Create with Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Templates

The introduction of the Essential Graphics panel to Premiere Pro has made video production much easier. Now, as a filmmaker, you have the ability to edit motion graphics directly in Adobe Premiere Pro, rather than having to flip to After Effects to make changes.

One of the easiest ways to import and customize motion graphics in Premiere Pro is to use a pre-designed template via the Essential Graphics panel. There are hundreds of Premiere Pro templates to choose from on Envato Elements—each one designed by professional video creators, and as they’re all included in a monthly or annual subscription, you can download and try as many as you like.

What Are Motion Graphics Templates?

Premiere Pro motion graphics templates or “MOGRT” templates are premade assets, built-in Adobe After Effects by experts. Editors can import .mogrt files through the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro.

That means you can harness the power of Adobe After Effects and streamline your workflow without spending hours building effects from scratch. The motion graphics are dropped into the project and edited through Premiere Pro. Each asset has different in-built control features, so elements can be customized every time.

Motion graphic templates have different components and uses, depending on the project. Add animated elements like emojis, icons, text, or even transitions to give a project personality.

Benefits of Motion Graphics Templates

Save time

Templates are ready-made assets, so you don’t have to spend hours building motion graphics from scratch.

Fully customizable

Once you pick a design, simply tailor the font, color, and text to suit your brand, style, or project.

Broadcast quality

Bring the power and creativity of After Effects to your Premiere Pro project via the Essential Graphics panel.

Who Uses Motion Graphics Templates?

Want to save time in the editing room? Premiere Pro motion graphics templates are for you.

Motion graphics templates can be used by any video editor, at any skill level. Experienced filmmakers can use templates to cut down production time, source inspiration, and learn to create more complex graphics and effects in Premiere Pro. 

Amateur or hobbyist video editors can use motion graphics templates to harness the complete power of Adobe After Effects and achieve professional-quality video projects quickly and easily.

Premiere Pro motion graphics templates take the guesswork out of video editing and expand the range of possibilities for all users. They’re commonly used by both novice and professional video creators—and everyone in between—to save time, money, and stress. Start exploring the potential of Premiere Pro motion graphics templates in our digital asset library now.

Trending Motion Graphics Templates

Motion graphics put the style into your videos; check out some of our best Premiere Pro MOGRT templates.

A variety of motion slides are at your disposal in this template for Premiere Pro. Create awesome typographic designs in just a few clicks.

Packed full of over 170 motion elements, this template pack for Premiere Pro has everything you need for video titles. It’s all editable and there’s a tutorial included.

This motion graphics template pack for Premiere Pro includes flexible elements that would suit a variety of video projects such as vintage labels, quotes and lower thirds.

How Do I Use Motion Graphics Templates?

Motion graphics templates in Premiere Pro are easy to use and install, just follow our free tutorial.

Once you’ve downloaded your motion graphics template (or MOGRT), this free tutorial from Envato Tuts+ will walk you through the process of installing and using it. You’ll learn how to open your template in the Essential Graphics panel and how to modify it to make it your own.

Premiere Pro templates are a great starting point, but you’ll likely want to play around and tweak them to suit your particular needs. The best way to start experimenting with motion graphics is to find a Premiere Pro MOGRT template that doesn’t require any plugins, to keep things simple. If you’re using more than one motion graphics template, it’s also wise to keep everything labeled and organized.

What Is The Essential Graphics Panel?

Discover the wonder of the Essential Graphics Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Essential Graphics panel in Premiere Pro is a part of the Graphics workspace. The functionality allows you to create titles, graphics, and animations directly in Premiere Pro, without needing to jump back into After Effects.

In our free tutorial on Envato Tuts+, instructor David Bode will show you how to create a motion graphic title in Premiere Pro, including his top tips and tricks.

As well as generally making life easier, the Essential Graphics panel will save you time, help keep your graphics consistent, and reduce the number of renders you need to do because you’re not constantly hopping between programs.

Motion Graphics Template Collections

Save time finding the right templates, and check out our curated lists of favorites.

Download all-inclusive, project-specific templates with transitions, lower thirds, and animations. There’s something for everyone!

Save time and money on your next promo with a template. Design and produce award-winning content for your business or YouTube channel.

Download ready-made templates for skating so you can stand out and save time. Add special effects and get the most from your footage.

If you’re ready to make an animated entrance, then look no further. Here is a list of eye-catching animated title templates to intro your project in style.

YouTubers know how important good editing and video design skills are, but most are short on time. Our templates can help you add style in no time.

Typography tells a story, and nothing sets the mood like a carefully chosen text graphic. We’ve put together a list of templates to bring your project to life.

Motion Graphics Templates FAQs

To add a single .mogrt file to Premiere Pro, you need to open the Essential Graphics Panel, click the Browse tab, navigate to your motion graphics template of choice and click Open. This will save the template to your template library and allow you to use it in Premiere Pro.

If you have several motion graphics templates to import, there is an easy way to install them all in one action. First, you’ll need to save all of the templates into a single file in Finder or Windows Explorer. Then, select all and drag the files into the Browse tab of the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro.

Motion graphics templates are used via the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro. Once you’ve imported a template, you can drag it into your video sequence via the Timeline. If there are any missing assets, like specific fonts, this is where you’ll be prompted to resolve missing links.

After the template has loaded, you can customize it via the Edit tab of the Essential Graphics panel to tailor font size, colors, and animations, and add your own logo and footage.

More Premiere Pro Templates

There are so many great Premiere Pro templates to choose from, learn how to use some of our best.

Your video intro is so important for making a first impression. Check out our best Premiere Pro intro templates to help nail the opening of your film and learn how to use them.

Give your photos or film footage the narrative they deserve with a Premiere Pro slideshow template you can customize for the perfect fit with your brand. Browse here then learn how to use them.

Premiere Pro title templates are effective and professional, turning your video’s opening sequence into something that looks amazing and can be customized with ease.

Premiere Pro lower thirds templates create great-looking and easy-to-read text for your video. There are styles to suit all projects, from talking heads to countdown videos.

Take your typography up a gear with a Premiere Pro text template from Envato Elements. There are hundreds to choose from and you can adjust them to suit your needs.

MOGRT – or Essential Graphics templates – can be used in Premiere Pro without needing to switch to After Effects. You’re bound to find one – or ten! – that you love right here.

Used With Motion Graphics Templates

Customize motion graphic templates with additional assets like fonts, music, and videos. 

Typography is a simple tool that provides context around the theme, tone, and style of a video. Having access to the right font is essential for telling your story.

Synchronize motion graphics with music to add impact and engage your audience. Choose from thousands of royalty-free music tracks and take the stress out of video production.

Stock video is a lifesaver for anyone short on time, footage or needing a little inspiration. Using high-quality videos is a great way to complement broadcast-quality graphics.

Alternative Motion Graphics Templates

You can still utilize the power of motion graphic templates, without using Premiere Pro.

Organize your next video with After Effects motion graphics templates, and customize high-quality animations, illustrations, and designs.

Get a head start on your next Final Cut video project with motion graphics templates. Create reusable assets with ease, and take advantage of the variety on offer.

Build professional motion graphics with DaVinci Resolve templates. The perfect foundation to level up your video project with customizable elements and eye-catching features.

Save time on your next project with pre-built motion graphics templates, designed specifically for Apple Motion. Ready to download, import, and customize.

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