Create with Premiere Pro Title Templates

Film titles are often your audience’s first impression of your content—whether it’s a big-budget broadcast or short social video. Viewers will make instant judgments about your video based on your title, so make it count with a dynamic and interesting title sequence.

Using Premiere Pro title templates designed by professional video creators can take the hassle out of creating titles from scratch. Instead of starting at the beginning, you can jump ahead by adding your own content into something pre-made.

Envato Elements has Adobe Premiere Pro title templates in all sorts of designs, made for a variety of film projects. With unlimited assets included in a monthly or annual subscription, you can keep trying Premiere Pro templates until you find the perfect title.

What Are Title Templates?

Premiere Pro title templates are pre-animated project files that can be tailored to suit any video project. Simply import your chosen template into Premiere Pro and customize with your branding, colors, texts, fonts, and more to create a unique title sequence.

Title templates are created by professional video editors and are a great starting point for budding filmmakers. Using a pre-made title allows you to learn about the video editing process first-hand before creating your own titles from scratch. Professional video editors can also utilize title templates to streamline workflows and establish consistency between opening and closing sequences, and any text animations with ease.

Benefits of Title Templates

Save time

Make your video title stand out without spending hours building your own motion graphics in Premiere Pro.

Fully customizable

Once you choose your title template, you can customize the font, color and change the text to create striking original content.

Professional quality

Using a template means access to broadcast-quality resources, and creating professional material, no matter your skill level.

Who Uses Title Templates?

Anyone looking to save time and create professional-quality video projects can use Premiere Pro title templates.

Introductions are essential for any good video production, and you can use Premiere Pro templates to make a good first impression. A well-chosen title can build suspense, suspicion, excitement, or tension—they are powerful tools that start telling your story from the very first scene. 

Brands use titles to impress their audience with eye-catching graphics. YouTubers need a consistent opening title for their content, or multiple titles for multiple channels! Establishing the title helps structure a video and sets the tone of your piece. There are thousands of Premiere Pro title templates, so you can always find one to suit your needs.

Trending Opening Title Templates

Nail your film’s opener with one of the most popular Premiere Pro opening title templates.

Create titles and trailers in retro 80s style with this Premiere Pro template, which includes 20 VHS overlays and 45 text styles.

Get five typography styles in one Premiere Pro title template. You’ll need PP 2019+ to use this and there’s customer support if you need it.

Sometimes less is more. Try these minimal Premiere Pro titles – a splash of color adds style while not distracting from the content.

Free Title Templates

No matter the production budget, Envato Elements has you covered with our top 3 free Premiere Pro title templates on offer. 

Neon lights will always grab attention, and this free 80’s title is guaranteed to leave people smiling. Maybe you’re promoting a bar, need a splash of color or just looking for a little chic.

Large text blocks have a cutting edge and versatile aesthetic and can be applied to any project. This title creates a sense of urgency, plus it looks simple and professional.

The glitch title template has a distinctly urban feel, and taps into our technology dominated world. This title is exciting, can complement a range of projects and leaves you wanting more.

How to Make Titles in Premiere Pro

Learn how to make quick and easy titles that look great, with our free Premiere Pro tutorial.

Starting a film project can be daunting, there’s so much to think about! Titles are one of the most important elements of your film or video, they’re an indicator of what’s to come. So how do you make a cool title in Premiere Pro? This tutorial will help you with that, explaining how videos can benefit from on-screen text, whether that’s your titles, but also lower thirds and credits too.

You’ll learn how to add simple text to your video in Premiere Pro, including how to adjust things like font, color, and size, and even how to introduce certain types of animation. Plus, find out when you might also need After Effects installed to be able to edit certain template features.

Does Premiere Pro Have Title Presets?

Get to grips with the essentials of Premiere Pro with our comprehensive course.

In this tutorial, instructor David takes you through everything you need to know about adding titles in Premiere Pro. You’ll learn how to organize files outside of Premiere Pro before importing your assets.

Discover how to set up a project, learn editing essentials, and discover the basics of trimming in your timeline. When you’ve covered these, move on to more complicated techniques like adding cutaway shots, editing audio, and video effects, and more.

You can use the Essential Graphics panel to make titles in Premiere Pro and David will also walk you through this. There are a few standard templates included, like DVD menus and lower thirds or you can export a template you’ve made to use in future projects.

Premiere Pro Title Collections

Ready to get started? Check out our favorite Premiere Pro title templates.

Bargain hunters will appreciate this guide! There’s a free opener template to suit any project, and we have laid out our favorites.

Make an impact with an animated title sequence. We have put together a list of 18 show-stopping templates.

Excite your viewers with a high-quality title template. Here’s a list of styles to get you started—there’s even a couple of freebies!

Title Template FAQs

To open a title template, you can either double-click the project file in Finder or Windows Explorer, or drag and drop the file into the Project Panel in Premiere Pro. Another option is to use the Media Browser in the Project Panel—find your title template file in the browser and double click to open in your Premiere Pro project.

Premiere Pro title templates are incredibly easy to use. Once imported, you can simply click through the template layers via the Project Panel and customize text, timings, logos, colors, animations, and more to make the template your own.

Yes, the Essential Graphics Panel allows video editors to use After Effects title templates in Premiere Pro. In some cases, you’ll need After Effects installed to do this.

More Premiere Pro Templates

Premiere Pro templates are versatile, they look great, and they make creating video quick and easy! Learn how to use the following templates.

Grab the attention of your audience with a Premiere Pro intro template. They come in a variety of styles, ready to customize to help you make an aesthetic start to your film.

Slideshow templates help to give your photographs and footage structure and narrative. Find a Premiere Pro slideshow template to customize and make your own with our tips.

Essential graphics templates take your video to the next level, allowing you to harness the power of professional After Effects graphics, without needing to learn the software.

Lower thirds should look great and be easy to read. Try a lower thirds template for Premiere Pro for professional, clean text that complements your footage.

Dazzle with your motion typography when you choose from a huge range of text templates available from Envato Elements, for Premiere Pro.

Motion graphics templates have all the flexibility of After Effects templates but can be edited and customized directly in Premiere Pro; find one that’s perfect for you.

Used With Title Templates

Title templates should be used in conjunction with any other elements to make an impact.

Templates are always customizable, so if you love certain parts of a title opening but don’t love others, you can simply adjust it with additional fonts.

Music and title pages can always be coupled together to set the tone. Download royalty-free music and make your title pop with thousands of tracks to choose from.

Add high-quality footage behind text with a huge bank of stock videos at your fingertips. All videos are royalty-free and great for filling in gaps or adding extra context for viewers.

Alternative Title Templates

You don’t need to use Premiere Pro to download templates, there’s plenty of other compatible software.

DaVinci Resolve is a popular choice among many filmmakers. Enhance the professional editing features with our dynamic suite of title templates.

Create bespoke videos in After Effects with title templates. Build on existing themes and customize colors, fonts, timings, and graphics to suit your style.

If Final Cut is your preferred program, get access to a huge range of templates. Our designs are easy to use, and there’s one for any project.

Grab and hold your audience’s attention with a professional title sequence. Explore our growing library of title templates, built for Apple Motion.

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