Presentation Templates

Sick of boring presentations? So is your audience! If you have something important to convey to a manager, decision-maker, or client, it’s time to start using presentation templates. This will ensure your message is delivered in a visually engaging and accessible way.

Whether it’s a business presentation that requires a professional, clean design, or something more informal, you’ll find a presentation template provides a useful base to start from.

No more spending hours staring at empty slides—simply browse the thousands of templates on the Envato Elements’ library, hit download, and start customizing. Plus, unlimited downloads with a monthly or annual subscription mean you can download and use as many presentation templates as you like.

What Are Presentation Templates?

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A presentation template is a group of pre-designed slides that can be customized to suit any need. Presentation templates are created by experts and can include slide layouts, colors, fonts, animation effects, background styles, music, sound, and more.

The most common types of presentation templates are created for Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and Pitch Deck. These form a great starting point for any project—whether it’s a university presentation, an internal business update, or a proposal for a new client. Once you’ve downloaded your presentation template of choice, simply customize it with your branding, replace the content with your own, and share with your audience.

Benefits of Presentation Templates

Save time

Anyone working to a deadline can use a template to speed up the process and maintain consistency. 


Streamline the design process and ensure every page in your presentation is consistent by using a high-quality template.

Professional quality

Presentation templates are designed by experts, so you don’t need to be a pro to create a polished presentation. 


Create high-quality original presentations. Templates feature in-built adjustable elements to leave room for creative expression.

Incorporate branding

Easily add your logo with seamless integration tools. Leave your own mark on your presentation template.  

Visually engaging

Presentations are always more engaging with visual elements, and templates have a huge selection of cool features and effects. 

Who Uses Presentation Templates?

Visual presentations are used widely to share information and tell a story. 

Creating an eye-catching presentation is important to secure new clients or impress existing ones. Businesses understand how important ‘The Pitch’ is but confidence can only go so far; you need high-quality visual material to accompany your speech.

Business leaders and individuals use presentations for internal reports and staff training. Communication is important for business, and stylish design templates can elevate internal presentations, ensuring staff are more engaged and educated.

Creatives and designers can also use presentation templates to create an amazing digital portfolio, while educators and students can use them to share information and create reports quickly.

Trending Presentation Templates

Stay on-trend and make killer presentations with our favorite styles for this year.

Showcase your ideas with the professional Aneta. Available for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, Aneta is perfect for businesses, agencies, and freelancers.

Be creative with this modern, image-led presentation template, suitable for a range of projects from digital portfolios to business proposals and stylish reports.

Grab your audience’s attention with a bright color scheme and straightforward design. Startup 101 is vibrant, dynamic, and it’s compatible with Keynote!

This creative presentation template has a clean and minimal style and includes over 100 slide designs with infographics, icons, elements, and more.

With a clean, colorful and multi-purpose design, this template is ideal for business proposals, pitch decks and e-commerce presentations, plus it’s compatible with multiple software. 

Featuring 150+ total slides, you’ll have plenty to choose from with this presentation template. Drag and drop your content into placeholders and choose from five color variations.

How To Create a Presentation

If you’d like to learn how to create an effective presentation, check out our guide. Starting with the basics, it guides you through writing and planning a presentation, avoiding common mistakes, and delivering a presentation with confidence.

Once you’ve nailed the essentials, you can concentrate on your presentation skills, including body language, speaking naturally, and making eye contact. There’s also a lot of advice to help level up your presentation design such as how to balance visuals with text, the size and type of fonts you use, and whether your content is aligned to the needs of your intended audience.

How to Design a Presentation

Learn how to design a presentation that engages your audience until the very last second.

We’ve all had to sit through a lousy presentation. You know the ones—with vibrant headings on top of fluoro backgrounds and slabs of text copied and pasted onto each slide. Luckily, you’ll never have to worry about your slides again you know how to design a presentation that will win over any audience.

One of the best places to start is exploring the latest presentation design trends. This will give you an idea of what kind of content and style is likely to engage your audience. You also need to set aside plenty of time to collate and review your content, check for spelling and grammatical errors, and ensure the structure flows seamlessly. 

Presentation Template Tutorials

Anyone can benefit from the huge amount of tutorials available for improving presentation skills. 

Confidence is key to success! Don’t let nerves get the better of you—check out this powerful guide so you can dominate your next presentation.

While there’s no one answer to this question, there are some general rules you can follow to determine how many slides to use for your next presentation.

Got a presentation coming up and not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Explore 12 practical steps (and some expert tips) for preparing a good presentation.

Visual graphics are proven to increase audience engagement and retention of information. They complement any story and are super easy to make with the right tools.

Big presentation on Monday? We know how nerve-racking it can be. Get prepared with our guide to improving your presentation skills for the top floor.

Remember the color wheel from grade school? It’s actually really important for presentation design, so we’ve put together a little refresher course.

Presentation Template Collections

Create something dynamic, exciting, and visually unique with this collection of presentation templates.

Animated graphics are visually striking and have a wide appeal, so you can use them for your brand, business, school, or charity presentation. 

Dark slides are powerful alternatives to the traditional white background. The design is highly visual, a little edgy, and adds modernity to any project. 

Millennials will appreciate this list of 80s and 90s themed PowerPoint slides! Whether it’s for a high-school reunion or you just want something nostalgic.

Don’t start from scratch! Simply choose your favorite sports-themed template and build from there. These designs are guaranteed to engage your audience. 

Healthcare workers short on time can appreciate these quality PowerPoint templates. Pre-made designs let you fill in the gaps for stunning presentations. 

Showcase your photography with these stylish presentation slides. That way you can spend more time building your portfolio, and still impress your clients. 

Presentation Template FAQs

Templates are an easy way to level up your presentations, and they add a professional quality to any lecture, speech, talk, or report. Templates are used to speed up the creation process, streamline the look and feel of brand presentations, increase audience engagement, and much more.  More specifically, you might use infographic slides in presentation templates to visualize data, use image-driven templates to showcase a mood board or your portfolio or use a corporate-style presentation to pitch to a new client or stakeholder. 

Presentation templates can be used as-is or can be customized to suit your needs. You might use a few slides from the deck, or tailor the entire template to fit your presentation, before animating it, printing it, or making it available for download as a PDF.

A catchy presentation comes down to confidence, preparedness, and a well-designed slide deck. Some of the best ways to create a catchy presentation include:

  • Telling a story to illustrate a point
  • Asking questions of the audience
  • Adding a little humor (where appropriate)
  • Using visuals over text

Explore more creative ideas for catchy presentations on Envato Tuts+.

If you’re looking for quality presentation templates, an Envato Elements subscription is the best place to start. The ever-growing library features 80,000+ professionally-designed presentation templates for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides—and the best part is you’ll have unlimited downloads with a monthly or annual subscription. 

Envato’s graphics marketplace GraphicRiver also has an extensive library of high-quality presentation templates, all of which can be purchased for a one-time fee. 

Envato Elements presentation templates are quick and easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded a template, unzip the folder and locate the template file. For PowerPoint and Keynote, simply double-click to open the file and start customizing placeholder elements with your own content. 

For Google Slides, you’ll need to create a new presentation and navigate to File> Import Slides> Upload> Select a file from your device. Click the template file from your downloads folder. Once loaded, select all slides and click import.

Types of Presentation Templates

There are thousands more templates available on Envato Elements that can be used for presentation materials.

PowerPoint templates offer quality designs, but with flexibility in formats and styles. If you want to create a more relaxed presentation, we recommend starting here.

Impress your colleagues or students with amazing and professional slides. There’s a huge selection of Google Slides templates to be discovered via the search bar.  

Anyone using Keynote can access a presentation to suit their style. Unlimited downloads mean you can try as many as you like before presentation day.

Used with Presentation Templates

Additional assets like infographics, stock photos, and music can take your presentations to the next level.

Share complex information efficiently with eye-catching infographics. Not only do infographics look better than chunks of text, they’re also easier for audiences to understand.

A catchy presentation should be image-driven and highly visual. Explore our library of stock photos to add visual interest and appeal to your next presentation. 

Whether you’re searching for the perfect slide background or an icon to illustrate a point, we’ve got you covered with our library of professionally-designed graphics.

Bring the noise! Make your presentation one to remember with curated sound effects that amplify your content and grab your audience’s attention.

The right font can set the tone for your presentation and help win over your audience. Filter fonts by category, spacing, or size and find the perfect typeface on Envato Elements.

Music is an important branding tool that can be useful in pitch decks, proposals, and portfolios to help audiences identify and engage with your message. 

Why Professionals Love Envato Elements

Young male uses laptop to create business presentation

I came across Envato Elements one day when preparing to pull together a business presentation. I ended up doing the obligatory Google search for PowerPoint templates and came across Envato. I started to browse through the templates to be quite impressed by the variety Envato offered. I ended up finding the template that suited in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Envato Elements is my first stop now and I have used numerous PowerPoint templates to help give variety to presentations, I’ve found images and used icons that have helped bring an element of professionalism to my business content that I hadn’t been able to achieve before.

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