Video Editing Software

Video is a must for businesses, brands, and individuals trying to reach new audiences or promote products. If you’re looking to create video content, choosing the right editing software is the first step.

With more content creation than ever before, video editing software has adapted to meet the needs of media specialists. The majority of software has a user-friendly interface, and compatible video templates to streamline workflow. 

We’ve compiled the need-to-know programs available for filmmakers and creators—from After Effects to DaVinci Resolve—so you can build your portfolio with broadcast-quality content while maintaining speed and consistency.

Best Video Editing Software

What is the Best Video Editing Software?

With a number of great options on offer, deciding which editing software is right for you depends on your skill level, budget, and project.

Collage of video editing software icons

So, what is the best video editing software? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all. But that’s the fun part—every project is different and requires a tailored editing process. 

Non-linear editing programs like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are great for straightforward video editing—you can start with basics like cutting footage together and exporting the material as a watchable file. More advanced software likeAfter Effects and DaVinci Resolve allow users to create their own motion graphics and add more advanced effects.

Keep in mind, many professionals will use multiple programs across one edit, for example, they may build motion graphics in After Effects, before using the Dynamic Link feature to import these to Premiere Pro and collate the scenes. Likewise, Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro may be used in collaboration for expert results.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe’s Premiere Pro is one of the most popular video editing softwares on the market.

What is Premiere Pro?

Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe’s creative suite and is used by filmmakers for short-form, feature-length, and social media content.

Premiere Pro has become the industry standard for editing and is endorsed widely by professional filmmakers.

The timeline-based software allows users to upload multiple pieces of footage and then split clips, trim frames, and cut footage together. Additional audio, effects, motion graphics, and photos can be added and edited with in-built tools.

Premiere Pro Specs


Compatible with Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows  

Key Features

  1. Simultaneous and shared projects with Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Teams.
  2. Non-destructive editing software—keeps original footage intact after edits.
  3. Automatic color correction, grading, and rendering tools.
  4. In-built transitions, audio, titles, and effects.

Free Trial

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a free seven-day trial that includes Premiere Pro. After that, a monthly subscription will begin with prices starting at US$20.99 / month.

Best For

Premiere Pro has a user-friendly interface, with features that can be leveled up or down, so it’s perfect for complete beginners, intermediate content creators, and advanced editors. 

Premiere Pro: Pros and Cons

Premiere Pro hosts an amazing range of tools and features, but it does have some drawbacks. Explore the pros and cons below.


  • No need to convert—import native video files and export finished video files in multiple sizes and formats.
  • Integrated work process between other Adobe programs.
  • User-friendly interface and synchronized editing. Includes shortcuts to speed workflow and the ability to open multiple projects at once.


  • Number of features can seem complex—beginners may get lost. 
  • Only available on a yearly or monthly subscription. 
  • Requires a strong computer system; older operating systems might crash and lose work.

How to Use Premiere Pro

Video is the most consumed type of media on the internet and any marketer, business, or brand should invest in learning the basics.

Ready to start your creative journey and become a master content creator and editor? Envato believes in empowering creatives and has provided a comprehensive tutorial on how to get started. Check out our Introduction to Premiere Pro with expert David Bode and learn how professionals organize their footage and import creative assets into Adobe Premiere Pro.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll learn basic editing techniques like cuts, titles, effects, how to export files, and more. This course is a great foundation for anyone needing their own video content for social media, YouTube, or a website. It’s also an invaluable course for budding filmmakers who need to level up their editing skills and portfolio.

Premiere Pro Templates

Premiere Pro templates are seamless design frameworks for video editing. Simply download and import to get started. Learn how to use them below.

The first few seconds of your video are integral. Make them count with an amazing intro template! Our library has something to suit every project. Find tips on how to use them.

Make your own lower thirds with ease, using our pre-built templates for Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply import, then drag and drop your information! Find out more about using them.

Make an impact during your next presentation or meeting! Organize your content and apply amazing graphics, transitions, and fonts with slideshow templates.

Text templates feature unusual and distinctive fonts that aren’t available regularly, making your video stand out with stylish and unique texts. 

Make a strong video and complement it with an even stronger intro. Use high-quality templates to introduce your video and make the first few seconds count. 

Apply show-stopping motion graphics without having to build them from scratch. Templates are built by professionals to save you time in production.

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects often works in tandem with Premiere Pro during post-production for film, TV, and web video editing. 

What is After Effects?

After Effects is an industry-standard editing application used for composting, motion graphics, animation, and special effects. Think of it like Photoshop for video—you can manipulate layers of effects and elements in a non-destructive way. 

After Effects is a popular software, often used in the post-production process of filmmaking, video game, and television production. Known for its creative features and innovative applications, After Effects is often used for keying, tracking, compositing, and animating. Many video editors use Adobe After Effects in conjunction with Adobe Premiere Pro.

After Effects Specs


Compatible with Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows  

Key Features

  1. Autosave and team project functionality means you can easily save and share your work. 
  2. Work with keyframes—the foundation for motion graphics in AE. 
  3. Dynamic link between Premiere Pro and After Effects means you can easily import files and move between programs. 
  4. Visual keyboard shortcut editor, create your own editing shortcuts, and speed workflow. 

Free Trial

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a free seven-day trial that includes After Effects. After that a monthly subscription will begin, starting from US$20.99 / month.

Best For

After Effects is beloved by professional artists, filmmakers, and content creators. The application is considered a more advanced editing software, so beginners will have to dedicate time to learning. 

After Effects: Pros and Cons

After Effects is the go-to compositing tool for digital designers and professional editors. Discover the advantages and disadvantages below.


  • Versatile features and breadth of uses mean you can create amazing visual effects and graphics.
  • Compatibility with other Adobe programs like Premier Pro
  • A large amount of learning material and tutorials are available for novice users and professionals wanting to upskill


  • More advanced software and hard for complete beginners to learn
  • Only available on a yearly or monthly subscription, so beginners may not benefit if they’re not using regularly. 
  • Limited 3D capability.

How to Use After Effects

Everyone has to start somewhere, whether you’re a complete beginner or just need a refresher.

Check out our comprehensive and free course for After Effects, where you will learn with expert video editor David Bode.

Starting with the basics, David will then move into more advanced features for experienced editors. Discover how to navigate the interface, utilize tools and manage workflow while learning about keyframing, comps and pre-comping, shapes, masks, and so much more!

This13-part course even includes bonus lessons that showcasae popular design templates, so you don’t have to build all of your effects from scratch. 

After Effects Templates

Unlock unlimited creative potential with the best After Effects templates on offer through an Envato Elements subscription. Learn what they are and how to use After Effects Templates

Create a succinct and powerful introduction with templates. You can even apply the same intro across multiple projects to establish consistency and build brand identity. Find more tips.

Add additional text and information with easy-to-read and attractive lower thirds. Learn how to use our amazing selection of versatile graphic overlays, perfect for any project. 

Slideshows are popular because they make still content more engaging. Adding seamless transitions and special effects can elevate your next pitch or work presentation. 

Elevate your video with text swipes, message pop-ups, glitch, and stomp effects. Make your video exciting with versatile templates that can suit any video. Find more tips.

Titles set the tone for your overall video, so they’re important to consider carefully. Achieve the perfect title for your production without starting from scratch. Find more tips.

Bring your brand to life, apply amazing effects and make your video memorable. Learn how to use templates for an animated logo reveal in your next brand or business video.

Apple Motion

Apple Motion is an alternative to Adobe After Effects and has similar capabilities for compositing motion graphics, text, and special effects.

What is Apple Motion?

Motion is Apple’s answer to design and editing software for video special effects, motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

Apple Motion is considered an entry-level program, with a user-friendly interface and fewer features. For those who are new to the world of video editing, Apple Motion includes a number of pre-designed graphics and effects, as well as built-in motions to make editing easy. Many video editors use Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro in conjunction to produce high-quality videos.

Apple Motion Specs


Apple Motion is only compatible with macOS.

Key Features

  1. Build and animate realistic 2D and 3D text and access pre-made animated content.
  2. Use built-in motion behaviors and access a bank of pre-made graphics and effects.
  3. Compatible with Final Cut Pro for seamless integration and sharing.

Free Trial

Apple Motion doesn’t offer a free trial. Users pay a one-off fee of US$49.99.

Best For

Apple Motion is great for beginners who are new to building motion graphics and effects as it includes pre-made effects and templates, plus it’s great for anyone on a budget. 

Apple Motion: Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to every video editing software—we’ve compiled the key call-outs for Apple Motion below.


  • The interface has more emphasis on the project screen than the editing panels, making it easy for novice compositors to navigate.
  • Once you pay the set fee, you own the program forever.
  • Motion is only compatible with macOS, the render and playback features are seamless because it is exclusive to Apple products.


  • Not as powerful or effective as advanced software like After Effects
  • Designed for ease of use, which compromises the functionality of advanced editing features.
  • Not considered the industry standard, so it may be hard to transfer to a career in professional video editing.

Apple Motion Templates

Find a compatible Apple Motion template to improve your video design and compositing skills. Learn how to use Apple Motion Templates here.

An opening sequence should leave your audience wanting more. Find the perfect intro for your web series, short film, product launch, or YouTube channel in templates.

Establish a professional tone and high-quality standard to set your business apart. Easily add an exciting brand reveal to your video project with logo templates.

Make your title sequence count with pre-made animated, 3D, and visual effects. Set the tone for your video and choose from unique, professionally-made assets. 

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a popular non-linear editing software used by filmmakers and content creators.

What is Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video editing software released by Apple Inc. Final Cut has advanced editing capabilities and is incredibly user-friendly—in fact, many professionals suggest the program as a starting point for beginners.

Final Cut Pro is designed to make the video editing process simple, combining efficiency with an intuitive design. The program allows you to edit complex projects, and work with high frame rates, large frame sizes, and more effects without compromising on speed. Apple’s Final Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro battled for the top market spot for years, but both pieces of software are tied for the most popular among professionals.

Final Cut Pro Specs


Compatible only with Apple macOS.

Key Features

  1. Magnetic timeline feature for automatically sequencing and adjusting clips.
  2. Supports various import and export formats, including video, audio, still image files and container formats. 
  3. Advanced color grading and correction tools.
  4. Additional plug-ins are available from the App Store.

Free Trial

Final Cut Pro offers a 90-day free trial, with the option to buy afterward for US$299.99.

Best For

Beginners can benefit from the free trial, and decide if the program is right for them. Final Cut Pro is widely used and highly regarded by professional editors.

Final Cut Pro: Pros and Cons

The experts have weighed in and decided the best and worst features for Final Cut Pro.


  • One-off fee and you own the software forever. You’re entitled to any updates and can install the program onto five devices. 
  • Designed by Apple for macOS systems, with a fast and seamless user experience.
  • Advanced organization and content library capability, automatic facial and scene recognition.


  • The non-traditional timeline may deter some editors.
  • Less comprehensive in-built tools and features than Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Only compatible with macOS.

Final Cut Pro Templates

Discover amazing templates compatible with Final Cut! Level up your videos with professional quality creative assets and learn how to use them effectively.

Deliver a strong opening sequence for your upcoming film or promotional video. Simply search our extensive library and apply high-quality transitions, graphics and effects.

Establish a professional tone and high-quality standard to set your business apart. Easily add an exciting brand reveal to your video project with logo templates.

Establish your video’s theme, tone, and pace with an authentic title scene. Choose from our large bank of unique and customizable templates. 

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is your one-stop shop for effects, audio, color correction, and video editing.

What is DaVinci Resolve?

DaVinci Resolve is the rising star of video editing. While it was once only popular for advanced color grading, recently it has integrated all the features of several programs in one. Users can design motion graphics, special effects, edit footage, audio, and yes—still color grade and color correct. 

DaVinci has an intuitive interface and has quickly become one of the leading alternatives to popular Adobe software like Premiere Pro and After Effects. Many leading film studios are already using the grading capabilities of the program, and with future updates, it’s likely DaVinci Resolve will become even more competitive as a professional tool.

DaVinci Resolve Specs


Available for macOS and Microsoft Windows.

Key Features

  1. Compatible with multiple file types, easily import and export to and from other programs. 
  2. Resolve 17 has a collaboration feature, so multiple editors can work together on the one project.
  3. Automatic face and scene detection, easily organized clips. 
  4. Node-based workflow as opposed to layered files.

Free Trial

While DaVinci Resolve 17 is completely free, users can upgrade to Resolve Studio and unlock more features by paying a one-time fee of US$295. 

Best For

DaVinci Resolve is becoming a more prominent tool for industry professionals. It does have a steep learning curve for complete beginners but also a very user-friendly interface and scalable features.

DaVinci Resolve: Pros and Cons

DaVinci has recently leveled up its design and editing capabilities, check out what the experts think.


  • The interface is well organized for post-production, with editing features divided across seven dedicated pages.
  • Industry-standard color grading software.
  • Advanced feature plug-ins are available for download.


  • Less demand for skilled Resolve editors—right now!
  • Lacks the powerful dynamic linking capabilities of programs like Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Node-based workflow can be hard for beginners to learn and may deter experienced editors.

DaVinci Resolve Templates

Find a professional quality DaVinci Resolve video template and learn how to use them to enhance your latest video project. 

The opening sequence of a video is your ‘hook’ and your opportunity to reel viewers in. Make it count with an organized sequence and seamless transition.

Start your video with an exciting logo reveal! Add your brand’s unique design to a pre-made template—there’s animation, glitch, 3D, and more. 

A title sequence should define the pace, style, and tone of your video. It’s a great opportunity to excite your audience and make a good impression. 

Make your next promotional video count! Choose from Envato Elements’ extensive library of exciting and energetic templates, and create eye-catching content with one click. 

Lower thirds are quick bite-sized bits of information that provide viewers with extra context. Explore our library of templates and do more with your lower thirds.

Choose from our huge library of original and inspiring text templates. Make your video stand out with unusual fonts and attention-grabbing animated, 3D, and graphic texts. 

Video Editing Software FAQs

Check out some commonly asked video editing questions and find the right software for you. 

Practice makes perfect and there’s a wealth of tutorials available on Envato Tuts+ for novice editors. Most computers also feature free video editing software like Apple’s iMovie. Alternatively, DaVinci Resolve is completely free and a great starting point.

Timeline-based software like iMovie, Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro are the most popular programs used by YouTubers. The latter two offer more advanced features so YouTubers can make their content stand out.

Generally speaking, the best free editing software is DaVinci Resolve, which offers a suite of impressive features at no cost. There are optional upgrades, including Resolve Studio, for those who require more advanced editing capabilities, but the free version is suitable for many videographers. Most video editing programs also offer a free trial if you’re looking to create a one-off video or try before you buy.

After Effects is complex editing software and may take a while to master. Primarily used for creating motion graphics and special effects, you can still use After Effects for basic video editing.

Both are versatile programs that include similar features and capabilities for editing. The majority of professionals use them in tandem, and they feature dynamic links, so you can share and move between different stages of the editing process. 

DaVinci Resolve has a clean and organized user interface, making it simple for beginners to navigate. The node-based workflow is slightly harder to grasp than traditional layer-based editing software, but there are plenty of tutorials available if you get stuck.If you are looking for a specific item, please be sure that the item is available on Envato Elements before subscribing.

More on Video Making

Making a video is a fun and rewarding experience, and we’ve got plenty of resources to help you get started. 

Start with the basics of video production and discover everything you need to start making your own content for film, web, TV, and social media. 

Video projects must run parallel to a production schedule, which includes three distinct stages. Discover how to execute each phase and what you need to get started.

We’ve reviewed and collated the best tools available to plan, execute and analyze the performance of your videos. Explore them in our comprehensive video marketing guide. 

Templates are completely customizable creative assets. Once you’ve imported your footage and designs, it’s time to start adjusting features, adding text, and tailoring content.

Find the right template and implement a killer social media strategy! Templates are an invaluable marketing asset for brands, businesses, and influencers alike.

Whatever your budget or timeline, our video marketing guide will provide a framework to keep your production process on track—from concept to delivery.

Used with Video Editing Software

When creating a video, you’ll need a range of high-quality assets at your disposal.

Never underestimate the power of a great soundtrack! The right music track can help tell a story, build suspense, create emotion, and so much more.

Whether you’re practicing your editing skills or filling a gap, you’ll always need access to stock footage—and we’ve got over two million videos to explore!

Professional sound effects are essential when producing a high-quality video. Browse by category or keyword to find the perfect sound for your scene.

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