Create with Premiere Pro Templates

Creating video projects from scratch can be time-consuming and technically difficult. Harness the power of Premiere Pro and streamline your workflow with the help of Premiere Pro templates. Whether you’re looking to save time, add a professional touch to your video projects or upskill in the program itself, Premiere Pro templates offer something for literally every filmmaker.

Envato Elements has thousands of Premiere Pro templates to choose from, all available with a monthly or annual subscription. You can search via video template types such as “logo stings” or “titles“, or narrow your search even further by looking for particular design styles—there’s an option for every possible type of video!

What Are Premiere Pro Templates?

You might already be across Premiere Pro templates. If you need a quick refresher, keep reading!

Premiere Pro templates are pre-made project files broken down into editable layers for easy customization. As professionally made assets, templates can be a great starting point for a video project as you won’t have to start from scratch—simply make adjustments to colors, fonts, animations, and text, to create something truly bespoke. 

Video templates for Premiere Pro are especially useful for those looking to harness the power of a motion graphics suite like Adobe After Effects, without first having to learn this program inside out. 

Whether you need a new YouTube opener, a series of motion graphics or inspiration for lower thirds, Premiere Pro templates can help add a professional touch to your next project.

Benefits of Premiere Pro Templates

Save time

Modify what’s already been made rather than building from the ground up. Save time and start browsing our huge library of templates.

Save money

Time is money right? You can boost productivity by accessing templates—there’s no need to start from scratch.

Broadcast-quality results

Subscribers can access broadcast-quality templates for Premiere Pro designed by professional video makers and creators.


Envato Elements has thousands of Premiere Pro templates available, so you can search for specific themes, categories, or effects.


Fully adaptable features allow you to create eye-catching videos tailored precisely to your needs.


Premiere Pro templates are just the building blocks for your next video—creating fresh and original content is up to you.

Who Uses Premiere Pro Templates?

Premiere Pro templates can be used by any kind of video creator at any skill level.

Creating cutting-edge and quality videos has never been easier! If you’re new to Premiere Pro, the program allows you to edit, cut and create sequences from video footage. After Effects is a program that builds effects, motion graphics and typography from scratch to layer your footage with. Premiere Pro templates integrate both Premiere Pro and After Effects together, offering ready-made video designs. 

Templates are good for beginners as you can cut and construct video sequences, and then apply motion graphics and effects built by experts. They’re also a shortcut for experienced videographers wanting to upskill and build new content. Professional filmmakers endorse Premiere Pro as the go-to video design and editing software. It has been used to edit some of the world’s biggest box office hits such as Gone Girl, Deadpool and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Trending Premiere Pro Templates

Professional and customizable templates, ready to download and use.

If you enjoy a touch of the traditional, try this parallax slideshow template with a spreading ink effect. The best part is, you won’t need any plugins to use it!

The Techno Title template for Premiere Pro lets you easily change colors and adjust camera animations. Plus there’s a helpful video tutorial included in the download to get you started.

A dynamic and fresh logo reveal for Premiere Pro, this template would also work well as an opener or trailer. Enjoy retro ‘glitch’ style animations for a truly vintage twist.

Free Premiere Pro Templates

Who could say no to a freebie? Not us! Try these awesome, free Premiere Pro templates from Mixkit.

This fast-frame glitch effect Premiere Pro template is designed as an opener, but would also work as a trailer. The text and background both distort, and it has a modern, fresh feel.

This free Premiere Pro template features a simple distortion effect as a transition between clips. It’s a subtle way to add an analog effect to your film without it being too distracting.

With bold animated text and fast titles, you can add a fun, high-paced feel to your film project. This would work well for fashion-themed, or up-beat music videos.

How To Use Premiere Pro

Getting to grips with a video editing suite can seem daunting, but if you want to learn Premiere Pro, our free course is a great first step. The course, from Envato Tuts+, is broken down into bite-sized lessons and starts off gently, with an overview of things like file structure, as well as a quick tour of the main Premiere Pro features.

After this, you can move on to lessons that walk you through importing and organizing your files, simple edits, and eventually more in-depth processes like video, audio, and master clip effects.

Make your way through the lessons at your own pace and you’ll have mastered Premiere Pro before you know it, leaving you to enjoy the creative process and decision making, while the technical know-how comes as second nature.

Premiere Pro Tutorials

From color correction to installling Premiere Pro templates, discover the tricks you need to get started.

Color correcting is an important part of establishing the mood, tone, and quality of a video. Take the guesswork out and learn how to color correct your footage in Premiere Pro.

Catch your audience’s attention with a catchy opener for your next YouTube video. There are plenty of templates available with your subscription, plus tips on getting started.

Jumpy rough cuts are a thing of the past—you can easily install transitions in Premiere Pro and apply flawless movement between clips. For seamless editing, follow this guide.

Premiere Pro Template Collections

Overwhelmed by the number of templates on offer? Don’t stress, we’ve taken the guesswork out and compiled our list of favorites.

It can be challenging to keep up in the digital age, but staying informed is important. If you need to create compelling content, look out for these top video templates on Premiere Pro.

Whether you’re new to YouTube, want to grow your following or just level up, our top YouTube templates have you covered. There’s an option to suit every channel, contributor and budget.

Create compelling stories, engage and inspire your audience with cutting-edge templates designed for expert and amateur documentary filmmakers alike.

They say the best things in life are free, so we put it to the test and compiled a list of fabulous no-cost titles and opener templates for Premiere Pro.

Add graphics with ease. The Essential Graphics panel lets you drop and edit directly into Premiere Pro without having to open After Effects. Check out our top templates on Tuts+.

Animated ink and brush strokes add authentic and visually striking effects to any video. You can easily apply this effect and pick from our top 10 templates for Premiere Pro.

Premiere Pro FAQs

Opening Premiere Pro templates is simple, but there are a few options. The easiest way is to double click on the template file in your Downloads folder or right-click and select Open in Premiere Pro. This will open your template as a standalone project.

Another option is to drag and drop the template file into the Project Panel, located in the bottom left of the screen. Once you’ve opened your template, you can start to customize text, transitions, and sound, as well as add your own footage and branding.

Yes. Generally, you can use After Effects templates in Premiere Pro through the Essential Graphics Panel. In some cases, you will need to have After Effects installed on your computer for this to work properly.

Mikxit by Envato offers a selection of free Premiere Pro templates—from logo reveals to slideshows, titles and text. If you’re looking for a wider selection, an Envato Elements subscription provides unlimited downloads of thousands of professionally-made Premiere Pro templates.

1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer.

2. Select a new project or open an existing project.

3. Add music from your computer. You have different options to do this:

  • Navigate to the top of the screen, click “Import,” and browse your computer for the desired files. Then, click “Import.”
  • Drag the file directly into your project files panel.
  • Utilize the Media Browser panel to locate your files on your computer, then click “Import.”

4. Once your video is incorporated into your project files, easily drag and drop them into your video sequence to start editing.

You can also install the Envato extension for Premiere Pro to find and import stock video footage, sound effects and music tracks from the Envato Elements library into any frame in your project with AI-assisted search.

Types of Premiere Pro Templates

Speed up your workflow and bring your photos to life. Learn how to use these Premiere Pro templates..

Grab and hold your audience’s attention with a killer opening sequence. Browse our library of Premiere Pro intro templates—there’s something for everyone.

Highlight information and add context with a lower thirds template, expertly designed for Premiere Pro.​​ Download and customize with your company branding.

Set the scene, build suspense, and create excitement with a professionally-designed title template. Explore hundreds of customizable templates on the Envato Elements library.

Create a captivating visual presentation with a Premiere Pro slideshow template. Add all the excitement of motion graphics without having to shoot any moving footage.

From handwritten fonts to glitch and stomp effects, text can take your video to the next level. Much like lower thirds, text can also give context and aid understanding of your videos.

Harness the power of Adobe After Effects, without building effects from scratch. Explore our library of motion graphics—from animations to transitions.

Used With Premiere Pro Templates

It doesn’t stop with Premiere Pro templates. Envato Elements subscribers can access a huge library of compatible assets and create dynamic video content.

Level up your video design with ready-made After Effects templates. If you aren’t confident building effects from scratch, templates can help to create eye-catching content.

Not everyone can create beautiful illustrations and graphics, so a bank is an invaluable asset. They are great visual ways to tell a story and can be layered with Premiere Pro templates.

An Envato Elements subscription gives you access to unlimited sound effects, which can be applied to Premiere Pro templates. Simply download your favorite and hit play.

Amazing video footage needs a killer soundtrack, so having royalty-free music available for your project is important. Envato Elements has music to suit any genre and style.

Maybe you’re making a promotional, documentary, or music video, and need some images for context. Stock photos are high-quality visual cues that can elevate your videos.

Use stock videos to fill gaps in your production, or make up for missing footage. Formatted for Premiere Pro templates, stock video can save you time and money.

Alternative Video Templates

Don’t have Premiere Pro or need to use another kind of video editing software? Explore and learn how to use video templates built specifically for After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion. 

Create broadcast-quality videos with Final Cut Pro templates. Save time and money with thousands of ready-made intros, product promos, brand videos and more. Find tips for how to use them.

Advanced editors, amateur filmmakers, and YouTubers can take advantage of our library of DaVinci Resolve templates. Save time and captivate your audience from the first second. Learn more about using them.

Find inspiration for your next project with thousands of After Effects video templates. Professionally created to suit your brand. Learn more about what they are and how to use them.

Harness the power of Apple’s motion graphics tool with professionally-designed video templates. From openers to logo reveals, text animations, and moreFind out more about using them.

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