that complements your research.

Make your next project stand out from the rest, find eye-catching fonts through Envato Elements. With so many to choose from you can level up your design and match any topic.

Free Educational Templates

Explore what Envato Elements has to offer and design stunning presentations, assignments, and group projects.

Our free files are a great source of inspiration. Explore stock images, graphics, presentation templates, and more to nail your next project or assignment.

Add a little pizzazz to your next assignment or class presentation with our library of free education icons. Icons are the perfect way to level up your visual designs.

Boring presentations are a thing of the past thanks to templates! Explore our collection of the best education PowerPoint templates to create a captivating visual presentation.

Studying Tips

Remote learning can be challenging for students, so we have made a list of helpful online study tips.

Checklists are a visual way to track progress, set goals, enhance organizational skills and set a study schedule. Learn how to create checklists in Microsoft Word with this tutorial. 

If you want to succeed in your studies, it’s important to stay motivated, but that can be easier said than done. Luckily there are plenty of techniques you can use to stay on track.

If you think about it as a maths equation, productivity equals value divided by time. Getting a handle on productivity is important so we’ve provided a rundown for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to help students study at any level. 

Organization is a skill and central to being a successful student. Setting yourself goals, and a study schedule will help you stay on task and manage time effectively. Remember to eat well, sleep and take time for yourself because learning should be fun.  

Getting rid of unnecessary distractions, putting your phone on silent, and having a peaceful workspace are simple and effective ways to improve memory and concentration for study.

The best method really depends on the person. People are either auditory, visual or kinesthetic learners. Figure out which kind of learner you are and create specific study cues based on this. Overall it’s important to pay attention in class, take notes and revise them incrementally instead of cramming the night before  

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More Learning Resources

Looking for more education resources to support your study? Explore our collections below.

Finding the right resources is the best way to grow, learn and succeed in remote learning. With the right tools and support, students can excel in their digital classrooms. 

Envato believes in supporting online teachers to become the best they can be. Our templates and digital design assets are specifically designed to level up your teaching.

Providing teachers and students with tools for success is what we do best. Our teaching resources are accessible and constantly changing to meet the needs of your classroom.

Why Students Love Envato Elements

“My favorite feature of Envato Elements is that no matter what template I’m looking for, it comes with instructions so that people who are not skilled in graphic design can use it.

Despite not always knowing what I’m looking for, browsing through just the Envato website sparks my inspiration to use some of their other features. Because there are so many different options to choose from, there are always little features from our team that I can always improve on, like changing the fonts on our website or adding music to the background of our robot reveal videos.”

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