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Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP) is a popular video editing software for creators of all skillsets. Boasting a user-friendly interface and suite of accessible editing features, it’s widely considered the “industry standard” in video editing. In fact, Final Cut Pro has been used to create blockbuster feature films from The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo to The Social Network.

As well as developing your Final Cut Pro skills through tutorials, you can harness the power of the tool, and streamline your production process, using video templates. Envato Elements has thousands of professionally-designed templates available for Final Cut Pro and it’s motion graphics partner Apple Motion. With unlimited downloads on a monthly or annual subscription, find the right template for your next project.

What Are Final Cut Pro Templates?

Final Cut Pro templates are pre-designed project files, used to streamline the video editing and production processes. Templates are broken down into layers and often made up of text, transitions, animations, sound effects, music, and stock footage.

Many video creators use video templates as a framework when editing—with fully customizable layers, Final Cut users of any skill level can tailor templates to their needs. Learn more about how to use video templates.

The Final Cut templates available with a creative subscription like Envato Elements are designed by expert video editors and motion graphics designers for high-quality results. These templates are then used to create cinematic openers, captivating logo reveals, exciting title sequences, and much more.

Benefits of Final Cut Pro Templates

Save time

Templates speed up production, meaning you can go from edit to export in minutes.

Learn new skills

Exploring template layers can help less-experienced users navigate Final Cut and develop new skills. 

Save money

Enjoy access to thousands of varied Final Cut Pro templates for a single monthly or annual fee.

Broadcast quality

Final Cut templates are designed by expert video editors to ensure professional quality results.


Having access to a large bank of video templates means there’s always something new to try.


Templates are ready-to-use assets. Simply download and tailor with your branding, text, and footage.

Who Uses Final Cut Pro Templates?

Millions of video editors use Final Cut Pro every year—from professional filmmakers to aspiring YouTubers.

Professional filmmakers

Final Cut Pro is considered the industry standard by many and is used by professional filmmakers for feature films, television shows, and commercials. Templates make the production process faster and more streamlined.

Both aspiring and full-time YouTubers use Final Cut templates to create engaging video content. From intros to titles, lower thirds, and call-outs, templates allow for professional-quality results, without users having to understand the program inside and out.

Hobby video editors

Entry-level or hobby video editors use templates to create broadcast-quality video content and learn new skills. By unpacking the elements included in a video template, users can gain a deeper understanding of Final Cut Pro and the video editing process. 

Who uses Final Cut Templates

Trending Final Cut Pro Templates

Explore our top trending templates and make a video project that resonates with your audience.

Make your title sequence pop with these Big Bold Titles! Discover 30 unique options, all featuring bright backgrounds, large text, and quick transitions.

A modern and minimalistic template, Unique Instagram Stories is the perfect way to showcase your product, portfolio, or event on social media.

Jump between scenes with style. Choose from 50+ transitions, then drag and drop your favorite onto the timeline, or combine a few for effect.

Free Final Cut Pro Templates

Editing on a budget? Here are three of our favorite free Final Cut Pro templates from Mixkit.

With a full screen glitch effect and distortion of your logo or film title, this template makes for a memorable start to any video.

Announce your event, product launch, or sale with this slideshow promo template. Featuring shape effects, lens flares, and clean transitions.

This freebie is packed full of features! Starting with a quick light leak, the template includes multiple headings, transitions and logo reveal.

How to Use Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro Beginners Course

Navigating a new video editing software like Final Cut Pro can be overwhelming, but thankfully there are plenty of resources available to make the process easier. Video templates are a great place to start as they’ll teach you how to organize projects, and provide a framework for editing while you’re still learning. 

If you need additional learning resources, it might be worth considering an online course like this complete beginners guide to Final Cut Pro. In this free course, you’ll learn how to import, organize, and edit your footage into an engaging video. There are lessons covering the magnetic timeline, video effects, stabilization, basic color correction, and much more.

Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro

While many consider Final Cut Pro the industry standard in video editing, you’ll find equally as many filmmakers who disagree—instead, championing Adobe’s Premiere Pro. (Learn how to use Premiere Pro Templates).

So which software is superior? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer and the best option for you will come down to a combination of personal preference, computer software, and editing experience. Many Mac users favor Apple’s Final Cut Pro, while many PC users—especially those who have used the Adobe suite their entire career—prefer to continue doing so. 

If you’re still on the fence, this article from Envato Tuts+ explains the basic differences between Final Cut Pro vs Adobe Premiere Pro, including costs, compatible software, and the look and feel of the interface. 

Final Cut Pro Tutorials

If you’re looking to upskill in Final Cut Pro, we’ve got plenty of tutorials to get you started.

Found the perfect transition template for your video? The next step is installing it in Final Cut. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn more.

While a shaky camera can add suspense, it can also make your film look amateur. Luckily, Final Cut has built-in stabilization tools to help.

On-screen text is used to give context to an audience. Find out how to add lower thirds, titles, and credits to your videos in FCP.

Collaboration is essential when it comes to professional video production, and Final Cut makes this easy. Find out how to use FCP with your team.

Do you know what Command+I opens in Final Cut? Or Shift+Z? Discover 24 essential keyboard shortcuts for FCP, plus learn to customize your own!

Understanding keyframes is an essential skill in video editing. If you’re ready to jump into keyframe animations, this tutorial is a good place to start.

Final Cut Template Collections

We’ve put together some template collections to give you a leg up on your next project.

Add visual interest and complexity to your doco, without building effects from scratch. These top video graphics templates will give you a headstart in production.

Make a video that’s a cut above the rest. From animations to intros and titles, explore some of our favorite templates for cutting-edge video content.

Create an opening sequence that engages your audience. We’ve uncovered the 10 best Final Cut intro templates to help start your video with a bang.

Grow your following with this list of YouTube video template packs. From openers to transitions, titles, and social media icons—we’ve got you covered.

Boost your creativity and maximize your reach with these creative TikTok templates. There’s a range of promos, titles, slideshows, and openers for every influencer.

Engaging video content is essential for any Instagrammer. Use these top templates to create a Story, Reel or IGTV video that speaks to your followers.

Final Cut Pro FAQs

Installing Final Cut Pro templates is easy! If you have Apple Motion installed on your computer, you can simply unzip the downloaded template folder, and copy and paste this into Movies > Motion Templates > Titles, Generators, Effects, or Transitions (depending on the template type). In Final Cut Pro, your video template will now appear in the Effects folder.

If you don’t have Apple Motion installed, you’ll need to go to Applications and right-click on Final Cut Pro. Click Show Package Contents and click the Contents folder. Then navigate to PlugIns > Media Providers > Motion Effect.fxp > Contents > Resources > Templates > Titles or Generators, and paste the folder here (again, depending on the template type). Now, when you open Final Cut Pro, your template should appear in the Effects folder, ready for use.

If saved into the correct folder in Finder, video templates will appear in the Effects folder in Final Cut Pro.

To use Apple Motion templates in Final Cut, you’ll first need to unzip the downloaded template folder. If you have Apple Motion installed, open a second Finder window and navigate to Movies > Motion Templates > Titles or Generators (depending on the template type). Copy and paste the template folder into here.

If you don’t have Apple Motion installed, go to the Applications folder and right-click on Final Cut Pro. Click Show Package Contents and click the Contents folder. Then navigate to PlugIns > Media Providers > Motion Effect.fxp > Contents > Resources > Templates > Titles or Generators, and paste the folder here (depending on the template type). Now, when you open Final Cut Pro, your template should appear in the Effects folder, ready for use.

No, After Effects templates are not compatible with Final Cut Pro—and vice versa—because they’re exported as specific file types. Many video template creators will create multiple versions of the same template though, so it’s worth checking a library like Envato Elements to see if the After Effects template you like has been created for Final Cut as well. 

Types of Final Cut Pro Templates

Looking for a specific type of template? These options are popular with Envato Elements subscribers.

Set the scene with a killer opener! We’ve got opener templates for all genres—from cinematic productions to cartoon kids scenes.

Whether you’re new to video editing, or simply don’t have time for building from scratch, we have a logo sting template for you.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can build on a template? Our range of pre-designed title packages will help you set the scene with ease.

Used With Final Cut Pro Templates

Every video creator needs a range of digital assets at their disposal, including music, graphics, and stock footage.

Set the scene and engage your audience with the perfect song. Browse by genre, mood, instrument or tempo to find the right royalty-free music track for your project.

Have a gap to fill? Our stock video collection will save you from organizing an additional shoot! From cities to rainforests, food and fireworks, we’ve got you covered.

Building motion graphics from scratch is a time-consuming and complex task. Save time and money by browsing our library of high-quality video animations and digital footage.

Final Cut Pro Alternatives

If Final Cut Pro isn’t your software of choice, there are many alternatives—and we have templates for them all! Learn how to use the following templates.

Create high-quality motion graphics and visual effects, without spending hours in production. Our range of After Effects templates has something for every creator. Follow our tips.

Add a professional touch to your next production with Premiere Pro templates. From intros to logos, motion graphics, and titles, there are thousands to explore. Read our tips.

DaVinci Resolve is gaining momentum in the video editing industry, with many creators making the switch. Explore our templates for Resolve then follow our tips.

Find inspiration in our library of Apple Motion templates. Prepare to achieve professional-quality motion graphics and visual effects that will wow your audience. Find out how.

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“As a self-taught video creator, I find I use Envato Elements more and more every month. I use stock video for B-Roll by matching colors in the editing room to my footage. I adapt abstract video images with masks and overlays to create unique special effects.

By using Envato Elements I have access to a vast library of imagery. I can explore one uploader’s clips to find consistency with camera and lighting choices and this translates very well in my final presentations. This benefits my storytelling and opens up awesome possibilities that weren’t conceived during my shoot.”

Eric Hinch, Filmmaker

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