Premiere Pro Essential Graphics Templates

Motion graphics can help communicate complex ideas with ease. While in the past you may have had to brush up on your After Effects skills before executing this kind of content, the Premiere Pro Essential Graphics panel has made life much easier—using templates, you can now edit and customize motion graphics using Premiere Pro. 

Whether you’re creating giant typography for a brand video on social media, glitch titles for a dramatic film opening, or clean and minimal lower thirds for a documentary, there are hundreds of professionally designed Premiere Pro templates to choose from on Envato Elements. Sign up for a monthly or annual subscription today and you can experiment with as many as you like.

What Are Essential Graphics Templates?

Motion graphics are a type of animation, generally referring to the text-based parts of your video project. You’ll likely use motion graphics for your intros, lower thirds, and title sequences—or even just to bring to life basic infographics. Learn more about how to use Motion Graphics templates.

Like motion graphics templates, essential graphics templates use the file extension .mogrt and can be imported into Premiere Pro and customized through the Essential Graphics Panel. This panel allows you to work directly with pre-made templates composed in After Effects so you don’t have to jump between the two programs unnecessarily. Once a template has been imported, individual elements can be customized with an in-built control panel, rather than opening After Effects to edit.

Benefits of Essential Graphics Templates

Save time

Add eye-catching motion graphics to your next project without spending hours building assets from scratch. Templates are timesavers!

Fully customizable

Customize with ease. Add transitions and text, and change fonts and colors to suit your brand, genre and style.

Broadcast quality

Bring the power and creativity of professional After Effects—style graphics into your next Premiere Pro project.

Who Uses Essential Graphics Templates?

If you’re not familiar with After Effects, or simply want to save time in production, essential graphics templates may be for you.

Navigating Adobe After Effects can be difficult, with much technical expertise required. Essential graphics templates are so popular because they take the guesswork out and improve user capability for all.

As with motion graphics templates, anyone using Premiere Pro can use essential graphics templates to streamline their workflow, reduce editing time, find inspiration and learn new skills. For those fairly new to the Adobe suite, essential graphics templates can be used as a shortcut in the editing room and can help amateur editors achieve professional results.

More experienced filmmakers can use essential graphics templates to speed up the production process and achieve more complex graphics and effects without unnecessary time or effort.

Trending Essential Graphics Templates

Now you know where to find professional Essential Graphics templates, take a look at some of the best.

This template is clean, modern and sleek, and will slip seamlessly into your video. Think promo videos featuring introductions of all of your creative team.

For the drama, this Explode Essential Graphic is your ticket, with several slow shattering options. Try it for travel content or a big rebrand.

For visual punch, this essential graphic, aptly named Smile, will bring you a hyper-visual, dynamic, and inspiring design well-suited to product launches or events.

Where Is Essential Graphics in Premiere Pro?

Using the Essential Graphics panel you can create and edit basic motion graphics for video – so how do you use it?

Video is fast becoming the most prevalent of all content in the marketing arena – which means exploring new ideas to keep content evolving and fresh. Essential Graphics can make editing much easier, for beginners and seasoned video creators alike. But the first thing to tackle is, where is the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro?  

This tutorial from EnvatoTuts+ will take you through all the basics, covering audio and video effects, titles, and exporting from Premiere Pro. Instructor David Bode will take you from beginning to end, explaining techniques, tips, and answers to frequently asked questions, all in bite-size pieces. You can also follow along with a Premiere Pro template, to practice and master skills as you go.

How To Use Essential Graphics Templates

Install an Essential Graphics template and get started using it straight away, with this free introductory guide.

Essential Graphics templates will get you on your way, providing a good starting point to understand all the different parts of your motion graphics. But once you’ve found a template that works for your project, you’ll want to start tailoring to your specific needs.

So, how do you use an Essential Graphics template in Premiere Pro? With this introduction to video editing in Premiere Pro by EnvatoTuts+, you’ll learn how to open your template in the Essential Graphics Panel and start editing and customizing.

Go from ‘Getting Started’, which includes a quick tour of Premiere Pro, to getting ‘Beyond Basic Editing’ and, finally, move on to fine-tuning the look and sound of your motion graphics.

Essential Graphics Template Collections

Need a head start on the best graphic templates available? Check out our favorites on offer. 

If you’re new to templates or simply want to save time, our list of the top Essential Graphics templates is the place to start.

Take a look at these templates if you want to create custom animations in Premiere Pro through the Essential Graphics panel. 

Perfect for anyone unfamiliar with After Effects, this guide explains how to make your own Essential Graphics templates.

Essential Graphics FAQs

To add an essential graphics template to Premiere Pro, click into the Essential Graphics Panel (Windows> Essential Graphics) and find the Browse tab. This will open your computer files—find your essential graphics template and click Open to add to Premiere Pro.

Downloading essential graphics templates for Premiere Pro couldn’t be easier. Simply head to Envato Elements and search for “essential graphics” under video templates compatible with Premiere Pro. Explore hundreds of professional essential graphics templates, choose your favorite and click the Download button.

Essential graphic templates can be used through the Essential Graphics Panel. Once your template has been added to Premiere Pro, drag it into the Timeline and add it to the desired sequence.

You’ll be prompted to resolve any missing links, including fonts and footage, and your template will begin loading. Once loaded, the essential graphics template can be customized through the Edit tab in the Essential Graphics Panel.

More Premiere Pro Templates

Now you’re sold on templates, browse and learn how to use Premiere Pro templates for everything from intros to logos.

The first impression is the best impression, so make it count – these intro templates for Premiere Pro will start you on the right foot with your audience.

Make your visual content sing in harmony, by tying it all together in a simple animated slideshow. There’s something for every need. Browse these slideshow templates for Premiere Pro.

Open your video with a title sequence that sticks. From documentary titles to animated sequences, the Envato Elements library offers something for every project.

The humble text component of your content can easily turn into the hero of any project, especially with the help of Premiere Pro text templates in our library.

Lower thirds can come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles – find the best one for your project among these templates for Premiere Pro.

With all the bells and whistles of After Effects templates, these motion graphics templates can be edited directly in Premiere Pro – browse and start experimenting now.

Used With Essential Graphics Templates

Enhance your next project with thousands of fonts, music and stock video to choose from.

Add personality and set the tone for your video. Download high-quality and bespoke fonts with an Envato Elements subscription—there are thousands to choose from.

Save time and money on filming and use stock video footage instead. You can access high-quality footage to suit promotional, educational, instructional or movie projects.

Any Essential Graphics need a killer soundtrack to match! Experiment with our library of royalty-free music—did we mention there’s unlimited downloads?

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