Google Slides Templates

Does your latest presentation feel like deja vu? Your audience might be feeling it, too! Spending time choosing the right Google Slides template is a very important step in putting together a presentation that will catch your audience’s eye for all the right reasons.

Whether you’re in a creative field or not, having a visually pleasing Google Slide deck is essential to delivering your message effectively. No more searching for hours online! With a monthly or annual Envato Elements subscription, you get access to 22,000+ presentation templates—including Google Slides templates, all created by industry professionals.

What is a Google Slides Template?

A Google Slides template is a set of pre-designed, customizable slides created by a presentation design expert. These templates can be personalized with layouts, color schemes, illustrations, and infographics, and incorporate Google Slides features like a master slide and section jumps.

Preparing a killer presentation for a client or stakeholder? Maybe you’re sharing your latest business idea with potential investors? These templates will give you a solid foundation from which to build your presentation. Once you import your brand new template to Google Slides, you can start tailoring the design and adding your own assets to fit your brand or theme.

Benefits of Google Slides Templates

Save time

Streamline and speed up your search with a library of professional templates, designed to suit any project.


Tailor slide elements to personalize the look and feel of your project, including colors, backgrounds, and logos.

Professional quality

Google Slides templates are designed by industry experts and designers for professional results, every time.

Who Uses Google Slides Templates

Google Slides presentations have become an essential part of everyday professional life.

Business professionals

Creating presentations has become an important skill in the workplace. Good presentations can close business deals, earn promotions, and signal the new direction of a company. Having access to high-quality Google Slides templates saves time to focus on the content.

Creatives and designers

The job of a creative is hard enough! Being selective about how you spend your time is essential to a successful creative career. Take time to focus on that incredible rebranding project while presentation templates look after the design for you.

Educators and students

With the move to remote learning, academic life has become more and more reliant on quality presentations to share knowledge, document learning outcomes, and showcase projects within the learning community. Visit the Envato Elements Education hub to learn more.

Trending Google Slides Templates

Here’s a selection of some of the best presentation templates in the Envato Elements library.

A striking template ideal for a desk pitch, eCommerce proposals, product advertising, and internal reports. Clean, scalable, colorful, and ready to use.
YURA’s muted color scheme makes it a perfect choice for business presentations. Plus there are 1,000 usable icons to personalize your slides.
A professional-looking template with multiple functionalities, like easy-to-swap color themes. A highly customizable template that’s great for finance, pitch decks, and consulting.
This geometric Google Slides template features five interchangeable color schemes. With 150+ total slides to choose from, it’s perfect for both business and personal use.
A template with minimalistic infographics and stunning pre-designed color schemes that will elevate your presentation. Includes pre-made gallery and portfolio slide designs.
An aesthetic Google Slides template with fresh and muted color schemes that are easily interchangeable. Comes with scalable and editable infographics.

How to Create a Professional Google Slides Presentation

Learning how to create a professional Google Slides presentation can be quite challenging without the proper tools and information. When it comes to putting together a successful presentation that will dazzle your audience, design matters just as much as the content you’re looking to share.

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step through the process, including:

1. Selecting the right Google Slides presentation template from the Envato Elements library
2. Choosing visual content for your photo galleries and infographics
3. Understanding advanced editing functionalities like swapping color schemes and setting up your slideshow for autoplay.

How to Make an Infographic With Google Slides Templates

Sharing complex information with an audience can be a daunting task. Badly presented data can bore even the most focused viewer, but it doesn’t have to be like that. If displayed the right way, data can help you tell a compelling story in your Google Slides presentation, and you don’t have to be an artist or designer to create an eye-catching and professional infographic.

Covering all parts of the process from beginning to end, this tutorial will show you how to make an infographic with Google Slides templates. We also discuss the benefits of using infographics, as well as providing a comprehensive and detailed guide on how to make the most of the Envato Elements infographic template library.

Google Slides Tutorials

Make the most out of your brand new Google Slides templates with these top tutorials.
Any presentation can be made to look good, but can you go further? This tutorial covers how to incorporate effects in your next slide deck.
Looking to lighten the mood during a meeting? Add some last-minute humor or visual interest to your slides with this tutorial.
The right music track and sound effects can set the mood for a presentation. This tutorial will guide you through adding audio to your slides.
When it comes to customizing your slides, typography is key. Check out this quick tutorial on how to add new fonts to Google Slides.
Focus on delivering your message the right way, while Google Slides does the slide switching for you with this quick tutorial.
Avoid the “read-only” trap and bring your audience closer to your slides with this guide on adding interactive elements.

Google Slides Template Collections

Here’s a selection of only the best templates to rock your next Google Slides presentation.

When animation is done right, a Google Slide can come alive to support your message and enhance your audience’s experience.

Preparing a presentation is a lot like putting on a show. This selection of themes will transport your audience to the great outdoors.

Sometimes, all you need is a carefully designed layout. Keep it clean and classy with this selection of minimalistic Google Slides themes.

Google Slides FAQs

Visit the Envato Elements Google Slides templates library and download your desired template. Open your downloads folder and find the .pptx file. Drag and drop the file into your Google Drive and select the “Open with Google Slides” option. Now, start creating!

Envato Elements Google Slides templates offer great customization options. First, choose the right color scheme for your template, then play around with the different slide layouts and other built-in features. Finally, add your content, brand elements, and images.

Google Slides offers a selection of in-built templates and themes for free with the software. While some users find these suitable, most presentations will require something more advanced. Envato Elements has over 22,000 Google Slides templates to explore, and with a monthly or annual subscription, you’ll enjoy unlimited downloads. We also offer monthly freebies throughout the year—keep an eye out for those!

Alternatives to Google Slides

Although it’s gained popularity in recent years, Google Slides is not the only presentation software out there.
Browse thousands of professionally-designed PowerPoint templates and give your next presentation a much-deserved facelift. Your audience will thank you for it!
Captivate your audience by giving your presentation a unique aesthetic. With 25,000 Keynote templates on offer, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.
Give your pitch deck a look and feel that sets it apart from the rest and catches your client or potential investor’s attention. Find the perfect template here.

Used With Google Slide Templates

All the resources you need to put together your next compelling Google Slides presentation.
Turn your data sets into visual story-telling experiences your audience will understand and value with infographic templates.
Finding high-quality photography online can be incredibly time-consuming. Discover the right photos for your presentation all in one place.
Make your presentation pop with graphics designed with Google Slides in mind. Created by top graphic designers.
Browse an extensive and easy-to-navigate library of fonts, appropriate for a wide variety of Google Slides presentation styles.
Branch out from the go-to, low-quality sound libraries. Find high-quality sound effects in the Envato Elements collection.
Create a cohesive brand identity with Facebook cover photos, Instagram posts, Pinterest graphics, and more.

Why Professionals Love Envato Elements

There’s a wealth of content on Envato Elements that we use to level up our presentation slides whether for internal or client-facing use.

Our jobs now are so dependent on platforms and services that help elevate our output and Envato Elements is one of those platforms that I log on to on a daily basis sometimes even when I don’t need to design anything. I get visual inspiration and feel empowered having this library of resources to be used to make our ideas and presentation come to life.

Dillah Zakbah
– Technology & Innovation Director

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