Create with Premiere Pro Intro Templates

Create a lasting first impression with a Premiere Pro intro template. The first few moments of a video are make or break, and a slick opener can help capture your audience’s attention from the very first second. 

Premiere Pro intro templates make starting out strong seamless. Of course, we know you don’t always strike gold the first time, which is why we’ve included unlimited downloads in your Envato Elements subscription, so you can trial as many intro templates as you like. 

Visit the library now where you’ll find thousands of Premiere Pro templates, available with a monthly or annual subscription.

What Are Intro Templates?

Premiere Pro intro templates are professionally-built, customizable project files that can be downloaded and tailored to your unique project. Intro, or “opener”, templates allow you to work smarter, creating impressive videos that will boost your audience retention score and reduce production time, all at the same time. 

Intro templates are also great for those who are new to Premiere Pro or to video production, as they allow video creators to harness the power of After Effects, without having to master this complex software first. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts and create a broadcast-quality video intro without the stress.

Benefits of Intro Templates

Save time

Don’t get caught up building intro effects from scratch, level up your next video project fast.

Grab attention

The first few seconds of a video are the most important. Don’t waste your opportunity.

Tell a story

Structure your story, get information across quickly and leave the audience wanting more.

Set the tone

Start strong, fast, or slow, and keep your audience’s attention throughout.


Intro templates for Premiere Pro can be adjusted to meet the needs of any project.


Break the mould and create something original and impressive to engage viewers.

Who Uses Intro Templates?

Premiere Pro intro templates can be used by any video creatorfrom hobbyists to professional videographers.

Premiere Pro intro or opener templates are designed for all needs—from absolute beginners, to advanced editors and professional filmmakers. Work at your own pace and scale the features to match your skill set. There are plenty of tutorials and helpful tips to guide you on the way. 

Introductions count and can be crucial for businesses building an identity or wanting to share information quickly. Content creators and social influencers need visually striking introductions for their video channels, to keep followers engaged and increase watch time. Anyone building a video needs to think carefully about their intro, align it to their outro and maintain consistency. Templates do all of this and more, they can build and inspire your upcoming project.

Trending Opener Templates

Explore these new and trending intro templates to create that perfect opener for your video.

A modern rhythmic opener with an upbeat, attention-grabbing impact. A well-designed kinetic typography intro with bold words along with creative animation slides never fails.

Showcase your sporting achievements and active lifestyle with this sports opener. It’s also perfect for promoting your streetwear or sports-related business with style.

Set a creative, modern, cool tone with this opener, which features bold text and trendy glitch effects. It’s well-suited for any start-up, fashion brand, event, or urban promo video.

How to Make an Intro in Premiere Pro

Let’s face it, making videos can be time-consuming. And most of us want to get a good job done while being as efficient as possible. The best solution is to use pre-built templates for Premiere Proor whichever video software you favor. Not sure how to get started? In this beginner’s Premiere Pro course you’ll learn, among other things, how to use video templates in the tool.

If you’re new to Premiere Pro, open up your account on one screen and have the Introduction to Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro playing on another. It’s as good as having a personal tutor who will walk you through basic steps so you can get familiar with Premiere Pro. With this tutorial and some practice, you’ll be a pro in no time.

How to Make a YouTube Intro in Premiere Pro

If you’re a YouTuber or you create YouTube content for a brand, you’ll know that an intro video is essential to attracting and educating your audience. You can use a YouTube channel intro to promote your channel and grow your following, tell people what you do and give users a taste of your content. You can also use sections of your intro in your other videos to create a sense of familiarity and consistency.

It only takes a few simple steps to create a YouTube intro in Premiere Pro. Watch this simple tutorial as we show you how to select a template, open this in Premiere Pro, update text in the Essential Graphics panel, add your content and export the final video. Remember, viewers on YouTube have short attention spans, so ensure your channel trailer packs a punch! 

Premiere Pro Intro Collections

Access the best Premiere Pro templates and nail your next video intro with an Envato Elements subscription. 

Create a strong opening sequence with our top picks for intro video templates. There’s something for everyone, from home movie enthusiasts to YouTube sensations. 

Set the tone and introduce your video with an eye-catching graphic title. Whatever your mood, business or Instagram handle, check out our favorite templates on offer. 

Good typography is the silent achiever in video design. Download pre-made typography templates for video intros and impress your audience with our top 15 designs. 

Intro Template FAQs

The easiest way to open an intro template is to double click the project file in your Downloads folder or drag and drop the file onto the Project Panel in Premiere Pro. This will open the template as a standalone project. If you’re looking to add the intro template to an existing project, you will need to open it by heading to the Project Panel, navigating to Media Browser, and double-clicking on the template file.

Using opener templates is easy—once you’ve opened a template in Premiere Pro, you can add your own footage, branding, sound effects, and more by editing the template file via the Project and Timeline panels. If you’re looking for stock footage, music tracks, graphics, or text templates to use with your opener template, our library of digital assets is a great place to start.

Editing an intro template can be done via the Project or Timeline Panels in Premiere Pro. Navigating between these panels will allow you to customize text, transitions, and branding, as well as tweak timings and replace placeholder content with your own footage.

To learn how to edit in Premiere Pro from the ground up, check out our Introduction to Video Editing course on Tuts+, including project setup, basic editing tools, and answers to more frequently asked questions.

More Premiere Pro Templates

Bring your still visuals to life with motion graphics. Premiere Pro slideshow video templates don’t require moving footage, making it a go-to for those who need to convert photos into video.

Stand out, be bold, and grab your viewers’ attention in seconds. Turn your video’s title and key information into eye-catching text animation effortlessly with the help of Premiere Pro title templates.

Gone are the days of having to learn Adobe After Effects to create graphics. Customizable essential graphics templates mean you can download and edit directly in Adobe Premiere Pro.

​​Highlight important information in your video with a lower third template. Use a modern creative Premiere Pro template in line with your branding to add extra professionalism to your content.

Text animation gives videos context. It also serves as a backup to audio when someone views your video with the sound off. Popular text effects include glitch, stomp, and handwritten-fonts.

MOGRT elements for Premiere Pro enables you to instantly improve your scenes with just a few clicks. They include animation icons, shape transitions, and so many more amazing options to choose from.

Used With Intro Templates

Enhance your video skills with dynamic components, available with a monthly subscription.

Outro templates are simple tools that take production to the next level. Align it with your intro template and achieve professional high-quality videos. 

Build a strong story from the outset with graphic elements, logos and indents that are universally understood and get a message across quickly. 

Grab your audience’s attention with royalty-free sound effects. From slamming doors to cheering crowds, there’s something to suit any occasion and project.

Music is a critical part of video production. Start building your soundtrack now with an Envato Elements subscription and enjoy unlimited downloads on royalty-free music.

Need a cityscape montage? Or a winding road to set the scene for your intro. Curated stock videos are a great way to set the scene without having to film original content. 

Use stock photos to create inventive, informational, and original video intros. Get access to millions of high-quality photos and keep your audience interested throughout.

Alternative Intro Templates

If Premiere Pro isn’t your go-to for animation, meet our top intro templates for alternative video editing software.

Take advantage of everything Envato Elements has to offer and download thousands of graphics, plus eye-catching intro templates to start your next video project with a bang.

Build a compelling opening sequence and set the tone of your video with After Effects intro templates. Check out our list of top aesthetic intro templates for After Effects.

If Final Cut Pro is your weapon of choice, get ready to create one hell of an opener! Our top 10 opener templates are guaranteed to engage your audience and leave them wanting more. 

Captivate your audience from the very first second with compelling intro templates, built for Apple Motion. Whether it’s a short film, doco series, or social cut, we’ve got the perfect opener for your project.

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