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Welcome to our one-stop shop for creating video content for YouTube, and developing the assets you need to manage a successful channel. It’s part of our hub where you can learn about social media templates, including what are YouTube templates, how to use them and how they can benefit your project or business. Here we’ll cover the types of templates you might need, from YouTube thumbnail templates and banners to YouTube intro and outro templates, tips for how to promote your YouTube channel, tutorials to help support your YouTube content ideas, as well as YouTube FAQs for creators.

What Are Templates for YouTube?

YouTube templates are placeholders that include text, images, motion graphics, icons, and more which can be customized to suit your brand or project. If you’re wondering, what are YouTube templates used for, they offer an easy way for anyone to design high-quality videos without extensive software experience or hours of training—while also enabling you to format videos with branding elements like logos and colors. Templates fit into two categories: video templates that can be used to edit the videos themselves, and graphic templates for YouTube channel art branding. YouTube templates are available for a variety of software, including–but not limited to–After Effects, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Photoshop. Below we cover the different types of templates available for creating YouTube content.

Types of YouTube Templates

All the assets you need to manage a YouTube channel and develop a unique look and feel for your content.

Your YouTube banner is essentially your cover photo. A YouTube header template takes pride of place on your channel, so it’s vital that it represents you and your brand.

Intended to entice viewers and give a quick summary of your video in one image, YouTube  thumbnails should be carefully designed and eye-catching to increase clicks.

Your YouTube channel art and YouTube channel banner templates should be branded for your channel and business, including name, logo, and other visual signfiers.

Use your YouTube opener to grab your viewers’ attention. Create a scroll-stopping intro with YouTube intro templates templates that accommodate all editing software types.

Create a YouTube outro that turns viewers into fans with a prompt to subscribe, like, or watch another video. Choose from a selection of animated YouTube outro templates.

Boost your brand with thousands of clean and creative lower third and YouTube overlay templates. From presenter names and quotes to social media call-outs and credits.

Benefits of YouTube Templates

Simple licensing

Create content for your channel with complete peace of mind thanks to our simple commercial license.

Professional quality

No matter your preferred post-production software, there’s a template that will take your YouTube videos up a notch.

Save time

Achieve broadcast quality and polish for your YouTube content without the design expertise or time cost.

Who Uses YouTube Templates?

Whether you’re in-house or as a freelancer, working for a business or running your own community, everybody can benefit from YouTube templates to speed up their workflow.
Photos of YouTubers

Social Media Content Creators and Influencers

As a vlogger or influencer, maintaining your various platforms and touchpoints is a tough gig. While you may have the skills to start from scratch, you likely don’t have the time. Keeping up with demand from your audience is easier using templates.

Entrepreneurs and Marketers

If you’re building a YouTube channel for your business or the company you work for, keep your content consistent and develop your house style with YouTube channel logo templates, banners and other creative assets. You can also use templates to create a brand kit for wider stakeholder use.

Video Makers

If you’re commissioned to create content for YouTube, set your project up for success with YouTube video templates to do the leg work for you. Your client may have their own YouTube-style guide, but you can adapt templates and assets to suit their needs and the tone of the project.

Trending YouTube Video Templates

When it comes to editing your YouTube video, get a head start from the intro to the outro (and everything in between!).

A well-rounded YouTube channel template kit for After Effects, including intro templates, ‘subscribe and like graphics, and resizable lower thirds–complete with a step-by-step tutorial.

A modern YouTube intro template design that’s suitable for any visual content production, including showcasing sport, fashion, behind-the-scenes content or travel photography.

These modern glitch titles for DaVinci Resolve would add a cool edge to your project whether you’re looking for a movie trailer template for YouTube or an aesthetic video opener.

Trending YouTube Graphic Templates

Carve out the look and feel of your channel with YouTube channel art templates, from thumbnails to YouTube end screen template and banner designs.

Whether you need a subscribe template for YouTube or a YouTube thumbnail template that will turn heads in search, this kit is ideal for content creators, bloggers and influencers.

A selection of YouTube banner templates for business and personal accounts. All the elements included–from text to image placeholders–are easy to edit and customise.

This kit features a selection of YouTube thumbnail template designs to help you create YouTube video covers and end screens to engage your audience and encourage views.

Learn YouTube Marketing

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you want to makes use of YouTube as a communication tool, here are some YouTube marketing tips to get you started.

  1. Write great titles. Research has shown that shorter titles get more clicks and views, so keep YouTube titles concise.
  2. Optimize keywords and tags. Being too broad can be as limiting as being too specific, so think carefully about what keywords your video title and description contains.
  3. Think community. If you have fans who leave comments, acknowledge them.
  4. Be consistent. Choose a niche and stick to it–and publish at a regular cadence.
  5. Promote your content. Make promo videos to use on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, to draw users to your channel.

YouTube Tutorials

Learn new skills or brush up on some old ones with YouTube tutorials from Envato experts.
Your YouTube thumbnail is often the first thing a potential viewer sees when browsing YouTube, so it’s critical that it grabs their attention and tells them what they’ll get when they hit play.

If you need a banner for your YouTube channel, we’ll show you how to make a banner in Photoshop including the required specs, and how to use a Youtube channel banner template.

A great YouTube opener is a must to hold your audience’s attention in those critical first moments of a video. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an easy YouTube opener in Adobe Premiere.

There’s so much that you can do with those last few seconds of your YouTube video to capture and keep an audience’s attention. Read on to learn how to make an effective YouTube outro.

YouTube Template Collections

Dial up your production quality and use templates to advance your YouTube video content.

If After Effects is your editing weapon of choice then our 30+ best YouTube AE templates are sure to give you a head start on your project.

In this collection of curated assets, we present you with 50+ creative YouTube banner templates to help you build your brand.

Your YouTube end card gives you up to 20 seconds of space to promote other videos, playlists, request subscriptions, or webiste.

If you’re a YouTube creator, chances are that you rely heavily on lower thirds templates to communicate key information to your audience.

With these top 10 templates for Premiere Pro, you can create a fun, fast-paced vertical video that would perfectly suit a YouTube Short.

In this round up, we take a look at 10 exciting openers for Final Cut Pro X that drive audiences and bring a professional touch to your channel.

Creating video for your YouTube channel? If DaVinci Resolve falls in your software suite, turn your attention to these top 10 DVR templates.

Creating a dynamic introduction for your videos has never been easier! These YouTube openers can help you go from plan to publish in no time.

If you’re ready to start broadcasting on YouTube, this essential collection includes video and graphic templates to make it happen.

YouTube FAQs

Creating YouTube content that performs successfully requires a clear channel strategy and a willingness to test and learn with different formats and tactics. You’re unlikely to get a new content type right first time round, it will take practice and optimization of everything from the way the content is presented, to how you label and tag your content, when you post, and how you promote it both on YouTube and across other marketing channels. We take you through the art of YouTube content planning in our YouTube guide, including the best ideation and planning tools to use, the structure and ultimate length of a video, and current YouTube content trends.

Go to your channel, select “customise channel” and move your mouse over your banner to find the pencil icon. Select “edit channel art”. You have the option to use images provided by YouTube or upload your own photos and channel art, designed using banner art templates and editing software such as Photoshop and InDesign. Once you’ve uploaded your banner, you’ll be able to view how it looks across all devices and adjust the crop where required. When you’re happy, select to apply your changes and you should see you channel art on your channel.

There are various in-app tools you can use to make YouTube banners, including Placeit. If you want more flexibility to customize your banner, download a YouTube banner template–available with and Envato Elements subscription–and use a program like Photoshop to edit it.

Your YouTube intro should introduce your content in a way that sells the value of watching until the end. Keep it short, but ensure your viewers have a reason to stay with you–a YouTube intro template offers a failsafe way to get it right and also provides guidelines on length and structure.

More for YouTubers

If you want to learn more about the world of YouTube, dive into our YouTubers hub, including guides on how to start a channel, plan your content, grow a following and film your videos.
We’ve got everything to create and manage a successful channel—from banner designs, video templates, and royalty-free music to quick tips, tutorials, and step-by-step guides.

We’ll take you through everything you need to get started—from creating your account to customizing the look and feel, and accessing top video templates and stock assets.

We provide both successful and aspiring YouTubers with comprehensive guides, creative resources, and support when it comes to choosing a niche and starting a channel.

Keep reading to find inspiration for creating a YouTube content, including essential tools and templates from Envato Elements that will speed up the process of YouTube content planning.

All the equipment you need to create a successful channel including the best cameras and microphones for YouTubers, as well as top tips for setting up a home recording studio.

We provide both successful and aspiring YouTubers with guides, creative resources, and support when it comes to choosing a niche and starting a YouTube channel.

Other Types of Social Media Templates

If you’re running a YouTube channel, you need to be promoting your content across other social media platforms. In our social media templates hub, you’ll find tips and templates for doing that.

Instagram users need to consider various placements, from Reels and stories, to in-feed content. This guide will help you create content and select templates for the job.

TikTok isn’t necessarily known for its polished content, but creators can still benefit from using TikTok templates as well as other types of assets such as music and sound effects.

Keep your followers updated and engaged on Facebook with templates for headers and banners, as well as stories, page posts, and Facebook ad templates for paid campaigns.

Used With YouTube Templates

Video templates aren’t the only creative asset in a YouTuber’s toolkit. Explore some of the other template types and items that you’ll need to create effective content time and time again.

Whether you’re creating a video for YouTube, TikTok, or your website home page, discover the benefits of video templates–from lower thirds to motion slideshows.

The right music can make or break a YouTube video. Whether you’re a vlogger, gamer, or filmmaker, music can elevate your video projects and reinforce your brand and message.

From fonts and photos to backgrounds and textures, design assets are useful for YouTubers as they enable you to tell a story with high quality visual elements.

Whether you’te looking to signpost particular actions or events within your video, or simply set the mood, a library of sound effects is an essential part of your toolkit.

Video Editing Software for YouTubers

Whatever video editing software you use to create your content for YouTube, explore the benefits of video templates, how make the most of your chosen software, and much more.
After Effects templates can be used to create captivating opening sequences for films, memorable slideshows of still images, striking brand reveals, and so much more.

Harness the power of Premiere Pro and streamline your workflow with the help of Premiere Pro templates, including titles, lower thirds, and motion graphics templates.

Boasting a user-friendly interface and suite of accessible editing features, Final Cut Pro is widely considered the “industry standard” in video editing. Discover why with tips & tutorials.

Apple’s answer to design and editing software is a powerful compositing tool that allows Mac users–including YouTubers–to create visual effects, motion graphics and 3D animations.

Once the industry standard for color grading, DaVinci Resolve has grown into one of the most powerful and all-encompassing video editing programs on the market.
We’ve compiled the need-to-know video editing programs available for filmmakers and creators so you can build high-quality YouTube content while maintaining speed and consistency.

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If Batman was an artist, Envato Elements would be his Batarang. It’s the most effective tool I use when prepping a new piece of art or a video. The graphics, video templates, sound effects, and music assets are useful for any budding YouTuber wanting to add a professional polish to their new channel or video.

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I don’t remember ever looking for something that Envato Elements didn’t have. I myself really enjoy the 3D section. Being able to choose your own angle is a huge gamechanger and the amount of 3D assets available is simply insane. I also think the video templates are great for YouTubers. I often use templates as a base and work from there. There’s endless cool stuff!

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