PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint presentations have long been a staple for sharing information, introducing ideas, and showcasing results. Whether you’re presenting to key executives, potential investors, or an online classroom, PowerPoint presentations are a great communication tool allowing users to combine text, images, video, and animation to send a clear and memorable message.

Although the presentation templates included within the PowerPoint software can be helpful, they have their limits when it comes to creating a bespoke and highly engaging slide deck. That’s where professionally designed templates come in. Browse our library of PowerPoint templates on Envato Elements to find something that fits your style and the information you need to present.

What Are PowerPoint Templates?

A PowerPoint template is a selection of pre-designed slides that can be customized to fit any presentation—from business proposals to college lectures, portfolio presentations, and pitch decks. PowerPoint templates are created by expert designers and generally include slide layouts, fonts, animations, music, sound effects, imagery, videos, infographics, and more.

Using a ready-made PowerPoint template makes it quick and easy to convey the key points of your presentation, giving you the best chance of keeping your audience engaged. Once you’ve found a template that suits your content, simply download, replace placeholder images and text, and start rehearsing!

Benefits of PowerPoint Templates

Save time

A pre-designed template can save you from tedious hours resizing fonts and rearranging imagery.

Professional quality

PowerPoint templates are designed and built by experts, so you can expect professional-quality designs every time.


From imagery to music and animations, every part of a PowerPoint template can be tailored to suit your needs.


With a uniform design across all slides, you can get your point across with style and professionalism.

Improve your skills

Templates allow you to explore the possibilities within PowerPoint and develop your skills by doing.

Visually engaging

There’s a fine line between aesthetic and overwhelming. Templates are designed for optimal visual engagement.

Who Uses PowerPoint Templates?

Whether for business or personal needs, PowerPoint templates can help to create powerful presentations.

Business professionals

You can use PowerPoint templates to pitch ideas, close deals, and impress stakeholders. Having access to a library of high-quality PowerPoint templates speeds up the creation process, meaning you can spend less time on design, and more time collating content and rehearsing your script.

Creatives and designers

Time is a precious commodity when you’re a creative. PowerPoint templates are here to help—use them to showcase your work and create a compelling portfolio in minutes. Envato Elements’ library of PowerPoint templates can help you stand out, win new clients and secure projects.

Educators and students

Quality presentations are an essential educational resource. Save time in lesson planning with pre-made PowerPoint templates that share knowledge, prompt discussion, and engage your students. And for students—wow your class with a professional-quality presentation that’s bound to get you an A!

Trending PowerPoint Templates

Create a PowerPoint presentation that packs a punch! Here are the top trending templates on Envato Elements.

Turn your ideas into persuasive presentations with this template. Choose from four themes and 40+ unique slide designs featuring icons, infographics, and animations.
You’ll certainly enjoy creating presentations with this minimalistic template. This slide deck includes infographics, charts, graphs, maps, and icons to help make your point.
Create a presentation that sticks with this modern template. With a fully-customizable, image-led design and 125+ slides to choose from, the possibilities are endless.
Say goodbye to boring! Agio features a whopping 600+ slides and nine color themes to ensure your next presentation is captivating, professional, and memorable.
Keep it simple with Virtually PowerPoint. Featuring 50+ layouts, including a gallery and portfolio slide, this template is perfect for brands, lookbooks, and project pitches.
Clean, colorful, and multipurpose—meet NOVA. With an eye-catching design, this template is well suited to business and presentations, and pitch decks.

How to Master PowerPoint

Giving a presentation to an audience can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re armed with the right knowledge and the confidence of knowing you can pull it off. The first lessons of this free PowerPoint online course will ease you into choosing a template, editing the slides, and adding content like text and effects.

Want to jazz up your presentation with videos and GIFs? No problem. Feel like adding music, charts, or infographics? We’ve got you covered. When you’re ready, this PowerPoint training course will also guide you through more advanced techniques like customizing device mockups and combining templates. You’ll be a pro in no time!

How to Edit PowerPoint Slide Template Layouts Quickly

Once you’ve selected a PowerPoint template for your presentation, it’s time to customize the design and update placeholder elements with your content. In this guide, we’ll show you how to edit PowerPoint slide template layouts quickly and easily, so you can focus on the more important parts of your presentation—like finessing your content and rehearsing your script.

This step-by-step tutorial provides an explanation of design layers and covers key editing techniques like using PowerPoint layouts, taking control of slide master, and using professional templates to level up your design. Once you’ve learned how to edit PowerPoint slide template layouts, it’s time to start making impressive business proposals and presentations.

It may be beginner-friendly, but PowerPoint includes many premium features that can be used to level up your presentations—in just a few minutes. In this detailed guide from Envato Tuts+, How to Learn PowerPoint Quickly, instructor Andrew Childress explains how premium PowerPoint features work and how you can use them to your advantage.

The guide starts with a quick overview of the program, followed by a breakdown of the key actions you’ll need to create a catchy PowerPoint presentation. Continue reading to learn about PowerPoint’s ribbon, presenter view, and some essential shortcuts for using PowerPoint quickly and efficiently.

Tips to Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations

Explore our top tips for improving your PowerPoint presentations—including what to do and, more importantly, what to avoid!


Use a Custom Slide Design

Custom slide designs can take your presentations to the next level. PowerPoint has a selection of in-built templates available to use, but if you’re aiming for a top-quality slide deck, it’s worth checking out professionally-designed templates on sites like Envato Elements and GraphicRiver, which will help you achieve expert results without starting from scratch.
Tip 1 - Use a Custom Slide Design
Tip 2 - Make Use of Infographics, Charts, and Graphs


Make Use of Infographics, Charts, and Graphs

Support your points with infographics, charts, and graphs. Not only will these visual aids make your information more engaging and memorable for the audience, they’ll look much nicer too! Many professional templates will come with pre-made infographics and charts that can be easily customized with your data and commentary to save you time.


Use the Alignment Feature

Aligned text just looks better. It’s an unspoken rule in presentation design, but one that eludes many beginners. Luckily, PowerPoint has an in-built feature to make this easy—when you start dragging elements around your slide, you’ll notice guiding lines that pop up. Use these to align your text, headings, images, and more. Your audience will thank you for it!
Tip 3 - Use the Alignment Feature
Tip 4 - Reduce Your Content


Reduce Your Content

Remember the adage “less is more”? It’s essential in PowerPoint design. Rather than copy and paste your entire script onto a few slides, use headings, bullet points, images, videos, and GIFs to call out key information visually, reserving lengthier and more complex ideas to be explained verbally.


Alternate Between Solid Color and White Slides

Alternating between colored slides and white backgrounds can produce an interesting visual effect and engage your audience. It’s also a great way to break up your PowerPoint without distracting from the content. Solid colored slides can be used to introduce a new section of your presentation or reinforce your brand.

Tip 5 - Alternate Between Solid Color and White Slides
Tip 6 - Practice Makes Perfect


Practice Makes Perfect

There’s no point spending time and effort on a professional PowerPoint if you’re going to present it poorly. Make sure you leave enough time to rehearse your presentation and build confidence in what you’re sharing. By the time the big day comes around, you’ll be ready to share with confidence and authority.

PowerPoint Template Tutorials

We’ve found all the tutorials you’ll need to master PowerPoint, from adding animations to creating mindmaps.

Nail your verbal presentation and create something visually engaging for your audience with this helpful guide on making creative PowerPoint presentations.

While PowerPoint is accessible to beginners, there are also plenty of pro features ready to take your presentations to the next level. Learn more in this tutorial from Envato Tuts+.

Diversity and inclusion are paramount for businesses, and this should be reflected in corporate presentations. Explore this guide to learn how.

A table of contents provides context to your audience—whether you’re presenting in person, virtually, or sending your slides via email. Learn to make one from scratch.

Not only can a mind map help to arrange your ideas, it can make sharing them more straightforward. Discover how to create a mind map using PowerPoint.

When done well, animation can add excitement to a presentation. Learn how to add custom animations to your slides—plus discover our favorite animated templates.

You can’t always control the preferred software in your workplace. Luckily, it’s easy to convert PowerPoint presentations into other formats—including Google Slides.

Confidence is key when presenting. One of the best ways to build your confidence is by understanding the tools you’ll use, including PowerPoint’s presenter view.

If you’re an experienced PowerPointer working with a team of Apple users, you may need to convert a presentation to Keynote. Find out how in this guide.

PowerPoint Template Collections

From corporate presentations to business plans and portfolios, explore our favorite collections of PowerPoint templates.

The right template can make or break your presentation. We’ve collated 50 of our favorite creative and minimal designs to help make your ideas shine.

Animated slides make for memorable presentations—especially when sharing your ideas virtually. Captivate your audience with one of our top animated PowerPoint templates.

Love them or hate them, presentations are part of business. Create something that sticks with this list of top corporate PowerPoint templates—perfect for any application.

If a picture tells a thousand words, a PowerPoint slide tells more. Choose a template that says everything you need it to, and nail your next pitch.

Don’t let your content go unnoticed. Choose from these aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint templates and captivate your audience from the very first second.

A must-read list for color lovers! From pretty pastels to bright shades and vibrant tones, these colorful templates will make your content stand out.

Some investors will see multiple business proposals in a day. Ensure your presentation stands out from the competition with these professional PowerPoint templates.

Using a template for your business plan means you’ll cover all of the important inclusions. And a comprehensive plan is key to success in your new venture.

Showcase your findings in style. We’ve got a template for every industry and every type of research presentation–from marketing to science and finance.

PowerPoint FAQs

A monthly or annual subscription to Envato Elements gives you access to over 32,000 PowerPoint presentation templates. There are also thousands of Keynote and Google Slides templates to explore. If you’re looking for a single PowerPoint template, GraphicRiver has a library of 14,000+ templates, which can be purchased for a one-time fee.

Downloading PowerPoint templates from Envato Elements couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve found the right template, simply hit the download button and wait for your zip file to save in your computer’s Downloads folder. If you’re using a template from GraphicRiver, the process is just as easy, although you’ll need to input your payment information before you can download the file.

Making an eye-catching PowerPoint presentation is simple with templates. Once you’ve chosen your desired template, hit download and save it to an easy-to-find location on your computer. If you’re using a template from Envato Elements, it will be saved as a ZIP file. Unzip the file and double-click to open the template in PowerPoint.

You’ll then be able to customize text, transitions, and graphics and add your own branding, sound effects, and images to make a bespoke presentation. Once complete, save your presentation as a PowerPoint file or PDF and get ready to captivate your audience.

There’s no one hard and fast rule for creating catchy PowerPoint presentations. Our tops tips include using a professional slide design, harnessing the full potential of PowerPoint (for example, using the Alignment feature during design and understanding presenter view when sharing), and rehearsing lots before it comes time to present. If you’re still struggling to develop a catchy presentation, read our top tips for creating good PowerPoint presentations on Envato Tuts+ or read our blog on what to avoid when making a PowerPoint presentation.

Alternatives to PowerPoint

Microsoft’s presentation tool isn’t for everyone. Explore templates for common alternatives to PowerPoint.
If Google Slides is your presentation software of choice, we’ve got you covered! Explore thousands of high-quality, professionally-designed templates on Envato Elements.
Apple users will love our extensive library of professional Keynote templates, designed to educate, share, and inform. Explore 25,000+ fully customizable templates now.
Nail your next pitch with a captivating visual presentation that presents your ideas in style and encourages potential investors to support you.

Used With PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates are just the beginning. Explore additional assets that will make your presentation one to remember.
Convert complex information into an engaging infographic. Not only will it look better on your PowerPoint slides, it’ll be easier for the audience to follow.
Stock photos can support your ideas and get your audience thinking. Our library includes more than four million photos, so there’s something for every presentation.
Take your presentation to the next level with professional graphics. From illustrations to backgrounds and icons, complement your key messages with engaging visuals.
Sound effects can be used to highlight key ideas, separate sections, and amplify your content. Explore thousands of sounds filterable by category, keyword, and more.
Typography is everything when it comes to presentation design. Strike a balance between professional and eye-catching with an expertly-designed font from Envato Elements.
Engage your audience with expertly-composed music tracks. Start your presentation with a tune or integrate music tracks as part of your slides to grab attention.

Why Professionals Love Envato Elements

Two business professionals working on a PowerPoint presentation on a laptop

I came across Envato Elements one day when preparing to pull together a business presentation. I ended up doing the obligatory Google search for PowerPoint templates and came across Envato. I started to browse through the templates to be quite impressed by Envato’s variety. I ended up finding the template that suited in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Envato Elements is my first stop now, and I have used numerous PowerPoint templates to help give variety to presentations. I’ve found images and used icons that have helped bring an element of professionalism to my business content that I hadn’t been able to achieve before.

Guy Barr
– Target Australia

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