Create with Premiere Pro Slideshow Templates

Slideshow templates are an excellent way to collect photos and video footage together in a way that looks great and connects related content to give it a structure and narrative. 

There are lots of reasons you might want to use slideshow templates—for weddings or events, to make a travel album, or even to make a film title sequence. With slideshow templates the possibilities are endless.

With access to Envato Elements, you can use professionally made Premiere Pro templates and create an end result that looks fantastic, quickly and easily. As part of your monthly or annual subscription, you’ll have the resources to create unique and high-quality video slideshows whenever you need them.

What Are Slideshow Templates?

Premiere Pro slideshow templates are pre-made project files created by professional filmmakers and video editors. These experts establish all formatting for your slideshow, including motion graphics, animations, and timings, so all you need to do is drop in your footage, customize where you like, and hit render. 

Slideshow templates simplify and streamline the production process, and using them can provide a good insight into Premiere Pro as a program. You’ll be able to see how the file was built and how each element is organized and can apply these learnings to future projects.

Whether you’re creating a video memento of your favorite holiday happy snaps or a corporate presentation with a little pizzazz, slideshow templates are the perfect shortcut.

Benefits of Slideshow Templates

Save time

Don’t start from scratch. Templates provide creative inspiration, structure and let you drag, drop, add and subtract to suit your theme.

Keep it simple

Anyone with a lot of content to cover in a short space of time can benefit from using slideshow templates.

Tell a story

In-built design features complement your original content and help build the story while establishing tone and pace.


Scale elements up and down and access features for complete beginners to advanced editors. 

Showcase your product

Create high-quality videos for internal needs, online advertising, conferences, and social media.

Easy to watch

Templates are built by professionals, so their features are seamless and designed to attract attention.

Who Uses Slideshow Templates?

Anyone looking to create a professional and captivating visual presentation can benefit from using slideshow templates.

Slideshows are a great way to showcase milestones, products, services and gain followers. If you want to create a high-quality and visually stunning video presentation, using templates for Premiere Pro is a great place to start.

Video slideshows can be used to celebrate personal or company milestones and boost brand awareness. Anyone with a podcast or YouTube channel can use them to create dynamic and easy-to-understand tutorials or share their experiences. The options are only limited to your imagination, and there’s really something for everyone at any skill level.

Trending Photo Slideshow Templates

Check out some of our best and most versatile photo slideshow templates for Premiere Pro.

This photo slideshow for Premiere Pro is customizable and easy to use. Access this template to create wonderful memories with your photos or footage.

If you like a touch of retro, you’ll love this Premiere Pro photo slideshow, featuring flying Polaroid-inspired photographs, bokeh, and floating particles. 

Ink Photo Slideshow is a well-organized and easy to adapt template. It works entirely through the Essential Graphics panel and includes a video tutorial to help you start out.

Trending Wedding Slideshow Templates

Love is in the air with these stunning wedding slideshow templates for Premiere Pro.

Filled with bokeh and shimmering particles, this slideshow for wedding photographs made for Premiere Pro is a wonderful way to display memories of the perfect day.

With a soft and clean look, this Premiere Pro wedding slideshow will perfectly display special memories from a wedding day. Just drag and drop your content into the template – easy!

Featuring light leaks and other effects, Wedding Slideshow for Premiere Pro CC 2017 and above is well organized and easy to customize. Plus, you won’t need any plugins.

Trending Travel Slideshow Templates

Travel the world without leaving your seat with these top travel slideshow templates for Premiere Pro.

Simple and well organized, the Travel Slideshow template for Premiere Pro works through the Essential Graphics panel, without the need for additional plugins. 

Discover this dynamic slideshow in parallax style that’s perfect for travel content. This Premiere Pro slideshow template has 45 placeholders and is in full HD 1920×1080.

Reveal your travel photos in a rusted frame covered in ivy, a firm favorite for anyone who likes to feel connected to nature. It’s a fantastic solution for presenting all your best travel pics.

Free Slideshow Templates

Who doesn’t love a freebie? We’ve made a list of our favorites for creators on a budget.

Simple, bold and effective—the large title slideshow template is free to use and super adaptable. This style can be applied to any project and gets an audience’s attention fast.

Staying on trend is important, but it’s not the only option. Add a touch of vintage chic and nostalgia to your next video presentation with this free VHS slideshow template.

Static paper invitations are a thing of the past. Save money and time with this free slideshow template, and create a bespoke video invitation for your guests.

Top Tips For Video Slideshows

Premiere Pro templates are available in a number of different categories to help with all aspects of video making, from titles to lower thirds.

Select the right template

Make sure you choose the right template to match your content. It’s important for consistency and accurate messaging, plus the wrong one could confuse your audience.

Use high-quality content

Templates have amazing graphic features and standout transitions, so make sure you have high-quality images and videos to match. Consistency is key to engagement.

Match video to music

Music enhances visual content by setting a mood, directing viewers and adding rhythm. Download thousands of royalty-free music tracks on Envato Elements.

Leave space for text

Slideshows are a great visual medium, but always leave room for text. That way you can add further context, cite material or use inspirational quotes.

Use clear CTAs

If you’ve created a video slideshow for your brand or channel, calls to action are essential. Providing useful links and product info will engage your audience beyond the video.

Think about your channel

Consider where and how your slideshow will be accessed by viewers. Choose a video template that will present your message in the most engaging and memorable way.

How to Make a Slideshow in Premiere Pro

As technology has become more accessible, many people are investing in video content. A slideshow can be a great, cost-effective way to embrace this medium.

In this free tutorial for Premiere Pro, you’ll learn how to create a video slideshow that will benefit your business by driving customers to your website, building excitement, or encouraging more engagement on social media.

You’ll also discover top tips for creating a slideshow video in Premiere Pro, including the importance of focusing on one key message. You’ll learn how to tell a story with your slideshow and keep the narrative consistent. Lastly, you’ll explore how you might share your video, with the possibility of making several versions for different channels.

Creating Transitions in Premiere Pro​

In this free video course from Envato Tuts+, you’ll learn how to manage your files, how to import your footage, when and how to use transitions, and even how to add transitions to Instagram videos!

Course presenter André will also share his best advice on using a variety of transition types in your videos, with a useful demonstration featuring a template pack available from Envato Elements so you can download and follow along.

Whether you’re creating videos for a client, or for your own channels, or even just for fun, André will guide you through creating engaging, professional-looking content, as well as demonstrating how to use template packs as a tool to communicate with your audience and help with your work.

Slideshow Templates Collections

Here are our top slideshow templates that look great and are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Slideshow templates are versatile tools that allow you to mix video, text and images together to tell a story. We’ve made finding the right one easy—take a look at our favourites.

If you have a business meeting or need to share information about your brand, slideshows are a great choice. These templates are professional, stylish, and easy to use.

If minimalism isn’t your thing, there are plenty of quirky designs available. Be bold and stand out from the crowd with our list of loud, proud and colorful templates.

Slideshow Template FAQs

Premiere Pro slideshow templates are quick and easy to use. Once you’ve added your template to Premiere Pro, you can replace placeholder images and moving footage with original or stock content, and update any logos, brand colors, music, sound effects, and motion graphics to tailor the video to your needs.

Mixkit by Envato offers a selection of free slideshow templates for Premiere Pro. This includes wedding, holiday, and corporate-themed slideshows. If you’re looking for more options, Envato Elements has thousands of Premiere Pro slideshow templates available for a monthly or annual subscription.

To edit a slideshow template in Premiere Pro, you will use both the Project Panel and the Timeline. The Project Panel is where you’ll import your template and footage, organize your layers and preview any updates.

The Timeline is where the creative magic happens. Here you’ll build scenes, apply transitions, add text, customize music, apply sound effects, and much more. To learn how to edit in Premiere Pro from the ground up, check out our Introduction to Video Editing course on Tuts+.

More Premiere Pro Templates

Premiere Pro templates are available in a number of different categories to help with all aspects of video making, from titles to lower thirds. Learn how to use them.

Hook your audience with an appealing and professional introduction to your film. Intro templates for Premiere Pro come in a variety of styles, ready to customize.

Explore Premiere Pro title templates that can hold all of your information but still look attractive and engaging to ensure that you kick off your video in style.

Bring the power and creativity of After Effects to your Premiere Pro videos. Essential graphics templates take the guesswork out of production so you can create with ease. Browse here.

Lower thirds need to be easy to read, with a pleasant design that doesn’t distract from the key messages. Why not try one of our lower thirds templates for Premiere Pro.

If typography is your thing, you’ll love our range of text templates available for Premiere Pro. There’s an animated text style to suit every occasion.

Motion graphics templates give you the flexibility of an After Effects template but can be customized and controlled right in Premiere Pro; find one that’s right for you.

Used With Slideshow Templates

These handy assets can be used with slideshow templates to enhance your video project.

Photos are an essential part of any video slideshow and can help to tell a story. You don’t need to take your own, instead download high-quality stock images on Envato Elements. 

Need to add something extra? Enjoy unlimited downloads on thousands of royalty-free music tracks. You can experiment with hundreds of tracks until you find the right sound.

Stock video is a great filler for slideshow presentations. Not only is it cost effective, it can add context for any graduation, YouTube, or home video productions.

Alternative Slideshow Video Templates

If you don’t use Premiere Pro, download video templates compatible with other design software. 

Even advanced editors using After Effects can benefit from templates. Customize and structure your next video slideshow in record time with Envato Elements.

Content creators, businesses, and video editors love Final Cut Pro slideshow templates. Choose from hundreds of designs and make your next presentation count.

Add energy and fun to any presentation with slideshow video templates. There’s something for every amateur and professional filmmaker using DaVinci. 

Add a little pizzazz to your next presentation with our library of Apple Motion slideshow templates. There’s a design to suit every type of project.

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