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Social media is a constantly changing landscape and keeping up-to-date with trends can be tough. These days, video is the most popular type of content shared on social media with the majority of marketing professionals using video as an advertising tool.  

Brands, influencers, and marketers need high-quality videos to stand out and drive engagement. Have fun with your content creation using Envato Elements, with thousands of creative assets and unique video templates to choose from. Our templates are custom-built by professionals for use across social media and include vertical and horizontal designs. 

Envato helps creators to reach their audience, access pre-made assets, and enhance their editing skills. Discover the best video templates, as well as tips on how to nail your content on every platform.

Social media video templates from Envato Elements

What Are Social Media Video Templates?

Whether you’re an Instagrammer, YouTuber, or all-rounder, social media video templates are here to make your life easy.

Pre-designed social media video templates from Envato Elements

Social media video templates are pre-designed, fully customizable project files that can be downloaded and adapted in video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and DaVinci Resolve.

Whether you’re creating an Instagram Story, Facebook ad, TikTok video or YouTube intro, social media video templates can be used to speed up the creation process and achieve professional results. 

Generally, social media video templates will include placeholder imagery or moving footage, as well as text, transitions, backgrounds, and music among other elements. Once you’ve selected the perfect video template for your brand or business, you just need to drop in your own content and start sharing.

Benefits of Social Media Video Templates

Save time

Templates can be easily adjusted, so you’ll save time on design and building effects from scratch. 


Use the same or similar templates to create a consistent brand identity and a seamless experience for your followers. 

Increase brand awareness

Drive brand awareness and sales, while distinguishing your product or business from the competition. 

Who Uses Social Media Video Templates?

Social media video templates are used by audiences across the globe—from marketers to videographers and beyond.

Social Media Managers

Social media video templates are essential in fast-paced social media management roles as they make content creation quick and easy.


Both macro and micro-influencers use social media video templates to build their personal brands and streamline content creation.


Entrepreneurs use video templates to build their brand, showcase ideas, and share business information on social media.


Professional videographers use templates to save time and streamline workflow, while beginners use them to learn and create expert results.

Trending Social Media Templates

Level up your social media presence and keep your content consistent. Explore the social media templates trending on Envato Elements. 

Increase interaction and build your following with this all-inclusive TikTok pack. Featuring duo tones, backgrounds, titles, and more, this pack will help you captivate your audience.

Add context and share additional information with these clean social media lower thirds—fully customizable and perfect for any kind of social video.

Instagram Stories need to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. Do it in style with this colorful template from Justamotion.

Types of Social Media Templates

Stand out and inspire your audience with modern video templates purpose-built for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and more.

TikTok has taken the world by storm—it’s exciting, spontaneous, and a staple for marketers. Stand out on the ForYou Page with customizable, expertly-designed templates.

Looking for a dynamic design? Facebook video templates offer adjustable features to suit any theme or style. Easily share, create, and organize your Facebook videos with templates.

Stories are short so they need to make an impression quickly. Easily apply eye-catching effects and calls-to-actions with our library of cutting-edge Instagram Story templates. 

Reels are short-form compilation videos that appear in the Instagram feed. Templates allow you to add a professional finish to your Reels, plus adding effects and text is easy.

YouTube shorts are a new short-form video for creators, built and shared via mobile. That means creators can work anywhere, and enhance designs with pre-made templates. 

Make a Pinterest video that viewers can’t ignore. Templates allow you to add a professional finish to your content, plus adding effects and text is easy.

How to Make a Video for Social Media

Brands and businesses need video content to grow and increase traffic on social media channels.

Social Media Video Guide

Consider this: brands that use video marketing grow their year-to-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t.

It’s not just about the numbers—marketers have long known that people prefer watching videos over reading through slabs of text. Although video content generates more leads and sales, brands also use them to build their identity in a fun and creative way. Because video content is so engaging, customers and followers feel more connected to your profile. Level up your marketing plan and check out our comprehensive guide on the benefits of video content and how to get started.

Social Media Tips & Tutorials

Discover the best tips and tricks used by industry experts and social media content creators.

Instagram Stories are short-form videos that provide a glimpse into a brand’s products and personality. Find the right way to use this versatile tool for your account. 

Social media video is a fast-paced landscape and brands need to stay on trend to keep up. Don’t stress—we have made a list of the biggest trends this year.

Explore our essential Instagram toolkit! Our guide covers all the features and tools that make Instagram so special, and how to use these to make killer content for your channel. 

Social Media Template Collections

Find the best templates for your social channels, including Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. 

Give your followers an exciting sneak peek at your upcoming products, content, or events. These top Story templates are versatile and guaranteed to get people’s attention.

More and more marketers are adding Facebook to their video marketing strategy. Stay up-to-date and explore our favorite Facebook video templates on the Envato blog.  

Create captivating video content and visual materials with our top Instagram Ad templates. These custom-built designs are made for products, launches, pitches and more. 

Upgrade your social media toolkit and discover the free and premium templates we’ve got on offer. No matter your brand or project, there’s something to suit everyone.

DaVinci Resolve is a free editing software that’s great for beginners. Anyone using this program can benefit from templates to improve their video content on Stories. 

High-quality videos result in more followers and a stronger social presence. Check out our favorite templates for designing effects, motion graphics, and more in After Effects.

Unique Instagram titles can make your video stand out and they’re transferable to posts, Stories and Reels. Show off your brand’s personality and make a lasting impact.

YouTube shorts are up and coming! Stay ahead of the curve and begin your short-form journey with templates for Premiere Pro. Explore our favorites to get started. 

Don’t get lost in the crowd! Revamp your TikTok content and make a lasting impression on the feed. Creators using Final Cut Pro can access a range of TikTok templates.

Social Media Video FAQs

Build a following and engage your audience—here’s what you need to know when it comes to nailing your social media video content.

Choose a topic or theme for your video and then plan how you will create it. Film your idea and edit it using your favorite motion graphics, effects or template. Now you can share it to your socials and remember to add a caption and hashtags for optimal context and exposure! 

Your phone has the capabilities of a professional camera! You can access free templates and editing software, then color correct and add effects to improve the overall quality. Premium templates and software do result in high-quality videos, but free options are a good place to start.  

Simply browse our extensive library of creative assets and templates to build professional-quality videos. Download your template, import it into your chosen editing software and then adjust the features, motion graphics, colors, and fonts from there. 

Construct templates easily with any compatible editing software, import your design and start adjusting the features and elements to suit your needs. Simply drag and drop effects and designs, and reuse templates to create consistency across your channels!

More on Video Making

Discover new ideas, trending templates, learning resources and top tips for your next video project.

Want to make a killer video but not sure where to start? Discover our top tips for planning a video, from storyboarding and scriptwriting, to production and editing.

Add a personal touch to your next video with our library of templates, covering intros, titles, outros, promos, lower thirds and more. Once you’ve chosen a design, start customizing.

Explore the differences between popular video editing software including After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. Then, decide which software is best for you.

More Social Media Assets

An Envato Elements subscription allows access to royalty-free creative assets that can enhance and augment your video content.

Our photo library covers a range of topics and is perfect when you need a quick image. These high-resolution assets can be used alone or as part of a social media video. 

Stock video is an invaluable asset. Grab high-quality, royalty-free footage to fill in the gaps of your video, and save time and money on filming. 

Organize a calendar of stunning and consistent social media content with all-inclusive graphic packs. Simply pick a theme and choose between styles within the kit.

Our music library is full of different genres and themes. Our tracks are produced by experienced musicians and composers, so your video will have a professional edge.  

Perfect your upcoming pitch or promo content with a graphic product mockup. Templates can be used by individuals and businesses advertising products or pre-releases. 

Create individual and dynamic logo reveals for your channel or page with templates. Build a recognizable brand and use show-stopping motion graphics to reach your audience.

Why Creators Love Envato Elements

Why You Will Love Envato Elements

Creativity needs multiple elements to bring an idea to life. Envato has endless elements and therefore endless possibilities to be creative. From 3D to typography to video to music this has allowed me to vastly increase my ideation, workflow, and execution for my clients and my own creative identity. Envato is a ‘must have’ creative tool!

Craig Lovleidge

As a marketer, you make my life so much easier with all the video templates, stock images, fonts, graphic templates, music, and on and on!!! Best investment I’ve made in my business so far and the best part is that my clients think I’m a creative genius with all the amazing results I’m able to produce them with your help.

Lynzee Domanico
– Tembo Digital Solutions

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