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Launched in 2016, Instagram Stories are now Instagram’s most popular video and photo-sharing feature—being used by up to 500 million people per day! Stories have become an increasingly important tool for marketing, as they offer a personal and engaging way for brands to communicate with prospective customers and can be created with very little effort. 

Instagram Story templates take this process a step further, making it fast and easy for social media creators to share sales, new product launches, brand announcements, and more with the touch of a button. Head to Envato Elements to explore the range of Instagram Story Templates available with a monthly or annual subscription.

What Are Instagram Story Templates?

Instagram Story templates are pre-made social media layouts featuring graphics, text, and animations. Each template can be edited to suit your style or brand, and you can use the same, or similar templates, to create a cohesive experience for your Instagram followers. 

Instagram Stories templates are an easy way to achieve a professional and consistent look and feel on Instagram, without needing an experienced graphic designer. Whether you’re a foodie, fashion influencer, or small business owner, there’s an Instagram Story template to suit every need. Plus, templates are compatible with all kinds of software including Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, so they’ll work seamlessly with your existing processes.

Benefits of Instagram Story Templates

Save time

Templates can speed up the development of reliable and consistent content, which is crucial for reaching more followers. 


Keep your stories on-brand without spending hours laboring over the design. Templates let you build reputable and consistent content.

Professionally designed

Optimize engagement and give your content a professional finish with templates built by social media experts.

Brand recognition

Streamline your content and create meaningful connections with your audience by building a recognizable brand identity.

Incorporate trends

Templates are constantly being updated to match social media trends so it’s easy to stay ahead of the curve.

Highly engaging

Eye-catching templates are guaranteed to stop the scroll and engage followers in your allotted 15 seconds.

Who Uses Instagram Story Templates?

Instagram Story templates are used by social media content creators, influencers, brands, and designers to deliver trending and consistent video content. 

Professional content creators and social media managers have busy schedules with tight deadlines, and Instagram Story templates can remove much of the stress and time from content creation. Templates also help brands and businesses build professional content that reinforces their brand identity and helps them reach, inspire, and connect with their audiences.

Influencers wanting to enhance their video and design skills can use templates to create memorable content. Instagram Story templates are also used by professional designers for self-promotion and clients who have commissioned content.

Trending Instagram Story Templates

Professionally designed by expert social media creators, these on-trend templates are guaranteed to turn heads.

An After Effects template pack that can be used for a variety of projects including fashion, event promos and slideshows.

Optik is a playful Instagram Stories & Post pack for advertising campaigns and building your presence on Instagram.

Create a fast paced Instagram Story with this stomp template. It can also be used to produce in-feed Instagram videos.

This clean and modern Instagram Stories pack is easy to edit and features 15 Stories design templates, which are all compatible with Adobe Photoshop.

Featuring bold and thin typography, Reuter Instagram Stories is a beautiful social media pack in a muted color palette. It’s ideal for a lifestyle or homewares brand.

For a pop of colour to stand out from the crowd, check out these editable templates that are tailored for showcasing fashion collections and flash sales.

How To Make Instagram Stories

Instagram Story Specs & Sizes

Instagram Story Length: While the duration of an Instagram Story is only 15 seconds for video, and 7 seconds for photos, you can get around this by chopping up your video into sections to play one after the other.

Instagram Story Video Size: The best size and dimension for an Instagram story video is typically 9:16 (1920px x 1080 px). This is a flip of a landscape-orientated video which is usually 16:9. Within a 24 hour period, any new video or image that you add will appear in the same story.

How To Use Instagram Stories

As the name would suggest, an Instagram Story should tell a story – whether it’s a standalone post or a part of a series. You can either record your Story live, or capture video and edit it with stickers, drawings and special effects. However, it’s important to ensure that your photos and videos look consistent with the rest of your social media content.

Instagram Stories templates can help you develop this visual consistency and brand identity on Instagram. Here are a few tips for using Instagram Stories in your social media strategy:

  • Incorporate your brand color palette in every post.
  • Use the same template across an Instagram series.
  • Add text and graphics to highlight offers, UGC, and demos.

Instagram Story Maker

If you’re looking for creative inspiration, an Instagram Story maker tool like Placeit is a great place to start. Firstly, it allows you to create your Story in-browser, without the need for design skills, video skills, or professional software. And secondly, there are so many Instagram Story templates to choose from! 

Design your stories in no time with templates for every occasion – from product promos and blog highlights to sale ads, interactive and inspiring posts. Simply select a template, customize it with images, text, and styling, and download it ready for use on Instagram.

Instagram Story Tutorials

From creating stand-alone Stories to entire sequences, or curated videos, we can teach you how to do it.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make an Instagram Story template from scratch, including mixing and matching assets to create a whole set of simple, reusable designs.

If Premiere Pro is your video software of choice, this tutorial is your perfect partner. Learn how to create videos for Instagram Stories quickly using a Premiere Pro template.

Brush up on your storytelling skills with this guide to sequential storytelling using images on Instagram Stories, including how to come up with and execute your creative ideas.

Instagram Story Template Collections

No matter the video editing software you use, there’s an Instagram Story template for your brand or business.

Tell your story in style, without breaking the bank. Explore our favorite free Instagram Story templates and start creating compelling social content.

Build your following by keeping content on-trend and up-to-date! Check out our top Story templates to build better content and engage your audience.

Create inspiring and branded content with video templates that are totally customizable. Our favorites are easy to use and extremely adaptable.

Instagram Story FAQs

Once you’ve downloaded an Instagram Story template, filling it out is easy. Open the template in the relevant program, and click on placeholder text, backgrounds, graphics, and other elements to replace with new or original assets. If you’re looking for stock images, video, royalty-free music tracks, fonts, graphics, and animations to add to your story template, browse the library of digital assets on Envato Elements.

Creating professional Instagram Story highlight covers is a breeze with templates. All you need to do is choose a template that suits your account style, download it and open it in the relevant program—most templates are built in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. You’ll then be able to customize colors, fonts, icons, and text to make your highlight covers look unique.

Instagram Story templates are super easy to use. Simply download your preferred template from a library like Envato Elements and customize colors, text, graphics, music tracks, and more in the relevant program. Most story templates are compatible with photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, or video editing programs like After Effects and Premiere Pro. Once you’ve tailored your template, your story can be exported as a graphic image or video and uploaded as an Instagram Story via the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Alternatively, story templates can be created online with an Instagram Story maker like PlaceIt. This template generator allows you to create unique Instagram Stories completely online and in-browser. Once created, download your design and upload as an Instagram Story.

Types of Instagram Story Templates

Using a specific video editing software to create Stories? We’ve got you covered.

Build amazing motion graphics and animated effects! These Story templates are suitable for businesses, brands, and influencers interested in creating visual effects. 

Keep your stories up-to-date and on time with templates for Premiere Pro. The user-friendly interface and adjustable features make creating Instagram content fun and easy.

DaVinci Resolve is a collaborative software that combines motion graphics, visual effects, and professional video editing tools. Use templates to learn and enhance your video content.

Used With Instagram Story Templates

Additional assets like graphics, fonts, and photography, can help your Stories stand out from the crowd and engage your audience.

Speed up your content creation and find high-quality images in the Envato Elements library. All images are high-resolution, royalty-free, and available with a subscription. 

Add something different to your Instagram Story—check out the dynamic fonts on offer on Envato Elements. Create unique text that tells a story and excites your audience. 

Graphic illustrations are a great way to keep your Stories fresh and engaging. Browse our library now and explore amazing graphics, drawn by professional artists and designers.

Instagram Story Alternatives

Looking for more than just Instagram Story templates? We’ve got templates for IGTV, Instagram posts, and Pinterest in spades. 

Build amazing motion graphics and animated effects! These Story templates are suitable for businesses, brands, and influencers interested in creating visual effects. 

Keep your stories up-to-date and on time with templates for Premiere Pro. The user-friendly interface and adjustable features make creating Instagram content fun and easy.

DaVinci Resolve is a collaborative software that combines motion graphics, visual effects, and professional video editing tools. Use templates to learn and enhance your video content.

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