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Welcome to our one-stop shop for creating content for Facebook. On this page, which is part of our hub where you can learn about social media templates, you’ll discover how to create Facebook content, from newsfeed posts and banner ads to Facebook videos and much more. We’ll explore the benefits of Facebook templates, how to use Facebook templates, and working with the latest Facebook specs. You’ll also find trending Facebook templates and Facebook FAQs.

What Are Facebook Templates?

What are facebook templates used for

A Facebook template provides a foundation for your Facebook content and includes Facebook post templates, Facebook cover templates, and Facebook banner templates. Using pre-made assets, you can construct high-quality design and video posts, and develop Facebook content ideas such as stories, live videos, and graphics.

What can you do with access to editable Facebook templates?  You can update your Facebook header template, run a competition with a Facebook giveaway template, create a promo with a Facebook ad template, and much more besides. Facebook template designs include placeholders that you can customize to align with your visuals, brand guidelines, and message.

Benefits of Facebook Templates?

Save time

Long gone are the days of spending hours creating posts. Instead quickly cusomize a template with your own images and text.

Professionally designed

Why start from scratch when you can use Facebook post templates created by some of the world’s best designers and video makers?


Templates for Facebook can be reused, to ensure consistency and create recognizable content that stands out amongst the crowd.

Who Uses Facebook Templates?

Facebook templates are used by any individual or business looking to manage and grow a Facebook account.

Types of Facebook users

Social Media Content Creators and Influencers

Creators and influencers strive to build a strong presence and need their Facebook content to be consistent and impactful. Templates provide a high-quality base.

Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Entrepreneurs and marketers use curated Facebook post templates to connect with customers. Creating social media content requires a disciplined approach to guarantee client or business outcomes.


Non-profits operate on tight budgets with even tighter deadlines. Templates for Facebook lighten the load for stretched teams and enable them to create engaging content and focus on what matters most.

Trending Facebook Templates

Discover our top picks to increase engagement, whether you’re looking for a Facebook story template or to start advertising.

This pack includes 200 Facebook banner template designs to create a cohesive branding experience on Facebook. It’s perfect for performance marketers or anyone running ads.

If you want to start going live on Facebook, this vertical video template is available for use with Final Cut Pro X and features motion graphics for use in a live stream such as a Q&A.

This multipurpose video template is designed for Facebook video openers, and offers a minimal and elegant design—the perfect asset to create dynamic content for your business.

A versatile template for Facebook posts designed with real estate firms in mind. It’s easy to use and customize and adds a professional quality to basic in-feed posting.

Promote your products or services with this smart-looking Facebook event template, featuring a clean layout and high-quality design. It’s ideal if you have strong photography.

Easily customizable and well-organized, these Facebook banner ads are made to get results and drive sales for your business. They can be used with both Photoshop and Illustrator.

Facebook Specs & Sizes

There are lots of different content placements on Facebook. Here we cover the specs for the most common features to get you started.

Facebook Page Assets

Facebook posts and timeline images are 1200 x 630 pixels with a minimum of 600 x 315 pixels. While cover images are 1200 x 628 pixels—profile pictures are much smaller and only require 170 x 170 pixels.

Facebook Videos

Video Length: Standard Facebook videos that appear in-feed are allowed to be a maximum length of 120 minutes.
Video Size: Landscape aspect ratio: 16:9, Portrait aspect ratio: 9:16. Mobile renders to aspect ratio 2:3.

Facebook Stories

Video Length: Stories allowed up to 15 seconds in length, and appear for 24 hours.
Video Size: Accepts aspect ratio of 1.91 to 9:16, must be under 4GB file size.

Facebook Ads

Video Length: Video ads can be up to 120 minutes in length.
Video Size: Facebook ads have two basic dimensions: landscape and square. Landscape aspect ratio: 16:9, square aspect ratio: 1:1.

Facebook Tutorials

Learn new skills and nail your Facebook marketing strategy all in one go with our helpful guides.

In this how-to, you’ll learn how to make a slideshow video on Facebook that will capture attention–plus discover why Facebook video is so popular.

Cover photos make a huge impact when a new follower lands on your profile, so they should represent who you are and what you do. Learn how to design a stellar one.

Find out how to add the Facebook Pixel tracking code to WordPress, and set up event tracking, so you can see what users are doing on your website and make informed decisions.

If you’re not using video, it’s time to hop on board. If you’re already using it, are you making the most of it? This guide will break down how to create high-performing video.

Facebook Template Collections

Don’t go searching every time you need a Facebook post template–collections offer inspiration for busy content creators.

The humble image post is still a valuable marketing tool. Learn how to make the most of your images with our top templates and guide.

Facebook offers more options than ever for video, and templates are an easy way to apply professional editing techniques and effects.

Ever tried using a social media image-maker? Discover how, and get started with these stylish graphics that can be used across platforms.

Facebook FAQs

Facebook templates can be found on the Envato Elements website, where we have a huge library of template types and styles to suit any project. You can access thousands of templates and millions of creative assets for use on social media with a monthly or annual subscription.

Most people don’t realize your Facebook profile is already set to a template that controls the layout. Facebook page templates allow you to change the default setting, you can adjust the look, tabs and layout.

Instead of building every paid advertisement you run on social media from scratch, Facebook ad templates let you make carousel, in-feed, banner and column ads quickly with preloaded specs, formatting, text placeholders, and CTAs.

Other Types of Social Media Templates

Design a well-rounded marketing campaign and ensure consistent branding with templates.
Get creative with reels, stories, live videos and more! Level up your instagram content with pre-made designs and post like a pro.

Fall in love with these fun and easy-to-use templates designed for TikTok. Create amazing content and increase engagement.

YouTubers can learn new editing skills and give their content a professional finish with our extensive range of YouTube templates.

Used with Facebook Templates

Templates work best when used with high-quality creative assets like music, graphics and images.

From acoustic to classical, take the stress out of adding music to your Faccebook videos by choosing from our library of royalty-free tracks.

Add high-quality photos to templates and elevate your Facebook posts. Each image is available under our simple commercial license,

Whether you need backgrounds and textures, or icons and illustrations, add some depth to your Facebook content with stock graphics.

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