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Welcome to our one-stop-shop for creating content for Instagram—it’s part of our hub where marketers, small businesses, and creators can learn about social media templates and find out how to enhance their social media design. Discover the benefits of Instagram templates, how to use them, and the tools you need to create an Instagram video. We cover everything from how to make Instagram Stories with templates to creating with Reels and Instagram ad templates.

What Are Instagram Templates?

Instagram post design

Instagram templates are editable pre-designed graphics and video that provide a layout for your Stories, Reels and posts. You can use templates to speed up your workflow, adding your own logo, fonts, copy, images and footage to create Instagram content to upload to your account. Designed by professional creators, Instagram templates are fully customizable and compatible with editing software, including Photoshop and After Effects.

Applying your own branding to an Instagram template is a great way to stand out from the crowd. There are lots of types of templates to support your content strategy, including Instagram testimonial templates, Instagram carousel templates, Instagram giveaway templates, and Instagram ad templates. There are also Instagram backgrounds, icons, and other elements.

Benefits of Instagram Templates

Save Time

Use premade designs instead of starting from scratch every time you need Instagram content.

Ensure consistency

Using a consistent layout ensures that your brand’s style and tone of voice is recognizable.

Incorporate trends

Our library of Instagram post templates is constantly expanding to keep up with the latest trends.

Who Uses Instagram Templates?

Professionals, creators, and influencers all use templates for Instagram to level up their content and publish at scale.

People using Instagram

Instagram Content Creators and Influencers

Influencers must produce and publish a lot of Instagram content to stay relevant. As an influencer, templates can cut your workload in half and enable you to meet your desired publishing frequency on Instagram.

Entrepreneurs and Marketers

Marketing teams and entrepreneurs use templates to keep up to speed with their social media calendars. There are templates for every occasion, from Instagram carousel templates to Instagram Story covers.

Brands and Businesses

Organizations can share and save Instagram template designs across teams to ensure consistency. With templates, you can create content that’s hard to miss and is instantly identifiable as belonging to your brand.

Types of Instagram Templates

Templates are designed for a range of Instagram content ideas, and make creating content for Instagram easy.

Whether you’re looking to ask a question, share a poll, or promote a discount, check out these aesthetic Instagram story background templates designed for a variety of uses.

Reels are a powerful way to reach new followers on Instagram. Stand out with Instagram templates that offer animation, typography, advanced editing techniques, and more.

You can create an Instagram post for any industry or purpose with post templates. Whether you want something minimalist or bright and bold, we’ve got your covered.

Trending Instagram Templates

Stay on top of Instagram trends with these template designs for stories, reels, live video and more.

A dynamic duo pack featuring templates for stories and posts. It’s a great starting point to create a stylish Instagram Story background, Instagram carousels, or other post types.

An impressive pack for your brand’s next promotional video, with striking colors, fast render and resolution. It’s compatible with Premiere Pro and includes a step-by-step guide.

Got something to say? Then try this mod typography pack to tell your story. Including 15 different Instagram carousel designs with full font customization.

A bumper pack for Instagram stories, with layouts to suit corporate, retail, lifestyle and sales. It features infographics, titles, typography and more—this pack really has it all.

Carousel ads are an interactive way to promote and connect with followers; this Instagram ad template for your creative offers stylish designs with a professional edge.

Live your best life with this curated Instagram pack made to compliment travel, food and lifestyle content—the perfect way to share inspirational photos, quotes and videos.

How To Use Instagram Templates

Our team has put together a step-by-step guide for anyone starting out or needing a refresher for creating content for Instagram.

Harness the power of templates to boost your brand!

Wondering how do you use Instagram templates? Let’s learn the basics:

  1. Download your template, and drop the files onto your computer. Open the PSD file(s).
  2. Select the Move Tool and make sure both Show Transform Controls and Auto Select are Checked. These options are located in the upper Options bar.
  3. Drag, drop, and Clip your images into the gray squares. 
  4. Double-click any shapes to change their color, and change any text using the Type Tool.

How To Use Instagram Stories

How to make, save and measure the success of stories

Instant and eye-catching, Instagram’s fleeting photo and video offering, Instagram Stories, provides a tantalizing glimpse into a brand’s personality. Stories are a great place to let loose with text, stickers, drawings, and special effects, but it’s important to ensure that the photos and videos you publish look consistent and align with your brand identity. In this short guide, we’ll talk you through some tips for using Instagram Stories, including how to make one in app, how to save your Stories, as well as how to measure the impact of your Story content ongoing. 

How to Nail Your Instagram Video Content

Although it was originally just a photo-sharing app, Instagram now boasts multiple video-sharing options. Video is a must-have for any small business, creator or influencer looking to connect with followers. Features like stories, reels or live video are a great way to share a message and get more people interested in your profile. Here’s how to nail your video content:

1. Define your objective

Setting realistic goals, defining your objective, and determining the purpose of your Instagram video will help you be more efficient and ensure your underlying message translates to your audience

2. Ensure brand consistency

It’s important that content is branded, consistent and recognizable for users on Instagram. Instagram story templates, Instagram backgrounds, and other types of assets should be part of your brand package.

3. Tailor your videos for the platform

Consider how your content will appear for users: whether it will be vertical, full-screen, scrollable, etc. Keep in mind the video specifications and time limits for Instagram because they vary from other platforms.

4. Go for a hybrid strategy

With many video options within Instagram–from Reels to Stories, it’s important to test and learn with them all as they each serve a different purpose and can reach users in different contexts.

Instagram Tutorials

Get to grips with Instagram content creation with some of our favorite social media design tutorials.

People use instagram to find new products, brands and lifestyle inspiration. Discover how to reach users who are looking for what you sell with high quality Instagram ad templates.

Puzzle grids remain popular and they’re a great way to announce a sale or showcase a key brand message. Get to grips with creating an Instagram puzzle in this tutorial.
Creating and using a custom cover story icon makes navigating your profile easier, more engaging and showcases your personality.
Infographic posts use Instagram icons, numbers and text to translate complex information in an easy to consume graphic or video. Create infographics that resonate with your audience.

Keep story templates on file so you can quickly put together consistent and engaging videos when the moment arises. Learn how to create stories that are unique for your brand.

Learn how to quickly mockup an image design for Instagram for your next sale or event. This guide will teach you how to create a dynamic post template with Adobe Photoshop.

Instagram Template Collections

Browse our Instagram template collections and take your content to the next level.

Create a cohesive branding experience with our favorite Instagram content ideas for posts, stories, and more. Versatile designs will elevate your content and leave followers wanting more.

Share the love and create amazing reels to win new followers! Our favorites are dynamic and easy-to-use, plus we share some tips on how to take your reels to the next level.

Image posts must be bold and on-brand to make an impression on someone’s timeline. That’s why our top 10 image templates are clean, energetic and versatile to use.

From vibrant colors and minimal design to moody and chic, here are some awesome Instagram themes that can set the tone for your overall profile aesthetic.
Design a cool and cohesive branding experience for your profile. These layout or puzzle post Instagram content ideas marry one post to the next and create a striking feed.

Designed for sales, promos, and product launches, these templates not only save time but help boost your return on investment in growing your Instagram audience.

Instagram FAQs

Premium Instagram templates can be accessed with an Envato Elements subscription which includes unlimited downloads of both graphic and video templates for Instagram and other social media platforms. You can also learn to make your own with one of our Instagram tutorials.

You can find Instagram story templates on the Envato Elements website where there’s thousands to choose from—both premium and a few freebies.

Creating your own Instagram shop offers followers easy access to your products and services. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the Instagram shops feature for your business account.

Other Types of Social Media Templates

Speed up your workflow and bring your photos to life with these social media templates.

Create interactive and exciting videos with thousands of TikTik video templates to choose from—have fun and apply your own ideas to unique designs and TikTok content ideas.

Check out the best Facebook post templates, banners, carousels, videos, and more, all designed to promote your business and boost engagement with your Facebook followers.

Discover the best intros, outros, special effects, and graphics with ready-made YouTube channel art templates, the perfect way to amplify your channel’s content.

Used with Instagram Templates

Speed up your workflow and bring your photos to life with these After Effects slideshow templates.

From Instagram icons and illustrations to background and textures, use graphics to get creative and customize your Instagram content in line with the latest graphic design trends.

Thanks to TikTok’s success, sound is having an increasingly big influence on Instagram. Delve into our library of royalty-free music and sounds to select a track for your next video.

Short on time and need an image? Social media stock images are a quick way to source high-quality images for Instagram posts, from abstract imagery to cityscapes.

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