Royalty-Free Music

Music can transform creative projects, bringing storylines to life and evoking emotion in the process. But music use is governed by strict rules, and breaking these rules can lead to stressful and expensive legal troubles. To avoid this, many creators rely on royalty-free music tracks to create captivating videos, podcasts, presentations, and other projects with confidence.

At Envato Elements, our royalty-free music library includes 116,000+ music tracks covering a range of genres, categories, and styles. Whether you’re a YouTuber, podcaster, marketer, or business professional, you can access the entire library and enjoy unlimited downloads with a single monthly or annual subscription.

What is Royalty-Free Music?

If you’re working on a video or podcast using audio, you need to understand royalty-free music.

Music rights can be confusing. There are so many terms thrown around—from copyright-free to royalty-free, creator-safe, and stock music—that it can be hard to know what’s what and, most importantly, what you can use in your creative projects. At Envato Elements, we’re here to make things simple for you, starting with royalty-free music.

Royalties are the fees a creator is entitled to each time their work is used. Royalty-free music is music that you only have to pay for once—you pay a one-off cost for the license via a third party and are entitled to use the track as many times as the license allows. Importantly, the original creator of the music track still owns the copyright.

Benefits of Royalty-Free Music

Peace of mind

Stop worrying about copyright. Royalty-free music comes with a license, so you can create with confidence.

Professional quality

Royalty-free music is composed by professional musicians, so you can create top-quality projects.

Save time

Don’t waste time seeking permission to use copyrighted tracks. Royalty-free music is safe and ready to download.


Royalty-free music libraries like Envato Elements feature a range of genres, so there’s something for every project.

Save money

Paying to use copyrighted music can be expensive. Save money with access to a complete royalty-free music library.

Reuse with ease

Use the same tracks across multiple projects to create brand recognition without paying for each use.

Who Uses Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty-free music is used widely to evoke emotion, create atmosphere, and reinforce key messages.
YouTube has strict copyright rules and a Content ID system for monitoring copyright breaches. Royalty-free music allows YouTubers to create compelling video content with confidence.

Create brand recognition, transition between segments, and set the tone of your podcast with access to a library of high-quality royalty-free music. A must-have for the modern podcaster!

Video Makers
Video making is a complex process. Royalty-free music is just one way to make production easier, and it’ll help your video stand out—whether it’s on a website, social media, or TV screen.

Music is an important marketing tool, and marketers rely on royalty-free music tracks to enhance and emphasize social media posts, product promos, brand videos, ads, and more.
Woman producing music with headphones

Trending Music Tracks

Create a project that grabs attention with Envato Elements’ top trending music tracks.
This energetic and upbeat track is fully instrumental, making it an excellent background for advertisements, slideshows, pitch decks, and business presentations.
Encourage relaxation with this gentle piano track. Soft flowing notes make this song perfect for short films, guided meditations, yoga sessions, or inspirational videos.
A fast-paced track that feels like summer! Featuring an upbeat piano melody, quick drum beat, and soft background vocals, this track is ideal for advertisements and openers.
Living up to its name, Upbeat is an energetic track perfect for trailers, commercials, social media posts, and intros. Pair it with quick transitions for optimal impact.
Adventure seekers will love this explosive tune. Use it in the background or as a hero track for a sports montage, travel vlog, podcast intro, or commercial.
Get your audience dancing with this catchy track, featuring a vibrant bassline and electric guitar. Pair it with kinetic typography and animated elements for an impressive video.

Free Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Explore Envato Elements’ monthly free files or visit MixKit to download free creator-safe music tracks.

Need an acoustic backing track for your next vlog, travel video, or slideshow? MixKit has you covered—from upbeat guitar riffs to meditative piano and uplifting violin.
Corporate presentations never sounded so good! Whether you’re pitching new ideas, sharing internal results, or presenting to the entire company, these tracks will support you.
Talk about pop music! Create a show-stopping YouTube video, podcast, or presentation with this selection of free pop music tracks—from electronic beats to inspiring vocals.

How to Use Royalty-Free Music

Man with headphones

Finding the right music can be a daunting process—not only do the genre, style, and tempo have to suit your project, but you’ll need to ensure you have permission to use the track for your intended purpose. This is why so many creators use royalty-free music.

Using royalty-free music from Envato Elements is easy. Find the perfect track for your video, podcast, or presentation, hit download, and allocate the song to a project in your account. Once you’ve downloaded the track, it will be saved in your downloads folder, where you’ll also be able to access the license. If a copyright claim pops up on YouTube, Spotify, or other websites, you’ll be able to clear it quickly using this certificate.

If you want to reuse a music track for another project, simply visit your Downloads and register the song again for a different end-use—it’s a quick and easy process, but it means you’ll be covered if a copyright claim arises.

How to Choose the Right Music For a Video

Choosing the right track for a video can be tricky. We’ve put together our top tips to make the process easier.

1. Evoke a mood

Consider how you want your audience to feel when they watch your video. What mood are you looking to create? What emotions do you want to evoke in viewers? The answers to these questions will help determine the right tone, style, and genre for your music track.

2. Know your audience

Choosing the right track is impossible without first understanding your audience. Research your target demographic and genres they enjoy, and consider when and where they’ll watch your video. You might also consider the type of music generally chosen for videos in your niche.

3. Consider your brand

Music can have a strong connection to brand. Before you decide on a music track, ensure it aligns with your brand and, ideally, reinforces the key messages of your business or company. Many successful companies use royalty-free music as a tool to boost awareness and brand recall.

4. Check your license

Royalty-free music licenses may differ by company. Before downloading, ensure your music license covers your purpose—for example, some music tracks can’t be used commercially. With an Envato Elements subscription, all music tracks are covered by one simple license.

Royalty-Free Music Tutorials

Music is a powerful tool. Learn how to harness this power with these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+.
Background music can set a scene, evoke emotion, and bridge gaps in your footage. This tutorial will show you how to do all this and more with royalty-free music.
A sound music track can add energy and pacing to a travel video, but if you’re planning on sharing the finished product online, you’ll likely have to use royalty-free music.
Enhance the emotion and storyline of your videos with a musical score that supports your key messages. Explore the best tracks to add drama, depth, and emotion to your videos.

Royalty-Free Music Collections

Take your creative projects to the next level with these top royalty-free music collections.
YouTube is a great platform to create and share—but the right music is essential to success. Explore our list of the best royalty-free music tracks for YouTube.
Make your audience smile with this list of happy tunes! From electronic to jazz, folk, and corporate songs, these tracks are designed to make listeners happy.
Take your listeners back to one of the most iconic decades in music history! This list of 80s-inspired tunes will add a cool retro feeling to any project.

Be inspired by the most dramatic and cinematic music tracks on Envato Elements and AudioJungle. There’s something for every filmmaker on this list.

Complete your holiday project with the perfect Christmas song. From orchestral arrangements to retro rock’n’roll and uptempo acoustics, we’ve collected 20 of the top tracks.
Help your audience unwind with a meditative music track. Whether you’re hosting a guided meditation or recording an online yoga class, Envato Elements has a tune for you.


No. Royalty-free music is copyrighted by the original content creator or owner of the track. Copyright-free music is music that can be used freely by anyone. However, it’s essential to check carefully before downloading, as using copyrighted music without permission can lead to legal issues.

Yes! When you download audio tracks from Envato Elements, you’ll be covered by our simple license, which allows you to use music tracks on YouTube and other commercial purposes.

Yes, royalty-free music is copyrighted by the original composer or owner of the track.

Depending on the license, yes. All Envato Elements’ music tracks are covered by one simple license, which allows you to use them for commercial purposes.

This depends on your final project. You cannot sample royalty-free music to create a new music track; however, you may be able to use royalty-free music samples to form part of a larger project—for example, a video, podcast, or business presentation.

Some websites, like MixKit, do offer a small selection of free royalty-free music tracks. If you’re after a broader range of music tracks, you will generally have to pay a fee to download and use music. This could be a one-off fee, like when purchasing royalty-free music tracks from marketplaces like AudioJungle, or a monthly subscription when purchasing from a creative subscription like Envato Elements.

Always make sure you’re downloading music from a library that’s clearly labeled “royalty-free.” If you’re unsure, read through the FAQs of the website and download a copy of the license to ensure you’re allowed to use the track for your intended purpose.

You generally don’t have to credit royalty-free music; however, many creators choose to do so. If you want to credit royalty-free music, the best way is to include “Music:” with a link to the music track or “Music: Song Title from Envato Elements” or similar.

Used With Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-free music is used alongside all kinds of digital assets. Explore some of the most popular choices below.
Create a video that pops with a professionally-designed template. We’ve got thousands of templates to make your next project memorable, no matter what editing software you prefer.
Stock footage is a valuable tool, whether you’re filling gaps in your footage or creating an entire lyric video. Explore stock video and motion graphics across a range of different categories.
Students, teachers, creatives, designers, and marketers use presentation templates to educate, share, and inform. When paired with royalty-free music, the results are incredible!

Types of Royalty-Free Music

Working on a specific creative project? Explore royalty-free music for a variety of purposes below.

Looking for the perfect tune to complement your YouTube video? Explore popular tracks used by YouTubers, and tips and tutorials for choosing the right music for your channel.
Podcasters rely on royalty-free music for intros and outros, separating segments, creating an atmosphere, and much more. Discover music tracks for podcasters on Envato Elements.
Add excitement to your next presentation or report with royalty-free music. From upbeat and happy corporate tracks to inspirational melodies, there’s something for every professional.

Why Creators Love Envato Elements

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Loads of great stock photography, graphic templates, video templates, music, sound FX, and so much more for a very reasonable price. By far, the most value I get from a subscription service.

Mike, Executive Creative Director

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Creativity needs multiple elements to bring an idea to life. Envato has endless elements and, therefore, endless possibilities to be creative. From 3D to typography to video to music, this has allowed me to vastly increase my ideation, workflow, and creative execution for my clients and my own creative identity. Envato is a ‘must-have’ creative tool!

Craig, Creative Director / Consultant

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Envato Elements has everything I need to produce amazing content every day as a musician and web designer! And honestly, I am inspired every time I log into Elements by all the awesome content creators.

William, Freelance Content Creator

Why You'll Love Envato Elements

Simple licensing

All music tracks are covered by one simple license, so you can use them with confidence.

Unlimited downloads

When we say unlimited, we mean it. Enjoy access to our complete library of royalty-free music.

New tracks added daily

Deliver fresh, on-trend projects with access to our ever-growing library of music tracks.

Premium quality

Our royalty-free music tracks are professionally composed by expert musicians.

One subscription.
Unlimited downloads.

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