Keynote Templates

Got a big presentation coming up? There’s a lot to consider. Once you’ve determined the slide design and structure, you’ll need to curate the content and practice delivering it confidently. One of the best ways to ensure a captivating and professional presentation is by starting with a Keynote template.

Apple users worldwide use presentation templates to create professional-quality Keynotes that grab and hold their audience’s attention. No more staring at empty documents for hours on end, and no more copy-pasting slabs of text onto plain slides! Browse Envato Elements’ extensive library of Keynote templates to find the perfect design, then download and start customizing.

What Are Keynote Templates?

A Keynote template, or theme, is a group of pre-designed slides that can be downloaded and customized to suit any presentation. Keynote templates are designed by experts and are made up of multiple elements, including specific slide designs, text, images, infographics, music, animations, and more.

Whether you’re the keynote speaker at an upcoming event, want to share your portfolio with potential clients, or need to pitch a new idea to key stakeholders, Keynote templates make the creation process quick and easy. Simply download, tailor with your own content, and present to your audience in person or via Keynote Live.

Benefits of Keynote Templates

Visually engaging

Templates are designed to grab attention. Captivate your audience with a sleek combination of visual features and effects.


Consistency is key. Keynote templates help you achieve uniform presentation slides in just a few clicks.

Professional quality

Templates are built by expert designers, so you can create professional-quality presentations with ease.

Who Uses Keynote Templates?

Keynote templates are used widely to create presentations that educate, engage, and inform.

Business professionals

Well-designed and well-presented Keynotes encourage results—whether that’s in the form of a promotion, winning a new client, or a pat on the back from a top-level executive. Our library of Keynote templates helps you share results, pitch new ideas and make your mark in business.

Creatives and designers

An eye-catching portfolio is a must for any creator or designer looking to showcase their work and attract new clients. Use Keynote templates to create professional-quality digital portfolios and business proposals quickly, so you can focus on the work that pays.

Educators and students

Keynote presentation templates are an essential educational tool. Teachers—use Keynote templates to prepare engaging lectures and interactive lessons that your students will actually enjoy. Students—use Keynote templates to create class presentations and reports that won’t make your classmates doze off…

Trending Keynote Templates

Share your ideas in style with these trending Keynote presentation templates from Envato Elements.

With a clean, modern, and fully customizable design, Manuva is suitable for all kinds of applications—from business updates to internal reports and pitch deck presentations.
Keep things simple with this architecturally-inspired Keynote template. Featuring a minimal design and 50+ unique slides, Arch is the perfect way to showcase your ideas.
Inspire your audience with eye-catching images and motivational quotes. Exhibition is a simple and modern template that allows your content to do the talking.
With a modern geometric design and simple color palette, Amarish would suit a range of projects—from classroom presentations to internal communications and pitch decks.
Tantalize your audience’s tastebuds with this culinary Keynote! Featuring a colorful design and 1200 customizable slides, Ruoka is bound to leave your audience wanting seconds.
This Keynote template will help you share complex information quickly and with flair. Featuring pixel-perfect illustrations, hand-crafted infographics, and five color variations.

How to Master Keynote

Free Keynote Course

An engaging presentation is all about confidence—and one of the best ways to build your confidence is by creating a highly visual slide deck that supports your message. Many business professionals, creatives, students, and teachers use Apple Keynote to create eye-catching slide decks that form part of their presentations.

If you’re ready to use Apple’s impressive slideshow tool to create valuable presentations, this free Keynote course from Envato Tuts+ is for you. In this course, you’ll learn everything from customizing pre-designed templates in Keynote to pairing your slides with music, adding simple animations, and sharing your final presentation with Keynote Live.

Keynote Tutorials

Create a Keynote that resonates with your audience. We’ve compiled some of our top tutorials to help you get started.
Any entrepreneur knows the importance of a compelling pitch deck. Learn how to make a startup pitch deck presentation that will help you win over investors.
Video can take your presentation to the next level. Learn how to embed a YouTube video directly into your Keynote to avoid jumping between programs mid-presentation.
While some users favor PowerPoint, it’s not for everyone. Luckily, converting PowerPoint presentations to Keynote is easy—find out how in this guide.
Before you can create an engaging Keynote, it’s essential to understand the basics of the program. Learn the best layout, dimensions, and sizes for your presentations on Tuts+.
Animation is a great way to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Start simple with Keynote’s Magic Move feature, which allows you to move objects between slides.
Like video, animated GIFs can add excitement and visual interest to your presentations. Adding GIFs is easy with Keynote—follow our step-by-step guide to learn how.

Keynote Template Collections

Take your presentation to the next level with these top Keynote templates.
The best way to make your presentation stand out is with a professionally-designed Keynote template. We’ve collated our favorite high-quality designs in this article.
A presentation background should be eye-catching without distracting from your message. Nail the balance between content and design with this list of free Keynote templates.
Say goodbye to building infographics from scratch! These are the best free infographic templates on the market—from flowcharts to pie graphs and timeline templates.
Say goodbye to boring presentations! Whether you’re preparing a business update, presenting to the class, or creating a portfolio, presentation templates will make it memorable.
Showcase your information in style with a modern Keynote theme. You’ll be creating engaging presentations in no time with this list of aesthetic templates!
Whether you’re seeking funding, sharing results with stakeholders, or pitching new ideas, these Keynote templates will help you deliver professional-quality presentations every time.

Keynote FAQs

Keynote and PowerPoint are both powerful presentation creation tools, with the key difference being that Keynote is built for Apple while Microsoft PowerPoint is built for PC. Essentially both software works the same, allowing users to create professional presentations from scratch or by using templates.

Keynote and PowerPoint have similar capabilities. Many diehard Microsoft fans argue that PowerPoint is better than Keynote, while some Apple users find that Keynote is better than PowerPoint. This is primarily because it comes free with Mac devices, and users can easily sync presentations through iCloud. While PowerPoint is available on Mac, some users claim that this version isn’t as robust as the PC version. Non-Apple users rely on presentation tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides.

For more Keynote themes and templates, explore a creative subscription like Envato Elements, which offers thousands of high-quality Keynote themes with unlimited downloads on a monthly or annual subscription. If you’re looking to create a one-off professional presentation, GraphicRiver has a selection of Keynote themes or templates that can be purchased individually.

Alternatives to Keynote

If Keynote isn’t your software of choice, there are plenty of alternative templates to choose from.
Microsoft users will love our library of professional PowerPoint templates. From bold to minimal and everything in between, we’ve got designs for every presentation.
Prefer to create your presentations in the cloud? Our selection of Google Slides templates will have you captivating audiences and signing business deals in no time.
Share important business information and impress potential investors with professional pitch deck templates designed to get your point across in style.

Used With Keynote Templates

Choosing the right template is just the beginning. Complement your presentation with additional assets for ultimate impact.
Don’t be afraid to get creative! Sound effects certainly have a place in presentations—the right one can add personality, amplify your content and help to emphasize to key points.
A picture is worth a thousand words—particularly in a presentation! Explore thousands of high-quality stock images that will help support your message.
From textured backgrounds to themed icons and simple illustrations, graphics can take your Keynote to the next level. Explore ready-made professional graphics on Envato Elements.
Share complex information visually. Infographics are a great way to break down statistics or processes for audiences, and templates are the perfect starting point.
A bespoke font is an eye-catching addition to any Keynote. From serifs to handwritten script and decorative type, there’s a font for every presentation on Envato Elements.
Keep your audience engaged by integrating music into your Keynote. From background tracks to logo reveals and corporate loops, there’s something to suit any presentation.

Why Professionals Love Envato Elements

Young male teacher smiling at front of class room
“Envato Elements is a treasure trove of music, presentation templates, photos, and video transitions. I use it to create top-quality class and research presentations, recorded lectures and explainer videos, and otherwise teach in the age of hybrid academia. Any one of these elements is time and staffing saved!”

William McCumber
Associate Dean

“Envato has made a big difference in the quality of my course materials and the time it takes me to develop them. With Envato Elements, I spend almost no time searching for perfect images, graphics, and templates to use in my class presentations, and I don’t have to worry about the usage rights.”

Jon DeShazo
Associate Professor

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