Teaching Resources

Having access to the right teaching resources is essential for any educator. High-quality education templates and digital assets are a great way to engage your students, level up your teaching capabilities, and prepare your class for tests, exams, and future study.

As part of our extensive library of education resources, Envato Elements has thousands of resources designed specifically for teachers. Whether you’re a high school educator, college, or university professor, using our templates and tutorials is easy. 

Get creative and make your lessons more engaging with a selection of academic presentation templates, images, graphic templates, tutorials, interactive quizzes, music, infographics, and more.

What Are Teaching Resources?

Make remote learning fun! Teaching resources can take your digital classroom to the next level.

Teaching resources are pre-made or customizable digital assets designed to facilitate learning, boost knowledge retention and improve the learning experience for students. Online education tools are designed by experienced teachers and designers to help educators level up their teaching.

Whether it’s a presentation template for a maths lesson, a WordPress theme for a new school website, or a selection of stock images or icons to complement a study guide, teaching resources are for every online teacher.

As the world transitions more towards remote learning, teaching resources, and eLearning templates are being used increasingly to increase participation, engagement, and knowledge acquisition. 

Benefits of Teaching Resources

Save time

Don’t start from scratch—professionally designed, pre-made digital assets mean you save hours when it comes to lesson prep.


Versatile and completely adaptable, you can tailor teaching resources to suit your unique style and school branding.

Professional quality

Whether you’re an experienced online teacher or a newbie, teaching resources will make you look like a pro.

Who Uses Teaching Resources

Why settle for boring? Every educator can use teaching resources to enhance the learning experience.

Teaching resources are used by all types of educators. Full-time high school teachers use online resources to make classes more interesting and create interactive learning opportunities. Kindergarten teachers use teaching resources to create hands-on activities and communicate information visually.

Those looking for new jobs can utilize resources like resume templates and how-to guides to create professional applications and prepare for interviews.

Teachers who have been approached to take on additional responsibilities can use teaching resources to create school newsletters, posters, and flyers, while graduate and experienced teachers can use these tools to find inspiration and keep students engaged. Teaching resources are also invaluable for parents assisting their children with remote learning from home.

Popular Teaching Resources

Access a range of eLearning solutions and start building imaginative, informative, and fun class content for the semester.

Keep your class engaged with animated, auditory, minimalist, or topic-specific education presentation templates. We’ve got templates for PowerPoint, Keynote &  more. Learn about Presentation Templates

Creating a video for your class, or school is simple with video templates. Educational videos can be used as a learning resource, revision tool, or assessment material. Learn about using Video Templates.

Infographics are visual representations of information that have to be clear and concise. Using templates makes creating educational infographics simple. 

Educational poster templates let you create unique and attractive posters with minimal effort, to get messages across to parents, staff, and students quickly. 

Create a personalized calendar with school calendar templates. They are fun to make and your designs can feature stock icons, images, and educational quotes.

Teachers use images in presentations, posters, handouts, quizzes, and much more. Explore the library of high-quality images on offer through Envato Elements.

Free Teaching Resources

Try out some of what Envato Elements has to offer and design stunning courses, classes, and projects.

Our free files can be used for educational purposes, businesses, social media, and much more. It’s up to you to decide what to do with them!

Access free education icons to share information with your students quickly and effectively. Icons are available for presentations, posters, flyers and more.

Video can help to create a captivating learning experience for your students and our library includes thousands of video templates, for just about any software.

Lesson Planning Templates

Educators can explore eLearning solutions and create lesson plans that are specific to digital classrooms.

Share important information with staff, parents, and students with a unique school newsletter design. Follow our guide on how to get started. 

Teachers can access academic poster templates for Google Slides, and use the selection of templates available to highlight the work you have achieved.

Trivia is an interactive and enjoyable class activity for everyone, teachers can use quizzes for revision or assessment with free PowerPoint trivia templates.

Research suggests using slide presentations in class can increase students’ attention and retention of information. Explore templates now.

Say goodbye to the graduating class in style! Access our PowerPoint graduation templates and add your own photos, stock images, music, or quotes.

Put down the chalk and pick up a free math presentation design instead. Our Google Slide templates are designed specifically for arithmetic and geometry.

Tips for Teachers

With an Envato Elements subscription, you’ll have access to all the tools, tips, and tricks you need to level up your teaching. 

You don’t need experience with complicated software to create a professional academic poster. All you need is these templates for Google Slides. 

Symbols are reliable visual reminders for incoming staff, students, and parents. A carefully-placed icon is accessible, easy to understand, and sure to impress.

Google Slide templates are perfect for last-minute presentations. Keep your classroom engaged and create visually striking designs quickly with this tutorial.  

Creating an interactive PowerPoint quiz with templates will really test your students and even help them study. Use this guide to get started!

If you’re looking for an easy Elearning solution, video should be your go-to resource. Learn how to create educational videos with programs like Placeit.

Educators updating their resume or looking for work can access a bank of education resume templates for teachers, designed specifically for the industry.

How to Create An Educational Website

Establish a strong online presence for your school and learn how to create an online education website with WordPress templates.

Access customizable online teaching WordPress themes. Check out our class favorites below for high schools, university websites, specialty schools, and more.

Create a professional education website for your university that will challenge students, track progress, or deliver online content. Explore our top picks from ThemeForest.

Explore the best WordPress themes for online learning. These cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress themes are leading the charge for remote learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching is an admirable and important career choice, to become a great teacher you will need to establish clear learning objectives and always challenge yourself. Remain assertive but fair, form your own teaching style and take care of yourself. 

Technology plays a fundamental role in modern teaching and online education. Understanding online teaching and having access to eLearning resources is essential. Teachers can always access information and the digital tools needed through their Envato subscription. 

Lessons should be carefully planned against clear learning objectives and outcomes. Structure your plan in blocks and conduct specific activities within a set timeline. Make sure to assess student understanding and readjust future plans accordingly. 

Yes. Eligible teachers can sign up for a discounted Envato Elements subscription on our student plan. Learn more about student and teacher eligibility

More Teaching Resources

Looking for more teaching resources? Explore more educational guides, tips, and free online courses, available on Envato Elements.

Many students are still adjusting to remote learning and require diverse learning resources. Finding the right resources for you is the only way to grow, learn and succeed.

Envato is proud to support online teachers navigating new learning environments—whether you’re looking to upskill, streamline lesson planning, or level up your classes.

It’s important to equip your students with the right tools to achieve their goals both inside and outside of the classroom. Find the right study tools for your class on Envato Elements.

Why Teachers Love Envato Elements

“Working in higher education can be very fast paced with unexpected projects that need quick turnarounds. Envato Elements has been a life saver in this regard. All of its assets are of great quality, and It meets all of our marketing and branding needs.”

Aziz Peregrino-Brimah, Bennett College

“I make an effort to replace the old didactic read-lecture-assessment model with something more interactive for every new class. Envato has made a big difference in the quality of my course materials and the time it takes me to develop them. With Envato Elements, I spend almost no time searching for perfect images, graphics, and templates to use in my class presentations, and I don’t have to worry about the usage rights.”

Jon DeShazo, Virginia Commonwealth University 

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