Create with Premiere Pro Text Templates

From unfolding word-by-word text to text message pop-ups, animated text is everywhere. And it’s not as hard as you might think to incorporate this into your own video content, especially with the help of Premiere Pro text templates.

In a library like Envato Elements, you’ll find everything from simple, dynamic openers to 1980s inspired light distortions, and motion styles reminiscent of VHS and video games. Text effect options are really limitless and can convey a lot in a little – imbuing your text with emotions or connotations so the words themselves don’t have to.

When you need text templates offering a little more sophistication than free collections offer, there are hundreds of templates for Premiere Pro available with your monthly or annual subscription.

What Are Text Templates?

Premiere Pro text templates are pre-designed motion graphic files that can present your text in dynamic and exciting ways. Text templates are fully customizable—once you find something you like, you can replace the text, change the font, tweak the color palette, and update the animations to suit your brand or project.

Text templates can help video editors of all skill levels save time in production. Whether you’re looking for a clean lower third template to introduce a character, a motion graphic template to experiment with fast typography, or a compelling closing sequence, text templates will help you provide context and set the scene with ease.

Benefits of Text Templates

Save time

Create fresh and exciting content in a flash with templates—there’s no need to be a Premiere Pro expert.

Fully customizable

Each template has built-in controls that allow you to customize font, color, speed, and text, so it can be tailored to your specific project.

Broadcast quality

Templates are design and editing assets built by professional video creators in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Who Uses Text Templates?

Text templates are for amateur video creators, professional filmmakers and everyone in between.

Using dynamic and unique text graphics throughout your production is important. Text adds context, sets the pace, and is used widely by professional filmmakers and editors. Premiere Pro text templates are easy-to-use, ready-made assets that add motion graphic text to your video footage. 

Filmmakers might need an animated intro or text message graphics that pop up on the screen when two people are talking. Brands and businesses can benefit from text templates and deliver key details about a product in a fun and accessible way.

Text is a powerful tool that allows audiences to recall detail and highlights key messages, plus it makes your video easy to follow. Templates inspire creativity, and can always be tailored to meet the needs of each individual production.

Trending Text Animation Templates

Animated text can elevate your design, and these text templates will have you inspired in no time.

Sometimes less is more, and keeping it simple is best. These subtle variations for lower thirds text animation fit a range of designs, staying professional without being stiff.

If you’re looking for something playful that gives your audience a bit of a surprise, here’s a design that’s clean, corporate and dynamic – and does exactly that.

Give even the most tired text a lift with kinetic energy in corporate style, with the 120 text animation templates for Premiere Pro to explore in this pack.

Can You Animate Text in Premiere Pro?

If you’re comfortable using Premiere Pro – great. You can now use it to animate text, too.

The answer to the oft-asked question, “Can you animate text in Premiere Pro?” is now a resounding yes. This tutorial will show you how to create animated text-based openers for your videos.

The opening is the first thing your audience sees, so it’s essential that you get it right. You might be leading with your logo, with someone speaking to camera, or with a dramatic scene. Regardless, it’s best to use a test project to learn some of the tricks to animating in Premiere Pro, before you roll it out to your professional projects.

In this tutorial, you’ll use a free Premiere Pro template to practice your skills – starting with adding the motion graphics template to Premiere Pro and taking it all the way to the finished edit.

How to Animate Text in Premiere Pro

Depending on complexity, you can edit videos using Premiere Pro or After Effects – understand the difference here.

If you’ve got a video you think might benefit from animated text, there are lots of ways you can try it out. Some easy approaches include adding titles to capture audience attention from the get-go, or credits at the start or the end. For layering information, you could think about adding lower thirds text – for example, including the name and age of a contestant or interviewee.

This all sounds good, we know, but how do you actually create text in Premiere Pro? Premiere Pro has everything you need to change things like color, size, and font. Find out more about using the Type Tool, the Essential Graphics panel, and even adding basic animation in this handy how-to guide.

Premiere Pro Templates

What Is Fast Typography?

This trend harnesses the phenomenon of speed reading. So, how can you use fast typography in your own designs?

Fast typography continues to dominate video trends. In a climate where consumers are inundated with content, fast typography draws on audiences’ tendency to speed read and feeds the viewer words in a captivating way. Basically, this means displaying text word-by-word, or in small groups, where you can control the pace of reading by adjusting the speed.

It’s no surprise that video is the perfect place for this trend, and the need to match fast typography to the pace and style of video content has meant a boom in Premiere Pro templates to help you do just that. Whether you’re after a big impact, a sweeping ethereal feel, or kaleidoscope colors, you’ll find loads of ways to use fast typography.

Premiere Pro Text Collections

Looking for inspiration on your next project? Check out the best text templates to get started.

Eye-catching text templates can level up any video production, and there’s a bunch of standouts available on Envato Elements. Here’s a list of our favorites.

If you’re on a budget or just a self-professed bargain hunter, you need to check out our list of free typography templates. There’s one to suit every video project.

Streamline your workflow with resizing text—these templates are timesavers and super adaptable. That means no bulky or out-of-place text, just easy, stylish designs.

Introductions set the tone for your entire project, so make a good first impression with a stand-out typography template. Check out these amazing animated opener designs.

Title scenes, descriptors, credits and lower thirds are all basic textual elements used by filmmakers and video editors. Applying text in Premiere Pro is easy. Follow our guide here.

In our fast-paced digital environment, there’s a lot of competition. That’s why motion graphic openers are a great way to grab attention, and build a recognizable video or brand.

Text Template FAQs

Text templates are simple to use in Premiere Pro. Once you’ve downloaded your template, simply double-click the project file in your Downloads folder, or drag and drop the file into the Project Panel. Then use this Panel, alongside the Timeline, to customize the text, font, and timings.

Yes! Thanks to the Essential Graphics Panel, you can now use After Effects text templates in Premiere Pro. In some cases, you’ll need After Effects installed on your computer to do this.

Text editing is done via the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro. To bring this up, click Window> Essential Graphics. This will open the panel and allow you to edit the actual text, as well as the size, color and font, and any animation or motion effects.

To learn how to edit in Premiere Pro from the ground up, check out our Introduction to Video Editing course on Tuts, which includes lessons on adding text and titles, using the Essential Graphics Panel, creating your own templates, and more.

More Premiere Pro Templates

You can incorporate text animation in any part of your video – try it in tandem with some of these templates. Learn how to use them and key benefits.

Openers are the first and therefore the best place to grab and keep the attention of your audience. See what’s possible, browse our intro templates for Premiere Pro.

If you’re struggling to lend your video a cohesive narrative, a Premiere Pro slideshow template can help you find a logical flow. Find one to suit any need.

Premiere Pro title templates make quick work of a professional and eye-catching title sequence that stays true to your brand. Start browsing and then customizing with our tips.

Not up to speed with After Effects? Start editing and customizing motion graphics in Premiere Pro instead, browse these Essential Graphics templates.

The easiest way to layer information in your video content is to become a master at using lower thirds. Explore our templates for Premiere Pro to get you started.

These templates have all the flexibility of editing in After Effects, but can be customized directly in Premiere Pro, saving you time in finding the perfect design.

Used With Text Templates

Enhance any text template with Envato Elements’ bank of creative assets, from stock video, to music and fonts.

Get creative with your next project and apply unusual, unique or exciting typography. Once you import a template, add and customize it with additional tweaks in Premiere Pro.

Music complements every aspect of video design, establishing pace and building suspense. Whether you’re creating a movie or short film, there’s royalty-free music available.

Add high-quality footage behind text with a huge bank of stock videos at your fingertips. All videos are royalty-free and great for filling in gaps or adding extra context for viewers.

Alternative Text Templates

If you don’t use Premiere Pro, there are still compatible templates available.

Templates are practical and flexible tools for advanced editors using After Effects. Download thousands of customizable assets, designed by experts for all types of video.

If Final Cut is your weapon of choice, there are hundreds of versatile and easy-to-use templates to choose from. Create high-quality text overlays and learn from the experts.

Anyone with an Envato Elements subscription can access all-inclusive text packs, templates, and toolkits. Choose from hundreds of designs and build videos at lightning speed.

Get your message across with a text template, built specifically for Apple’s powerful motion graphics tool. Explore hundreds of captivating designs in our library.

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