Procreate Brushes​

Gone are the days of relying on pencil, paper, and a flat surface to create high-quality, authentic artwork. Digital tools like Procreate brushes allow professionals and hobbyists to produce amazing artwork whenever and wherever the mood takes them.

The sheer number of Procreate brushes available means illustrators and designers can create unique digital art in just about any style, using everything from watercolor and classic pencil brushes to blending brushes and lineart tools. Procreate also supports import and export in PSD format, which opens up a range of possibilities.

Explore hundreds of compatible Procreate brushes on Envato Elements, available as part of a monthly or annual subscription.

What Is Procreate?

Procreate is an app that allows users to recreate the feeling of drawing physically, with all the benefits of a digital experience.

It harnesses the power of an illustration suite with an intuitive interface, so you can create even when on the go. Great for digital art, including painting, text, and vector graphics, Procreate also supports output to PSD format.

Designed for iPad – and iPhone in a ‘pocket’ form – Procreate focuses on touch, encouraging you to make instinctive gestures as shortcuts to speed up your workflow. It doesn’t require a subscription, so once you’ve bought the app you can keep making great art for a lifetime.

Benefits of Procreate Brushes

Save time

Not only are Procreate brushes cost-effective and portable, they give artists the freedom to switch between styles with ease.

Realistic textured looks

Add realistic effects and textures with brushes that are made to replicate the physical act and textures of drawing.

Created by professionals

Procreate brushes are composed by professional digital designers and allow any artist to apply high-quality effects.

Optimized for iPad use

Apple has optimized Procreate for the latest versions of iPad, so you can enhance and experiment at lightning-fast speed.

Achieve consistency

Import brushes into your toolkit and seamlessly switch between strokes so you can achieve consistency across projects.

Recreate physical techniques

Illustrate digitally, with the feel of a physical pen and paper. Making industry-standard art doesn’t have to equal compromise.

Who Uses Procreate Brushes?

Procreate has revolutionized digital art. With such a wide appeal, Procreate has a range of users.

Brushes should be in any artist’s arsenal, from hobbyists looking to enhance their creative projects and skill to professional designers who need industry-standard tools. In fact, Procreate has been used to create Hollywood movie posters and popular magazine covers.

Many professional tattoo artists create their designs in Procreate, while animators at Marvel, Pixar, and Disney all use the software too. There are a large variety of brushes for countless mediums, meaning you can sketch, watercolor, animate, and even airbrush illustrations.

Procreate has a large community of users, who constantly share tips and creations across apps like TikTok and Instagram. If you’re new to digital art or want to connect with others, Procreate is the perfect launchpad.

Best Procreate Brushes

Explore the best Procreate brushes on Envato Elements—from glow brushes to watercolors and pencils, and beauty brushes.

A set of 35 brushes and 12 textures, with styles like scatter, noise, and shadow. Shader Brushes are perfect for creating illustrations for posters, flyers, stationery, and more.

Create awesome neon effects, with this pack of 15 glow brushes for Procreate. It can be used for lettering, digital painting, photo editing and more!

If you love lines and for, this pack of Procreate brushes will be right up your street. There are 34 to choose from, so your artwork will be varied and unique.

A brush set inspired by vintage fashion and beauty illustrations; Beauty Brushes makes use of real cosmetic products to create authentic-looking textures.

From curving calligraphy to springy strokes, this set of seamless pattern brushes is incredibly satisfying. Shake up your work with denim, crumpled paper, or burlap effects.

A set for the traditionalists, these brushes for Procreate include 7 watercolor and 7 pencil styles, with 4 color palettes and 2 smudge brushes.

How to Install Brushes in Procreate

Installing brushes in Procreate is really straightforward. Just download and save your file as you usually would, locate it on your iPad, and tap on it to load it up into Procreate. Once you’ve done that, open up your Procreate app and go into the Brush Library and it should be ready to use – it couldn’t be simpler! Keep everything organized by tapping and dragging your brushes into categories.

You can use multiple Procreate in parallel, to build up different effects and customize them. Then you’ll be ready to get started on creating some fabulous artwork by experimenting and having fun to discover how to best utilize their effects.

How to Create Brushes in Procreate

You’ll love professionally made Procreate brushes, but there may be something you’d like to try that a pre-made brush doesn’t quite allow you to do. Learn how to create brushes in Procreate and how to customize existing brushes to make a custom effect, so that you can get exactly the look that you need.

Once you’ve installed a brush, you can customize it by tapping to open up a set of options to adjust and fine-tune things such as stroke, shape, grain, wet mix, and more. When you click on these categories, you’ll get further options, so you can make something unique and get great results for your project.

Procreate Tutorials

Discover how to create amazing artwork in Procreate by using layers, brushes, fonts, and our top tutorials.

Learn how to separate, organize, preserve and expand your work by getting to grips with Procreate Layers. This tutorial will take you through everything you need to know.

Get ready to master your use of Procreate fonts with this comprehensive guide. You’ll learn how to add fonts to Procreate and how to use them in your projects.

Being able to import and use Photoshop Brushes in Procreate is exciting news! Here’s how you can convert Photoshop brushes to Procreate quickly and easily.

Create a gorgeous, colorful summer portrait in this Procreate tutorial by experimenting with different methods and techniques to get a great result.

Take some retro and glamour inspiration, and combine with vibrant neon colours to create a stunning portrait with this Procreate iPad tutorial.

In this detailed Procreate drawing tutorial, you’ll learn how to paint a cool punk portrait packed with colour, style, and attitude, using your iPad.

Procreate vs Adobe Fresco

There are pros and cons to both applications—but there can only be one winner.

Digital software has become part of everyday life for artists and designers, so choosing the right one is important. When it comes to design and illustration, Procreate and Adobe Fresco are two of the more common choices. But which application is best?

Procreate and Adobe Fresco have a lot of the same features, but Procreate includes more adjustable brush settings and allows for brushes to be duplicated. It also allows you to save colors and color schemes, while Fresco’s adjustable color menu is not as advanced. 

Ultimately, Procreate is a more advanced and streamlined illustration software with a one-off fee of US$9.99. Adobe Fresco does work incredibly well though, with many software updates on the horizon. Plus, it comes free with a Creative Cloud subscription.

Procreate Brushes FAQs

Yes. In 2019, Procreate released a fifth version of the program, Procreate 5, which allows users to import and use Photoshop (ABR) brushes in addition to Procreate brushes.

Procreate’s Streamline feature is an easy way to make your brush strokes smoother. To enable Streamline, click into the Brushes menu in Procreate, select the brush you’d like to edit, and click into the Stroke settings. Second from the top, you will see the Streamline setting—drag the slider to your desired percentage (100 percent will give you the most streamlined stroke possible) and start drawing smooth lines. You can repeat this process for any other brushes if required.

While Procreate doesn’t allow you to import multiple brushes at once, there’s an easy workaround for Apple users. Move all of the brushes you’d like to add to Procreate to one folder on your computer, highlight them all, and use AirDrop to send these to your iPad. Once received, your iPad will ask where you’d like to open the new files—click Procreate and your brushes will appear in the Imported folder under Brushes in Procreate. 

For non-Apple users, you can upload the brushes to Dropbox on your computer, and then open with Procreate via your iPad for the same result.

Types of Procreate Brushes

Add texture, depth, and intricate detail to your artwork and illustrations with these Procreate brushes.

Harness the power of Procreate while recreating the feeling of physically painting. Watercolor brushes allow you to create captivating digital scenes with ease.

Let your creativity run wild with our library of Procreate graffiti brushes. With different textures and spread patterns, there’s a brush to suit any street artist.

Enjoy all the depth and vibrancy of oil paints, without the drying time! Digital painters and illustrators will love the simplicity of Procreate oil paint brushes.

Illuminate your artwork, create an eye-catching sign, or level up your social media with Procreate neon brushes. Easy to use, and guaranteed to turn heads.

Texture can dramatically change the look and feel of your artwork, adding a realistic, dreamy, or sharp quality to any piece. Explore our brushes now.

The secret to high-quality Procreate calligraphy is in the brush. Our library of calligraphy brushes can be used for lettering, logos, invitations, and more.

Used With Procreate

Complete your illustration or design with the perfect Procreate brush sets, calligraphy strokes, and backgrounds.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Procreate lineart brush, blending brush, or tattoo brushes, there’s plenty to explore in this list. 

Need something classic or romantic even? We have you covered. Calligraphy text is super easy to draw, especially with this step-by-step guide.

Make posters, infographics, and advertisements without building from scratch. Explore compatible pre-made backgrounds to start your next project.

Alternatives to Procreate Brushes

If Procreate isn’t your app of choice, we have brushes for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. 

Enhance your artwork with a huge bank of brushes compatible with Adobe Illustrator—from vector blueprint packs to lino print designs, and textual brushes.

Use Photoshop brushes to add more artistic effects to photographs, or illustrate directly in the application to create sketches, fonts, and graphics. 

Photographers can benefit from Lightroom brushes and edit like a pro with compatible presets. Add amazing effects and edits with just one click! 

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